Broken Toys

BY : Johnny-Topside
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Castlevania: Broken Toys



The hunter calmly gazed up at the structure looming over the surrounding countryside like an ill omen. It's balconies and parapets were built at lunatic angles and it's spires seemed to reach up and claw at the ghostly moon like the fingers of some monstrous hand. Only the insane and destitute dared live within it's shadow, and even they would never venture inside, but the man's expression was confidence bordering on arrogance. It was after all, merely the largest of several keeps in what were still considered it's absentee lord's lands. Just a crumbling pale shadow of Dracula's castle.


For her part the succubus smiled languidly in response to the fearless, set jaw. Orange eyes roved every inch of Richter Belmont, sizing him up. He looked to be in his early twenties with brown wavy hair that spilled over the broad shoulders of a well cared for soldier's long coat, the collar turned up against the chill night. Inside, candlelight threw dancing shadows against the walls and into the corners where the bones of her former lovers had collected. Richter couldn't see her, but she could see him fine through the special mirror she watched him through. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Is it me, or he?


His gloved hand crept down to the looped whip in his belt and wrapped itself around the handle as his steely blue eyes searched the castle walls. As if he could feel her watching, how delicious, she thought. It was hard to say exactly what that expression did for him but it made him seem older and more dangerous somehow. She liked it; she liked almost everything about him in fact.


With one fingertip she reached out and touched the image's lips, and with her other hand began to caress herself. Running her fingers down her chest and underneath her bodice, she traced a ring underneath the soft, round mounds of her breasts and ran a nail down her stomach and her inner thigh. She paused and teased herself for a moment, clenching her muscles before she allowed the index finger to seek her moist wet entrance. Exploring herself, she rocked her hips along with the motion, then added another finger, and another, as she traced her fingertip along the man's image, finally putting her hand against the mirror for support. It shook with the vibration of her stroking and she shuddered and groaned as she climaxed. She exhaled slowly as the tingling subsided and flicked a strand of blood red hair out of her eye while pressing her body against the mirror. The succubus was still so wet and touching herself hadn't satisfied her in the least.


“No, no more of that!” She breathed to the young man in the mirror. “I can't wait, I just can't wait..” In the corner, a skull grinned in silent agreement.






Long minutes passed as Richter swept the walls for any sign of life, or un-life as it were but he could see nothing. All the same it was unnerving. He felt the real sensation of hidden eyes crawling eagerly over his flesh. He had a handle on the fear now that he had finally returned here but it wouldn't be wise to just rush in. The full moon hung over the velvet sky, not romantic, but pale, white and dead as bone. Only the very brave would venture near here in day time and to go into it during a full moon was suicidal...which was exactly the point.


This was the night, Richter could feel it, if there was anything in that keep it would show itself tonight, and that was much more important to him than any hypothetical danger. He could hear a breeze rustle through the nearby wood and an owl hooted somewhere but from the keep there was nothing. It sat silent, dozens of darkened windows peering at him blindly. No...there! A light was shining from one of the windows in the east wing. He rubbed his eyes and blinked twice but the light was still there. The drawbridge was down and the keep welcomed him like the gaping maw of a hungry wolf. Well I'm not going to get any younger standing out here, he thought as he lit a torch. With one last look for the voyeur he could feel but not see he marched into inky darkness.


The interior was cold and musty. Dracula had never been what one would call overly concerned with housekeeping but even for a moldering keep it seemed totally disused. It looked and felt like an empty tomb. Richter had ended Dracula himself. Still, someone or something was here, he felt it in his bones as he picked his way through the halls. Though there were a dozen keeps and small fortresses in the shadow of what had been Dracula's castle, this one in particular was the one that had called to him incessantly.


He'd nursed an uneasy sense of dread as it built for months now, tossing and turning until he couldn't sleep at all. Working and training all day was no help, and even the strongest draught from the apothecary had done nothing for his restlessness. No matter how much he wanted to sleep, always in the back of his mind was the sense that something was wrong. It gnawed at him, driving him half insane. Richter would stalk the streets of the town all night before finally collapsing into bed as dawn played across the pillows. Whatever it was that called to him and tormented him walked under the moon, that's what had drawn him back here to the sites of his old battles. His fiance Annette had been sympathetic at first but as the insomnia continued she became frustrated.


Richter remembered standing in their courtyard. It was late afternoon and the sun was just beginning to set now underneath a bruised sky. It was the only time of day he could be up and fully alert anymore. Annette was wearing the green ruffled dress he liked, her piled blonde hair shining in the fading light, and her hands were on her hips in a look that he had come to call “The Scold”.


“It's been four years! Four years of this, waiting for you to realize you've won and move on. Look at yourself, you even sleep like a vampire!”


“It helps to adopt their habits when you're hunting them. You might want to step back just now.” Richter said holding the whip up close to his face. With his other hand he held the taut leather back behind his shoulder as he measured the distance to the wooden dummy. It was twenty paces away on the other side of the courtyard.


“We should be going to dances, we should be going on picnics by the river, we should be, hey, are you listening?”


“Yes...” Richter answered, trying not to sound impatient. He really was listening to her but he didn't want to be distracted. He was skilled but one wrong move with Vampire Killer and he could take one of her eyes out with it, or his own.


“You told me we would marry last year, how much longer do you expect me to wait?” He said nothing, drowning out the rest, focusing all his attention on the dummy.


With a running step and a leap he flew through the air as Vampire Killer unfurled, coiled, and then struck the dummy full in the head. It cracked like thunder, with a flick of his wrist he guided the remaining momentum and it snapped back for a second strike. With a small jerk in the opposite direction he dispersed the remaining force and the whip lay against the cobblestones like a dead snake. He coiled the whip back into a loop and examined the dummy's face with satisfaction. Where it's face would have been was a deep X-shaped gash. The dummy was made of solid hardwood, now it looked like someone had taken an axe to it. There was a soft clap and he turned to Annette smiling but her own smile was unimpressed. She had seen the trick too many times.


“Just a little longer Annette, just till I've made sure.”


“There's no danger, you stopped Dracula! He won't be back in our lifetimes!”

“Maybe not.” He muttered, avoiding her eyes as he walked back to the other side of the courtyard. He removed his dagger from his belt and flipped it in his hand a few times, feeling the balance.


“It's time you started living like a human being. There's more to your life than just fighting. What about me?”


“I do love you Annette, more than anything on Earth but I'd rather you be unhappy than undead. Or worse.”


“I miss you.” She pleaded.


“I'm right here.” He replied, perplexed.


She huffed, threw up her hands and went inside to prepare dinner for him, or late lunch as it was for him.


Peace hadn't sat well with Richter over all these years. He'd fought hordes of the undead to save the townswomen from that lecherous vampire, among them Annette and her younger sister Marie. He'd been just a whelp at nineteen but he'd fought with a power and skill he had never known before to protect them. It had come naturally to him, more instinctual than anything else, like birds knew to fly and fish swim, destroying Dracula was in his blood. And his instincts screamed at him nightly that something was left undone. His enemy wasn't dead, he was hiding himself away, rejuvenating himself, and the next time he came for them all Richter might not be so lucky. Why couldn't Annette understand?


These feelings of his couldn't just be extinguished like a candle. Something was still terribly wrong and the waiting, the not knowing was worse than facing a dozen blooded vampires. Things had been simpler back then. He did love Annette, but he was exhausted every day now and this was the only way he knew anymore how to show her. By continuing to keep her safe. It was why he had been able to fight so hard despite being terrified of the monsters that howled for his blood. Now he wasn't afraid in the least, he almost yearned for another battle. Anything to end this feeling of impending doom that seemed to hang over every sunset.


Still, it wasn't the life he had promised to her when they were teenagers. When was the last time they had dinner with friends or a quiet evening together? He couldn't remember. Even after rescuing Annette from Dracula they hadn't consummated their love. She was a beautiful woman, well into marriage age now and she didn't need the form fitting dress to showcase her fine body. He couldn't count the nights when they had kissed until they were both hot and flushed and she had trembled on the edge of surrender but always they stopped at the last moment and retreated to their separate beds. Though he ached for her, like most of the village they were devoutly religious. Marriage was the only option but he didn't want to settle down just yet, not while there was danger. To him leaving her a widow would be even worse than the endless yearning. Or was he just as immature as Annette claimed?


With a snarl he threw the dagger in one smooth motion and it flew the length of the courtyard and embedded itself deep into the dummy's chest. He walked over and pulled it out for examination. It had struck a few inches off-center of the heart, he would have to get it re-balanced.





The next hour of trekking through the labyrinth of cobwebbed rooms was uneventful, until he finally arrived at the east wing. He'd made his way by torch light but he hadn't come across anything more dangerous than fallen masonry, crumbling staircases and plump spiders. This was it. The light still flickered, and Richter listened intently, waiting for the telltale creak or shift of a shadow under the door. Nothing. He was steeled for Dracula himself as the knob turned in his hand with a macabre creak.


It was a large bedroom and...empty. But someone had been here recently. Here and there a cobweb clung in the corner but if the lit candelabras and general cleanliness of the room weren't any indication, the flowers that dominated the room were a sure sign. Giant bouquets of them sat in vases about the room, and they clung, festooned across the banisters and the canopy of the huge bed, a few even lay upon the covers. He plucked one, it was fresh, thorn-less, and they had a fragrance that was strange, but not unpleasant. White, red, and the occasional black, all the same species. Not unlike roses he thought but flowers weren't Richter's expertise.


Coiling his whip in his hand, he made his way through. A vanity set with mirror, upon it bottles of various colored crystal. He opened one and sniffed faint perfume. More flowers on the vanity. All in all it looked like something some obsessive romantic might leave for the lady of the bedroom. Against the wall was a table with a single candlestick burning and among another arrangement of the omnipresent flowers was a letter, sealed in wax and addressed to him.


To Richter.


The vampire hunter ripped the letter open, and held it up to the candlelight, squinting.


It is good you have found the time to visit. Tis I, Shaft, priest of darkness, servant of Dracula. Long have I wondered when you might come, I feared this letter may never see your impetuous young eyes. I am glad that you have screwed up your courage to come this far, very good. Read on whelp, and learn well.


Many a time I'd pondered our final battle (and you thought you had won, more fool you), wondering where I had gone wrong in that fight. How could one so young and naive defeat me, and moreover, my master with such unrefined power? Still I knew the answer would come to me in time, as have you now. It couldn't have been a matter of cunning, no, perhaps it was merely the back and forth, the ebbing tide before the final tidal wave of victory.


Richter frowned deeply at the crabbed, backhanded script, his eyes searching line after line for some meaning. The letter rambled on, speaking at great length about nothing and going in circles. Involuntarily, he yawned, loudly. His blood had risen at the mention of his old foe but that had given way to impatience and boredom. Had Shaft gone senile? Shaking his head, he skipped ahead a few paragraphs. More of the same tinkling tune going nowhere, as if the old man kept forgetting his point. Amazingly, he may well have found the cure for his insomnia in his letter, he thought.


Wait, what was he doing? Richter felt a deep chill in his bones and turned, looking for danger, but saw none. Why would Shaft leave such a letter at all? And why did his head feel full of cotton and his thoughts so sluggish? He shook his head in vain, trying to clear it of a powerful urge to sleep. He staggered, almost fell, then lurched onto the bed, the sound of flowers crunching underneath his back. The pillow was fit for a noble at one time but now old and motheaten. But to Richter, who hadn't had a decent nights sleep in what seemed a year, it was the most comfortable thing he had ever set his head on. It was even more soothing than Annete's lap.


In a panic he dug into his hand with his fingernails, drawing blood, willing himself to stay awake. The odd scent of the flowers above the bed wafted down upon him, closing his eyes as surely as Annette's cool fingertips. He felt himself drift off, and the pages of the letter fell from his hand, one by one, drifting to the floor. The last read :


This flower is known as the Morpheus Aecary, unknown to most of the world. By itself it's a powerful anesthetic that induces sleep, but this strain has been bred with love and my own special care. By now you are surely feeling it's effects. I've kept you occupied long enough. Goodnight Richter, sleep well.





The succubus was hovering outside in the moonlight as she waited for sleep to fully engulf the hunter. It might not be enough to simply invade Richter's dreams. To ensure success, she needed to physically put the ring on his finger And besides, dreams of lust were one thing, but nothing could beat the reality of a hot, throbbing shaft inside her. Shaft...she chuckled in the moonlight, remembering. Shaft had set everything up. Her bustier barely covered her full breasts, one could see the tops of her rouged nipples through the flimsy garment easily but on the night she met with Shaft she wished just once she had worn a coat. The man was repulsive.


“So you want me to take on the Belmont who killed our lord Dracula? Maybe I can push the castle a few feet over when I'm done so you can have a better view.”


The dark priest laughed at that, but it was an ugly, utterly humorous sound. His workshop was bedecked in pentagrams and vile runes, many in languages older than the Succubus and the room reeked of ritual and fermented body parts.


“A fine idea, but I don't need you to kill Richter. Quite the opposite. He's going to help us.”


“” She asked, tasting the words and finding them strange. “What makes you think he's not going to cut my head off and burn it? You're mad.”


“Not mad, shrewd. I can resurrect our Lord but it will take more than a year of preparation and much sacrifice to try so soon again after his death. There can't be ANY interruptions with such a delicate ritual, do you understand? That's where Belmont comes in...and this.” With a theatrical flourish he produced a gleaming ring and the succubus hovered closer to get a better look. It was a wrought band of yellow gold so brilliant it seemed to shine like candle light in Shaft's withered hand. A small gargoyle adorned it's surface.


“No thanks. I've been married once, to better looking swine than you I might add. I think.”


In her hazy recollections she had been a Wallachian Viscountess, when iron work was the height of technology. A minor lady of breeding married off to a man three times her age to solidify their estate. Attractive but austere and deeply conservative, a pious Christian woman, ignorant of sex and happy to maintain that ignorance. Until she'd found the joy of gleefully debauching herself with her husband's household guards in his private chapel. He'd discovered them in the middle of their profane orgy, with a member buried deep in each of her tender openings and reacted quite badly.


Long after, she'd been called forth from the darkness where the hellfire didn't burn but froze as coldly as the depths of space into this new, sumptuous body for the pleasure of her Lord Dracula. Perhaps because they'd continued their rutting in her husband's blood or because they'd been hung for murderers, she'd shed her human self for what she considered her true form all along. She couldn't remember much more before that about herself after her rebirth into darkness except that her given name was Lidia.


“Who would have ever figured you for a shrinking violet my dear?” Shaft said, as he reached out to caress Lidia's arm. She recoiled and stifled a shudder of revulsion. It was indescribably disgusting, worse than crawling maggots, which she really didn't even mind so much anymore. Normally she wasn't picky. Young men were her favorite, but she could make do with an older gentleman, sometimes she even had a taste for women. It was liberating to expand some prudish girl's...horizons. Still, Shaft disgusted her down to her black soul. It wasn't just his age, it was as if his own soul was so ugly and gnarled that he couldn't help but wear it all over his face. It was a carcinoma writhing just below the surface. As a servant of Dracula she wouldn't have believed it, but there was such a thing as too much evil. He laughed his ugly laugh again.


“The ring is for Belmont, not for you. I've studied the man for years now, peering into his nightmares, and I've found the dark undercurrents that drive him. He has cravings he would never admit to himself, not a holy, righteous Belmont! You should be able to exploit them.” Shaft said, eyeing the tops of Lidia's pink areolas which peaked above her bustier. He licked his lips and this time she did shudder.


"How so?"


"He is unwed." He said simply, and Lidia understood instantly all that implied.


“Such fun. What do you need me to do?”

“Get this ring on his finger. It will bring his deep desires to the forefront and he will come to serve our purposes without even knowing it. He will think these ideas are his own. A normal man would come under control immediately but as he's a Belmont, we can't take that chance.”


“How much time?”


“A few minutes. No more than an hour for certain.”


“Oh that'll be easy.” Lidia rolled her eyes. “I'll just propose to him with it.”


“No need for silliness. All we need is a good distraction and I can think of nothing more distracting than you. I have a powerful sleep dust prepared. It will put him out and then you simply slip the ring on his finger. How you keep him busy after that is your business. Just don't kill him.” Lidia grinned broadly as she took the ring from Shaft's tainted fingers. It was a simple plan that played to her strengths. She spread her bat like wings and prepared to leave. “Wait.” She turned back to the old man.


“Dracula will surely remember your service when the time comes. I have one last favor to ask. Since I've gifted you this opportunity perhaps you'd permit me to...suck on your toes for a bit?” Shaft's lecherous mouth pursed and the tongue licked his cracked lips obscenely, with all the appeal of a fat, sucking leech.


“I wouldn't let you suck them clean even if I'd just stepped in cow flop dark priest.” She flew off with the ring in hand as Shaft's smile widened but never reached his eyes.





She came back from her reverie. He was fully asleep now, in the state when she could manifest herself to him most vividly, so she had to hurry. Lidia opened the outside window softly before hovering into the bedroom. Belmont was on the bed, snoring fitfully. He did not stir when she landed next to him, lighting on the bed, hands folded primly in her lap. She was again reminded of fairy tales, look at him there. A Sleeping Beauty. Could she kill him now? Surely she could, but the idea was to bring him over to their side. Up close she could appreciate his sleeping form, he was clearly strong and fair to look upon. She reached out tentatively with her mind, sensing his surface thoughts. Annette. Maria. Dracula. Aljiba, his hometown. There at the back, a lingering, bittersweet regret. She dug a little deeper then gasped in real pleasure at the desire for war and blood, and most of all the repressed lust. Lust for flesh...and blood.


“You're just like us!” Lidia murmured in amazement. She couldn't believe her good fortune that such a handsome man with such thoughts could have ever remained chaste. She would be the one to take his virginity first. Greedy for her prize, she went to undo his shirt but no sooner had her fingertips brushed the buttons than his hand was at her throat, ready to squeeze. She gasped but quickly calmed herself so as to not antagonize him further. The eyes were still closed, but his brow was knit as if he was troubled. The grip was strong, even unconscious, his instinct was to defend himself. She was suitably impressed. Even like this he was so dangerous. The Belmont blood was stronger than she'd imagined, she would need to enslave him body and soul if she was going to keep the ring on his finger.


She must make no threatening moves, or even think such thoughts. She emptied her mind of Dracula, of Shaft, of sucking him down to his soul, thinking of nothing but the pleasure she would give this man. Lidia ran her nails gently over his hand before caressing the arm with her fingertips.


"Sleep Richter. Sleep." She cooed, and gradually the grip relaxed and the arm fell slack. She placed a hand on his forehead, closing her eyes to concentrate. Creeping up ever so softly, her other hand began working on his belt. She could amuse herself with some foreplay and a slow seduction if that's what it took.


The one called Annette loomed large in his psyche, an object of desire and mingled fear. Pent up lust, but he'd never betray her. I won't tell her if you won't Richter, the succubus thought.


There it was, in the back of his mind, a fantasy he would never dare act on or even admit to himself. Perfect. He had already given her all the tools she needed to work with, and she was was going to give him her full efforts. She draped herself over him and whispered softly in his ear.









"Richter! It's time for supper! Richter, wake up!"


"Mmph?" He opened his eyes to find himself staring at his bedroom ceiling. He was sprawled out, dim orange evening sun falling through the window and across his tossed about covers. His vision gradually came into focus but his head felt fuzzy, as if he'd been drinking. The smells of roast pork, herbs and potatoes wafted up to greet him. He sat up, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs and found he'd slept in his clothes.


"Are you coming? Maria's already here." Annette called from downstairs.


Strange. He seemed to recall some hazy notion of having been...somewhere...but now he dismissed it as dream nonsense. He splashed some water from the basin on his face and smoothed his hair, but it didn't help the blurriness. He actually felt more rested than he had for quite sometime, but he wasn't fully awake yet either and couldn't seem to get there. He descended the steps, fully expecting to see Annette scowling as she often did, but was instead surprised to see a bright smile as she bustled about their kitchen. She was wearing the green dress he liked, her blonde hair done up in a black satin bow. Maria sat nearby watching her older sister putter about.


"Did you sleep well?" Annette asked as she ladled up a soup she was fussing over.


"Yes...very well." Richter rubbed his face. She always put on a better face when Maria came over but this was unusually cheery for her. He didn't dislike it though, not one bit. "I didn't go out last night did I?"


"Just for your normal stroll. You were back in bed by midnight. I think that's the earliest I've seen you drop off for a year now, you slept all morning and noon."


"Careful Richter, it might be old age catching up with you." Maria warned with a smile. She had blossomed to become as lovely as her sister, but her eyes had a glint born of conflict that Annette lacked. She was like steel underneath the silk, out of the entire town she best understood Richter's way of thinking and refused to be helpless again. She was growing into a fine young woman and a deadly hunter. Often she visited and almost all they talked about was hunting night creatures even during the quietness of these last few years. Maria had taken to training for it since Richter had rescued her and their near obsessive focus on the subject exasperated Annette to no end.


"You know I keep odd hours, but I had the strangest dream." He laughed, sitting down.


"Tell us about it."


"I dreamed I went out last night. To Dracula's lands, yes. There was a fort. I went inside and there was...there was...hmmm." He wracked his brain, it had taken a heroic effort to remember that much, it was funny how quickly dreams faded.


"What?" Maria began to giggle and Annette punched her younger sister playfully in the arm. "Stop, I want to hear."


"I can't remember. I want to say it was full of flowers, but that's ridiculous isn't it?"


"So you went through all that and somebody sent you flowers? That's terrible."


"I thought there was something more to it but I guess that's it. Oh well."


"Who were the flowers from? Some dream woman?" Annette asked with mock sternness.


"They must have been. I feel like there may have been one."


"There always is. Long as you come back to me in the morning. Come on, eat up, I slaved over a hot stove all afternoon for you." She dished him up a plate of all his favorites and squeezed his shoulders affectionately.


"What's the occasion? I must have done something right for this kind of treatment."


"Oh just showing my appreciation. I feel like don't show you enough Richter, my love."


"Well...thanks. I love you too Annette." She kneaded his stiff shoulders as he picked up his fork, and he blushed a bit. It was an awkward display of affection in front of Maria, they didn't like to flaunt their relationship in front of the younger sister but she seemed to be paying it no mind. Merely smiled, so Richter cleared his throat, embarrassed.


"It all looks good."


"Does it? Would you like some wine Richter?"


"Yes, thank you." He expected Maria to pass him the bottle, but instead she filled a glass and rose to bring it to him. There was something odd in her look, and he saw the same sort of secret grin on Annette as she continued her work on his shoulders. As if the sisters were sharing some private joke and he was the butt of it. As he looked back, Maria gasped, tripping and spilled the contents of the glass all over Richter's clothes. He stood up quickly as the liquor tried to soak itself into his trousers.


"Oh I'm so sorry!" She cried, leaning down to examine the stains. She was very close and with some embarrassment Richter noted he had a front row view of her milky skin and budding cleavage. Hurriedly he looked at the ceiling.


"It's alright Maria, let me just get up and get a cloth-"


"Sit love, we'll take care of it." Annette said as her hands gently pushed him back down in his seat.


"Those trousers have had it, they'll have to come off." Without further hesitation, Maria's hands reached for his belt and Richter batted her hand away.


"It's fine, really! I'll just go up and change."


"Now, now. I said I'd take care of it didn't I?" Again her hands sought his belt and Richter looked at Annette with something like horror expecting her face to be clouding over with murderous jealousy. If anything her smile was even wider than before.


"Annette, this some kind of joke?"


"He thinks I'm joking sister. Oh, there's some dripping down your shirt, let me get that first." Maria stood up, then licked the stain, moving her tongue up without pause to his collar and then running it up his bare neck.


"Oh God! I can't believe you did that! Annette, I'm sorry, I-"


"It's alright." His fiance seemed not just unperturbed but pleased at her sister's action. "Maria and I just wanted to show you our appreciation. You did save our lives and you've had so many restless nights, it seemed the least we could do to help you relax."


"What do you mean?" He asked, feigning confusion but already having guessed in some secret corner of his brain.


"Let me show you." Annette replied, and kissed him suddenly, her hands slipping from his shoulders to chest and began to unbutton his shirt. Meanwhile, her younger sister had got his belt undone. This wasn't happening, couldn't be, yet the feeling of Annette's lips and Maria's fingers caressing his bare leg told every nerve ending in his body it indeed was. He didn't dare move, whatever fantasy was unfolding in front of him, he didn't want to interrupt it.





Now that he was sufficiently distracted, Lidia found Richter much easier to deal with. It required some mental dexterousness to keep him entertained in his dream world and move about here, akin to giving several men her equal attention but she'd managed that before. His defenses were down enough now to move unimpeded, so she slipped him out of his shirt and laid his chest bare as easily as peeling the wrapping off a sweet. Her sweet she thought, running her fingernails over his chest and chiseled stomach possessively before moving down to his hips and unbuckling the belt.


His face was troubled in sleep now, every few seconds his head jerked slightly, as if in the grip of a nightmare. Crumbling restraint and delicious guilt clashed across his features. She would take this hero's purity and drink deep of him all while he thought he was giving himself to his precious Annette. Is that a dagger in your belt or are you just happy to see her? His member was rising now as her dream guise worked at him, but she didn't want to chance slipping the ring on him until he had no blood left in his brain with which to think. She paused, concentrating a bit on his dream to mimic what she was doing out here before opening her mouth and tonguing first one of Richter's nipples then the other.




"I must be dreaming, I have to be." Richter said in wonder as the sisters' suckled his chest greedily, hands caressing every inch of his body. He still couldn't believe this, couldn't even conceive of wanting to stop it as his mind and body both screamed their approval. "How can you two do this to me?"


"I've longed for you for years Richter, and you know there's no man in my life. I'm of age." Maria said before kissing down his stomach. It took all his effort not to beg her to keep going lower. Annette worked on his nipples, his neck, up to his ear which she nibbled, eliciting a sigh of pleasure from him.


"We sisters share everything. Maria and I are close, and I'm not so petty that I'd refuse my little sister. Would you?" She asked, before sticking her tongue in his ear causing Richter to squirm.


"It's...not like you Annette. So many nights we refused submit to the temptations of the flesh." He sputtered. His resistance was almost completely gone, who could possibly stand against this? And she was his fiance.


"It's a sin." He finally managed, though his mind had gone so blank it wouldn't have mattered if he actually believed it.


"God will forgive you after everything you've done for us and Wallachia." Maria replied. "This is just a little reward to express our gratitude."


The two of them laughed, like nymphs, unashamed, a playful, sensuous sound as each girl moved to lick a side of his chest. They gently bit his nipples simultaneously, causing him to gasp again before snaking down his flanks with kisses. Now the two blonde sisters both stood in front of him, grinning at eachother like naughty children, and as one, began to undo their blouses.


Annette's breasts were smooth and unblemished, sloping perfectly into pert, pink nipples that rose in the light, while Maria's pair were round and fuller despite her youth. Their dresses slid to the floor, revealing skin like cream, slim stomachs and small thatches of blonde pubic hair between long legs. For this sight, he would have fought Dracula all over again a dozen times. The sisters were perfection, he wanted them both.


"This has to be a dream." Richter reiterated, and in response each girl took ahold of him around his cock, cool fingers encircling and setting his lust aflame.


"Well if it's a dream," Annette tittered, "Then it really doesn't matter what happens does it?" With the very real feeling of their breasts pressing expectantly against him, he couldn't help but agree. He was lost now, adrift in a sea of desire.





Back in the bedroom, Richter's pikestaff stood at arms and ready for handling. Now for something really fun Lidia thought. She gave him a few light strokes, satisfied with the stony hardness he'd achieved, before straddling his face. She ground gently, letting him inhale her musky scent before taking his rigid cock in her mouth. In his dream, the two sisters were both sucking him, licking up and down his shaft, alternating before their lips met in a soul kiss with the head of his cock in the middle. Richter was spreadeagled and they lay, hips on either side of his face, blond heads bobbing, swooping underneath to steal a lick along his sack, working in perfect tandem. The heat and their scent driving him crazy until he drew Annette to his lips and lapped, feel the hot wet softness of her, then switched to Maria and licked her with relish.


His body responded, as one does when one is in great fear or lust in a dream, and the succubus felt the hunter's tongue run alongside her pussy. She'd experienced the act a thousand times, but his sudden, excited tongue running along her crevice still elicited a quiet gasp. Adjusting her position so his tongue caught her clit she split her efforts between the dream and the reality. Lidia manipulated the two sisters within the dream, using them to bring the hunter pleasure as easily as she could her two hands, even as her serpentine tongue twisted easily around the stiff member in her mouth.


She was able to do many things at once, as many men had found to their great delight before she sucked them dry. She let his cock rest for a moment on the top of her tongue, feeling it twitch impatiently before curling around the tip and delicately flicking underneath the head. He responded with sounds of pleasure from between her legs. Even as she did this her illusions were devouring Belmont to her mental direction. She felt some dim pleasure from his actions in the dream but it couldn't compare to when his tongue rubbed Lidia's nub, making the succubus tingle. Meanwhile in the dream, he rewarded the girls with his mouth.


"Yes, lick farther down! Yes, right there!" Maria urged him as Richter devoured the young girl before switching to her sister. If they didn't mind sharing him, he wasn't about to complain and would give them his equal attentions. Their vessels quivered before him, flushed from his mouth. His own cock felt ready to burst from being constantly attacked from all side by the sister's mouths. To show how much he was enjoying his fiance's gift, he pulled Annette's ass to him and stuck his tongue in as deep into her vessel as he could.


"Ahhh! Oh Maria, he's eating my pussy!" Richter had never heard her talk like that before. Between this and the younger sister deep throating his cock he almost felt himself climax right there, but luckily Maria removed him with a small pop.


"How does she taste?" She asked, stroking him. The pleasure of Maria's slow, drawn out motion was almost agonizing as she kept him up and ready.


"Sweet and delicious." Annette's juice wet Richter's lips and moistened his chin, he couldn't get enough. He lapped the image of his fiance while back in the waking world, Lidia held his head fast between her legs, bucking softly against the hunter's face.


He was suitably distracted but he was moving now, in a frenzy of lust, the succubus had to be very careful. She wasn't certain the ring had done it's job. His hands gripped Lidia's hips, trying to draw her down onto his erect cock. She was barely able to resist, she had to do something before he awoke. Moving quickly, she took him into his mouth again but this time deep throated his member as far as she could.


"Ohhhhhh!" Richter groaned, in both the dream and reality, and Lidia grinned, before taking it deep again and giving him full service. She was skilled and knew exactly how simulate the tight, wet feel of his fiance's cunt sucking him in.


"Put your cock inside me!" Annette begged him as he took both her ankles and drove into his fiance right there on their kitchen table.


"You heard my sister, fuck her hard Richter! I want to see it, then I want some!" Maria crooned as her hands caressed the hunter's hard stomach before stealing down. Without warning, she squeezed his ass as he and Annette thrashed together.


"Yes, yesssss!" The blonde hissed. Richter's staff filled her, and he pumped faster, urged on by Maria pushing him from the back. His hand stole down, caressed her thighs before finding the nub peaking out from the hood of her vulva. Annette had told her about it one night in one of their hushed, sweaty nights where they'd almost given in. She shuddered at his touch, then took the hand and pressed it firmly. "Push it, right there!"


Maria forcefully turned his head away from the sight of Annette rutting beneath him and gave him a kiss that could melt iron. Outside the dream, Lidia had her hands literally full, as well as her mouth. His hot flesh was so succulent, how she wanted to just impale herself on it right now, devour all his youth and energy. Suck out his seed and his soul with it, but she had to...make this...last. She was panting herself as the dream moved to the next phase. She was running out of tricks, she didn't know how much longer either of them could hold on.


"Oh god! You're hitting me so deep, right there. Fill me up! Bury it inside me!" Maria cried as Richter took his fiance's sister in front of her. She was gripping the table with white knuckles as Richter pounded the girl, his thighs slapping against her shapely ass like thunderclaps. Annette worked his shoulders, occasionally stealing a kiss from him. Maria's breasts filled his hands as he drew her to him again and again.


He pulsed strongly in Lidia's grip, her toy was eager for the real thing and so was she. He was close now, what was wrong with her? Hundreds of years of lovers and she was as flustered and out of control as this hunter's silly dream fiance! It must be Belmont blood that runs so hot she thought, I'll bet the seed is just as amazing. He was disoriented now. She would fuck Richter until he couldn't remember his own name!


Now the blonde beauties lay side by side as he entered first one, then the other, alternating and stroking with abandon. Milk white hips and the round curves of their bottoms raised in offering to him. Maria moaned as he entered deep, straining, putting his back into it as he fucked her. She half sobbed in disappointment when he withdrew, thrusting into Annette who wrapped her arms and legs around him, urging him on. They bucked wildly against eac hother, before he switched sisters, and again, the cries of the three echoing and driving him even farther beyond all reason.


"Look what you girls did to me!" He breathed as he pulled out and came over both sisters. Richter would have never even contemplated such a thing, but it felt like that man was gone, buried, and some will that wasn't his own steered him towards the act and delighted in it as if experiencing it for itself. The two girls pressed their hills together, catching the white drops on the tips of their tongues as he stroked.


It was too much for him, and too much for Lidia as he climaxed in his dream and in the waking world.

She hadn't nearly the power of a vampire but she could subsist quite well on fluids other than blood. As his hot seed spurted into her throat she felt the life inside and his sexual energy nourished and invigorated her. She licked the stray drops from her lips, sighing in satisfaction.


Richter was flagging now, and would surely sleep if she let him, but she wasn't nearly satisfied. She found she was salivating now at the thought of his hard member tunneling it's way into her recesses. The fantasy was no longer enough, her judgment was gone in a haze of lust the likes she hadn't felt for centuries. Engulfing him, she worked her miracle with her mouth, until he groaned audibly and stood once again engorged. She was pleased he could rise again so quickly after giving her so much cum, now that she'd taken his edge off she hoped to enjoy the situation to the fullest.


Lidia held the head between slender fingers and guided it inside. She pushed down, then allowed herself to sink onto him until the connection was complete. The jolt as Lidia filled herself with the Belmont was like lightning, and her back arched in response. Even if he hadn't been a virgin and slick from her ministrations there wouldn't have been any resistance.


She got no further than three slow strokes when Richter woke with a start.






Richter's eyes opened wide and he gasped for air as if waking from a nightmare to find himself face to face with the equally surprised succubus. He took in the room, the flowers, before focusing on Lidia's fairly large cleavage before his face. He felt a hot, tingling sensation that radiated from the tip of his penis all down to his groin and realized he was inside her. His mind was in disarray, in this state he couldn't even remember his own name. Some dim recollection demanded he throw her off him, that to do otherwise was certain death, but before he could decide, she pushed herself down onto his lap again. Ever so slowly, squeezing, muscles as skillful as a virtuosa's fingers before rising, urging him to release. He groaned audibly, then breathed heavily when she mercifully paused.


“Where am I? Who are you?”


“Still with the questions?" She tutted, then drove down again, eliciting another gasp from the hunter. "I am Lidia, your good servant my Lord.”


“I don't know you. I don't know how I got here.”


“Does it matter my Lord?” Lidia purred, and he shook his head distracted. Her Wallachian accent was old, he hadn't heard it's like since Dracula, and the voice dripped like liquid sex. He thought of Annette, and Maria for some reason he couldn't recall now, details of his life came back, outlining the whole.


“Wait. I remember. I'm...Richter. Belmont. I...” He wracked his mind for fragmented memories, they were like jagged pieces of strained glass, cutting his mind whenever he tried to piece them together. He concentrated, they were coming together but somehow the picture they formed felt wrong.


“Why do you calling me Lord? You're a demon. You're my enemy.” Unbelievable that he can resist even now, she thought. With a sharp nail, she severed thread and her breasts popped free of the bodice, pale and full in the streaming moonlight. She leaned forward, offering them to the hunter.


“Am I really?” She brushed her soft breasts up against his face, and was disappointed when he didn't immediately bury his face in them. “You are the Lord of this castle, so I serve you. I would never harm you. Actually, I can be quite kind as you'll see.” The succubus pumped him twice for emphasis and he groaned again.


“But why?”


“Because you wish to resurrect Dracula.” She replied matter of factly. His head pounded. That didn't make sense. Did it? In a place he'd never admit, it almost did.


“That can't No, why would I ever wish for that?”


“Because you want to destroy him again. It makes you happy, you told me as much. ” Somehow, this rang true to him, and Richter felt a strange thrumming feeling coming from his finger. He looked and saw a gold ring on it. Was this his? He couldn't seem to remember, but it looked and felt right on him.


"And this, this makes you happy." She added, giving him another downward thrust, and this time neither of them were able to stifle their cry. With a heroic effort, he opened eyes that were still harder than flint and shook his head again.


“Why would you serve one who wishes to destroy your master?”


“Because you can't.” Her full red lips pursed in a mocking smile. “But if you think you can, shouldn't that be enough? Now enough talk. I can't have you flagging dear Richter. You told me you were going to violate me so thoroughly the angels would weep. Look down my Lord."


He'd managed to keep control so far by not moving and making efforts to stay focused on her face. Her movements had almost been the end of him. His eyes wandered, reluctantly, from the lazy smile on sinful ruby red lips. Her hair was also an unnatural red, tied up with a band of white roses, hair done in a bun that made her look like a blood rose. Veteran's eyes the color of merrigolds, surrounded by black eye shadow and thick lashes. Her pale neck and wrists adorned with delicate spiderwebs of black lace. Long scarlet tresses had freed themselves of her updo, hanging over large breasts the likes of which he didn't think he'd ever seen outside of sculpture, from which hard nipples peaked out. The smooth stomach sloped down to where their thighs joined. Her black bustier was strewn at the end of the bed.


"You want me." Lydia whispered, and she wasn't trying to convince him, it was just a statement of fact. "I've pledged myself to you, to fulfill your every command and your every twisted urge." His hands moved hesitantly, encircling her waist, finding the soft, round moons of her buns. Straddling his cock, her long legs...he could see that she wore nothing else but knee high black boots that terminated in high heels.


Her instinct was to take his seed and his life energy, to drain his balls and his soul dry at the same time, but this was meant to last. For her enjoyment and so the ring could finish it's work. So she lowered herself on his hard rod an inch at a time. He cried out as her thighs pressed against his. That was the end of his resistance. With amazing strength, he rose, supporting her.


Richter squeezed her ass then, pushing her down onto his spire and the succubus gasped breathlessly as he began to thrust up simultaneously. His balls smacked against her with the force of his hips and Lidia bit down on her lip. It was so good, how long it had been since the sex had matched the anticipation! His hands ran over the large, bat like wings on his back, fascinated, before caressing and then pinched them. The succubus responded, they were not an erogenous zone for her but it was rare for a human to fondle them, usually they were more than occupied with her tits. He soon found his way to those, suckling one flawless orb and then the other before swishing the tips along his tongue.


She let him move, enjoying the attention, crying out in earnest as their thighs pressed together and he found that extra inch inside her where two truly became one. She was thousands of couplings away from virginity but his considerate, almost timid beginner's caresses made her nostalgic for her first time. As if he could read her desires, these soon gave way to frenzy as the friction built and his tower rose and fell inside her rapidly, his balls beat against her rhythmically. They moaned in unison as he shot his hot seed inside the succubus, and despite herself she draped her body over him, breathing harder than usual.


"That was amazing my Lord." She was exaggerating somewhat, she'd wanted more but she'd already brought him so close in the dream that it was incredible he'd lasted at all. Still, it had definitely been memorable. When he didn't answer, she looked to see a grin on Richter's face that reached his eyes. They had changed now, something that had been there before was missing, replaced with darkness. A wolf's eyes, and grin. She'd won, she knew she had. He belonged to Shaft now.


"I wasn't finished yet. Prepare yourself Lidia." He pushed her down, pulled her legs wide and entered her, pressing his entire body into her. She'd expected great things but this was very nearly a religious experience for her. Only Dracula had ever...oh!

"Oh my dark lord!" She squealed. Her boots quivered in the air as he penetrated the succubus deeply. She tossed her head side to side, not having to act, biting down on one long fingernail as his manhood dove inside her with a kind of desperate abandon.


"You like me fucking you like this don't you demon?"


"I love it! Do it harder, put your back into it hunter!"


"I don't like when you mouth off to me." He replied and gave her a light slap across the cheek. She gasped in shock, and then her eyes smoldered.


"Again!" He gave her another one, harder. All she could think of was her wanton greed for more pleasure from him.


"Fuck me! FUCK ME!" She demanded, and he obliged her with more thrusts until her voice broke into gasps. She spared a look at the outline of his hard, muscled body, concentrated only on the carnal physical act of ravaging her and orgasmed. He hovered above her, balancing on his toes, and pumped her well. He channeled all that furious passion, snaking back and forth in a blur before settling into a deliberate, perfect rhythm, giving her his rod all the way to the base with all the power of his hips.


The large bed shook with their coupling. So full! How could just one cock feel so good inside her? She'd already orgasmed once, and he wasn't nearly finished. That predatory grin of his before he pulled her head to him and kissed her roughly made her bloom like a crimson rose, lush and dripping.


"Fill me my lord, fill me right to my soul!" She cried out, and he groaned, releasing his frothing hot white seed into her. Lidia moved his hand down to her nub as he gave her his liquid fire, guiding him, and he soon caught on, rubbing her into a new world of bliss as they finished together. The jolt she felt made her head lol back, and she realized she was salivating slightly.


The hunter collapsed onto her, panting, and gave her an oddly sweet kiss. There was a cold, whispering touch caress, and when she looked down, she could see that he was tracing the tip of a dagger along her long leg. She raised an eyebrow, questioning. He grinned back at her, but his eyes were full of darkness.





The full moon fell, rose, then fell again. Weeks passed, nights of quicksilver debauchery and exquisite yearning and release. Lidia knelt like a nude penitent, worshiping her new master with ruby lips and silken tongue. He ran his hands through her red hair lovingly, possessively, thrusting himself between her lips with one last satisfied grunt before withdrawing. His footsteps fell behind the succubus, and when she heard the stretch of leather she bit her lip.


Her wrists were chained to two posts, her back already bearing a series of light welts on it. Since he'd come over to their side she had begged him to give her all she could take and Richter was happy to oblige her. His new dark persona took to the rough play at her urging readily. He'd been making up for all the years of chastity with tireless perversion and he was almost as insatiable as she was. She heard the leather stretch once more, but still there was nothing, and Lidia squirmed in anticipation. The things he could do with that whip!


She was no stranger to mixing pleasure and pain but even a gentle touch of Vampire Killer to her flesh would have scalded her, so they used a different whip. Still, his skill with the toy was impressive, and imaginative. The cold touch of it slithered down her skin, then squeezed under her armpit and teased it's way down her belly. His hot breath fell on her neck, exciting her even more.


"What is it you want?"


"I want it between my legs." She moaned, and he obliged, teasing her slit expertly, pulling it between her like an insistent snake before working on her with the handle. The thick handle glided between her folds, urging her on until his fingers brushed her clit while he gently pushed the round pommel inside. Her breath caught, the feeling sending bolts through her until she felt the handle retreat. She still longed for her lover Dracula's embrace but this was tiding her over nicely. She was enjoying the attentions, there was no denying his skills.


She sighed, and in response his hands firmly gripped her buns. She spread herself for access and braced as he penetrated her up to his hilt. Richter pushed deep, filling her. Strands of hair fell in her eyes as he pumped her, making her breasts quake and her spine tingle. The succubus' face wore the expression of rapture bordering on madness that she usually left on her victims' faces. This wasn't the same as feeding on life energy, this was just...mind blowing...magnificent...toe! The incomparable feeling of corrupting him, marring his pristine shining soul with depravity combined with the physical act, causing her orgasm spread throughout her body like wildfire.


"Oh yes! Fuck me more! Ravage me!" She cooed, and the hunter responded with a rapid pistoning of his hips before eventually slowing down. She groaned in frustration, fooling herself into thinking he was finished before his breath blew in her ear. His teeth nibbled and suckled her neck in a sensuous parody of feeding.


"Do you want it faster?"

"Yes! Don't tease me!"


"Yes what?" Unseen, her lips curled into a predatory smile. He knew what she craved, but he still didn't know his place yet. Just a puppet who thought he was king.


"Yes...Master." She sighed as his pace resumed, sating herself with Richter's bucking frenzy. She'd call him that if it pleased him and he would continue to please her. Then again, she mused before pleasure drove further coherent thoughts from her mind. If a pretender had to sit on the throne, who better than this man?






Authors Notes:



So before I forget, inspiration for this was a SFW Richter/Succubus pic by Tamyres23, I'm also going to plug the NSFW one I had commissioned from GrandChaosSR back in the day. This was my second story I ever came up with, way back in 2014 when I was still writing out the second chapter of Prophecies of Sin. I always like Castlevania and thought SOTN Succubus was THE succubus. Finished six pages, enough odd dialogue to know where the rest of the story went then kind of shelved it. So it just sat till I was in the mood to finish, which was never. You can thank Netflix for coming out with a second season of Castlevania to get me off my duff and finish.


It went through major changes, started off as an Alucard story, but I think it works better this way. Originally I had a long flashback with Lidia to pad out her origin story, but less is more, I think I left enough in without fully chucking it to add a bit of depth. Could be better, it's not Shakespeare, but then again it's a oneshot. I have another Castlevania story coming, actually a multi chapter prequel to Castlevania and Simon's Quest with Carmilla of all things in the works that I'm excited about, so I hope you'll keep an eye out for that and read my other stuff.


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