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Author Notes: As pointed out above this fanfiction is based around elements from the game, the manga, the anime, and mainly Eleanor Bick's comics 'El's Alolan Adventures'. I found her comics through Utube; some groups were narrating her comics, I stalked her until I found her Tumbler account, and absolutely fell in love with her art, this comic, and especially her portrayal of Guzma, her original character El, and their interactions. Hence this short fanfiction was created. I have obtained permission from Eleanor Bick to write/post this story. Here is a link to her Tumbler account so you too can read her wonderful comic and see her amazing art. This link is to the master post of the comic.


Author's Note about characters & story: Taken from Eleanor Bick's site to describe her take on the characters, & her original character El. El is 20 yrs old, 5 ft 6 in tall, has brown shoulder-length hair with green eyes, she is the current champion of the Alola League, a random jumble of letters nonsense sounds which is El's way of substituting for cursing. Guzma is portrayed as being 23 and 6 ft 5 in tall, he is living with Hala. Guzma having gray eyes was taken from Bulbapedia. Hau is 13, not 10 like in the game, according to Eleanor's comic. So there is the character set up. Eleanor's comic takes place after the end of the game/manga/anime and this story takes place after the comics Eleanor Bick currently has up as of Nov 2020. This is purely fanfiction & in no way will affect her comics. I've also rated the story high for Guzma's cursing, talk about child abuse, talk about toxic relationships.


Story Break. . . .


Kukui scratched his head with his pencil pouring over the latest report he'd received from the Galar region.


Like Alola they too had Pokemon that varied from the usual norms in appearance and typing. That also meant they had different moves. Things like this really got his blood pumping.


His Rotom that had been quiet over by his aquarium vibrated before zooming over to buzz around him.


The incoming call pulled him away from his report and he glanced between the two before giving up and answering the call.


He was surprised to find El's mom was the one who was calling. "Hey, El's mom. How's everything in Kalos?"


El's mom smiled at him similar to the ones El gave him when she needed a favor. "I'm really sorry to bother you Professor Kukui. I wonder if you'd be willing to do me a favor tomorrow."


With a start, Kukui thought about what he had going on the next day. That evening 'Masked Royal' was supposed to appear at the Battle Royal Dome, but besides that, he didn't have anything he couldn't put off.


"I do have something going on tomorrow evening, but if it's something I can handle earlier in the day then sure I can help you out."


"Oh, good. The first flight from Kalos tomorrow El's dad will be on it. Will you pick him up and take him where ever El might be at that time?"


"El's dad is coming to visit her?" Kukui cocked his head to the side. "A bunch of us had dinner last night and she didn't mention it."


El's mom looked rather put out as she sighed. "Actually, she doesn't know he's coming."

Kukui cringed "Uhhhhh . . . Is that a good idea?"

Shrugging her shoulders El's mom shook her head. "In my opinion, it's the furthest thing from a good idea, but here we are."


Placing a hand on her hip she explained. "Truthfully, El's partially to blame for this. I've told her repeatedly she needs to stand up for herself and not let her dad walk all over her. You know, just speak her mind. But she keeps treating him with kid gloves."


"Her dad has been pushing to come to see her and she kept sidestepping the issue with flimsy excuses. He got fed up that things weren't going his way. So he's taken matters into his own hands and has decided to make a 'surprise visit'." She emphasized with air quotes.


El's mom pressed her hands together to beg forgiveness. "I'm really sorry to drag you into our family drama Kukui. You've already done so much for El, but I worry if he's on his own when he gets there he'll make even more trouble."


She reached and covered her eyes for a moment.


"I just keep picturing him walking around, gathering an angry mob that follows him into the Alola League."


Kukui cringed at the thought. Was El's dad really that bad?


Sighing, she smiled a rather sad smile. "You know when your parenting a child it seems like it's never-ending. It's completely overwhelming at times and it seems like they'll never grow up."


"Then one day you look around and realize it's over. They've grown into adults and you better hope you did a good job of preparing them for their future."


"I know he loves El and in his heart, he means well, but he spent El's childhood chasing his own dreams. He missed out on being a hands-on father to her."


"I've tried to explain to him that El has already grown into a capable adult woman. She doesn't need nor wants her parents to run her life."


"Of course, I don't know what I'm talking about according to him since El never came out and told him any of this it doesn't count."


Huffing, El's mom got a sly look on her face. "My hope is this surprise visit will be what she needs to finally stand up for herself to her dad."


"I understand my daughter doesn't want to have any conflicts with her dad, but it's an important skill for adults to be able to set healthy boundaries. Even with one's own parents."


Crossing his arms Kukui contemplated what El's mom was saying. "I get where you're coming from, but are you sure we shouldn't at least warn El."


"The way I look at it I've always run interference between El and her dad. I even tried to stop him from heading to Alola."


She answered with a look of nostalgia. "Her dad would blow in and push El's buttons. By the time he blew back out El would be a crying mess and it was left to me to prop my girl back up and support her then call to argue with her dad that he was being unreasonable. I can't even count the number of times I've told that man he didn't do himself any favors with how he interacted with her."


Shaking her head El's mom pointed out "El's an adult. It's not my place to run interference anymore. Those two need to figure out their relationship, if there's going to be one, on their own."


Smiling Kukui nodded. "You got this mom thing down don't ya? Alright, we'll go with your idea of noninvolvement involvement. I won't clue Cuz in and I'll go pick up her dad and take him to her."


"Thanks, Kukui. I owe you one."


Ending the call Kukui called to see what time the flight would be in and set an alarm so he could leave in time to pick up El's dad before diving back into his report.

Story Break. . . .

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