A few rounds in bed

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Another drink was shoved into her hand, bright blue liquid sloshing over its rim.


“C’mon, Shepherd, it’s your party. Might as well pretend to enjoy it.” Jack said, tapping her own drink against Shepherd’s and downing it in one gulp. Shepherd took a swig, the Asari liquor burned her throat. Over the edge of her glass she noticed Garrus deep in conversation with Joker, his eyes flicked up briefly to meet hers. Though his face remained impassive, she could sense the tension between those blue eyes. She didn’t know where they stood since he approached her that night, her mind being so consumed with destroying the Collectors that she had not reciprocated the Turian’s feelings. Now that it was over, well, she wasn’t sure if it was too late.


Jack noticed her averted gaze. “You know, fuck that guy. Right?” She said loudly. Garrus looked over again, clearly having heard her. “What the fuck happened between you two that’s got your panties in a knot, Shepherd?”


Shepherd turned her head, looking at an invisible spot on the wall behind Jack. Across the room, she noticed Wrex at the bar, leaning over a tipsy Ashley. Her fingers traced the ridges of his gauntlet. She bit her lip hard, feeling a twinge between her legs. “It’s nothing.”


“Well, for your sake, I hope his dick’s not as limp as his spine.”


“I’m… going to go get another drink.” Shepherd said, despite her drink only being half empty. She wandered away from Jack and towards a quieter corner of the room. Learning on the cold wall, she observed her celebratory crew. It might have been her party, but it sure felt like she was alone. Tali and Liara were wrapped around each other in a leather loveseat, giggling and drunkenly splashing brew over the other. At a low table, Jacob and Mordin were gambling over a game of Pyjacks and hooting loudly.


She downed the last of her drink, instantly feeling the buzz weakening her knees. Shepherd looked over her crew fondly, a slight smile breaking on her face for the first time in months. Caught up in the moment, she hadn’t noticed the tall Turian appear at her side. His newly polished and repaired armor gleaned in the club’s lighting.


“Hey.” He said coolly. He held out a fresh drink to her.


“Hi.” She took the drink without looking up at him. It was deep read and smoking slightly.


“I thought we could, uh, talk about things.” He said it slowly, curiously. When Shepherd said nothing he continued, “We could clear the air, or maybe what we need is a few rounds in the ring.”


Her heart fluttered. Maybe a few rounds in bed.


The drink warmed her fingertips, but she could feel the goose bumps rising on her arms. She took a deep breath, bringing the glass to her lips.


“Maybe we just need a few rounds in bed.” Whoops, that came out.


Garrus let out a raucous bark of a laugh. “Why… not?” He said it slowly, thoughtfully. “I don’t think it could go any worse than it did with the Collectors.”


Shepherd turned to thump him on the arm but instead caught his stark blue eyes and bit her lip hard. Garrus took a deep breath, his eyes fixated on her mouth.


“You know, I never really understood the appeal of kissing. All I could think was how vulnerable Human mouths were in a fight. But right now…” His voice was almost a purr. “Shepherd, I have an apartment for the night…”


“Wouldn’t it be rude to leave my own party?” said Shepherd. She noticed Jack eyeing her mischievously. In fact, a few of her crew, including Thane and Samara were eyeing her curiously. It’d be suspicious were she to leave with the Turian.


“Absolutely, but we can work with that.” He downed the last of his drink and wiped his mouth. “Well, I need another drink. I think you’ll need one in, shall we say, ten minutes?”


Shepherd’s breath caught, she was suddenly feeling very flushed. She nodded curtly. Garrus walked away to interject into a now debating Jacob and Zaeed without an inclination of the meeting to which he just agreed. Shepherd took her first swig of the drink and felt it immediately warm her entire body. It was good, almost like Human mulled wine but as filling as a dark beer. Well, it’s not talking it out exactly…


Shepherd continued to watch her crew. She had never seen them in such good spirits, so relaxed. Jack’s attention had turned from Shepherd to Kelly, flirtatiously touching her hip and whispering in her ear. Miranda sat across a table from Joker, her slender legs were crossed, and she traced the rim of her glass seductively. She had traded out her Cerberus uniform for leather pants, a deep red lace top, and matching platform heels. Liara and Tali’s giggles twinkled above the pounding music, Liara’s hand petting the other’s thigh heavily. She watched as Ashley slipped out of the room, leading a very pleased looking Wrex behind her. This drink was putting her in an especially good mood… Everything seemed so attractive at this moment. She sipped the last of the red fluid and, setting the drink on a nearby table, made her way towards the bar.


Now that Ashley and Wrex were gone, the bar stood unoccupied. Its placement under a loft above shrouded the bar in a deep shadow, and a high, wrapping counter created an inconspicuous nook in the corner of the room. From this corner, Shepherd could see most of the room, but was sure they could hardly see her. She feigned making herself a new drink, reaching down below the bar for a new glass.


As she stood, she heard in a voice in her ear rumble, “Keep making yourself a drink.” A claw traced from her shoulder, to her hip, hooking a talon into her pants. She grabbed an assortment of random liquors and ingredients, not sure what kind of drinking she was trying to make but not caring. A hard bulge pressed into her ass, causing her fingers to fumble a bottle and she dropped it on the ground.


“Pretty sloppy. Am I distracting you?”


Trying not to move her lips she muttered back, “I think you’re just trying to stall.”


A rumble emanated from his chest and he pulled down on her pants line, exposing her ass. Shepherd has never seen a Turian cock, but it felt intriguing pressed into her ass. It was warm like a human’s, but the shaft felt more textured, almost torsional. She didn’t have much time to dwell on it as Garrus slowly pressed into her.


Shepherd bit her lip to hold back a moan. He was large, she could tell he wasn’t able to fit his entire member into her. Both Garrus’s claws grasped each of her hips, and he began to work at her.  Sliding in slowly at first, he thrust the last inch he could fit, then pulled out slowly once again. Is this really happening?


In a lame effort to hold up her façade, Shepherd attempted to pour some mysterious dark alcohol into her glass but sloshed most of it onto the counter. Her mind was going fuzzy, giving into the unimaginable sensation being pounded into her. She could hear Garrus’s grunts each time he pushed into her, obviously working hard to retain control. Shepherd had always admired the Turian’s militaristic composure but craved to see the man underneath it.


She waggled her ass into him and felt his pace quicken slightly. She wasn’t sure if it was her intoxication, but she had never felt anything better than this. Her legs weak, she had to support herself by pressing down on the bar’s counter.


She looked out over her crew. It didn’t seem that anyone noticed the Commander fucking her top gunman in the corner. Miranda was leaned over the table, breasts nearly touching its shiny surface. Joker couldn’t keep his eyes off them, his chest moving more rapidly than normal. Shepherd imagined watching them retreat to Miranda’s quarters, seeing Miranda’s perfect body take all of Joker in her.


This thought spurred her to rise on her toes, giving Garrus a lower angle into her. His pace unsteadied, and then he stopped. “Shepherd, someone’s coming over.” Shepherd turned her head and noticed Jacob just a few steps away.


“Commander, you running the bar now?” He looked at Garrus, who attempted to don a more casual posture, his member still a foot deep in Shepherd, but didn’t question his presence.


“You bet. What can I get you, Taylor?” Please, not something complicated…


“Just grab me whatever Human beer.” He said. Much to Shepherd’s dismay, he took a seat at the bar. “Garrus.” The Turian nodded back.


“Hope you’re good with PBR,” said Shepherd, grateful that the fridge was within arm’s reach. Jacob scowled but took the can and popped the cap anyway. He turned towards the rest of the room, taking a swig from the can.


“Shepherd, I wanted to ask you about something, now that things are a bit more… normal.” Garrus pushed himself a little deeper into Shepherd, causing her to bite her lip again and grasp the edge of the counter.


“What’d do y-you think of Miranda?” Shepherd noticed the slight slur in his voice. This certainly wasn’t his first drink of the night.  “She’s been hot and cold on me for ages and I-I can’t seem to get an in widdher.” He was looking directly at Miranda, whose hand had moved from the glass to dragging along Joker’s hand.


Garrus’s paced quickened once again. A talon traced up her thigh and found its way into the front of her pants. With the pad of one of his digits, he began to rub at her clit. How did he know to do this?


She was grateful that Jacob didn’t seem to be expecting any feedback. He pushed on, “I mean we, we were at Cerberus for years together, kicking ass, takin’ names. You think she’d want to, you know, blow of steam or whatever the fuck else.”


It was taking everything in Shepherd’s power to not give in and start screaming in repressed ecstasy right there in front of Jacob. Fuck, he could join for all she cared. She wanted nothing more than to be wrapped around a body and fucking it right now. She reached back and followed Garrus’s shaft to it’s base. Unlike humans, Turians didn’t have testicles that hung outside their body. She traced her fingers around the opening from which his cock had emerged and felt him shudder. His pace quickened, he was now fucking her hard enough that the glasses on the counter shook slightly. Her intoxicated audience didn’t seem to notice.


Jacob continued on his solemn rant about Miranda, but Shepherd couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to his exact words. She allowed herself the occasional moan and “yeah”, disguised as response to Jacob, but in actuality in response to the Turian pressing himself deeper and deeper into her. She grabbed the nearest handle of liquor and took a long swig. A claw took it out of her hand and she heard the Turian double her pull, the other claw still working in between her thighs. He really was talented, wasn’t he?


Feeling experimental, she grabbed the next nearest bottle and drank deeply. Again, the bottle was taken from her hand and her drink was doubled. She was enjoying this game, feeling the alcohol sink into her and her need for the Turian heighten.


Shepherd barely notice as Jacob thumped his fist on the table, thank the Commander, and walk away without ever looking at her again. Looking up, she vaguely noticed that Miranda and Joker had disappeared.


“I need to take you somewhere else, Commander. We have some work to get done.” Fuck, why was that so hot? She pulled up her pants and attempted to steady herself. She gave into the pressure guiding her out from behind the bar and out the door of the room without anyone being the wiser.


“Take me to y-your place, Garrus.” Now it was her turn to slur her words.


“No, I can’t wait that long.” He said, and pushed his way through a door into another room of the club and pulling her in.


They were met by a shocking sight. Clearly having not noticed their entrance, Wrex was pounding mercilessly into a naked Ashley, on all fours on a low table. Shepherd couldn’t help but notice the extreme girth of the Krogan’s red, vein-covered member, and stared in disbelief as he penetrated its entire length into the Human. Ashley screamed shamelessly, one hand rubbing herself between her legs and the other holding onto the edge of the table.


This scene may have normally been disturbing, but right now it only worked to turn on Shepherd even more. She reached out and grabbed Garrus’s codpiece, disappointed she couldn’t take his cock again right there.


The Turian leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Do you want me like that, Commander?” She nodded earnestly and felt him push her along again. It seemed that he decided against the shortcut, leading her towards Transport and calling up a black X3M.


“Garrusss…. You can’t derrrive, you’re drunk.”


He pulled her into the cab. “Autopilot.”


The door closed them in, and without waiting to even leave the station, Garrus took off his armor and exposed his cock once more. As Shepherd had suspected, his shaft was twisted from base to tip. It was shiny and a mix of deep blues and reds. Before she could admire it any longer, he pulled her onto his lap and penetrated her.


Unafraid of being herd this time, Shepherd let out a resounding moan, leaning forward to place her hands on the dash of the vehicle. Claws on her hips, Garrus lifted her in time to his thrusting hips.


“Fuck, Shepherd, you know how long I’ve been waiting to do this?” His claws dug deeper into her sides. “I’ve waited two years to fuck you. I’m going to make up for those two years. Right. Now.” He said the last words between thrusts. Shepherd mildly worried about a Turian’s endurance and whether she could handle it. Already he was outlasting Jacob that one restless night she had strolled into his chambers. She thought about Ashley on all fours, being taken by the giant Krogan, and her orgasm overcame her.


The car came to a stop at the door of Garrus’s rented flat. Not waiting for Shepherd to stand, he lifted her out and burst through the door. Shepherd dimly noted the large room before her, white leather couches oriented towards a panoramic view of the Citadel.


“You… you don’t get paid enough for a place like this.”


“Let’s just say I was hoping it would inspire a certain… mood.” He set her down on the couch nearest the window.


“You planned to bring me here tonight?”


“If not you, someone. Even if it was the Krogan.” Garrus worked at his armor, allowing the pieces to fall to the floor. Underneath he wore a skin-tight suit that defined his chiseled limbs and torso. He slowly pulled off the top and let it float to the floor. Shepherd reached back down between her legs and began rubbing over her pants, again biting her lip.


“Are you trying to make me jealous, Vakarian?”


He pulled off his pants, allowing his member to come flooding out. “Only if it makes you want me more, Commander.” He leaned over her and placed his mandibles on the nape of her neck. She yearned to hear him talk like this to her more.


“What if I told y-ou—I fucked Taylor the other night after rejecting you.” She reached down and took his member in both hands, beginning to stroke it slowly.


She heard his breath shorten and yelped as his mandibles closed down on her shoulder. He then pulled back, standing up and staring at Shepherd intently.


“Then I’d do this.”


He grabbed her hips and spun her around so she was on all fours on the couch – just like Ashley was. He slammed into her and fucked her even harder than before. As he rode her, waves of orgasms flooded over Shepherd. Unable to support her weight, her arms gave out so the side of her face pressed into the couch’s seat. She felt her hands pulled up and then the audible click as C-sec handcuffs locked her wrists behind her back.  


“Well that’s more like it…” Garrus growled.


Shepherd instantly felt instinct kick in. As if instantly sobering up, she straightened, slid one leg out behind the kneeling Turian. Before he knew what had happened, she had pulled her leg back hard, jumped up, and was now straddling the flattened man on the ground.


Garrus smiled evilly, breathing hard as the wind had just been knocked out of him. “Well played.”


Shepherd lowered herself onto him. She rocked her hips back and forth slowly, inwardly rejoicing at the look of ecstasy on his face. Having no use of her hands, this is all she could manage to do in this position, but it seemed to be working. Garrus’s head tipped back, his breathing becoming rougher, his mouth falling open. Suddenly, he was coming, his hips pushed up off the ground and into Shepherd. She felt herself fill with hot, Turian fluid and continued to move her hips furiously.


Turians aren’t that much different from Humans, she thought, watching his body twitch as his hypersensitive member struggled with her continued movements.


“Shepherd…” he moaned. “I’ll stop when you agree to uncuff me.” She responded.


Shepherd stopped her grinding, allowing Garrus to sit up into her. She pressed her lips into his neck. His breath was so intoxicating. She couldn’t help but shift her hips one time and felt him shudder in her.


He reached behind with her and she felt the cuffs fall. His hands rested on her ass as he fought to catch his breath.


A few minutes passed as the two attempted to regain their energy.


“That was a good first round.” He said.

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