For Love of the Game

BY : Dagian
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Disclaimer: I do not own Lineage2 nor World of Warcraft (assuming I can work it in somehow), nor the characters from either. I do however own the characters I myself create. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

For the Love of the Game


            With an irritated huff, Jenny flicked her long, waist length dark brown hair over her shoulders as she placed her fingers on the keyboard and stared darkly at the screen in front of her. Her fingers hovered delicately and expertly over the needed keys in anticipation as she kept her eyes glued on the screen in front of her. From her gaming headset came a disembodied voice. Recognizing the voice as that of their raiding leader, she paid close attention to the orders given while swinging the mouse around to maneuver the in-game camera to see the rest of her little band of friends. Including her there were nine in total and nearly all of them playing a different race or character class. She was to provide back up and support to their knight, frequently referred to as tanks for their ability to take heavy damage, by using her character’s ability to do high amounts of damage with her bow.

            Swiftly taking in the instructions given, the small group quickly laid waste to their mutual enemy and were soon discussing the various drops, or loot, that they had received for their efforts. During the discussion, she cackled mischievously at the screen while her finger darted swiftly to the print screen button on her keyboard and pressed it. She made mental note to post it to the guild forums later for a few good laughs at her teammates expense. Stifling a yawn, she took her share of the loot and then took her character to the nearest bank and deposited all the loot she’d been given. After trying the armor on first of course to see how her light elf looked in it.

            Sighing in satisfaction, she said her good nights and logged out of the game. Leaning back in her chair, Jenny looked upward at the ugly popcorn ceiling and sighed again, this time in dreary acceptance. She hated this place. Not just the house she was currently calling home, but this place. A disgruntled meow from her side caused her to look downward. Insistent black and white paws reached up at her impatiently as green feline eyes glared upward at her. Laughing at the cat, she stood up and went to follow him into the kitchen as thunder rumbled overhead and rain pelted the roof.

            As she progressed through the house, she passed a table that had her tickets to the gaming convention on it. Going through the motions of feeding the cat, she idly wondered if she would be daring enough to wear the cosplay outfit she’d commissioned to be made based on her game character. Cursing lightly to herself, she firmly grabbed the outfit and placed it in the suitcase. Whether it was worn or not, it was going with her. However, she couldn’t stop smiling, she knew of at least one friend who was going to make her wear it. Shaking her head, she grabbed some clean clothes and headed for the bath.

            Outside, a dark figure lurked in the rain. He wasn’t sure where he was, but he knew he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. The portal he’d entered had been new, experimental. Clearly it had sent him somewhere else as this was not his intended destination. A long ear flicked slightly as he heard rustling in the bushes surrounding him. He looked down and saw a large animal that resembled a wolf in his world. Frowning down at it, he stepped closer to the building to see if he could peer inside.

            He pulled his midnight blue cloak closer around him as he pushed through the bushes that hid the windows. Upon closer inspection, he deemed that the house would be suitable for the night. He tested the window by pulling upward gently and was surprised when it gave way easily. A slim grin lit his formidable features briefly. Hefting the window the rest of the way open, he deftly jumped inside and out of the rain. A light whine from outside reminded him of the dog and he tugged the window back down in annoyance.

            Leather and iron clad feet tread quickly and silently through the unknown house. It was full of many things he didn’t recognize at all. He paced through the rooms slowly and carefully, only stopping his search when he came across a locked door. There was a bit of noise coming from within, almost sounded like the rain had found a way inside. There didn’t seem to be any danger of it making its way into the rest of the house and so he continued. Spying what appeared to be a sitting area with a long, low soft object that could easily accommodate three people, he swiftly settled in, placing his weapons on the floor in front of him. His dagger he kept on his person should he be attacked in this strange new world.

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