Enslaved by Curse

BY : Dagian
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High Priest Asterios stared at the human for several long seconds. “You are sure that Ruavin intends on wedding that wretched dark elf?”


Raydin nodded while saying, “Yes she does. And according to Tahlnae, Valxun has apparently ‘convinced’ another Priest to either give the union his blessing, or that Priest will try to convince you to give the union your blessing.”


Asterios laughed bitterly at that. “I will never give my blessing for one of ours to marry one of their kind.” He sighed tiredly. “What of Tahlnae herself? Has her abominable friendship with the dark archer come to an end?”


Raydin hesitated before stating simply. “It has.”


Turning to face Raydin, Asterios pinned him with an astute gaze. “You say that so undecidedly that it makes me wonder.”


Raydin returned the stare unflinchingly and replied with more confidence. “The friendship has come to an end.” That much was certain. Tahlnae and Zarolin were no longer friends but bitter enemies.


Asterios continued to glare at him. “Are you sure that you have nothing else to tell me?”


Staring at him Raydin replied tersely. “There is nothing else to tell.” Damn it, Asterios suspected that something was wrong. He and Tahlnae were going to have to find a way to remove that curse quickly. “Since there is nothing further, I will be taking my leave and rejoining Tahlnae.” With that, he turned on his heel and left.


Zarolin stared at the castle in absolute frustrated fury. He had been watching the castle for three long days and there was no sign of them releasing Tahlnae from wherever she was being kept. Kept away from him. Keeping her...safe. Zarolin sneered to himself. They had no idea how strong the curse mark was now. She was his wife now, by dark elven laws, she was his!


He could sense her frustration at being pinned in through the link they now shared. She was angry at being locked up. But not because she wanted to be with him. No, she wanted to kill him herself. A light disbelieving snort issued from him. He had always been able to best her in their friendly duels. Concentrating, he could tell that she was pacing the room she was in.


Standing up, he stealthily made his way to the rear of the castle and nimbly climbed up the steep embankment at the base of the mountain that made up the back of the castle. While he could not enter the castle grounds from this location, it did provide him with a good view of the entirety of the castle from the outside. His eyes narrowed as he focused on the spot of the castle he knew she was in. Growling in anger, he again cursed them. They were taking no chances.


A loud ear piercing shriek coming from atop the castle made him flinch and look upward. As he watched, a large leathery wing and part of a long gray tail briefly appeared from the top of the castle before disappearing with another shriek. Loud voices raised in alarm followed. A loud roar, followed by a whooshing sound reached his ears a split second after he saw the bright orange fireball send several unlucky people over the edge of the castles uppermost level.


An evil grin broke out on his face. They were losing control of the dragon. His mind raced through the possibilities. If the beast continued as it was, they would have to call reinforcements to help deal with it. That meant they would have to call people off of guard duty. And he knew they didn’t have enough to guard the castle and deal with an angry dragon. If they pulled enough off of guarding, he could slip inside with relative ease. But, the dragon was already beginning to settle down.


As the dragons’ tail and part of the wing reappeared, he had a sudden idea. Taking careful aim, he fired two arrows, one at the base of the tail, and one at the base of the wing. Locations that were strategically aimed to cause maximum pain to the dragon while also being impossible for the dragon to reach around and remove, ensuring that it would go berserk for quite a long while.


Ducking down again, he watched the results. As expected, most of the guards suddenly began to make their way into the castle. After waiting a few minutes more, he heard them reach the top level and begin trying to regain control of the raging dragon.


Wasting no time, he covertly made his way down to the walls and quietly leaped to the ground, landing without so much as a sound. Focusing on her, he carefully made his way through the deserted halls of the castle. He was quite pleased with himself. His little trick with the dragon had worked better than he could have hoped. There was quite literally no one left to guard the halls. Stopping next to one of the doors, he focused on Tahlnae. She was in this room.


A feral smile broke out on his face as he removed his cloak from his back, adjusting it just right for his attack while flattening himself against the wall so that she couldn't see him. With one more quick check of his surroundings, he slid the bolt back and waited. Movement from inside indicated that she had heard the bolt being unlocked and was coming to investigate. Slowly the door swung inwards before he heard her ask warily from within the safety of the rooms confines. “Hello?”


Odd, she thought to herself. Trying again, she called out a bit louder than before, never going within five feet of the opening. “Hello?” Still not getting an answer, she retreated further into the room, staring at the door in confusion. Something wasn’t right. Quickly she grabbed the small knife that had been brought to her at dinner. It wasn’t much, but it was the only weapon she had at the moment.


Sensing her apprehension, Zarolin gently called to her through the mating, or marriage, mark, his intent to both calm her nerves and coax her into the hallway. A low rumble of disapproval threatened to make itself known as he sensed her makeshift weapon. Shaking his head, he risked a small peak inside the room. Sending another calming wave through the link, he smiled when she turned her back to the door and lowered the knife back to the table.


With an evil smile, he rushed into the room and threw the cloak around her, wrapping her securely within its generous folds. After she’d been wrapped up as tightly as he could manage, he spun her around so that she could see him. Keeping one hand tangled within the cloak to keep her still, his other hand shot out and trailed softly through her hair for a moment before gripping it painfully tight. Leaning in close he whispered to her. “Hello, my rebellious lover.”


Fear shot through Tahlnae as she realized the predicament she was in. Wrapped in the cloak, she was unable to move even slightly. She had only one option. Yell for help and hope someone would come quickly. But before she had even finished the thought, Zarolin leaned in even closer and whispered against her ear. “Go on, scream. Scream for help.”


Hearing his voice egging her on to scream, she knew that screaming would be a very bad idea. Her mouth slammed shut with an audible click.


Zarolin grinned and whispered against her ear again. “Come on Tahlnae, you know you want to scream for help.” He edged his voice downward, making it take on an almost animalistic quality as he said insistently. “Scream for me.” He waited a beat before continuing in the same guttural growl. “It will be the first of many.”


Her fear spiked as she realized what he’d just implied and she began to struggle violently. “No!”


Chuckling darkly, he whispered back, “Yes.” The hand tangled in her hair gave a short sharp yank, causing her to yelp. “Behave.” The single word was bit out harshly, an order.  He smirked when she instantly went still. “Good girl.”


Closing her eyes, she cursed him viciously for a moment in her mind. Trussed up as she was it would be unwise to speak any of her thoughts aloud. The sound of a scroll being unfurled broke her from her thoughts. Her eyes fastened on it in horror as she recognized it as one of the ones that would take them back to the fortress she had escaped from.


As the seal formed under their feet, Zarolin looked down at her. “Now, we go home.”


Tahlnae shuddered in fear at the provocative quality of his voice as she felt the distinct pull of the scroll snatching her from the safety of the castle.


The pain of traveling together in a single scroll caused her to be light headed and dizzy upon arriving at the remote fortress. Unable to help herself, she leaned heavily against Zarolin as the pain coursed through her. When the pain finally began to dissipate, she tried to wrench herself free of him. However, she was still wrapped up in his detestable cloak and only succeeded in getting her hair in her eyes.


Zarolin laughed and pulled her hair away from her eyes. “Temper, temper.” Watching her eyes blaze with anger, he continued with heavy consideration. “Although perhaps it would be best for you to be blindfolded until I am sure you cannot escape me this time.” That said, he reached back and pulled a torn piece of fabric from his satchel and placed it over her eyes, knotting it securely at the back of her head. After he’d done that, he removed most of his armor, leaving only the soft black leather that was worn underneath the heavier and much more rigid red, mithril reinforced outer leather.


“I will kill you for this!” Tahlnae grated out between her teeth angrily. How dare he do this to her?! “This is what I get for being your friend all those years?!” She felt the cloak being loosened and pulled away from her. Using her sense of hearing and the very faint changes in the air currents around her, she swung her hand upward and out, hoping to connect with his cheek.


Zarolin didn’t quite lean back in time to fully avoid her slap. While he hadn’t taken the brunt of it, he did feel four distinct lines of fire across his cheek where her nails had scratched him. His only response was an impressed growl that was liberally tinged with the beginnings of arousal, “You little hellcat.”


Tahlnae shrank back at the timbre of his voice. That was not the reaction she had expected. Blindfolded, and having never gotten a good look at the room to begin with when she’d first arrived, she was surprised when the backs of her knees hit a low, solid object. Unbalanced, she toppled backward onto a very soft, slightly springy, object. Startled, her mind came up with only one word. Bed!


Frantically she sprang back up and tried to fling herself off of the offending piece of furniture. However, he caught her mid-way through her escape and shoved her back down violently. Gasping from the pain in her chest from where his hand had connected, she changed gears and started to scoot backwards across the bed. If she couldn’t get off one side, perhaps she could get off on the other.


Zarolin saw her change of direction and put one hand on her shoulder and pushed her down, forcing her to be still while he slowly followed her onto the bed.


Forced to be still, Tahlnae cursed him viciously. “Let me go, damn you! I will kill you! Let me go you hell born bastard!” With a snarl, she attempted another slap only to get her hand caught in midair.


“That worked once.” He replied in a low rumble. “It will not work twice.” Pushing the hand down, he held it against the bed as he slowly crawled up her body. Only when he was directly over-top of her did he stop, firmly pressing her legs together with his so that she could not struggle. He removed his hand from her shoulder so that he could grasp that wrist and hold it down.


As he did so, he caught sight of the mark, his mark, and began to rub his thumb across it lightly, curious. He’d heard some people say that rubbing against the mark could have some very interesting effects on the bearer. He frowned. She had escaped him on the night of their wedding, before he could fully test the mark. An annoyance on many levels that he fully intended to rectify. Tonight. Now.


 A sudden shuddering from the female beneath him caught his attention. Keeping his eyes on her, he experimentally rubbed his thumb across the mark again, while focusing on the sensation that the mark would tell him she was feeling through the link. Again, she shuddered, her mouth opening wordlessly for a moment before closing again. A wicked smile came to his face in realization.


Tahlnae tossed her head from side to side as the unwanted feeling coursed through her. How could she be reacting this way? She was not naïve. She fully understood what was happening to her. What she couldn’t understand was why. She did not want this. So why was she suddenly responding to him? Another flick of his thumb against the mark on her hand had her arching her back. “No.” She whispered, willing her body not to respond.


Dipping his head down to hers, he whispered back. “Yes.” Flicking his thumb again, he took advantage of her gasp and captured her mouth with his. For several long seconds he dominated her mouth, leaving no part unexplored. Shilen she tasted so sweet! The kiss turned fiercer, more demanding. He should never have let her go to that elven mage all those years ago.


That had been a mistake. One he was happy to say he could correct. But damn it stung his pride to know that he could have had her years ago if he had followed his instincts and had just killed the elven male when he’d been presented with the chance. He’d suspected that the idiot wouldn’t be faithful to her. But no, he’d done things honorably, for all the good that had done either of them. She had been betrayed by the mage, and he had been miserable for years thinking she was blissfully married to the idiot he had so wished to kill. It had been both a blessing and a curse to find out that they had never married and that his suspicions had been correct.


Now, now he just had to bring her in line and get her to stop fighting him. Not an easy task, but he had always enjoyed a good challenge.


Tahlnae tossed her head again, “No, no, no!” Angrily she tried to snatch her hand away from him so that he couldn’t rub his thumb against the dreaded mark. As his thumb ran across it again, she hissed out. “Why?”


Breaking the kiss for a second, he looked down at her blindfolded face. “I’ve dreamed of this. I’ve longed for this.” He leaned forward and recaptured her mouth in a bruising kiss, flicking his thumb over the mark again. When she arched upward, he released her legs and used his knees to force them apart, settling himself between them. Releasing her mouth, he rocked against her. “How long has it been Tahlnae?” He paused a moment before continuing. “He’s been gone for quite a while.” He rocked his hips again, pushing his arousal against her. “How long since you’ve felt a lover’s caress?” The fact that she had taken another lover angered him, but he pushed it aside, barely. He consoled himself with that fact that he wouldn't have to be bothered with being overly gentle.


Tahlnae choked back a sob at the reminder of her lovers’ betrayal. How did Zarolin know about that?! “Get off of me!” She whispered harshly. The harsh whisper soon turned to a pleasured gasp as his thumb again stroked the mark. Why was the damned mark affecting her this way?!


“Light elven males are so unstable. They change their minds so frequently.” He said with false sympathy. “Unlike us dark elves, they are rarely faithful to their committed relationships.” He kissed her again, tenderly this time. “I will never be unfaithful to you.”


Tahlnae growled up at him, “You won’t ever get a chance to be unfaithful because you are never going to have me in the first place!”


Zarolin snarled harshly at her and ground himself against her ruthlessly while rubbing the mark continuously. Her words brought back his previous anger at not being the only male to have touched her. “Yes I will!” His anger abated somewhat as she arched upward with a soft keening sound. Settling himself against her more firmly, he released his hold on her left hand and reached for the ropes that were attached to the large bed. Snagging one, he tied it around her right wrist. Grabbing the other, he tied her left hand as well, although he made sure to keep her left hand easily accessible to him without allowing her to have much freedom with it. He didn’t need her trying to slap him or attempting to untie her right hand.


His hands now free from having to restrain her, he allowed them to roam over her as he explained. “The mark, it is the Mark of Shilen! It is akin to what your kind and the humans term ‘marriage’. However, unlike the marriage, where both male and female must consent to it, this does not rely on such,” he paused as he considered which word would fit the most, “niceties,” he said finally, the finger of his left hand dipping into her navel for a moment. “I cast it on you after you escaped me last time using my own blood. This mark allows me to feel what you feel, sense your emotions, sense your physical location! I can even influence your thoughts and actions.” He rubbed his thumb against it again, openly smiling with perverse delight at her long moan. “With this mark I can even set your blood on fire for me!”


“You’ve married me without my consent?!” She cried out angrily, trying to ignore the delicious sensations coursing through her. She and Raydin had only believed the mark to be a simple dark curse, something that could be gotten rid of with a bit of effort. But this, this was far different.


Twisting she tried to get to the ropes holding her. If what he’d said was true, she was bound to him in the worst of ways. Shilen was the dark goddess. There was no other force darker than her. Any magic invoking her name was absolute. No counter spell had ever been developed for a curse that invoked the dark Goddesses name. Feel what she felt, sense her emotions…even sense where she was at any given time! As she felt his thumb slide across the mark again she was rocked by the powerful sensations sweeping across her as she remembered his last statement. Eva, help her!


Shilen, you’re beautiful!” He exclaimed fervently, ignoring her as he leaned down to capture her mouth in another fierce kiss. His hands finally settling for the area of her stomach left exposed by the simple light weight armor. It wasn’t long though before they began to trail upward and began to massage and knead her breasts through the light armor she wore.


Tahlnae bucked wildly, trying to dislodge him. Unable to buck him off, and unable to use her hands, she resorted to desperate measures. Without stopping to think of the consequences, she bit his tongue, hard.


Zarolin flew back in surprise as the taste of blood flooded his senses. “Hellcat!” He didn’t know whether to be angry or aroused by her action. Staring at her, he brought his hand to his mouth, not surprised when it came away with a fair amount of blood. After a few seconds he decided to simply be amused by her little antic. However, fair was fair. Leaning upward, he expertly began to undo the fastenings on her armor. If she thought to bite him, then he would return the favor in kind.


Not satisfied with just her top piece being removed, he got off the bed and grabbed his dagger. With one careful swipe, he cut the leather skirt from her and removed both of her undergarments. “Better.” He mused to himself as he looked at her in all her glory, his view unhampered by clothing. This however left him feeling a bit overdressed and he decided to remedy that situation by removing his own clothing.


Tahlnae shivered as the cool air touched her overheated skin. Her ears caught the faint sound of him removing his own clothing. “Zarolin…please…don’t do this.” She begged as she struggled with her bonds. “Please. Release me. Let me go.” Since he was no longer touching the accursed mark, sanity was slowly coming back to her.


Anger flashed through him. “Why do you fight this?” He growled lowly. “Why do you fight ‘us’?” The dagger spun in his hand lazily, belying the anger he felt. “I gave you everything I had and more.” His voice turned harsh and raspy with anger. “I stood by and watched you silently for years! Hoping that eventually you would see that I could be more than a friend! That I wanted to be more than a friend! I gave you more than that pathetic, weak, wretched elf ever could, or ever did, and watched you turn from me to him!” His voice notched lower to an ominous rumble that reverberated through his chest. “You turned from me all because of what I am. A dark elf.” He spat venomously, anger coursing hotly through his veins as he remembered the past. How he'd felt when he first truly realized that, that was the only reason she'd turned from him. His breathing turned harsh and ragged as long held hurts consumed him, filling him with rage.


She didn't turn from him because she only felt for him as a friend. She didn't turn from him because she had truly found another. She had turned from him simply because of what he'd been born as. Something he'd had no choice in and couldn't change. It hadn't mattered what he had done and, at the time, had been willing to do. All that had mattered was that he was not a light elf. Not even a human. But an accursed dark elf.


Tahlnae shuddered in fear, and as impossible as it was, excitement. She was treading on very dangerous ground. “Zarolin…we…we can’t be. There can be no ‘us’. The Sages…” She yelped as she felt the cold steel of the dagger fall lightly against her arm and begin to trail small patterns on it.


Gaining control over his roiling emotions, he spoke. “Do you honestly think I care what the Sages think?” He asked her softly as he continued to slide the dagger along her upper arm. “And especially the light elven Sages at that.”


Tahlnae’ breath hitched in her throat as she felt the dagger glide up her arm, closer to her chest and neck. “Zarolin,” she continued breathlessly, “the Sages would banish me if I agreed to be anything more than friends.”


The dagger moved swiftly from her arm to her neck as he bent his head toward her ears. “You are refuting what you feel, what we both feel, simply to appease them?!”


Terrified she didn’t answer him. And she really didn’t think he expected an answer anyway. The question had sounded rhetorical. But she couldn’t stop the shivers from wracking her body as his breath tickled the sensitive flesh. A fresh wave of arousal tore through her.  


“Or do you fear me? Do you fear what I am?!” He snarled out viciously as he removed the dagger from her throat, holding it closer to her collar bone. Honestly either reason was just as bad in his opinion.


It was on the tip of her tongue to tell him that she feared what he was capable of, but Tahlnae wisely remained silent. She knew that any answer she gave him would set his temper off. After a few moments of silence, she began to speak again. She had to make him see reason, get him to remove the curse. “Please Zarolin…” She sucked in a startled breath as she felt the dagger land squarely at the dip in her collarbone. Fearful she fell silent.


Zarolin was rapidly becoming mesmerized with the look of the steel as it gleamed against her pale skin. Slowly he traced the deadly dagger across her flesh, hearing the blade whisper against her skin. Carefully he slid it along the valley of her breasts, a faint hint of a smile appearing on his lips as he both heard and saw her sharply indrawn breath. “Be careful my little hellcat, I wouldn’t want to accidentally nick your beautiful skin.”    


She shuddered despite his warning. Her senses, on heightened alert from the looming threat of the dagger, had caused her to be super sensitive. Even the slightest brush of the steel on her naked flesh was causing her to feel as if her blood was on fire. Her back arched upward as suddenly she felt the cold flat of the blade come into full contact with her breast, instantly hardening the little nub.


A dark chuckle broke from him before he lowered his mouth to her other breast. Hovering over the tip of it, he gently swirled his tongue around a few times before blowing a cool stream of air across it. Again she arched upward and he had to adjust the dagger slightly so that it would not truly cut her. “Watch it my little kitty.” Leaning upwards, he teased her mouth for a moment, hinting at a kiss before saying in a mocking tone. “Oh I almost forgot.”


Tahlnae whimpered at the loss briefly before berating herself. How could she be reacting this way?! Why was her body betraying her?! A daggers kiss upon her should not be eliciting such feelings, such thoughts! When she felt his mouth close entirely around her breast and begin to suckle all thoughts scattered as the sensation sent pulses straight to her center. Her stomach coiled tightly in anticipation.


Zarolin continued to suckle lightly on one breast while teasing the other with the dagger, drawing slow circles around the rosy pink tip while watching her face. When he saw her face become lost in a haze of building passion, he clamped his teeth around the little nubbin with just enough force to pinch, while tugging upward gently before letting the tenderly abused flesh slip from between his teeth. Laughing darkly at her pained cry, he muttered in a low voice. “Now we’re even.”


“Ah!” She screamed at the sudden pain, arching her body away from him. “Get away from me!” The words were little more than an angry hiss.  She felt him rise from the bed and heard him pace a few feet away before she heard the dagger being placed back in its protective sheath. When he approached the bed again she hissed angrily at him. “Stay away from me!” She kicked one leg out in the direction she thought he was in, in the hopes of incapacitating him. She missed and a low feminine growl of angry frustration filled the air.  


Zarolin didn’t reply but merely rejoined her on the bed. Leaning over her, he took in the delicious sight of her naked and vulnerable before him, before lowering his head over one small pert breast and taking it into his mouth. Slowly he lathed his tongue around and across the small bud, lavishing it with as much attention as he could while suckling gently on it.


“No! Don’t...!” Tahlnae cried out. Against her will her body arched upward into his mouth. “No, no, no!” She panted, trying to pull away. When he released her, she thought she had succeeded, only to realize that he was simply switching targets. With a low moan, she shuddered violently as his mouth closed on the other breast.


Zarolin took hold of the breast he was suckling with one hand and began to massage it while he suckled it in long drawn out waves. The other hand began to roll and pinch her other breast lightly, coaxing the nub to tighten and thrust upward. He smiled against her breast when he felt small shudders began to vibrate through her.


Feeling the heat building between her legs, she clamped them shut. Squirming she tried to ignore the feeling. She tried to remind herself that this was not what she wanted. She had not wanted this, she had not asked for this. But despite what her mind said, her body was claiming differently. Her body fairly pulsed with desire. For as much as her brain despised and detested what was happening, her body loved his domination of her. 


Flinging one leg between hers, he forced her legs apart and let one hand glide down the length of her to lightly caress her outer barriers. Removing his mouth from the pert breast, he leaned over to her and breathed huskily in her ear, repeating his earlier question. “How long has it been?” Receiving no answer, he pressed a little harder and allowed his middle finger to just barely slide inside the soft crease. “How long Tahlnae?” He continued his torturous play while insisting that she answer him. “Tell me. How long has it been since anyone has caressed you like this?”


“I…I…”Tahlnae hissed as her hips bucked upward of their own accord.


“Yes!” He growled out encouragingly, allowing the middle finger to slide further inside. Swooping down, he again took advantage of her open mouthed moan and kissed her. While he kissed her, he began to rhythmically stroke her with his middle finger, allowing it to fully come in contact with the hidden nub within. At the first little stroke, she arched upward hard, groaning loudly into his mouth.


Encouraged, he stroked her harder and faster. Breaking the kiss, he stared at her mouth as he suddenly plunged his middle finger inside her sheath and pumped a few times. His body jumped at the sensation of her body gripping his finger. He could hardly wait to lose himself within her silken depths. Crooking his finger just so, he swirled it, looking for that one spot. He knew he’d found it when she gasped and spoke quickly in her own language. “Mai cor, ama fir ru itae! Mai aias! Mai lian!”


Not many dark elves understood the light elven language, but he did from having known her so long before in the past. That was not a plea to stop!


A darkly victorious smile crossed his features. Clearly she had not realized what she’d said. Repositioning his hand, he continued to hit that magical spot deep within her, while his thumb began to simultaneously stroke her outer nub.


He continued for a while longer, alternating rubbing the hidden spot deep within her and the outer nub until he felt her begin to tense up in preparation. Quickly he dragged his hand away from her hot wet core, pulling it slowly up her body, leaving a trail of her essence in its wake. He trailed the path up between the valley of her breasts, circling each one in turn, and then up her neck, caressing it gently.


Tahlnae turned her head away from his hand, not wanting to have to smell her body’s betrayal.


Zarolin felt a flash of anger toward her when she turned away. Growling lowly from the back of his throat, he ripped the blindfold from her. Gripping her chin in his hand, he forced her to look at him while pushing one finger past her lips, rubbing it against her teeth. “I did this to you! No one else!” Removing his finger, he kissed her hard, forcing her mouth open with the pressure from his.


Tahlnae tried to evade his finger, thrashing her head back and forth but it was no use. The taste of herself on his finger was repugnant to her finer sensibilities and a wave of revulsion swept through her. Her elven lover had never forced her to do this. As he began to kiss her again, she used that revulsion to springboard her flagging resistance to him. Valiantly she began twisting beneath him, turning her head from side to side while struggling against the ropes.


When he felt her beginning to resist, he simply brought his hand back to her core and started his ministrations over again. Once she began to tremble again and was mewling in renewed pleasure he leaned back and caught her eyes again. “Who is causing your body to shiver right now Tahlnae?” His voice was dark and compelling. “Who is giving you so much pleasure right now?” As he questioned her, he positioned himself between her legs. “Tell me Tahlnae.” He growled against her ear lowly as he rocked himself against her core, careful not enter her just yet. He wanted her begging for him. Rocking against her, he was merely giving her a small taste of what awaited her.


Shilen, he longed to simply plunge his length inside of her! As he thought of the act, his body throbbed with need. What little he could feel of her silken sheath promised that she would be heaven. Shuddering he dipped a little further within her, sucking in a long breath as her body caught and held him firmly before he withdrew again.    


She shuddered at the predatory quality in his voice. This was wrong, it was all wrong. It shouldn’t have been this way! She should have been able to resist him! The sensual voice, demanding that she answer him sent liquid heat straight to her core. She squirmed as she felt him nestled right at the brink, dipping in just enough to tease. Her eyes flew open and stared sightlessly above her as he dipped in slightly further, encasing the entire tip for a brief, heavenly moment, before retreating. Sweet Eva! Even this much of him was a tight fit. A tortured moan escaped her before she bit it back forcefully. She would not give in! But even with her last thought, her hips bucked upward of their own volition, trying desperately to seat him.


By now her hands had wrapped around the ropes that bound her, actively pulling on them in her lust. If they had been free they would have been leaving bloody scratches along his back.


Zarolin lowered his head to her left breast and suckled harshly, swirling his tongue masterfully around the hardened peak before nipping it with his teeth. Releasing it with a small audible pop, he demanded her again. “Tell me who is pleasuring you!” He accentuated the demand by thrusting forward violently, sheathing himself fully within her for a brief moment before pulling himself back out.


Tahlnae screamed at the sudden exquisite intrusion, her back arching upward. She could feel every sweet inch nestled inside her. He filled her completely, she trembled as she was stretched, feeling all the ridges and lines of him. All too soon though he’d withdrawn, leaving her feeling incredibly empty. Her hips were now constantly bucking without her knowledge.


Again he thrust forward, this time angling so that his throbbing tip rubbed against her most sensitive nub right before taking the plunge. He stayed sheathed for a moment, allowing his fingers to trail down and expertly play with her. Watching her eyes roll backward, he snarled at her. “Don’t look away from me!” A sharp pinch ensured that her eyes snapped back to his. It took every bit of his masterful skill not to simply lose himself in the feel of her. She was like liquid heat encasing him. The small tremors that were flowing within her and over him threatened to send him over the edge.


The pinch should have hurt, but incredibly it blended with the pleasure, heightening it. Tahlnae let loose a long keening wail as her hips surged upward, seating him even deeper. “Ple…”


Withdrawing quickly, Zarolin bit out viciously. “No! Not until you tell me what I want!” With a quick move, he snaked his hands up her arms and grabbed hold of each rope. Giving a violent tug, he snapped them easily.


Tahlnae barely had a chance to realize that her arms were no longer bound before she found herself flipped over on her stomach. Strong hands went underneath her and pulled her up to stand on her hands and knees. “No!” She cried out as she tried to crawl away. This act was not permitted! It was blasphemous, impure…sinful!


A startled shriek escaped her as she felt his open palmed hand come down on her delicate backside with a loud resounding crack. For a moment, no sound escaped her as she stared disbelievingly down at the sheets. He had just spanked her!


A dark chuckle filled the air. “Surprised?” He watched her in amusement for moment before leaning over her, covering her with his body. “When you misbehave, you will be punished.”


“Wh…What?” She whispered incredulously. He couldn’t be serious!


“You will not refuse anything I choose to do to you.” He clarified, letting his hand trail the tempting sight before him, lightly grazing her exposed center while his other arm and hand held her tightly around her hips to keep her still.


“This, this isn’t…”


“I don’t care what you’ve been taught about the ‘proper’ way for men and women to have sex.” He stated in a matter of fact tone, lightly delving one finger into her and slowly pumping it. “The only rules that matter are mine now. You bear my mark upon your body. You are my mate now. My wife. My interpretation of right and wrong is the only one that matters now.” When she made to pull away from him, he withdrew the finger and landed another open palmed spank on her rear. “Continue to pull away from me, and the punishment becomes more severe.” His voice was a low dangerous rumble.


Incredibly, Tahlnae felt herself melt at the sound of his voice, her arms nearly giving out. What was wrong with her?! Was she as depraved as he was?! “Zarolin please…”


“Begging suits you, my little hellcat.” He rumbled deeply as he leaned over her further to gently caress her swinging left breast while his right hand snaked around the front to play with her nub. “Beg me some more.” He encouraged while gliding his length against her, coating himself in her essence and thoroughly enjoying every second of it. Bending over her further, he whispered right against her ear, “I want you to beg me to take you. Beg me to plunge into your hot sheath.” He closed his eyes, imagining the feel of sliding deep inside her. “Imagine it Tahlnae. Imagine that feeling for me. Imagine me claiming you over and over again. Plunging deep within, claiming you. Mastering you.”


“Nooo…” Tahlnae whispered even as she panted breathlessly at the imagery his words were creating. Her insides quivered as she felt his length slide against her. Against her will her body moved against his, forcing him to glide over her quicker. His breath against her ear, the sound of his voice so close, it was so very wrong. The very idea of him claiming her, mastering her, it was all so very wrong. But she couldn’t deny that it was doing incredible things to her. Her body tightened as her mind traitorously fed her the mental images. The thought of him being able to master her nearly sent her over the edge as a soft moan escaped her.


But that was wrong. No one should be master of another. And certainly not like this. Her elven lover had never made such an outrageous statement. “No…please…stop…” She panted desperately while trying to pull away from him. “Being master over another is…it’s not natural, not right.” Her voice lowered to an almost inaudible level, “Not like this.”


Zarolin murmured against her ear in the same dark sensual voice. “Oh yes it is Tahlnae. It is that way in nature. It is especially true regarding mated pairs.” He fairly purred at her, “Female creatures, all females, seek out dominant males. It is the way of the world. The female may resist, she may not like it at first, but when she inevitably faces her true match, her true mate, she will relish in the domination, his mastery of her.”


He rolled his hips, gliding against her in a most decadent manner and listened to her soft keening. “Your body reacts as it does to me because on a subconscious, primal level, it recognizes me as your match, your true mate. It always has, you just chose to ignore and run from it.” His voice lowered as he continued. The next bit of information almost as much a shock to him as he was sure it was to her. “It is why you’ve always feared me to a certain degree.”


“We are all creatures of nature.” He continued. “We elves are affected by this more deeply than humans or dwarves because we are more closely connected to the natural world around us. This reaction you are feeling, it is far deeper, far more primal, far more natural than anything you’ve ever been taught. You cannot escape this Tahlnae. Your village Sages cannot, nor will they ever, deny this from us!”


Terrified by his words, she bolted forward quickly, managing to break his hold on her for an instant. “No!” She did not want this! She couldn’t want this! “I can’t accept this! I won’t accept this!” But even as she spoke the words, she knew she was lying. The truth of what he’d said was resonating within her. She was denying and fighting against the very nature of their being, something she had no control over and was ultimately doomed to lose.


“You don’t have a choice in the matter! Not anymore! Not ever!” He roared at her as he wrapped his arm around her waist and hauled her back to him. “I warned you that pulling away from me would earn more severe punishment.” Zarolin snarled as he twisted her hair in his hands and yanked it upward and back, causing her to rear off her hands and her back to bend backward much like a bow would. With the other hand, he guided himself to her entrance and entered her roughly.


Once firmly within her, he disentangled his hand from her hair and gripped her breast, tweaking the nub roughly while his other hand reached forward and braced her lower stomach, just above where her feminine curls began, to hold her in place. The first few thrusts were rough, punishment for her audacity to defy him.  


Tahlnae couldn’t speak as pain flooded through her from his callous treatment. The only sounds escaping from her were soft whimpers, the sounds alone pleading for him to stop. However, the pain didn’t last long. Unbelievably she felt her body begin to respond, the pain rapidly becoming pleasure.  


Shilen she was so deliciously tight! Unable to stop himself he changed his thrusts, going from a fast angry pace to a moderate pace that had an almost rolling quality to it. Slowly he began to kiss along her neck, whispering to her darkly. “You feel so good. Hot and wet for me.” He rolled his hips in an undulating pattern, grinning against her neck as he caught her hissed intake of air. He slid his hand on her stomach lower and lightly began to caress her, gently swirling around and pinching her pearl. The hand on her breast began to massage the globe gently, coaxing her further into abandon.


A faint mewl escaped her. Tahlnae shook as she felt him glide inside of her, the hot and heavy length of him filling her to capacity. Unknown to her, her right hand came up and held his head closer to her neck, holding him against her. As he rolled his hips again, slowing down to an almost unbearable crawl, she shuddered violently. She could feel each inch as it was slowly sunk within her. Feeling each individual vein, ridge, and bulge as he oh so very slowly filled her. She stiffened as his fingers closed around her pearl and stroked quickly, she was so very close! Panting, she didn’t know whether to beg him to continue or to stop. The only sounds she could make were unintelligible half moans.


Slowly he withdrew, allowing her to drop back to her hands. Leaning forward over her trembling body he whispered darkly against her ear. “You are so close Tahlnae. I can feel it. You are so close it hurts.  Let me ease your pain. Tell me you want me to ease your pain.”


She closed her eyes in shame. He was right. She was so close it really was hurting. So close that her legs wouldn’t stop rubbing together in an attempt to ease her own suffering.


Zarolin looked down and caught sight of the mark. Grabbing her hand, he slowly swept his thumb across it. Her reaction was instant.


“Ah! Eva! Please!” She pushed back against him harshly, trying desperately to force him inside of her.


“Not Eva!” He snarled, biting her neck for a moment. “Tell me who is causing you this much pleasure Tahlnae! Tell me, or I will leave you like this!”


Her eyes flew open as the bite, combined with the effects of the mark nearly sent her over the edge.  “Zarolin!” She relented gasping.


“What am I doing to you, what do you want?” He asked her harshly, allowing himself to slide against her folds, teasing her unmercifully.


“Please…I…I can’t take this…” She wailed.


“Not until you tell me!” He braced against her and, still keeping his thumb on the mark, used his other hand to play with her furiously.


“Please!” Her hips thrust against him relentlessly now. Crying tears of absolute shame she screamed loudly, “It’s you! You’re causing me this pleasure Zarolin!” Another high pitched wail broke from her throat. “Please, take me! End this torture!”


That was all he needed to hear. With a bestial roar, he surged forward within her, claiming her completely. His thrusts were rough and brutal, designed to not only give her pleasure but to also remind her of who was the master. When he felt her walls begin to tighten around him, he buried himself deep and stroked her hard with his hand. In a sinister voice thickly accented with lust he commanded her. “You will give yourself to me now!”


Tahlnae screamed as her release flooded through her. Wave after wave crashed through her as her head flung upward, her body pressing down on him to more firmly seat him. For a moment, her world went dark and silent as her senses overloaded. With a final shudder, she fell forward, her head resting against the soft mattress.


The feeling of her body milking him for all it was worth nearly undid him. He could literally feel the undulating of her inner muscles as they massaged him from base to tip, trying to coax his seed from him. Each wave sent him further to the edge and he struggled mightily not to give in to it.


When she was finished, he didn’t let up. Instead he flipped her over onto her back and plunged in again. “Mine!” He snarled at her, biting her throat ruthlessly, in an unconsciously primal mating bite.


Tahlnae could do nothing but whisper back to him. “Yours.”


He continued to pound into her, his thrusts becoming more erratic and animalistic as his release neared. Low snarls began to escape him, vibrating throughout his entire being. “Mine. No one else may ever touch you! Ever!”


Incredibly as he continued his assault, she felt her body come to life again as his words penetrated her mind just as surely as he was penetrating her body. Suddenly she felt him grip her hips and angle them upward, while wrapping her legs around his waist. Her breath caught in her throat as he slid far deeper than before. Eyes opened wide she yelled out with abandon. “Please! Zarolin!”


Hearing her yell, begging, sent him over the edge. With a loud yell of his own, he drove deeply into her and held. His body shuddered as he felt his release spasm through him. His seed shooting forth in great jets, her body milking him for everything he had to give.


His release, the feel of his hot seed filling her insides set off her second release and she yelled, gripping him tightly. As her body was flooded with heat and sensation something occurred to her. He had been right, her body had wanted this, had craved it even.


They stayed connected as they both came down from their lustful high. Soon Zarolin fell to the bed beside her, absently stroking the mark. “I will never let you go.” He told her with quiet conviction. “Never.”


The blood froze in her veins at his next words.


“The Mark of Shilen is now complete. It is at its absolute strongest. You can not leave my side. Not ever. Not even in death.” A harshness took over his voice. “You belong to me in all ways now. I am the last lover you will ever know.” Using the powerful magic of the mark, he forced her to sleep.

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