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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the franchises, characters, or anything else from the settings in this collection. These include Street Fighter, Marvel, Sailor Moon, Kill La Kill, and others. I made no money from this work.

This story was inspired by CosplayBabes vs the Undead by Deathstalker.

Chun-Li Xiang - Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

And…done. Chun-Li’s arms burned from the exertion, but she was still more than capable of lifting the barbell up and setting it into position in the notches on the weight bench. Sitting up, she wiped sweat from her face and rubbed her shoulders. 74 kilograms wasn’t quite her record, but it was still nothing to scoff at, and her muscles definitely felt it.

It had been eight months since the assassin known as Vega had broken into the New York apartment she had been staying in and tried to kill her. It had been one of the hardest fights of Chun-Li’s life, but she had eventually triumphed and driven Vega away. However, her wounds had been so great that she had barely made it to the hospital, and had spent nearly three months in the High-Dependency Unit recovering.

Despite the hard work of the two physiotherapists assigned to her, the prolonged period of inactivity had wreaked havoc on Chun-Li’s formerly incredible physique, her muscles withering away until she hardly recognised herself in the mirror. It had been a considerable blow, but she had rallied, taken a leave of absence from her work at Interpol, and began the slow and painful process of training herself back to the physical perfection she had once enjoyed.

Now, after four and a half months of all kinds of exercise, martial arts training, extensive meditation, and a specialised diet, Chun-Li had finally done it. Lifting more than her own bodyweight was the final sign she needed to know she had achieved her goal.

Grabbing her towel off the bench next to her, Chun-Li wiped away the sweat that had gathered on her neck and face before standing up and stretching. She had left her blue qipao in her bedroom and instead was just in the dark blue leotard she usually wore beneath it, her pantyhose, and her heavy-duty white boots. It wasn’t her usual exercise gear, but she had earlier been practising her kicks against the punching-bag hanging in the corner of the room as a warm-up, and hadn’t bothered to change when she had gone over to the weight bench.

Now, though, she was looking forward to a well-deserved shower. Leaving the exercise room and going into the bedroom, she slid open the bathroom door, revealing the white tiled floor and granite countertops. She went inside, glancing over her shoulder as she wondered if she’d be better off taking her boots off in here or in her bedroom-

Her boot hit pavement.

The unexpected sound made her look down, which confirmed that she wasn’t standing on tile anymore, but concrete.


Looking up revealed not the bathroom but a long city street, stretching off into the distance with skyscrapers rising on either side. There were even cars on the road, stopped bumper-to-bumper like there was a traffic jam.

She was dumbfounded for a moment, and then cold horror washed through her. Chun-Li whipped back around, finding that the bedroom and the doorway into the greater part of the house had vanished too, and the street continued in the other direction. She rushed back the way she’d come, not consciously thinking, but thinking that perhaps she had passed through some kind of portal and she could go back through it, but to no avail.

“Hello!?” she called out, her voice echoing down the empty street. At once she regretted it, the sound of her own voice making her shudder.

She hadn’t noticed it earlier, but as more and more details of her environment sank in, a deeper sense of unease fed on them, growing within her. The city around her was silent. Even in the early hours of the morning, Hong Kong was a bustling place, but here there was nothing. No sounds of the ships in the harbour, no car horns or engines, no music or laughter, no voices or sound of people walking by. No birds roosting, or picking around for scraps.

Just the faint sound of the wind whispering through the gaps in the buildings.

This was something Chun-Li had never experienced before, and speaking in this silence felt wrong, like yelling in a church. As she looked around, Chun-Li saw that there weren’t even any lights on within the buildings that surrounded her, though it seemed to be late in the evening. Their windows seemed to gape at her, like eye sockets in skulls stacked up on top of each other, all looking directly at her.

Chun-Li kept listening, still hearing nothing, and that feeling only got worse the longer it went on. The quiet became not merely eerie but filled with something, a sense of terrible anticipation. She had learned long ago not to dismiss her instincts, and while she couldn’t explain it, she had the unshakeable feeling that from somewhere, from everywhere within the empty city, she was being watched.

The moan from the nearby alley almost made her jump.

After the initial surprise, there was a moment of relief. That was, at least, the sound another human being made. The voice was female, and she didn’t sound like she was in good shape, but helping her would give Chun-Li something to focus on, and maybe she could even help explain what had happened here.

Chun-LI walked towards the alley cautiously, feeling uncomfortably exposed, and wishing she had worn her qipao after all.

“Are you alright?” she asked in Cantonese. “I know I don’t look like one, but I’m a police officer. Can you tell me where we...”

She broke off as the girl stumbled towards her. It was difficult to make her out when she was deep in the alleyway’s gloom, but she looked to be perhaps fourteen years old, and was wearing a somewhat ragged white nightgown. Her arms and hands caked with filth, long matted blond hair covering her face.

Chun-Li stopped maybe two meters from her. The girl’s head turned very, very slowly toward her, and the policewoman’s internal alarms began to sound. Logic dictated that the girl was drunk, age be damned, or strung out on something, but that same instinct that had told Chun-Li that she was being watched was speaking again, telling her that the girl was wrong, and as the white-clad figure began advancing toward her, she couldn’t help but find the shadowed void of the girl’s face more and more threatening.

Then the girl staggered out of the shadow of the alleyway, and Chun-Li’s skin crawled with revulsion and animal dread.

Strands of dirty hair obscured some of the girl’s features, but they couldn’t hide that her lips were gone, exposing yellowed, broken teeth set into black flesh. Her eyes were brown, but had a strange glazed, foggy look to them, like smoked glass. The girl released another sound, a bestial hiss, and reached out, hands with jagged, broken nails stretching toward Chun-Li.

More voices answered that hiss, rasping moans and whispering exhalations coming from multiple directions. Looking back, Chun-Li saw two more people: a black woman in the remains of a long, off-the-shoulder white dress, and a bald police officer with his cheeks torn away, resulting in a menacing ear to ear grin. The two of them had approached while she was fixated on the girl, and the cop very nearly managed to grab her shoulder before she jumped back, moving to the nearest car and climbing atop it. As she stood on the vehicle’s roof and tried to calm herself, something brushed her leg, and she recoiled again as she saw the hand reaching out of the open driver’s side window. Chun-Li leapt toward the back of the car, and the hand flailed, trying to reach her, fingernails breaking away as they scraped along the metal of the car roof.

Looking out along the street, Chun-Li could see even more of them now, not just the cop, the woman and the girl but dozens of them, dark shapes emerging from doorways, storefronts, alleys and side streets, more of these people.

She didn’t understand what was going on. For a moment she wondered if this was some kind of Shadaloo project, a mass brainwashing of hundreds of people. It could be, she thought, many of the people coming towards her looked as though they were in some kind of trance, with their glassy, unfocused eyes and halting, stumbling walk. But then she dismissed the idea; she had spent the better part of a year investigating Shadaloo’s brainwashing project, and its effects were nothing like this. Then she wondered if all this could have been some kind of brainwashing being performed on her, and shivered in fear.

Chun-Li watched them gnashing broken, discoloured teeth, visibly drooling at the sight of her. Were they drunk? Drugged? It was possible, but the odds of so many people having the same reaction had to have been low, and didn’t explain the gruesome injuries on some of them that she could see. With the way they were all affected, it looked as though they’d been infected with some kind of disease.

She watched the black woman in the white dress drooling into her own cleavage, and remembered how rabies was supposed to make people drool a lot. Chun-Li tensed up, already tired muscles protesting. In that case, she couldn’t let them bite or scratch her if she wanted to try and figure out what was wrong here. Or with her.

As she surveyed the ever-growing horde, Chun-Li couldn’t help but notice something very peculiar. The women who were closest to her had dark patches showing on the crotches of their pants, or glistening trails streaking down their thighs if they were wearing skirts. The men, meanwhile, were showing off formidable bulges in the fronts of their pants, and some of them were lethargically trying to undo belts and open zippers.

Are they aroused?

The thought made her blush, but it was one she couldn’t easily discard. Indeed, as she watched, the black woman in the white dress pulled aside the ragged lower part of her garment (which already seemed to have been torn open at some point) and began to enthusiastically rub herself as she got closer and closer to Chun-Li. It looked as though the woman had already had a sexual encounter of some length, judging by the scratches visible on her thighs and the way her vagina was puffed up and… oozing something greyish and foul-looking.

Chun-Li looked away from her in embarrassment, and moreover, mortification that the people around her already seemed to have had their way with her. Perhaps that was why she was acting like them, maybe that was another way for whatever they were infected with to spread.

Judging by their low speed and lack of coordination, the... people wouldn’t be much of a fight individually, but it was a numbers game. All it would take would be one or two of them to grab her long enough for the others to pile in, and then…

At any rate, she couldn’t fight all of them, which left her with one option: cut a path through them and get somewhere safe. Since she didn’t quite know where that would be, she analysed the growing crowd, picking out where it was the least dense, and acted.

Chun-Li sprang from the car and rolled as she hit the ground, passing directly between the cop and the undead girl. Hisses and moans of frustration followed her as she kept moving, crossing the open space all too quickly and coming up on an unavoidable knot of people, led by a hulking brute in a bloody tank top.

The open space she was in was closing rapidly, so she couldn’t slow down much. Dropping down and catching some of her weight on a hand, the policewoman threw most of her forward momentum into a kick that connected with the brute’s right knee. The force of the blow inverted the joint with a loud crack, and the brute collapsed onto his face. Chun-Li vaulted over the prone man before he had a chance to snatch at her legs, landing behind him and running through the next relatively clear area, weaving between people to stay just out of their reach. Approaching someone else she couldn’t easily evade, a disturbingly thin woman with the skin of her gangly arms looking as though it was sloughing off, the martial artist sprang into the air and again used her movement to augment the attack she threw, slamming her elbow into the woman’s cheek. There was a crunch of bones breaking, and the woman fell, Chun-Li fighting her instinct to check and see that she hadn’t killed her with such a blow. Instead she kept running

The crowd began to thin; evidently their distribution in the city wasn’t uniform. Still, she continued to run, moving as fast as she could, curving through or around the people she encountered until there weren’t any more ahead, and all she could hear was the horde lurching after her.

Despite her athletic nature, even she could only maintain such a pace for so long; muscles already tired from her lengthy exercise regime and the exertion of fighting her way through the sick people were aching from built up lactic acid, and she was rapidly running out of breath. Catching sight of something out of the corner of her eye, she turned sharply and with a standing leap that made her legs scream, seized hold of the ladder of a nearby fire-escape, pulling herself up and onto the cold metal of the stairs.

She lay there, gasping for breath, watching as the sick people milled around beneath her, faces twisted with what might have been frustration. Some of them began to skirt around the edges of the building the fire escape was attached to, and she realised they must have been searching for a way to get inside and then reach her. Hauling herself to her feet, Chun-Li set off up the staircase. Maybe she could get across to another building from the roof, outpace them that way.

Scanning the roof, she didn’t spot any more of the infected, which meant now was probably as good a time as ever to try and get her bearings. Walking to the edge of the roof, Chun-Li looked out over the sprawling metropolis. There didn’t seem to be a great deal of damage done to most of the buildings, but she could see no evidence of normal human beings. She tried to find any sort of landmark, any monument or building she knew. The sky was still thick with dark clouds, swallowing all but a fraction of the light from the setting sun, but there was just enough light that she should have been able to see something. No, this wasn’t Hong Kong, nor was it New York, nor any city she could recognize.

Actually, it’s even more than that.

Chun-Li tilted her head, trying to figure out what she was seeing. Cities, generally, were either planned out, with streets lined up on a grid, or they grew more organically, gradually adding to themselves and expanding. Surveying the concrete jungle, she realized that this city somehow was both. There were places where the streets intersected geometrically, but then, looking farther away, the roads seemed to run in entirely different directions, cutting across each other or running right into the sides of buildings.

What the hell?

It didn’t make any sense. It was like the city had been built in separate pieces, by different people with no idea what each other were doing, and then all mashed together without any concern for how it could actually function.

Where am I?

Chun-Li was distracted from her thoughts by the sounds of wings beating the air, large ones, the sound rapidly getting louder. Looking around, she didn’t see the source of the sound until it abruptly cut out- and a moment later something crashed into her from behind. Chun-Li was knocked to the ground, grazing her bare arms on the rough concrete, and when she rolled onto her back, ready to spring back to her feet, she saw her attacker for the first time.

A grotesque grey-skinned humanoid being loomed over her. Small horns protruded from its forehead, and a huge pair of leathery, bat-like wings extended behind it. In the instant she was paralysed by shock, it flung itself at her, seizing her wrists in its hands and pulling them above her head. She struggled desperately to free herself from the creature’s hold, but her mere human’s strength was not sufficient to overpower it. Bulging eyes ogled her toned athletic figure, and before she could react it grabbed both her wrists in one hand, and with the other, seized the front of her leotard.

“No, no-”

Then it tore the thin garment off her, ripping open her hose along with it. Her heavy breasts bounced as they were freed from their confinement, exposed along with her smooth, clean-shaven vagina, all on display for the foul creature’s pleasure. Chun-Li began to struggle with a new desperation, knowing what its intentions for her must be, frantic to try and escape.

Grabbing her wrists in both hands again, the gargoyle pulled her arms to the side, thwarting her attempts to cover herself with her arms. Its hideous, distorted face craned towards her, a fat, slime-covered tongue extending from its wormy lips. It began licking all over her face, smearing its stinking drool across Chun-Li’s soft cheeks and slurping lewdly at her lips. She felt her gorge rising at the foul taste, and had to fight back a wave of nausea. The creature moved down to her neck, its tongue continued lapping up the cold sweat still on her skin, the muscular woman groaning and squirming under the beast as she tried to free herself. It paid particular attention to the pulse point hammering away in the hollow of her throat, making her gasp at the feeling of the rough muscle against her soft skin. The probing appendage dragged against the throbbing vein, feeling the woman’s fear vibrating through her very flesh and blood.

Soon it found its way to her heaving chest, and eagerly began working over every inch of the tanned skin. It lapped at her nipples, the salty taste of her sweat tingling on its tongue, the rough stimulation making them harden unwillingly, Chun-Li flinching as its coarse tongue dragged her sensitive nipples up and down. It withdrew momentarily, allowing Chun-Li a moment to gasp for breath, her cheeks turning pink from the unwanted stimulation, before diving on her left breast. Its lips wrapped around her nipple, and it sucked greedily on the hard nub. The force of its suction was powerful enough that Chun-li felt herself begin to shudder, her nethers throbbing involuntarily.

Something bumped against the corded muscles of her thigh, and Chun-Li’s eyes widened with shock as a leathery penis extended from the tangled thatch of wiry hair between the creature’s legs, visibly throbbing.  The creature released her arms and seized her hips, its claws digging into her flesh as it hoisted her pelvis off the ground, the demon lining its member up with her snatch. She flinched at the pain from its claws drawing blood from her before looking down to see its penis aiming straight for her crotch.

Realizing that her arms were finally free, Chun-Li spread both arms outwards, gathering her ki in the palms of her hands. Then, thrusting both arms forward, she released the blast of energy and bellowed, “Kikoken!” The blast hit the demon directly in the face, knocking the beast’s head back, Chun-Li’s heart soaring as black blood sprayed from its mouth.

Then it slowly turned back to face her, its split lips twisting into a smug smile as black blood dripped from its chin, oozing from its mangled gums. The winged monster dropped its gaze back to Chun-Li’s groin, its thumbnails digging into the flesh of her hips as it pressed the head of its huge penis against her opening.

Chun-Li raged and struggled every inch, raining blows on the creature’s forearms and wrists as the tip of the glans began to grind between the puffy lips of her exposed labia. In a slow but determined stroke, the demon pushed its member into her, her vagina spreading open around the fist-sized head of its dick.

It paused for a moment, tears of pain springing into the corners of Chun-Li’s eyes at the sharp, stabbing pain of her flesh at the very edge of its limits, the Asian woman gritting her teeth as she felt a second movement begin. It pushed harder, plunging its dick as far in as it could possibly reach until the blunt head abruptly struck the sealed pucker of her cervix. The policewoman’s eyes sprang open, a smothered howl of agony escaping through her nostrils, jaw locked tight as she convulsed from the pain of the demonic tool tearing her open. She slammed her fist into the demon’s stomach, but the awkward position she was in meant that she couldn’t put enough power behind the blow to do anything more than throw the monster’s stroke off.

Slowly, the creature withdrew until only the glans remained inside her, its shaft visibly glistening with mucus and blood, before it slammed its entire length in again, forcing a yell of agony out of her. Tears filled her eyes at the blinding pain Chun-Li felt as her vagina was ripped open, the creature plunging into her pussy faster and faster.

Soon the curses and grunts of pain echoing out across the rooftops faded away as her voice gave out, leaving her flopping about on the penis ravaging her insides and clawing at its hands. Chun-Li was all but exhausted now, arms and legs struggling weakly as it pounded into her.

Eventually, the demon slammed into her one final time, and Chun-Li gritted her teeth, eyes screwing tight shut at the feeling of hot goo spraying against her vagina and bruised cervix in time with the cock throbbing. Chun-Li shuddered in disgust as she felt its fluids fill her insides, filling her until she could hold no more. The demon held her steadily on its dick, pumping copious amounts of cum into her until it finally gushed out, thick, greyish goo squirting out of her to splatter into the rough ground below them.

Finally satisfied, it slowly pulled her off of his girth and held her still, watching as its semen dribbled and burped from her battered pussy, dripping in long, slimy strings onto the floor. The Chinese warrior-woman puffed and panted for breath in the demon’s hands, glaring into the monster’s hideous face.

The demon let out a triumphant bellow towards the sky, the sound echoing throughout the city. With two great beats of its leathery wings the monster took to the sky, hugging its prize to its chest as it made its way home.

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