Stuck In A Cave With A Hero

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Chapter 1


The sun was already low on the horizon when Zelda decided they’d done enough for today. She and Link had been on the road all day to restore Hyrule to its former glory. They had managed to clear away a good deal of villain hideouts. The villains might’ve been gone, but the hideouts in itself were altogether an eyesore.

Even though Zelda knew that it was gonna be cold and empty, just like any other night, she was longing for her bed. That, and a good meal.

Speaking of which...

“I want to pick some herbs,” Zelda said, stopping and dismounting her horse. “There’s this kind of herb that only grows around here.” From the silence that followed, she could tell that Link was a bit upset. Even so, he too had dismounted his horse and had joined her. “I’m sorry. I know you want to go home.”

“No worries,” he smiled, but it was a meagre smile, and she felt her gut twisting a bit.

“It won’t take long.” Tired as she was, there was a reason why she was stalling her departure. Link had a cosy home to return to. She’d be going back to a castle that was still mostly in shambles.


They strayed further from the horses, and Link whistled, so they would follow. Once they ventured down a narrow path though, they had no other choice but to leave them behind. The path took them along a steep cliff, and Zelda smiled joyfully when she spotted the herbs. After she’d picked a few of the fresh, fragrant herbs, she noticed what seemed to be the entrance to a cave, only a few steps ahead. “Wow, I didn’t know there were so many in here,” she said, following the path into the cave. “We can dry them and grind them to a powder, so we can use them whenever we want!”

Suddenly, she felt her legs shaking. If it wasn’t for the rumbling sound she heard, she would’ve blamed it on fatigue. “What’s happening?”

“Feels like an earthquake,” Link stated. Up above, boulders started to fall down from the cliff, just when Zelda was about to come back outside to return to the horses. “It’s a landslide, caused by the earthquake!” He quickly shoved her back inside. Behind them, the horses whinnied wildly.

“Epona, get away from here, we’ll be fine! Go get help!” he shouted, praying to the Goddesses that his voice could reach them and that Epona and the Royal horse understood human language. He heroically dove into the cave, just in time to avoid the falling boulders. The entire thing didn’t take long, but this was the situation: they were inside a cave, and they couldn’t get out.

“How can this be?” Zelda said. “Ganon’s defeated!”

“Earthquakes are natural occurrences,” Link replied simply. “Even when there’s no villain around, they happen.”

Zelda rolled her eyes at her own naivety. “Obviously, how silly of me.”

The moment he’d made sure Zelda was okay, Link instantly whipped out his Sheikah Slate. “I can see on the map that we’re close to the Gorons. We have to keep in mind that Mount Goron is still an active volcano.”

“Yes, of course. So… you can teleport us out of here, right?” Zelda already took his hand to fast travel with him, and she felt her heart sinking when he slowly shook his head.

“We can’t fast travel from inside the cave.” Link held up the Sheikah Slate for her to see.

“Don’t you have bombs, then?” Zelda suggested.

Link peered up. “It’s gonna make things worse. A bomb might cause it to collapse even further.” He just hoped that there wouldn’t be any after shocks. “Looks like we’ll manually have to remove the rubble.” He started removing some of the rocks, but behind him, Zelda had sunk to her knees. Poor thing must’ve been exhausted.

“Let’s wait until tomorrow,” he said, kneeling next to her and putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Get some sleep first.”

“But you want to go home,” Zelda moaned.

“Don’t worry about it.” Using the light from his Sheikah Slate, he made his way a bit deeper into the cave, away from the pile of rocks. Then he went sitting down with the kind of attitude and confidence of someone who had spent the night in a cave before. It made Zelda feel a whole lot more at ease. He looked around and assessed the situation. At the top of the pile of rocks, there were some cracks. It would be safe to light a fire in here.

“Well, clearly, there’s only one thing we can do.”

“What’s that?”

“Stay calm. Make the best out of the situation.”

“But, Link...”

Link’s heart almost broke, the way she stood there so forlorn. “Yes?”

“We have no food, and… I think it’s gonna get cold soon.”

“Zelda, have you forgot?” He held up the Sheikah Slate. “The ingenious kind of magic this device contains? In here, I have everything. I can make it appear within seconds.”

Zelda sighed with relief. “That’s true. Sorry, I was a bit panicked.”

“No need,” Link smiled reassuringly, like the Hero he was. Once again, he started tapping on his Sheikah Slate. From it, a large sac appeared.

Zelda didn’t say anything, but looked a bit awe-stricken.

“Emergency kit. Hay, blankets, and most importantly… Booze. You should never travel without.”

In spite of the pickle they’d got themselves in, Zelda laughed heartily. If it was gonna be like this, things could turn out quite pleasant, actually. She waited until Link had spread out the hay and had covered it with a blanket.

“It’s not gonna get any better than this, I’m afraid...” Link muttered.

“It’s perfect,” Zelda smiled, and gratefully went sitting down. “I wish I had something more comfortable to wear for the night, though,” she sighed, while he deftly started a fire.

“Hmm… I suppose you could wear my worn shirt and trousers.”

“Are they comfortable?”

“Very. I wear them all the time at home.”

“What about you?”

“Oh, if I remove my boots and gloves, then this Champion outfit is fine.”

Underwear would also be fine, Zelda briefly though. Might be a bit chilly, but she’d be more than happy to warm him up.

She graciously accepted the clothes and disappeared into the shadows to change. She inhaled deeply. The worn shirt and trousers were so gloriously, blissfully permeated with his smell. She wanted to roll in it. Barefooted now, she noticed that the ground felt quite warm. She suspected that they were close to a thermal source.

She pattered back to join Link, bootless and gloveless now, on the blanket again. He had already poured them both a drink, and with a warm smile, he reached out a cup from where he was sitting. On the fire, food was gently bubbling away. Looked about done too.

“How long have I’ been gone?” Zelda wondered out loud, sitting down and accepting the cup from him.

Link chuckled. “I took this from home, I just have to heat it up.”

Zelda inhaled deeply. It made her mouth water. “It smells good. What is it?”

“It’s boar stew. Ivee made it.”

“Oh, I see.” Her eyes saddened for only a split second. “I thought she was so good at making pilaf?”

“Oh, that cookery book of hers is a work in progress, she sometimes adds or modifies recipes. Lately, we’re really enjoying her boar stew. There are meat, veggies and tatties in it, so it’s a complete meal. It’s very nutritious, you’ll feel better afterwards.”

Zelda suppressed a giggle. “Tatties? Is that how you speak at home?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“I don’t mind.” Suddenly, she felt a keen sense of envy. The envy of not being part of this simple, homely life he had back at Hateno Village, where he had started building on his own happiness. She might’ve been a princess, but he was above her in so many other ways.

She didn’t realise she’d been staring at him, and she quickly averted her eyes when he looked at her.

“Man, that’s hot!”

“What?” Zelda’s head automatically shot up again, only to see him staring at a spoonful of stew in an almost accusing way.

“The food. Nearly burned myself there.”

“Oh, right.”

“Okay, I think it’s safe to say that the food is done.” He filled two plates and shoved one her way. “Wait!” he shouted, just when she was about to dig in.

“What? I’m hungry.”

“We can finish it with some of your herbs.”

“They’re not rinsed, though.”

“I have spring water.”

“Uh, yeah sure, why not then,” Zelda nodded. She reached for her pouch and handed him some of the herbs. He poured water over them and made a show of swinging them dry.

“There,” he said, tearing them apart over her plate. “Enjoy.”

“Thank you.” When the food hit her stomach, she could almost literally hear an angel choir singing in her head. She’d been starving! “It’s really good,” she admitted. In fact, it was lip-smackingly delicious.

When Link was done – after having taken seconds – he started licking his plate clean. “I have no more water to clean it, I used the last bit to rinse the herbs,” he explained when he felt Zelda’s gaze upon him. And also, he’d noticed lately that she had started loosening up. Thus, he too had started speaking and behaving more casually towards her. She’d never rebuked this, so he assumed it was permitted. He had to say, he quite liked it. Maybe it was because she had visited his village, and had spent some time with the common people, like himself.

“Oh,” Zelda said, eyeing her own empty plate. “Well, in that case, I might as well...”

Link laughed when she too started licking her plate. “You go, girl. It’s only the two of us here.”

Zelda’s eyes drifted towards Link while she was cleaning all the sauce off her plate. “Exactly,” she grinned.

Afterwards, they huddled together, leaned against the wall while they enjoyed their wine. “This is like a slumber party,” Zelda said. As a royal child, she was never allowed to have those when she was young.

“A grown up slumber party,” Link murmured, clinking his cup against hers.

“Yeah. Do you remember that time when we were gazing at the stars, and we saw that shooting star?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t.”

“No, I suppose you wouldn’t.” For all the memories he’d retrieved so far, it must’ve been a real achievement. She still remembered, though. She also remembered her silent wish from that night. Ideally, it should’ve been for Calamity Ganon to just disappear and never return. But it had been something else. Something that involved the very youth sitting next to her right now. It had never come true. Perhaps, she should see it as Divine Retribution for putting her own desires first.

Link’s eyes drifted up to the cracks at the top of the blocked entrance, through which he could catch a sliver of the sky. It was dark. Night had fallen.

“I hope the horses will be alright,” Zelda sighed.

“Of course. And you know, if they manage to alert the towns folk, I’m sure they will remove the rubble for us. We don’t have to do a thing.”

“Didn’t know you were so lazy.”

“I’m not. But you are tired and want to rest. I have to respect that.” He took another sip from his cup, and another one. “Besides, they’d be happy to do it. You’re the princess, they’d throw themselves off a cliff for you.”

“What a naughty thing to say.”

“We saved them from Ganon. They owe us.”

“Yes. They pay taxes.”

It was now Link who threw his head back with laughter. “Right, of course.”

They finished the bottle of wine, and then Link got some more blankets. He rolled one up to serve as a pillow, and put the other blanket over them both.

“We’re lucky that the ground is so warm,” Zelda said. “Have you noticed?”

“Yeah, it must be Mount Goron’s influence. We won’t be freezing to death,” Link smiled.

He was the first one to fall asleep. In spite of her tiredness, Zelda didn’t want to sleep. Because sleeping meant that this night would be over. She allowed herself to inhale his scent, dared to let her eyes rest upon his beautiful face, illuminated by the soft orange glow of the smouldering fire. The boy – no, the young man – who barely realised himself how beautiful he was. She moaned a bit when she went lying close to him, but if she felt like this, it had very little to do with alcohol. A bit of fatigue maybe, but mostly the intoxication of being so close to him. She sighed. What was she doing to herself? As things were now, he’d never have sex with her.

She only just told herself that, and yet… Something stronger than herself kept on hoping for the opposite. She’d craved for his attention before, but never like this. This was unlike anything she’d ever felt before, so raw and carnal.

She felt herself dozing off after all, and she snuggled her head against his shoulder. When she woke up again with a start, he was looking straight at her. “Link! You’re awake!”

“I was worried if you weren’t too cold, princess.”

“That’s quite alright.”

“I mean, now that you’re naked”

“I’m what?!” She looked under the blanket. For the first time now, she noticed that she was indeed – shockingly – naked. He too! Had he taken her clothes off while she was sleeping? She hadn’t felt a thing. What a brazen thing to do! Surely, such impudence could not be tolerated.

Or could it?

From him, probably...

She didn’t have much time to dwell upon it. The way he let his breath ghost over her cheek made his intentions quite obvious. “Link...” she said with a tiny voice.

“Ssshh...” Link whispered, pressing closer to her.

She looked at his hand. His other hand. Where was his… Oh, you know what, it didn’t matter! Not when he was leaning over her the way he was doing now, with that determined look on his face.

He moaned softly while he let his lips brush teasingly against her ear. His finger ran a tantalizing trail between her breasts. “You think this is wrong, my princess?”

Zelda felt her temperature reach unknown heights. She felt like she should protest more. That not giving in right away was only the right thing to do. But she didn’t want to. She was desperate for it. He was offering. So what was the problem? It was nature. Boy and girl, doing what boy and girl are meant to do. “No… It’s all good.” They were all alone. No one could possibly find out. She was going to let him do whatever he wanted.

Although, she briefly wondered why he’d started calling her ‘princess’ all of a sudden. They were on first name terms. Maybe he wanted to emphasise their master-servant relationship. Obviously, she didn’t see him as a servant, but basically, that’s the kind of relationship they had. Maybe he found it kinky that the servant would dominate the princess. The thought of being dominated by him at all sent her fantasy into overdrive.

She abruptly tore away the blanket. “Do it,” she almost growled. She saw his eyes lighting up.

“My princess, I want to devour you.”

“Yes,” Zelda moaned. “Use me whichever way you please.” Before she’d even realised, her legs had fallen apart. She felt like such a tramp. So cheap and dirty and easy. Only the simple act of him crawling between her legs was enough to reduce her to a trembling mess. No longer a princess, but just a humble creature of desire, ready to have her mind blown. She’d never expected she could feel so wildly excited.

She’d also never expected that her first time was gonna be in some dusty cave, somewhere on the far outskirts of Hyrule. But when she felt his hot, persistently swollen groin pressing against hers, she quickly realised that the place was of little importance. As long as it was with Link.

She sighed when both his hands covered her breasts, gasping when they squeezed lightly. She just couldn’t wait to be submerged into the most ancient type of pleasure. She was confident that Link knew how to get her there.

She wrapped her arms around him, caressing his sculpted back with trembling fingers. The bangs from his blonde fringe brushed against her forehead, and her eyes sought out his. But her vision was blurred by what appeared to be tears. Through those same blurry eyes, she saw his head moving down. His lips suckled along her jaw, down to her neck. Gently. He knew not to leave marks there. Once he was below her collarbone, he started sucking harder, using his teeth as he softly nibbled down to her left breast. She heard herself gargling something quite incomprehensible, might’ve been some kind of encouragement. Whatever it was, he started lapping and nipping at her nipple like a sailor who’d been out on the sea for months. She responded with short, ardent cries. At the same time, his hand crept down to show some love to the place where a constant stream of juice had been trickling out of her. His fingers only needed to tickle at her slit to make her head veer back against the rolled up blanket. “Goodness!” she gasped. His other hand caressed her side while his mouth switched to the other breast. She bit her lip when his fingers invaded her most vulnerable part. The fingers on his back formed into claws, digging into his skin while her hips arched up violently. “Ah! Link!” she moaned. He went at an easy, leisurely pace, until she had relaxed into his touch. Then he curled his fingers, quickly finding her special spot inside, making her writhe with pleasure the more he stimulated it.

“Ah… Aaahh, that’s nice,” Zelda panted.

“My princess, you’re so sexy,” Link murmured in between his ministrations.

“Y-you think so?” After a long day on the road, she didn’t exactly feel sexy.


Well, as no one had ever called her sexy before, she gladly accepted the compliment. “Thank you,” she moaned. Oohh… His lips were going lower. “You...” As for him, ‘sexy’ didn’t even come close. “You … Ah… You… TOO!” Her words trailed off into a surprised yelp; his mouth had reached her forbidden fruit. She felt his fingers slipping out, but almost immediately after, his tongue swiped along her slit to taste her love potion. When nothing followed, she peered down. She saw him glancing up at her with mischievous eyes.

“More?” he asked huskily.

“Yes,” Zelda nodded. “Yes, more, please.”

With a low, greedy growl, he dove down. His tongue twisted and twirled inside her. Then it came back out, and he placed hard, sucking kisses on her perineum. He nipped her inner labia, her outer labia, and then he went up to the pink, swollen nubbin, sucking it until it was numb. His hands slid under her, grabbing at her butt cheeks. He rubbed and squeezed them, kneading the soft flesh as if he wanted to get more juice out of her.

Zelda’s head tossed from side to side. She screamed and wailed, her voice reaching octaves she didn’t even know she was capable of. His tongue! Oh, his tongue! When he flattened it, it was soft and warm, and when he hardened it, piercing and stabbing. She perched her pussy up, offering it to him like a lowly slut. Well, so be it. She wanted to be taken like a slut. This was so incredible, the way he was, indeed, devouring her.

With a foggy brain, she noticed how he started trailing kisses up over her hipbone. He crawled back out from between her legs and coaxed her on her side. The kisses continued their path to the small of her back, down to her tail bone. She felt herself growing really hot at the thought of what he might do next. “Link, you really shouldn’t...” she said, but he was already doing it. With his hands, he pulled her butt cheeks apart, and he slithered his tongue down, licking all of her crevice, until he’d reached her pussy again.

“You wanted more,” Link mumbled.

“Yes, but this...” Paying no heed to her complaints, Link tugged at her hips, tilting them backwards. At the same time, he pushed her upper leg forward, once again sneaking his tongue into her slit. “Oh, shut it,” she gasped to herself, deciding not to think about it too much and just enjoy. Because it felt so good. So sinfully, scandalously good.

She’d never be able to look at his sweet mouth the same way again.

He teased at various places, but never long enough to make her come, making her accumulate all of her passion until it would be time for the grand finale.

She felt him moving up behind her, and her heart seemed to stop for a moment when she felt the heat from his body against her back. The tip from his penis nudged against her entrance, impatiently, though waiting for her permission.

“Princess, please,” he breathed hotly in her ear, making her shiver.

This was it. He was gonna do it.

“Yes. Go on,” Zelda heard herself saying.

When he pushed inside of her, he made a sound of such relief that it sent chills down her spine.

“Oh, Goddesses, forgive me,” he groaned.

Zelda only felt the slightest twinge of guilt. Right now, both body and mind were too busy being consumed by the most keen sense of fulfilment she’d ever experienced.

To her surprise, it didn’t hurt at all. Did she have such a supple hymen? And how lucky too. From the very start, Link was going at it! There remained nothing from his kindness from before. It was all raw lust now. Zelda didn’t mind at all. The way he coveted her made her heart race. Was there something he wasn’t getting at home to go so savagely at a virgin pussy? But how she enjoyed to be the subject of this wild, dirty, uninhibited onslaught. Her fingers grasped at the blanket while her body shook. Her breasts were swinging like crazy. She couldn’t believe the sounds she was making, so primal and needy. Waves of hot, churning pleasure rippled through her belly, and she eagerly moved her hips along with Link’s frantic thrusts.

“My princess… Oh… Oh, Heavens!” Link grunted, while his hips slammed into her. His hand, needing to grab at something, reached for her breast, squeezing.

It was the last trigger Zelda needed. With a surprising speed, she suddenly felt her inner walls starting to contract. “No… Not yet,” she moaned. She didn’t want this to be over yet. It was so good.

But it couldn’t be stopped any more. It felt like she’d been heading for a waterfall, and now, she was plunging in headfirst, letting herself being flooded in the most pleasant kind of way. Her uterus started to spasm and she was reaching her point of no return.


“Ah! Li-Link! Aah! This is...” Out of this world, she wanted to say, but she couldn’t speak any more. Where was all this coming from? She didn’t know the human body was even capable of feeling such intense pleasure, like it was gonna tear her apart. Her voice came out in ragged screams, timed by the rhythm of Link’s pounding hips. She arched sharply against him while her body was being shaken to its very core. Behind her, Link was grunting and groaning. Such a pity she couldn’t see his sex face. Surely, it must’ve looked really hot.

When she had recovered, she was dizzy and her head was lolling loosely on her neck. The power and speed of Link’s hips had eased off. But he was still inside of her. Still with a raging hard on. Moving the hand on her breast down again, he nudged at her leg, indicating that she should lift it. When she had done so, he vigorously started rubbing her clit, inviting her to set off on a second high.

“Did you think this was over, princess?” he huskily breathed into her ear, which instantly made her skin goose bump again. “Should I remind you that I have outstanding stamina?”

“Link?” she gasped, surprised.

“Do you still want more, princess?”

She eagerly nodded her head. Her vagina twitched accordingly and, swollen and sensitive as it was, kept on producing love juice. “Please...” she breathed. He’d pressed his lips against the back of her shoulder for a gentle kiss, and she felt them forming into a grin.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”


To be continued...

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