The Adventures of the Promiscuous Champion

BY : CloudStrife97
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Chapter 1: A Compromise


Castelia City-Battle Subway


“Mewtwo, return!” Miles called as his pokemon had just struck the final blow of the battle, the pokemon returned to its ball. Miles grinned and went over to his opponent, a youngster by the name of Alex, who seemed to be about only a year or so younger than Miles. Miles was 14, Alex looked to be about twelve, almost 13. Miles noticed that Alex seemed to have a nice body on him, a firm chest being outlined beneath his shirt, he must work out. He also noticed earlier that the younger male’s ass was nice and firm. Miles held out his hand, and Alex took it.


“Nice job, Alex! Not too many trainers want to battle me outside of the League, knowing I am the champion. Especially one that lost to me in the League” Miles said with a smile and a small laugh. Alex had challenged Miles to be Unova’s next Champion and lost of course. It was one of Unova’s most exciting League battles to date.


Alex’s blue eyes shone at the Champion’s praise. “Thanks, Miles! Well, I told you last year that I wasn’t going to give up! I may be taking a break from my journey, but I’m staying true to my word.” The younger teen said confidently. Alex had tan skin, auburn color hair and blue eyes. While Wiles had white  (Not pale, he had some tan as well, but Alex was darker) skin, brown hair and grey eyes. 


The subway train pulled back into the station and the doors opened. Alex reached into his pocket to pay Miles his winnings, until he remembered that he had spent all the money he brought with him. He blushed and looked back up at the champion.


“Out of money?” The champion asked knowingly and the other nodded. The c champion beckoned the younger male to follow him off the train and onto the platform. Then they went back into the main lobby of the Castelia Battle Station. It was commissioned only a few years ago, after the success of the Battle Station in Nimbasa City. The lobby was grand and expansive. The Castelia Battle Station was one of the first major accomplishments during Mile’s reign as Champion.


“Not to worry! I’m sure we can come up with a compromise!” Miles said cheerfully. “Hmmm.” He said as he thought of what to do. This would actually give Miles the perfect chance to take Alex back to his apartment and explore the younger male’s body, only with his consent of course. Miles wasn’t a degenerate. 


“I got it!” The Champion exclaimed. “In lieu of payment, you will come to my apartment and speed the night with me, we can just hang out and get to know each other better and maybe… some other things. If you are agreeable?” At this Miles reached a hand up to the other boy’s face and sensually caressed Alex’s cheek with his hand.


Alex blushed at Miles’s actions, knowing full well what he was alluding to. The truth is Alex has suspected he is bisexual for awhile now and has had a crush on Miles for a long time. Despite only being in his early teenage years, Alex has had some sexual experience. He had lost his virginity to an older female classmate of his over the summer. But, he had never done anything with a guy, but he really wanted to.”


“Y-Yeah! I would love to come over. I’ll have to ask my folks first, but since you are the Champion, I am sure they will be fine with it.” Alex said enthusiastically as they exited the battle station and walked onto the bustling Castelia sidewalk.


“Great! Here. Let’s exchange X-Transceiver numbers. I’ll send you my address later tonight and then you can come over.” While the rest of the world had moved on to the Rotom, Unova was still making the X-Transceiver, new and improved, they have the same features as a rotom, but a style all it’s own.


The two exchanged numbers and then parted ways promising to see each other later that night. Miles looked on, waving after Alex, eyes fixating on the younger teen’s perfect ass, savoring the moment when he could stuff his cock into it.


To Be Continued…


(Hey, guys! Cloud, here! This is my first ever story on AFF. Be sure to give it a read! I promise chapter 2 will get steamy. I just wanted to introduce our main character and do a little world building. Until next time!)

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