Giving Her the Brand

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"We had better make this count, love. Sleep staves are near impossible to get these days..." Maribelle told her naked lover as they knelt over her passed-out husband. 

"Oh Maribelle, this will work, I'm sure!" Lissa responded in her usual bubbly way to her equally nude partner. "The guards are all off duty today, so we can be loud too!"

"...Love, we can go back to your bedchambers, I can pleasure you with my hand, or my mouth, or something else that you fancy. Surely you realize what it is you plan to do, yes?"

"This is the only way that I can have the Brand in my side of the family. Because my Brand never showed up, than my kids will never have it either, or grandkids, or anything. I want this, and I'm not going to let my bloodline die here." 

"But what will Chrom think? Or Kellam? You don't think they'll question a pregnancy, especially with a Branded child?"

"Cross that bridge later, Mari." Lissa clambered into bed beside her brother.

 - - - 

Kellam was, of course, in the room. He watched his wife snuggle up to the naked visage of her brother, smother his strong right arm between her pert breasts, and grind his hand against her glistening bald crotch, all the while Maribelle did the same on the opposite side of Chrom, albeit with a dirty blonde tuft in the way as well. Kellam didn't want to move, as that would bring him into attention, and that would mean a whole mess of trouble that he didn't want to deal with, so he stayed perfectly still and watched the love of his life rape her older brother.

- - - 

Lissa grabbed Chrom's large sex organ, while Maribelle gently caressed the sacred seed sac. In conjunction, they slowly made Chrom grow his royal cock to full mast. Now, Lissa was not a large girl, but this thing was wider than her own arm! 

"T-this is what is going to go inside me." After staring for a few seconds, "How?"

Maribelle laughed. "If it can fit inside me, dear," she said, patting her belly as a reference to the daughter she's carrying, "it can fit inside your tight little body too. Now, up top!" Lissa did as asked, and (with some awkward difficulty) she straddled her brother's cock, with a leaking tip pointing directly into the incestous depths of his sister. 

"I will guide you, love. Just breathe with me." Maribelle knelt behind the mating couple, and tightly hugged Lissa from behind with one arm. With the other, she reached down and directed the large cock at the hungry, dripping lips above. "Deep breath." Maribelle rocked the cock back and forth and pulled Lissa down onto it. Lissa had tears in her eyes, but kept going. Maribelle didn't stop until Chrom bottomed out inside his own sister, balls deep.

Lissa could feel the large spearhead prodding at her cervix, and lifted herself off of the cock, before lowering again, slowly at first as she got accustomed to the size. Before long, she picked up speed. Maribelle shifted her focus as Lissa was fucking her unconscious brother. She gave little small pecks on the neck and ears, and slowly massaged Lissa's small perky brown nipples and erect clit. Eventually, she slid down, and gave Lissa's twitching asshole a good tongue thrashing, and sucked on the aching balls too, one at a time. 

"He's close, love. When I say, put it in as far as you can, okay?" Lissa nodded in breathless agreement. "...Now!" Lissa impaled herself on the fat cock as deeply as she could muster, and the spasming penis shot slimy ropes of brotherly cum deep into Lissa's ovulating womb. Pulse after pulse of incredibly blue-balled sperm shot into the baby sister of the royal family, filling her chasm with new life as the desperate tadpoles found her waiting egg. There was so much semen in the royal chamber that it flowed out of the tight squeeze conjoining the two and dripped onto the mattress. Lissa pulled off of her brother with a loud plop. 

"Don't just stand there, dear, hurry to your room. We can make sure as much of that seed stays in there as possible." Lissa rushed off, hand covering her leaky pussy. After a few hours, Maribelle returned to Chrom's side just as he was waking up. She explained that she made him feel good last night so he could be full of energy today, which is why there is a mess on the bed.

What she couldn't explain, though, was why there was a suit of armour in the corner of the room with cum inside it. 

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