Earthly Pleasures

BY : Latias425
Category: +G through L > Golden Sun
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It was a quiet night in the land of Weyard, and in a forest where a group of Adepts were resting for the night, the leader was walking on his own. He was supposed to keeping the night watch right now, but he had something else in mind. He was getting pretty horny just thinking about what he was planning to do, and once he found a good spot where he was certain no one could be there to witness, he held out his hand towards the ground and it glowed as some large, thornless vines sprouted out.

"Hey guys, it's time to play." Isaac said to them, pulling down his pants and laying down on the grass, lifting his naked butt up and looking back with a warm smile. "Go ahead, I'm all yours."

The vines seemed to have a mind of their own as they prepared for what was about to go down, secreting some slick substance so that it wouldn't hurt when it went in, and two reached behind their target and spread those fine cheeks as a large one began to gently rub against that tight pucker. Isaac shuddered and moaned lowly at the tendril grinding at his back door, and it seemed he was enjoying it greatly as his cock was already pretty hard, but not completely. After about a minute of this teasing, the vine slowly pushed into him, making him gasp out as it wasted no time to start thrusting. While he felt a slight burning pain from being penetrated, it was soon overridden with pleasure as the vine continued to steadily push in and out of his tight anal hole.

"Ah yes...oh, fuck..." Isaac moaned as he kept getting pounded like the little bitch he was when these vines were able to have their way with him. Now his cock was endlessly throbbing and leaking with pre-cum, and a smaller vine went to take care of that as it wrapped itself around the shaft and began to pump up and down while another handled his balls, gently squeezing the sack.

Isaac started moaning louder with the stimulation of his cock, and soon a vine slithered over to his face and slid into his mouth, making him gag as it reached all the way to his throat, and then he began moaning again, with him now being muffled. 'Oh good...' he moaned, and soon he felt himself getting closer to the edge. 'Oh fuck, I...I'm cumming!' Seconds later, he moaned loudly against the tendril in his mouth as he ejaculated onto the ground below him, painting the grass a pearly white with his jizz.

As Isaac came down from his orgasm, he panted as the vines in his mouth and ass slowly pulled out and then a large one wrapped around his stomach and lifted him up off the ground, and that's when he knew that the fun was just getting started. The vines positioned him so that he was standing upright with his arms bound over his head and feet planted firmly on the ground with the legs spread and constricted by the tendrils. He watched as his scarf and titty armor were carefully removed and then his shirt was ripped open to expose his upper body, and he looked to be a bit on the soft side as his chest and abs weren't really all that toned.

Isaac looked up as a vine with a tip like that of a penis slid into his mouth, moaning lowly as he started getting throat-fucked again while a bunch of smaller vines explored his chest and stomach area, occasionally playing with his nipples that made him giggle at the ticklish feeling. Down below, another phallic vine rammed into his gaping asshole while a small regular vine wrapped around his cock and started jerking him off once again.

'Yeah, that's it. Make me your slut! Turn me into your little fucktoy!' Isaac thought as he was getting relentlessly fucked by the tendrils, and while that was happening, a vine from behind gave a hard whip to his ass, making him scream. 'Oh, fuck yes! Harder! Whip my slutty little ass!' he pleaded, and it was as if the vine heard his plea as it lashed him again and again, tears filling his eyes as it stung pretty badly, but it was very arousing.

This went on for several minutes as the vines kept ravaging their captive's body, and soon they could tell he was getting close when they started to go even faster with their fucking. Isaac couldn't hold on for much longer and soon moaned in pure bliss as he let it all out in spurts of seed that sprayed on the grass below. As he was cumming, the vines in his mouth and ass went deep into him as they released a sticky substance into his stomach, and they released so much it caused his belly to inflate slightly.

Once that was all over, the vines released Isaac's arms and held him up as the two phallic ones left their orifices and allowed him to relish in his afterglow. Being a sexual plaything to these vines had become his new favorite pastime.

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