Impure Thoughts

BY : YamiLisa
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Author’s Note: Should you happen to chance upon one of my other stories, you may come across some recurrent characters, like certain maids or soldiers. The characters from “Legend of Zelda” may not be mine, but those particular characters are, so I will use them as I see suited.
This story is a one-shot for now, although I do want to continue it at some point. However, I don’t know yet where I want to take this story, so for now, it’s just this one chapter.


Chapter 1: Dear Diary Moment


Zelda almost fell over Link when she returned from her study. She’d been writing in her diary. About Link. He practically lived here at the castle now. Even though he had his own house over at Hateno village, she had requested him – not to say gently forced him – to stay at the castle. To train her soldiers. It was the only way he could be truly committed, really. Also, during the time she had still been confined, she had overseen his journey. And she had seen that there was this girl over in Hateno village who he got along with a little too well to her liking, Ivee or something. She wanted him for herself. That Ivee person wasn’t gonna get her hands on him.

“Link, get up.” She almost sounded a bit annoyed when she said that. “How many times do I still have to tell you that you don’t have to kneel in front of me.”

Link humbly got up. “But princess, for your father...”

She cupped his jaw with her hand, softening both her face and the tone of her voice. “My father is long gone, may he rest in peace.” She made some religious gesture with her other hand, sending her love up to Heaven. “And yes, he indeed saw you as a servant. But I don’t. And I already told you that you don’t have to call me princess either. Zelda is fine.” She loathed this whole master-servant kind of attitude. Not only with Link, but with her maids too. She wanted to be respected by them, of course, but she didn’t wish to be treated like she only pooped gold. Just be part of the gang. Like it was with the former Champions, those 100 years ago.

She suppressed a sigh. All she wanted to do right now was to grab his face with both her hands, pull it towards hers, and kiss him until her lips were numb. If only he could feel her heartbeat right now. It was raging. “Why were you kneeling anyway?”

“I… Think you deserve to know that...”

“Go on, don’t be shy,” she urged when nothing more came. “What do I deserve to know?”

Link lowered his gaze. “I’ve had impure thoughts about you,” he confessed with disarming honesty.

“Oh.” Somewhat flattered, a faint smile started to play around her lips. “What kind of thoughts?”

“I can’t say!”

She decided not to press any further. For now. “Very well. Do you want to dine with me tonight?”

“Are you not angry?”

“Angry? With you? Never. So...” She repeated her question. “Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“Let me rephrase. You are going to have dinner with me tonight. Seven o’clock. Don’t be late.”

“As you wish, prince- Zelda.”

Their eyes connected. It may have seemed like she was bossing him around, but the electricity that hung between them made it clear that he would be only too happy to join her.

Tonight, sparks would be flying.


This table was too big! She couldn’t reach his leg with her foot. Otherwise, she would’ve started rubbing up against it a long time ago. Brazen as it may have been.

They were already on dessert. It had been pleasant so far. They’d chitchatted about this and that. It had been about a month or so since they had defeated Ganon, and in spite of all the work they still had to do, they were really enjoying their regained freedom.

Zelda sipped from her juice. There wasn’t any alcohol. Not tonight. She wanted to maintain a clear head for this. She wanted to experience her first time with Link consciously.

About that.

She was getting a bit nervous after all though. If she wanted it to happen tonight, then it was about time she broached the subject. Link wasn’t gonna do it. With him still regarding her as his superior, he wasn’t gonna take any initiative on that matter.

“So, those impure thoughts you told me about this morning,” she carefully started. Link stared at the contents of his plate with red cheeks. On the battlefield, he was magnificent and fearsome, but when it came to emotional feelings and sex, then he was mortally shy. “If you have them, then it must mean you… are somewhat interested in me?”

“Well, you are very beautiful. And I must confess that I sometimes… think of you in that way.”

“Are you in love with me?”

He almost had his face in his plate now.

“You can tell me.”

“I… think I might be, yes.”

“That’s good.” She laughed softly when his head veered up. “Because I’m in love with you too.”

“With me?”

“Yes. Always have been.” She leaned her head on her hand. No elbows on the table, she had always been taught, but dinner was practically over anyway. Her mind was no longer occupied with food. In her head, she was already between the sheets with this ravishing boy in front of her. She looked forward to it so much to explore him.

She swallowed. The thought actually made her mouth water. “You know,” she said, “if you’re holding back because I’m a princess, then please don’t.” She gave a subtle sigh, letting her little finger run along her bottom lip. “Tonight, I’m just a girl. Sitting across a boy. Asking him to show her a good time.” The tip of her little finger caught between her teeth, and she smiled suggestively. She was effectively sexing him up. Now would’ve been a good time to slide her foot up between his legs. If this table would’ve been smaller. “I trust you know what I mean with ‘a good time’?”

Link took a large gulp from his juice. “Well, yes...” he mumbled. Behind Zelda, at the entrance of the dining room, he saw the court maid and the kitchen maid making wild, encouraging hand gestures at him. “But...”


“It would be your first time.”

“Well, obviously, yes.”

“Isn’t that reserved for the one you’re gonna marry?”

“Then let’s!” Zelda blurted. “Don’t be my appointed knight any more, become my husband!”

Link’s eyes grew wide. Over at the door, the maids had ceased their hand gestures and were now gaping in awe.

“Are you asking me to marry you?”

Zelda cleared her throat. She may have jumped the gun a bit there. “Well… One day, somewhere in the future, yes.” The very near future, if it was up to her. She straightened herself, stretching her back and, doing so, protruding her chest. “What I mean to say is… If that’s the only thing stopping you, then I don’t want you to worry about it.”

“But Zelda...”

Zelda dug her nails in the palm of her hands in mild frustration. If she would hear the word ‘but’ one more time… “Yes, Link?” she patiently asked.

“You’re talking about marriage, while we haven’t even kissed yet.”

“Then, what are we waiting for?” She got up from her seat and hurried over to Link’s side of the table. “Liselle, close the door!” she shouted in the general direction of the door. She didn’t need to look to know that her maids were spying on them, she’d heard them giggling behind her. When she’d reached Link, she took both his hands in hers and pulled him up, so they were face to face. “I want you to throw all courtesy out of the window.”

“Out of the window?”

“Yes. And after this, it can stay there too.” She pressed closer to him. “Because those ‘impure thoughts’ you were talking about…” Her head inched closer to his too. “I want you to show me… the kinds of thoughts you’ve had about me.” And closer. “Okay?”

Link slowly nodded his head. Zelda’s face was only a hair’s breadth from his. He could feel her breath on his lips. As things were now, it looked like…

He was going to have sex tonight.

With the princess.

Still coming to terms with that thought, he suddenly felt her lips on his. They were soft, and warm, and sweet from the dessert they’d just had. Spiced apple and vanilla cream. Tilting his head, he dared to kiss back. Just with the lips. He didn’t want to defile this sacred moment by thrusting his tongue into her mouth. There’d be plenty more opportunity for that later. And not just into her mouth.

My, that thought made his temperature rise.

Zelda felt the pleasant fluttering of butterfly wings when their lips touched, not only in her stomach, but all through her body. The way he kissed her was careful, not passionate and ardent, as she had hoped. But the night was still young. She would still find a way to awaken the beast inside of him. Because she knew it was there. She had seen so on the battlefield. The kind of spirit when he was up against an enemy, she wanted to see it when he was with her too.

She felt him lightly squeezing her hands, and she was happy to still be holding them, because she felt a bit dizzy. Gentle as it had been, she’d never experienced such an intense feeling of connection with him. Very promising for the rest of the night. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” she said when they’d parted again.

Link drew breath, looking at her in slight wonder. “No. That felt really good.”

Zelda pressed her forehead against his. They were of similar height. She only needed to tiptoe just a bit. “So, how about… we head to the bedroom now?”

“Hm… I would like that.”

Zelda’s eyes sparkled, and she could only just stop herself from doing a little dance of joy. “Excellent. You go on ahead. I still have to… do something.”


In the kitchen, court maid Liselle and kitchen maid Malya were happily gossiping about the princess and her appointed knight over the leftovers of their dinner.

“Seems like she’s finally gonna get Master Link in her bed,” Malya giggled.

“Well, it was about time,” Liselle said, leaned against the stove. “How long has she been moping around the castle, sighing and yearning? It will do her good. Maybe she can finally wipe that worrisome frown off her face now.”

“I’m happy for her. She deserves it.”

“She so does. D’you know, some days ago, she has come to me for advice. About sex. So she must’ve been planning this.”

“Really? Have you already done it, then?”

“Hmm,” Liselle nodded. “You know, those soldiers… Some of them are really sexy.”

“Yes, I think so too,” Malya agreed, leaning against the workbench with dreamy eyes.

“She did ask him to marry her, though. Didn’t see that coming.”

“She did, didn’t she.”

“It must be that she really was desperate.”


Too busy putting food into their mouths, neither of them had seen her entering the kitchen. “Yes, princess?!” Liselle all but shouted, hoping dearly that Zelda hadn’t caught that last bit. She hadn’t sounded angry. More like boundlessly excited.

“Pinch me.”

Liselle looked at her as if she might’ve possibly gone mad. “Pardon?”

Zelda held out her arm. “Pinch me.”

“Pinch you?” Liselle repeated.

“Yes. Right here, in the arm. I want to make sure I’m not dreaming this.”

“Oh. Well, alright then.” So Liselle pinched. Hard.

“That hurt,” Zelda concluded, somewhat miffed.

“It’s supposed to hurt, princess. If it wouldn’t hurt, then it would mean that you may indeed be dreaming.”

“You’re right. Do it again,” Zelda said, offering her other arm. Liselle pinched again, harder this time, and it hurt even more. What a curious pass time, to be pinching the princess.

“Satisfied, princess?”

“Very much, yes. Thank you.”

“Princess,” Malya said with a tiny voice.


“You asked him to marry you.”

“I do want to marry him, one day. First, I want the castle to be entirely rebuilt, so we can have a grand feast, so that will still take some time. It must be late spring or summer, so the weather will be nice. We can have the ceremony in the great hall, and on the central square, there can be all kinds of stalls with food and drinks.” Clearly, she had already thought it all through. “And then in the evening, there must be fireworks. And...”

“Princess, if I may...” Malya piped up.


“Your future husband is waiting.”

“Right you are. I shall be going then.”

“Princess!” Liselle called behind her. As Zelda’s court maid and confidante, she was permitted to do so. “Have fun.”

Zelda gave a nervous, uncharacteristic giggle, and with a firm head nod, she disappeared.


When Zelda entered her bedroom, she was quite flummoxed. “You’re naked already?” she stated. There he was, waiting on the bed, naked indeed, but virtuously still with the sheet over his legs. He’d even lit a bunch of candles. How nice.

“Well, you did say to throw all courtesy out of the window,” Link reminded her. He was about to pull away the sheet, but Zelda raised both her hands.

“Wait!” she shouted, as if seeing his penis straight away might scorch her eyes.

Link froze, following her with his eyes while she walked towards the bed. “Do you think it’s dirty?”

“No, not at all,” Zelda said, sitting herself next to him on the bed. “But you see, once I’ve seen it… Everything’s going to change.”

“Isn’t that what you want?”

She drew a shivering breath, her eyes drawn to his lap. “Yes, it is.” She nervously rubbed her hands over her thighs. “Maybe...” Then she crawled up, sitting over his legs with one knee carefully placed at either side of them. She slowly let her hands slide over his sheet covered thighs. “Maybe if I just touch it first.” The expression on her face was that of a kid that was about to open a present, but wanted to delay the anticipation by not revealing its contents right away. She hardly realised how she was tormenting Link by stalling like this. She didn’t mean to torment him like this. She just needed some time. Because she was, after all, just a girl. About to be touched by a man, for the very first time.

At last, her hands had reached their destination, and with delicate fingers, she felt out the shape of Link’s organ. It felt soft and spongy, but it was quickly growing harder under her touch. She could see it poking up under the sheet, until it felt like hot steel. She exhaled with wonder, and then waveringly pulled the sheet lower, just a little bit. No. Not yet.

She crawled closer to him, letting her still panty-covered pussy tentatively brush against the hardness in Link’s lap. Just two thin layers of fabric separating them. Letting out a soft moan, she let her groin rest completely onto Link. She was impatient to hear about his fantasies, but first…

That kiss right after dinner had been way too short.

Zelda greedily swallowed the saliva that had gathered in her mouth, as if she was about to enjoy the most exclusive, luxurious sweet. Which, in a way, it was. Trembling, but sure, she let her mouth sink down upon Link’s. He kissed back with a lot more gumption this time. After she’d been the first one to invitingly flick her tongue into his mouth, he eagerly responded. And he was damn good at it too. Down on the place where their groins were connected, she could feel all kind of approving activity.

When her head started to spin too much, she drew back for breath. It was a kind of rush that no alcohol in the world could compare to, and after tonight, she could have it as much as she desired.

“Now,” she breathed, with a voice thick of suspense, pressing her torso against Link’s. “Tell me all about those ‘impure thoughts’ of yours.”

Link let out a sigh of bliss. This body contact felt so nice. And that had been one hell of a kiss. “Well, let me first say that, to be honest, I thought you’d have been more offended.”

Zelda smiled. “No. I’m not offended.” If Link had had impure thoughts about her, she didn’t mind at all. Because she too had often fantasized about what she wanted to do with him. How many nights had she been dreaming about what their first time would be like? And now it was real. Now she was living it. “So, let’s hear it.”

“Oh, it’s nothing special, really. Just, for a commoner, making love to a princess is already spectacular in itself.”

Zelda was shocked. “A commoner? Link, you’re a Champion! You slayed Ganon! Really, you ought to do something about that inferiority complex. Because after tonight...” She wriggled her hips, pressing down onto Link’s erection. “you will no longer be a commoner. After tonight, you can be my fiancé. If you want.” She didn’t give him a chance to answer that, reaching a hand down to his crotch and grabbing him there. He didn’t need to answer yet too. She would understand it if he was still a bit unsure about it. After all, she had dumped this proposal on him out of the blue. But when she was done with him, he wouldn’t have any doubts any more. She would make him addicted to her.

Link was breathless when Zelda’s hand closed around his awakened manhood, squeezing so exquisitely. Talk about taking initiative. “Zelda!” he gasped.

Zelda laughed softly, pleased by the tone of his voice. She was gonna have so much fun tonight. “If you think that making love to a princess is so spectacular… then how about being pleasured by one?”

“With ‘being pleasured’, you mean...”

“Exactly.” She slid down again, this time pulling the sheet down entirely. And there it was, in all its knightly glory. Dark, shiny and waiting to release its creamy contents. “Oh dear,” she exhaled, letting her lips ghost over the glistening tip. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to take all of this into my mouth.” She started by flicking her tongue out, watching it twitch. The muscles on Link’s face twitched accordingly. Other than that, he could do nothing but stare, as he was in utter disbelief that the princess was doing this to him. In fact, he was staring so open-mouthedly, that saliva had started trickling down the corner of his mouth, and he quickly wiped it away.

Having noticed, Zelda chuckled. She flicked her tongue some more, savouring the moisture that had started leaking out, and then she lovingly ran it along the pulsing underside. How truly curious, the way nature could make it so hard. But she did know that much that, in its flaccid state, it would never be able to enter her. That thought sent nervous pangs up her belly.

Up above, Link moaned, biting his lip.

“You like this, Link?” she said, glancing up.

“Yes,” Link breathed. “Very much.”

“Well, let me tell you...” She tugged his hips down, so he landed on his back, and he let out a little yelp of surprise. “It has only just begun.” He gargled some kind of vague, undefined response. With a throaty little laugh, her head went down again. The underside. That’s where she’d left off. She continued the trail down to the spongy sacks, encasing the nut-sized balls where their offspring would be produced. Even if she wouldn’t have been told about it, she could tell that they had to be treated with care and love. Which she was most willing to provide. Cradling one in her hand, she gently kissed it, licked it, let her tongue swirl around it, savouring his flavour like a fine wine. With a bit more practise, she might even be able to suck it into her mouth. But for now, she wouldn’t go there yet. She could hear Link gasping and groaning, felt his body thrashing with unknown pleasure. Smiling, she did the same to the other one.

“Zelda! Oh! This is incredible!” she heard him shouting. Curious to see the state he was in, she emerged again. A fine sheen of sweat covered his sculpted body. An arm was slung over his eyes, his hair was all dishevelled, and a smiling mouth was puffing out ecstatic breaths. Not wanting to be responsible for interrupting his state of rapture, she quickly bent down again, continuing to lavishly bathe his lovely organ with her saliva. Then she returned to the tip, and with a hunger for a taste that couldn’t be found on any dinner table, she closed her lips around it.

Link’s hips bucked up. “Ah! Zelda!” The arm that had been slung over his eyes veered to the side, so his hand could grab at the mattress. If he’d ever experienced sexual pleasure before, it paled spectacularly in comparison to what Zelda had him feeling now. Her mouth was taking in more of him and started sucking. The underside of his penis was stimulated by her tongue, and the tip nudged against the roof of her mouth. Cracking his eyes open, he saw her head bobbing up and down, faster and more vigorous with every passing heartbeat. It was beyond his wildest imagination. The princess was giving head to him!

Closing his eyes again, he pressed his head back into the pillow, and he could do nothing but scream. His vision turned into multicoloured sparkles and his nerves seemed to explode. His chest heaved, his fingers scraped, his toes curled while his seed streamed out of him in hot spurts.

And then the tension in his muscles started to ease again. His breath and heart rate slowed down. When he came to, Zelda was licking white drops of his semen off her lips. Surely, she hadn’t… “Did you swallow it?” Link asked, almost in alarm.

Zelda sat up on her knees with a proud grin on her face. “I did.”

“Won’t there be…?”

She tilted her head at Link’s hesitation. “Yes?”

“Well, I could hardly believe it, but one of the soldiers told me that… No, never mind. It’s stupid.”

“I’ll decide whether it’s stupid or not.” She crawled from between his legs so she could lie next to him. “Go on. What were you about to say?”

“Will there be a baby growing in your belly now?”

In spite of herself, Zelda couldn’t help but laugh. She knew that Link had been schooled, but sexual education must not have been one of the subjects. “Oh Link, you are so adorable. No, there won’t be a baby growing in my belly. Whoever told you that lied. For a baby, it has to go in the other way.”

“The other way?”

“Yes.” She took his hand and guided it down under her skirt. “Right here.”

“Oh. Well, I thought so. But can I really do that?”

“That is what sex entails.”

“Sure it is, but… I’m afraid I might mess it up. Or hurt you.”

“Well yes, it might hurt a bit. And while I’m indeed not looking forward to that, that’s just part of it.” To be fair, she suspected that the pinches in her arms Liselle had given her hurt more.

“I just want this to be memorable for you.”

“It will be. Just do what comes naturally.” How absolutely outrageous. She had not yet found the opportunity to get undressed. “I think I should take these clothes off,” she murmured.

“Hm… I think so too,” Link agreed.

Sitting up on her knees and reaching for the hem of her dress, she pulled it up over her head. She then went lying on her back next to him, looking at him with eyes that invited him to remove the last bit; her panties. “If you will...”

Swallowing, Link took place between her open legs. Before removing her panties, his attention was drawn to her breasts, two fleshy globes, proudly perched atop her chest. The cherries on top of them begged for his attention. “Forgive me, but first I would like...” He felt a bit like a pervert when his gropey hands reached for her breasts, but from the expression on her face, he could tell that she didn’t seem averse to it. A sound he’d never heard from her left her mouth when he grabbed them, flicking her nipples with his thumbs. Seemed like tonight, he would discover a whole range of vocal sounds he’d never heard from Zelda before. Encouraged, he lowered his head, sucking one of the quivering buds into his mouth and continuing to stimulate the other with his thumb. Her skin was so soft and satiny that he was afraid of damaging it with his coarse and callused hands. Although he knew, for quite some time now, that she wasn’t as frail and fragile as she looked. She had proved so many times on the battlefield.

He hoped it would be so in bed too.

“Hn… Yes… That’s nice,” Zelda panted. Leaned over her like this, his groin pressed against her sensitive entrance. Even though his spent member had not yet risen, the slightest touch sent her nerves into overdrive. In a semblance of what was coming up, Link gently started rolling his hips, like a titillating appetizer to an unequalized main. He could tell from the heat between her legs that she was as ready as she was ever going to be. As much as he enjoyed the taste of her skin, there was a taste he was even more curious about. All it took for him to discover, was the removing of one pair of lace panties.

Heaving a shivery sigh, he sat back on his heels. In an almost solemn way, he pulled her panties down and over her feet. It was all wet. Soaking wet. But he knew that it wasn’t pee. It was too sticky for that. It smelled different too. Better. The heady aroma of sex. He focused back on the pussy that had been revealed before him. It was there too, lots of it.

“Oh wow,” he breathed at the view of all that moisture trickling out of her slit.

“That’s what you do to me.”

Irresistibly, his mouth was drawn to it. “Do what comes naturally, right?”


His head was now level with her groin. He let his hot breath ghost over her wet slit. Glancing up at her, he saw her nodding her head, and he experimentally lapped at the slippery liquid that was pooling there. He slightly backed away again when her hips automatically jerked up, but from the way she was biting her bottom lip, he could tell that she liked it. Loved it. Encouraged, he dove down for more. The cry that left her mouth was almost one of victory.

“Ah… Yes, just like that,” Zelda all but cheered. “Go on, Link! Don’t hold back!” Because she had been craving this for so long, this really felt like a reward. Link’s tongue was going at it as if it had a life of its own. It slithered and slurped, mopping up every drop that had spilt down over her perineum, and then going up again, because the more he licked, the more came out. It was a well of endless, delicious nectar, only for him. And there was more inside. Stiffening his tongue, he parted the tender, squishy flesh, poking it into her hot depths. At this point, Zelda was almost howling, tugging at the bed sheets and violently thrusting her hips.

Zelda was beside herself with joy. With every lap of his tongue, the ache between her legs was alleviated a bit more. His almost childlike naivety from before was long forgotten, as clearly, this seemed to come quite naturally to him, as if he hadn’t been doing anything else in his life.

But then, as lovely as it all was, that same ache seemed to creep up, to a place Link had yet to discover. “Link…” Zelda croaked. “Link, stop for a moment.”

Puzzled, Link got up. “Am I doing it wrong?”

“You’re doing wonderful,” she ascertained, gliding a hand down. “But you see… This bit, right here… This also feels really good.” She placed her fingers on the swollen nubbin at the top of her slit and started rubbing it. After his first orgasm, Link would need some time to recover anyway.

Or not. She could see his penis already twitching back to life. Even so, she wanted to do this. That had been one of her personal fantasies. “Hm… Really good.” She had done this often, this last month, and in the past too. The feeling of having an orgasm was something that was very familiar to her. A humble orgasm, one that was never completely satisfying. But now, here with Link, it would be times ten.

Link sat back while she was masturbating herself. His eyes were glued to the slender, perfectly manicured fingers stimulating that top part. Every now and then, they would slide down to gather some of her juice, still flowing copiously, and then quickly went back to their original spot, rubbing vigorously at her rosy gemstone. Her eyes were on him. Link quickly caught on that she wanted him to watch her during this most private of activities. And she was actually putting on quite a show for him too. The most seductive face he’d ever seen from her – hell, from anyone – her delicate lips puffing out heated gasps. Down in his lap, his Tiny Hero was rapidly growing back to full salute, ready to take over in case Zelda’s hand would get tired.

Zelda felt her skin goose bump under his attentive gaze. There was something extremely, unexpectedly erotic to expose herself to him like this, touching herself, pleasuring herself while he was indulging in her little performance. “Was this also one of your fantasies?” she panted.

“It is now,” Link growled, not really knowing where he should look first. Because it was not just the hand between her legs. There was also her other hand running up her side, squeezing at her breast. Her face with sweaty strands of hair clinging alongside her reddened cheeks. Her tongue tantalizingly running over her lips.

“Well, actually, no. Right now, it’s reality.”


Zelda softly laughed. She never would’ve guessed it was so easy to entrance a man. Her eyes drifted shut, but she still felt his stare burning on her writhing body. “Hm, Link. This is so nice,” she panted. “I’m… Oh! I’m almost there!”

With great fascination, Link watched how her eyes rolled back, how her fingers started to claw at the bed sheet. Her knees pulled up, her hips jerked and her breasts bounced. A ragged cry came from her mouth while her body started to convulse. Her eyes were squeezed shut now, her mouth open wide to let out her gasps of pleasure.

And then his hand shot out to still the briskly rubbing fingers. He pressed down hard, stopping all stimulation at once.

“Link!” Zelda gasped, stupefied. “I was so close.”

Link grinned apologetically. But also a bit impishly. “I’m sorry.” He raised her fingers, wet with her juice, to his mouth and gently sucked them clean. “But you know... delayed pleasure is double pleasure.”

“How do you know?”

His grin was most definitely impish now. “Do you think you’re the only one who does solo-sex?” Crawling down, he continued pleasuring the spot where her fingers had been just a moment ago with his tongue. Closing his lips around it, he sucked it, flicked it, grazed at it with his teeth ever so softly. He brought her back to that blissful edge, until she could almost see the stars that would await her at the other side.

And then he stopped again.

“Link!” she shouted, her eyes flashing dangerously. “Now, that’s just evil!”

Link chuckled, crawling over her. “Let’s stop this dilly-dallying, shall we?”

With a keen grin, Zelda bit her bottom lip. If this was dilly-dallying, then it was the most pleasant kind of dilly-dallying she had ever known. “Go on, Link. Make me yours.” She pulled up her knees and lay back. The butterflies that flitted all through her body had grown to a thousand, a million, feeling like they wanted to burst free, and when she felt the tip of Link’s penis nudge against her waiting entrance, a weak whimper slipped out of her throat.

For a moment, she could only feel the sharp sting of his invasion. “OW! Dammit!” she cried. In the end, it did hurt a bit more than she had expected after all. But she refused to let it ruin everything.

“Does it hurt?” Link said, worried.

“It will go away!” Honestly, guys had it so easy. They didn’t have this stupid hymen that needed to be pierced. “Just… stay still for a bit.”

“I’ll try.”

“No, you’re going to.” Heaving a couple of deep, trembling sighs, she tried to calm down and relax. After a while, the throbbing and pulsing of Link’s penis started to overrule the pain. His body heat on top of her seemed to seep into her bones, and his manly scent filled her head. The way he carefully caressed her cheek made her heart melt. His eyes when he looked at her were simply mesmerising. Once again, her lips were captured in a kiss, one full of feeling and emotion this time.

“Zelda...” Link whispered when he pulled away again. “Zelda. My love.”

“Oh, Link!” That was it now. She had to have this man, for ever. She wasn’t gonna give him to anyone else. That plan to make him addicted to her had worked both ways. The anxiety and stress of penetration was left behind, and in its place had come a raw, sexual desire she gladly let herself by engulfed by. It could only be quenched by his hips.

“Can I move?” Link said, his voice hoarse with lust.

“Yes,” Zelda nodded. “Make love to me.” As hot as she was feeling at that moment, a chill ran down her spine when he started moving with the greatest of care. There was some more kissing, some more caressing, while he started a gentle rhythm.

For Link too, this was a whole new world of pleasure. “Being inside of you… feels really nice,” he moaned.

“Doesn’t it just?” The friction inside had brought another pleasure spot to life, one that awakened a primal need for something much more vehement than this careful pace. “Faster, Link,” she gasped. Link sped up, but still not quite enough. “Faster. Show me what kind of animal you can be.”

Link’s eyes widened at this open invitation to go all out. With an arduous grunt, the shy, naive boy was transforming into a beast, the kind of savage beast only sex could rouse in him, he discovered now. His hips thrust, his body heaved, and the fair princess under him approved of this onslaught with encouraging, fiery cries.

“Yes! Oh! Sweet Goddesses!” she sobbed. “Don’t you dare stop this time!”

“Don’t worry,” Link groaned. “I most definitely won’t.”

They looked at each other while this entirely new bond was being forged, one that was for life. And then they both let themselves go, being immersed in this phenomenal, unbridled passion.

She craned her neck to give access to Links lips. She would’ve preferred for him not to leave any marks there, being a public figure and all. But frankly, right now, this was the least of her concerns. With all this adrenalin raging through her body, she could hardly think straight. Her heart was pounding like mad. She could feel it humming all through her body. The hunger in her loins was starting to take on ravenous proportions. The end was near. Having been interrupted before, she now felt it coming with double the force, and it was coming fast too, spurred on by the tingles that ran down her back, sensual and brilliant.

“Link… Ah! I’m coming!” This was so good, she thought she might start crying. She felt the hand that was resting on her hip tightening. With a groan of surrender, Link let his hips snap forward as he succumbed to the spasming of her inner walls. When hot splashes of his semen filled her up, she felt her brain – or the scintillating pulp it had become – crash into sweet oblivion. The cry of release that left both their mouths could probably be heard quite a bit beyond the walls of her chambers.

She could see all kinds of bright flickering images. Ah, there they were… The butterflies. They had found a way out and were dancing in front of her eyes now. No, wait… Might’ve also been the dancing little flames of the candles, blurred by the tears that were resting on her eyelids.


“Yes?” Her eyes fluttered open, and Link’s face was right above her, his hair damp with sweat, clinging to his forehead. His hand caressed the side of her head, and she smiled.

“Was it good?”

“Good?” Zelda exclaimed, as if he had just asked the most ludicrous question in the history of Hyrule. “Link, it was brilliant! Spectacular! We must do this again, we simply must.” After this, she couldn’t imagine her life without it. Her expectations had been high, but he had more than delivered. “Where did you learn all this?”

With a little chuckle, he rolled off her, loosely pulling the sheet over them both. “When me and the other soldiers train, what do you think we talk about during our breaks?”

“What, me?”

“Oh no, not specifically you, we wouldn’t dare! Just… Girls. Sex. In general.”

Zelda was a bit perplexed to imagine her virtuous Link, a boy of infinite kindness, discuss such a topic as sex with the other soldiers. “Well, boys will be boys, I guess,” she then said, cuddling close to him. After all, hadn’t it been to her own benefit? What they had just done wasn’t altogether all that virtuous either. “So, was this also your first time, then?”

“In this era, yes. But I don’t know what I might’ve been up to before my Slumber of Restoration. Way before I became your appointed knight and a Champion.”

Zelda let her eyes go over his face, his body. With his looks... She reckoned he might’ve broken a couple of hearts.

“Zelda, if you don’t mind me saying… It seemed like you too knew exactly which buttons to push.”

“Yes, well… My court maid Liselle… She has lost her innocence quite a while ago. I went to her for advice.”

“Oh, I see.” Then his eyes fell on the bruises on her arms. “Oh no! Did I do that?”

“What…?” Zelda followed his worried stare. “Oh, that. No, never mind that.” She quickly changed the topic. “So… was this the only fantasy you had about me?”

Links eyes flitted nervously. “Yes.”

“Really? Because when I first asked you about them this morning, you looked like you were gonna burst into flames.”

In the most adorable way, he bit his bottom lip. “There might’ve been a couple more.”

“Thought so. Well… Let’s keep those for some other time, okay?”

“Sounds good. But… some of them are a bit naughty, though.”

“Well, I’ll be. First it was nothing special, and now all of a sudden, some of them are a bit naughty.” Zelda chuckled. “Well, fortunately, I do like my Hero with a bit of sauce.” Things would get quite boring otherwise. With a deep, contented sigh, she glued herself more against him. Resting her chin on his chest, she looked up at him. “You haven’t answered my question yet: would you marry me? I promise to love you until the day I die.” And she meant it. As of today, Link was her entire world.

Link’s face broke into a wide, warm smile. “It would be an honour. Yes.”

“Ooh! I’m gonna be so proud to walk with you on my arm.”

“And I!”

A feeling of complete fulfilment and happiness filled her chest. Tomorrow, she would have so much to tell to her diary.


The end


Author’s Note: Did you see what I did there? For a moment, I’ve been inspired by that movie ‘Notting Hill’, about the American superstar who falls in love with a common boy from London. Great movie though, isn’t it?
So, I might knit a continuation to this. I’ve already written down some bits for a second chapter, but who knows when I might squeeze that out of my brain. Don’t hold thy breath, as they say.

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