Finding a Lost -Lamb- in the Woods

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Disclaimer: Xenogears is owned by Squaresoft/Square Enix. I am not representative of the fandom, and there was no money gotten from this.

Author's note: This takes place right near the start, in the forest outside Lahan Village. The big-ass dinosaur is skipped.

- - -

Fei Fong Wong was having a bad day, to say the least. While it started out going alright, having won the the RPS challenge against his neighbour, finding some nice cash around Lahan, and hearing Citan's restored music box, but everything went to shit as night fell. The Gears, the guns, Alice and Timothy...the village...

And so he ran.

He ran from everything.

Everything he's grown to know. Everything he's grown to love. He ran into the forest separating Lahan from the rest of Aveh, trying to get as far away as he could. And so he ran right into an ambush.

"Stop right there, -Lamb-!" A lone female voice called out from behind him. He silently cursed and did as instructed. "Throw down your weapons!"

Does she not have eyes? The Fei, being a martial artist, obviously could not do that, and so he turned around. 

The woman raised her gun to his head. "S-stop there! Don't move or I'll shoot!" 

"I don't care. Go ahead." Fei stood unflinching. He raised his eyes. "You're shaking. You'll never hit me that way." 

"S-shut up! I'm going to kill you if you don't listen to me!"

"And clearly you can't listen either, Ms. Shakes." He turned to leave.

"H-hey! Don't you walk away from me! I have permission to kill all -Lambs-! I-I'll shoot! I wi-"

Her voice cut short as a large zombie-esque creature fell from the canopy onto her head, knocking her out instantly. Fei turned with a slight catch in his breath. 


- - -

The redhead slowly opened her eyes. The sky was dark, with her surroundings lit with the dim orange glow of a fire. Fei's brown skin shone with a deep red, his black hair a bloody crimson. 

"Hey you. Finally awake, eh?" She turned her groggy head around. She seemed to be in one piece, even if her head was killing her. Was she...saved? By a -Lamb-? She felt disgusted, but thankful.

"I was...unconscious? And what hit me?" 

"Just some forest monsters. They do like two HP of damage lmao."

What in the hell is HP? She wondered. "You saved me? Why? I...*ahem* I am under strict orders to kill all -Lambs- I encounter."

"But you didn't kill me." 


"...Look, hate me all you want. I want to die, so you can shoot me whenever you feel like. But we are both stuck in the middle of this forest, with no sense of direction at all. Until we get out, we work together, okay?" Fei stuck out his hand. "My name is Fei Fong Wong."

The woman looked at Fei's open hand, and then at the ground. "I will not shake hands with a -Lamb-, but my name is Elhaym van Houten, but just call me 'Elly.' 'Elly' is fine."

"'Elly?' Strange, I feel as if I...knew that somehow."

"...Right." He's an odd one.

- - -

They tried many times to make small talk, but only gave simple, straightforward answers. The single, unspoken rule was to not delve into each other's pasts (not like Fei had much to say in that regard anyway).

The night had grown darker and colder. They both shivered, mostly because there were only small embers left. "Where I am from, we have a custom," Elly began as she stood up. "As the night chills you to your bones, find another to share your moans."

"...Share your moans?"

Elly smiled to herself. I have to thank the Solarian R&D team later. She pushed a single button on her jumpsuit, which magically jumped off of her body onto the ground, leaving her bare skin exposed to the now blushing man, who looked away, flustered. 

"E-Elly?! What ar-"

She knelt at his side, where she pulled his head to face her, looked into his eyes, and kissed him deeply, her own face a bright pink. She moved her right hand down to find a throbbing one-eyed monster and it's two cohorts, which she gently caressed. Fei got the message and reached underneath Elly to find a lightly-furred chasm which was simply dripping with her fluids, which ran down his hand onto the ground. His other arm reached around and pulled Elly in closer to him, and they could feel each other's racing heartbeats. Elly didn't like his clothing, so she pulled it off with reckless abandon, freeing his toned body and large, rigid organ to the night air.

Despite the fact that she couldn't see it, she knew it was slightly larger than average. She pushed Fei to the ground and clambered on top of him to get as close to it as possible. Fei knew exactly what was in front of his fac, he could smell Elly's pussy as it hovered inches from his face, and dripped a long strand of her cum onto his cheek. Elly gave Fei's shaft a long lick from base to tip, and Fei returned the favour, he stuck his tongue into her folds and ran it down to the clit. Elly nibbled a little on the scrotum underneath Fei, and Fei scraped his teeth against Elly's inner labia. 

They continued this little game of cat-and-mouse for a short while, and they both were getting close. However, Elly was having an argument with herself during all this. 'He's a -Lamb-, and you are going to fuck him?' 'Yes, because I want to.' 'You're going to give your virginity to a man you just met today?' 'Am I going to stop me?' 'What will mom and dad think?' 'Who cares?'  Perhaps sensing her hesitation, Fei called out to her, but she reassured him. She got off of Fei's face and turned around, straddling his spear-head to her previously untouched folds. She looked at the man she could barely see, and sat down.

The large sperm pipe filled Elly more than she had expected. There was the obvious pain of her torn hymen, but there was enough of her own lube that entry was rather smooth. Her unexplored insides tightly squeezed the invader, beckoning it further in, of which both of them were all too eager to fulfil. Elly kept pushing down on the cock splitting her from the inside, wanting it to get as deep as it could, and eventually she felt him push against a specific, sensitive ring inside her. Knowing that this was as much dick as she could get, she put her hands on his chest, leaned in to the man underneath her and pulled his shaft out slightly before lowering again, slowly. 

Fei reached up, grabbed Elly's hips, and helped her reach a steady rhythm. As far has he knew, Fei was also a virgin, but he wasn't sure. Still, he had some idea of how this whole 'sex' thing worked, so he just tried to fake it. He could feel Elly grip his length tirelessly as he effortlessly worked his shaft into her depths. He could feel Elly's pussy contracting in slow but powerful waves. She started to scream his name. She pushed down on him as hard as she could. He leaned up to kiss her, and pushed up as far as he could. His balls pulled up hard and he shot a massive load of fertile semen directly into Elly's womb, where it filled up the emptiness in Elly's body. They were both wracked in orgasm for about a minute, until they fell asleep in each other's arms. 

- - -

Early morning... Elly thought as she opened her eyes to the dawn. She saw her lover underneath her, and felt him even more so. She smiled, kissed him, got up, and nearly screamed as she saw a man in a green gi sitting at the fire.

"Good morning, madam. I trust that you both had slept well?" Noticing her fluster, he spoke in her natural language. (Or do you prefer this language?)

(Y-you were watching us?) Elly shimmied to her jumpsuit, covering her leaking privates.

(You need not feel embarrassed, miss. It's nothing I've never seen before. And I only just got here a few hours ago, with this). He pointed to the black Gear behind him. (So far, only Fei can use it, and it is making Lahan's people uneasy, so I flew it here.)

(Lahan...the gear destroyed the town...didn't it...?)

(Yes, and you were the pilot that left it here, were you not?) After her initial surprise, he continued. (It is okay, but maybe you had best not tell Fei of this. He has been through a lot recently.)

(...I should leave. I don't want Fei to be hurt by my actions again.)

(He may be more hurt if your actions yesterday take root. I would know, being Solarian too. It is how my daughter was made, you see. Maybe you should stay be his side.)

(But then my joining the party later on wouldn't have as much dramatic impact.) 

(Good point. On your way, then. The exit is just out that way, on your left.)

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