war in the commonwealth

BY : fanboypo
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Disclaimer: i make no money off the fallout universe or any of the characters, and i just right this for fun

The sole survivor was rudely awoken after a long day fighting the institute and defending the Castle by what sounded like helicopter blades and yelling.

Since he was awake, he decided to investigate, Nate got out of bed next to Cait. She asked if he actually had leave. While Nate was looking for his Vault 111 Vault Suit, he answered “you know I do, just in case it’s the institute” she sighed and put her head in the pillow.

When Nate had his combat armor on overtop his vault suit, he walked to the door of the room putting on his Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV on his left hand and grabbing a combat shotgun with explosive rounds in the other hand. Nate checked his shotgun as he was walking out the castle, the stronghold for the minute men. His shotgun had a powerful automatic receiver with a long ported and shielded barrel. The stock was replaced with a recoil compensating stock and the mag replaced by a quick eject drum mag. The sights were glow sights and had muzzle brake to stop it recoiling so much.

When he got into the courtyard, he saw a standoff between elder Maxon, the leader of the brotherhood of steel and Preston Garvey, the second in command of the minute men, Nate being the first. Elder Maxon was standing right in front of the Vertibird with two brotherhood knights in T-60 BOS power armor, one had a Gatling laser and the other had a sighted minigun.

Nate just noticed that nick valentine was standing behind Preston which had an overcharged laser musket. Maxon was telling Preston to hand over the synth while Preston was just standing his ground.

“leave now if you want to stay in one piece” Nate said gruffly while emerging out of the shadows, gun in hand. Elder Maxon looked around at all the minutemen that had their guns trained on him. He knew that he would easily be overpowered so he aggressively turned around and stated, “fine then.” The three BOS members hoped on the Vertibird and took off to the Prydwen in the distance.

“thank god that’s over, I almost became parts for the generator” nick joked “nick, if you keep laughing at death, deaths gonna laugh back at you” Nate sigh. “Nate, you’re starting to sound like Ellie.”

“hey! Nate!” Sturges came running but a big grin on his face “I found it, I found them” “found who?” Nate asked confused. “the institute! I found a way in!”

“okay, let’s go” smirked Nate “it’s time.”

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