Sarasa Nightmare

BY : Jadiona
Category: +S through Z > Super Mario Brothers
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Disclaimer: The author does not own Super Mario Brothers or any publicly recognizable characters herein. No copyright infringement is intended. No monetary gain is made from this.

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Disclaimer: The author does not own any publicly recognizable characters herein. No copyright infringement is intended.

AN: So I feel the need to go into this by stating the last time I played a Mario game was Super Mario Bros, on the NES. As such my knowledge of Mario is limited at best, but I did recently watch someone on Youtube do a play-through of the Paper Mario series. The idea I'm using behind this story is inspired by the second game in that series, A Thousand Year Door.


Luigi had always looked up to his big brother, Mario, but the more adventures Mario went on, the harder it was for him to truly believe his big brother and his troves of hero worshipers.

Honestly, how could anyone believe someone "saved the princess" and "saved the world" as often as his brother supposedly did?

It just didn't seem realistic or even possible...

Still, Luigi had oftentimes tried to impress his brother, walking in his shadow and following his footsteps like a lost puppy.

It wasn't until after he'd traveled to the Waffle Kingdom in an effort to rescue the young Princess Eclair, ending with not one, not two, but numerous beings threatening his life – all because of his actions – that he finally gave up.

He fled to the distant kingdom of Sarasaland.

There, he carved out a quiet life for himself, trying to put the past – and his brother's continuing epic adventures – behind him.

Both of which were difficult.

On the first front, part of him still craved that adventure; still wanted to be looked at as a hero, and still desired the rush. As for the second... well, it seemed there was nowhere he could go that would let him escape the legacy of his brother.

Despite that, he kept his head down and tried to become a successful farmer.

It wasn't a glamorous life, but it was an honest one.

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