Valentine's Day at sea

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Valentine’s Day at sea

Rui sighed happily at the feeling of the sea breeze on her scantily clad body, loving the oceans spray upon her skin as she stood at the bow of the Aura Siren wearing nothing but a cerulean blue string bikini so small that it only just covered her nipples and pussy

A week before Valentine's Day Wes and Rui had approached Joma to request that Rui could take the day off so that they could celebrate as a couple and to their surprise and delight Joma both gave them a couple of days off to celebrate the holiday and even loaned them his boat so that they would have somewhere to have privacy for it

As she started considering stripping naked to ‘truly’ feel the seas breeze Rui felt the boat slowly come to a stop as Wes killed the ignition and set the anchor down, the boat having come to a stop in the middle of the ocean between Kanto and Hoenn with a view of each region on the horizon, the sun glistening on the crystal clear waters allowing Rui to see her reflection perfectly as she looked over the side of the boat

“I think here is a good spot to stop for a while” Wes stated as he stepped out from the Sirens helm, the Orre Champion dressed in just a tight pair of shorts baring his bronze skin and tight pectorals to the sun making Rui bite her lip at the sight, Wes smirking at the sight as he then advanced on his woman to pin her against the guard rail of the bow, an action she greatly approved of as she melted into his grasp as he forced his lips to hers

Easily pushing his tongue into Rui’s mouth without resistance Wes then lifted her by her ass so that she was sat on the railing, one hand staying on her ass to grope it whilst the other travelled up her body to grab hold of her barely covered breast making her simper against his mouth

Roughly groping her tits Wes then grabbed hold of her bikini top and tore it off, making Rui break the kiss with a gasp and lustful moan as she then jiggled her tits for him, biting her lip as Wes then moved down her body to kneel down between her legs

“Fuck” the redhead moaned as Wes then forced her legs open and ripped off her bikini bottoms leaving her completely naked as she gripped the railing to balance herself, shivers running through her body as Wes then pressed his mouth to her core making her throw her head back with a cry of bliss “oh fuck Wes!”

Growling lustfully against her cunt Wes ran his hot tongue along the slit before attacking her clit with it whilst massaging her pussy with his fingers, gently rubbing the slit before pushing a finger deep inside of her feeling her clench tight around the digit, the slut moaning and whimpered as he easily found her sweet spot and pressed it making her toes curl “ tongue...give me cock!” she then pleaded, desperate for something bigger than his tongue and fingers

All too eager to oblige her pleas Wes stood back up and lifted Rui before turning her around and bending her over the railing, allowing the redhead to see her perfectly clear reflection in the ocean water below as he dropped his pants to let his throbbing erection slap against her ass 

Slapping his cock against her ass again Wes then thrust it between her legs, teasing her slit and clit making her shiver with delight as she gripped the railing for seemingly dear life “please Wes...don’t tease me...fuck me!” she whimpered whilst clamping her thighs together around his cock anyway, the feeling of it against her clit too good for her to stop herself

Taking a couple more teasing thrusts between her thighs Wes then pulled back before surging forward to bury himself balls deep inside of Rui’s dripping hole, sending her scream of utter bliss echoing out over the ocean as she started to shamelessly throw her hips back against him making her ass clap against his groin

Grunting Wes took hold of her waist to guide her hips as he started to thrust back into her, making Rui’s tits bounce hard as she gripped the railing tighter, her knuckles turning white as she looked back over her shoulder at him with sheer lust and love in her eyes “harder...deeper…gonna cum…” she then whined as her body started to shake and shudder

Grinning Wes moved his hands up to grip her shoulders before pulling on them hard as he surged into her even deeper, his cock head slamming against her cervix turning her pupils into hearts as her body exploded with pleasure, the redhead nearly falling over the railing if it hadn’t been for Wes’s tight grip on her shoulders, her lover slowing his thrusts to allow her to ride out her climax

When Rui eventually stopped shuddering and moaning Wes began to pick up his pace again when Rui suddenly stopped him with a hand on his chest, the redhead looking back at him with lustful eyes as she moaned a single word


(A few minutes later)

Reclining back against the pillows and headboard Wes groaned with pleasure as Rui lay between his legs on her front, his cock encased between her tits as she used them to pleasure him, her tongue working his cock head as she looked up at him with wide blue eyes loving every expression of ecstasy that graced his features coaxing her to work her tits harder and faster

Taking his cock head into her mouth Rui then sucked hard, her eyes fluttering closed before snapping back open as Wes came with a loud groan, flooding her slutty mouth and throat with his thick rich seed, her eyes fluttering at the taste of it as she leisurely gulped down everything his cock gave her

Keeping her lips sealed tight around his shaft throughout his climax Rui continued to work her tits along what they covered keeping his climax going for a near a minute before it finally ran dry, the slut then slowly pulling back and letting her tongue hang out to show that she had swallowed his cum like a good girl

His eyes turning near predatory at the sight Wes then moved to grab hold of Rui, making her yelp and giggle as he then threw her down on the bed and forced her legs open, the slut moaning as she reached up to grab the headrest for support before screaming out in bliss as Wes drove balls deep into her pussy, making her eyes roll back as he grabbed hold of her waist and started pounding into her with everything he had “oh fuck! Wes! Fuck me! Use me!!!”

Smirking at her pleading Wes moved one hand from her waist to grab one of her bouncing tits “keep talking like that slut and I’ll just might knock you up” he ‘warned’ to which in response Rui clenched tighter than ever before making him grunt and come to a stop “damn, you really liked that didn’t you?”

Biting her lip Rui just nodded before gasping as Wes thrust deep into her again, his cock head firm against her cervix with every thrust making her toes curl “I want it...I want it so bad…” she breathed wrapping her legs tight around her lover's waist “breed me…”

The sheer neediness of her tone made Wes’s cock twitch as he felt like his climax suddenly ‘fast forwarded’ a good few minutes, shuddering as Rui pressed her heels to his lower back and wrapped her arms around his neck, moaning and panting in his ear as she begged him to cum with every deep stroke he took into her, her body thrumming and shaking as her orgasm built up alongside his release

As she did so Wes grunted as he came hard, emptying his load deep into Rui’s welcoming womb as his cock pushed through her cervix to enter it, making the redhead see stars at the burning blissful feeling of his cum filling her insides dragging her over the edge into bliss with him

As Rui’s body shook wildly with pleasure Wes forced her legs away from his waist before gripping her waist again, moving to sit up on his knees before railing into Rui with everything he had, not giving the slut a moment to recover from her climax as he brutally punished her cunt with his thrusts, making her tits bounce wildly as she desperately grabbed at the bed sheets for something to hold onto as she was slowly driven mad with lust and pleasure, her body suffering orgasm after orgasm as Wes used her pussy to make himself cum over and over again, filling her with load after load of thick potent cum

It was a good six loads later when Wes finally ran dry, the Orre Champion now fucking his girlfriend from behind as she lay listless on her front, her ass clapping against his groin as she gurgled and babbled encouragement to him, her eyes rolling back as she felt him slam in balls deep and cum with a low groan, her toes curling and her tongue hanging out as she came with him, her body completely boneless with sheer bliss as she then felt him slowly pull out of her overly cum packed cunt

Feeling his seed warm her insides she was near positive that she was pregnant

But if not, she could always ask for another couple days off to try again

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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