Shantae Wedgie Story

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Disclaimer: Warning - Wedgie fetish and all main characters are 18+.

Shantae woke up, rubbing her eyes as she let out a yawn. She felt Rottytops’s head resting against her shoulder. “Hey, Snack Cakes,” the zombie greeted the half-genie. Rotty knew that Shantae disliked the nickname, making it all the more enjoyable to see the half-genie flustered.


 “Very funny,” Shantae replied, flicking the zombie on the nose.


 “So, what’s the plan for the day?” Rotty asked, sitting upward.


 “I was thinking about paying Uncle Mimic a visit,” Shantae suggested. “I haven’t seen him or the others in a long time.” She and Rotty had been going on adventures across the world, leaving Bolo and Sky to defend Scuttle Town. Judging from the fact that the town wasn’t destroyed, Shantae presumed her friends had done a good job. It was only within the past day that she and Rotty had returned.


 “Sounds fun,” Rotty replied, wrapping her arms around the half-genie. “How much have you told him about us?”


 “Actually, I haven’t,” Shantae admitted. “I was going to surprise him today.”


 Rotty smirked. “Hope he doesn’t mind me kissing his favorite niece,” she said before pressing her lips against Shantae’s left cheek. Although she could not explain it, Rotty always felt a sense of reassurance from Shantae’s presence.


 “I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Shantae replied confidently, her face becoming red as Rotty continued pecking her on the cheek. “We’re both twenty-two. I doubt he’s gonna care who I’m dating.”


 “And I’m immortal,” Rotty added. “So that’s a plus.”


 “Yeah, but I’m not,” Shantae replied, looking down. She had always wondered what the ramifications of dating an immortal would be. Even though she was a zombie, Rotty still aged until she reached her physical peak. Shantae questioned how this process worked, but she based her knowledge off what Rotty had told her. Despite being undead, Rotty had the capability of existing forever. The only way she could be extinguished was for her body to be completely destroyed, which was not a thought Shantae particularly wanted in her head.


 “Then, I’ll just make you a zombie before you die. That way, we’ll be together forever,” Rotty said optimistically, hoping she was correct.


 “How?” Shantae asked, scratching her head. “Won’t I forget who I am? You don’t remember who you were before you died.”


 “That’s the thing,” Rotty began. “Poe’s hamster became a zombie before it died. And it recognized its name after becoming a zombie. I think you’ll be fine.” Granted, only her older brother knew how the hamster became a zombie. She could only hope Poe could help her learn more about such a concept. At the moment, however, she put the thought into the back of her head. She wanted to enjoy her time with Shantae while she could. It wasn’t everyday that she met someone as nice to her as Shantae.


 “If you say so,” Shantae replied, resting her head against the zombie’s shoulder. “I trust you.”


 “Not many do,” Rotty admitted somberly. “I tend to scare people off. I know that Sky still doesn’t trust me. She thinks I’m still the prankster who’s going to hurt you.”


 “She’s half right,” Shantae replied. “You are a prankster, but I know you won’t hurt me again. I trust you more than anyone else.”


 “Thanks,” Rotty murmured somberly. The lingering memory still hung in her head even three years after the event. The night she and her brothers had betrayed Shantae and sold her out to her enemy, Risky Boots. Unlike most zombies, she and her family had a conscience. To retain this ability to think, she and her brothers relied on consuming coffee every day. She did not understand why this was, but it was quite the addiction. Although she loved the taste of coffee, she despised the fact that she required the substance to stay sane. She and her brothers had sold Shantae out for coffee and her brain, which Rotty desired to eat due to another addictive quality that came from being a zombie. She had long since regretted that day, that memory reappearing every time she looked into Shantae’s eyes. Eventually, Rotty had repaired her friendship with Shantae, but she could never forget that day. She let out a sigh as she pulled herself out of bed and started stretching her body, hoping to think about something else. “Maybe today will make me feel better.”


 Shantae stood up beside her. “Hey, Rotty? How long have we been dating?”


 “Almost a year. Why?” Rotty asked, continuing to stretch her arms.


 “I just can’t believe we’ve made it this far,” Shantae admitted, reminiscing about their first date. Rotty had been the one to ask her out, much to Shantae’s surprise. The half-genie had not expected the zombie to hold feelings for her. They had gone out to see a movie, went to a small restaurant, and finally relaxed back at Shantae’s new house. After saving Scuttle Town enough times, the Mayor had given her a house of her own a year ago. Her uncle, the man who had adopted and raised her, had been saddened by her moving out, but he grew to accept her decision.


 “Yeah,” Rotty murmured, looking down at her feet. “I’m just surprised you said yes.”


 “Why’s that?” Shantae asked.


 “I didn’t think you’d feel the same way,” Rotty admitted, staring into Shantae’s eyes. “I was hoping for a yes, but I wasn’t expecting much.”


 Shantae planted a kiss on her girlfriend’s cheek. “You should think better about yourself,” she suggested. “You’ll look cuter if you do.”


 “Thanks, Shantae,” Rotty replied, placing her arm around her girlfriend. Her black pajamas and shorts contrasted with Shantae’s white pajamas and pants.


 “You’re welcome,” Shantae said with a grin. “Eeep!” She felt a sharp pain coming from her posterior. She looked behind her to see Rotty gripping her white flame-printed undergarments in her left hand, jovially tugging on the waistband.


 “Wedgie,” Rotty whispered confidently. “Sky was right about one thing. I’m still a prankster.”


 “Very funny,” Shantae stated sarcastically. She gripped the front part of Rotty’s purple waistband peeking out of her shorts. With a quick yank, Rotty’s eyes jolted open as she let out a small shriek. “You’re not the only one, Rotty.”


 “Touché,” the zombie squeaked, releasing her grip on Shantae’ panties. The half-genie did the same, letting the waistband snap against the zombie’s stomach. The couple tucked their undergarments back into their pajamas and began laughing. There was something amusing about their relationship that calmed Rotty whenever she got stressed out. The couple, changed into a new set of clothes, walked into the bathroom and prepared for the day. Rotty’s fingers wrapped themselves around her black toothbrush before she began cleaning her teeth. Shantae did the same with a green toothbrush. 


 In the mirror reflected two individuals: a zombie and a half-genie, the former of which was slightly taller than the other. The zombie had green skin as well as choppy, dark green hair. Her bright red eyes reflected off the mirror as she stared back at herself. There were numerous stitches present on her left arm and right leg. She possessed a curvy yet slim figure and wore a short purple tank top that revealed her midriff. Finally, she wore a yellow headband, skull earrings, a matching skull buckle on her brown belt, navy blue jean shorts, and a black choker around her neck. She supposed that she dressed a bit out of the ordinary, but then again, she was a zombie.


 The half-genie had olive skin with blue eyes, and long growing purple hair that had been tied back in a ponytail stem stalk. Whenever she was asleep at night, she would undo the ponytail for a more comfortable rest. At present, she wore a red t-shirt with a genie lamp on the center, denim shorts, red flip flops, golden earrings, and a matching white white shorts and white white shorts white white and white white shorts white white and tiara. Her pointed ears perked up optimistically as she finished brushing her teeth and placed the toothbrush down. Her status as a half-genie came from her father being human and her mother being a genie. She had met neither of them, although her Mimic seemed to have known her mother at some point. All she knew now was that her mother guarded another form of reality called the Genie Realm, constantly under attack from demonic threats. As for her father, she had no who or where he was. Some nights she would question whether or not her father was still alive and what her mother thought of her.


 In present, she had become lost in her thoughts when a cannonball came crashing through the wall, making her jump back in surprise. “What the?”


 “Ho ho ho!” A familiar voice laughed. A pirate hopped into the room through the hole the cannonball created. This figure wore a large purple and red hat with a skull symbol on the center, a purple necklace with a gold pendant around her neck, a bikini top resembling the upper half of a skull, deep purple pants lined with a white rim shaped like a jaw bone, and a belt that held her scimitar and pistol. She possessed lavender skin and a shade of purple not unlike Shantae’s. Finally, a  deceitful grin spanned across her lips as she approached the couple.


 “Risky?” Shantae asked, genuinely surprised by her appearance. She had not seen the pirate for almost a year now.


 “In the flesh,” the pirate stated, repeating her usual catchphrase. “Nice place you’ve got here. It’s much prettier than your uncle’s.” Her eyes locked onto Rottytops standing next to Shantae. “What’s she doing here?” she asked, barely holding out her left index finger in the zombie’s direction.


 “I live here,” Rotty said, irritated. Over the years, she had never hated somebody as much as she did Risky.


 “You’re roommates now?” Risky asked, raising an eyebrow.


 “It’s more than that,” Rotty replied, clenching her fists while attempting to keep her cool. “We’re dating.”


 Risky’s eyes widened. “You really miss a lot when you’re away,” she observed, shaking her head while chuckling. “I didn’t think anyone could love you, zombie...”


 Rotty gritted her teeth and charged at the pirate. She roared as she tackled into Risky, grinding her fists into the pirate’s face and knocking out a few teeth. “Shut up!” Rotty shouted.


 “Rotty! Calm down!” Shantae demanded, watching with concern. “She’s just trying to get you mad.”


 “Well, it’s working!” Rotty screamed, rolling Risky around.


 The pirate groaned. She had not expected Rotty to react so quickly. “Eeeeek!” she shrieked. She knew almost immediately what Rotty was doing to her. The zombie was yanking Risky’s red-and-black striped panties up her back, sending a stabbing pain to her posterior. “Let me go!” she demanded, her voice now squeaking.


 “Help me out, Shantae!” Rotty called out to her girlfriend, grinning as she reveled in Risky’s screams.


 Shantae sighed, weighing her options. She wasn’t sure of the ramifications of this, but she really wanted to give Risky a taste of her own medicine. The pirate had been bothering her for so many years and she wanted some payback. She walked up to Risky and gripped the pirate’s waistband.Using all of her strength, she quickly tore a hole in the back of the underwear, making Risky roar even louder.


 “You brats!” Risky screamed.


 “Finish it!” Rotty exclaimed. “Pull it over her face!” The couple double teamed Risky, pulling off her pirate hat, revealing the red and white striped cap she wore. Shantae yanked once more, increasing the size of the hole and the intensity of Risky’s pain before ripping her the fabric even further. To top it all off, she continued tearing the material until she hooked it underneath Risky’s chin. “Yes!” Rotty cheered, throwing her excited fists into the air. “Take that, you bi-”


 “Rotty, don’t curse,” Shantae scolded her, putting on a pouty face. “You know the rules of this house.”


 Rotty sighed. “Sorry,” she apologized. She had forgotten that Shantae made it an unofficial rule of her home that nobody was allowed to swear inside the house. “I guess I got a little carried away,” she said, growing angrier and angrier by the second. “She just got me so mad and I lost it.”


 “It’s fine,” Shantae replied, letting out a sigh. She turned to admire their work. “We make a pretty good team, though.”


 Rotty laughed. “Nobody gives a better atomic than us.”


 “Guckuuu!” Risky cursed, her voice muffled and her neck being strained back by her underwear prison.


 A sadistic grin appeared on Rotty’s face. She rushed into the kitchen and came back with a roll of duct tape in her hand. She wrapped the tape around Risky’s face, securing the atomic wedgie in place. After that, she pulled Risky up by the front of her panties, stretching the front part of her waistband up to her chin. She put the hat back on Risky’s head and walked the pirate out the front door. “Have a good day, Risky,” Rotty taunted, watching the pirate waddle away as Risky scratched at her head, attempting to remove the wedgie.


 “That was a bit mean,” Shantae murmured. “Everyone in town is gonna see her like that.”


 “She deserves it,” Rotty replied with a shrug. “After everything she’s put us through, an atomic wedgie is nothing compared to the shi... stuff she’s put us through.”


 Shantae snickered. “Okay. You make a good point. Let’s just be careful in case she breaks free.”


 Rotty nodded. “We’ll be fine,” she assured her girlfriend, planting a kiss on her left cheek. “Now let’s get ready to see your uncle.”


 At the same moment, Risky was waddling through town, unable to see where she was going. All she could hear was laughter, frustrating her even more.


 “Wow, that’s hot,” a voice exclaimed.


 “What a nerd,” another shouted.


 “Guess the pirate lady isn’t so tough after all,” a third commented.


 Risky screamed, ripping her underwear off her head. Red and black material pieces fell gracefully through the air, angering Risky further. Now I only have two pairs left, she thought bitterly. She yanked the tape off and put back on her hat after it had previously fallen off. She ripped the remaining undergarments off and tossed them into the nearby sea and before jumping onto her ship. She quickly changed into a new pair of underwear so she wouldn’t have to go commando. “Those runts are gonna pay for this...”



Risky carefully handled the crystal made of dark magic, holding it with a pair of tongs. She had already been planning this for her attack today, but she believed that she alone would have been enough. She had never gotten a wedgie before, much less an atomic. Throughout her life, she had witnessed the prank, but had never done it because she believed it was too immature to use.


 Those runts are gonna be in a world of pain when I’m done with them, Risky thought to herself. Her only goal in life was power, plain and simple. Although she could not properly explain it, there was something about having so much strength at her fingertips that put at ease. In present time, She pulled out a lock of purple hair and infused it with the crystal. She had obtained a piece of Shantae’s hair from their last battle for this very experiment. The crystal began floating in the air and took shape. “Yes...” the pirate said excitedly.


 The crystal transformed into a familiar half-genie, albeit with an inverted color scheme. The creature had grey skin, purple bra and hareem pants, red hair, golden earrings, and yellow eyeballs. The demon, once again reborn, was an inverted copy of Shantae.  “Where... am I?” the creature wondered aloud. Her eyes focused on Risky. “It’s you. How did you bring me back?”


 “It’s a long story,” Risky replied. “But let’s talk about something else. Don’t you want revenge on that half-genie runt and her friends? They’ve killed you twice now.”


 The demon growled. She despised Shantae and her friends. She hated the former for having everything in her life: friends, family, and a good home. The creature had none of that and when she had tried to replace Shantae, her friends had stopped her plans. “You’re right,” she agreed with the pirate. “They need to suffer.”


 “I have just the idea,” Risky explained. “Giving them a wedgie is the perfect revenge.”


 “A what?” The creature asked, raising an eyebrow.


 “It’s where you yank on somebody’s underwear,” Risky answered simply.


 “That sounds... silly,” the creature muttered. A devilish grin appeared on her face. “I love it.” She reached out and yanked the front of Risky’s panties, rocketing the fabric tightly up her stomach.


 “Ack! What are you doing?” Risky yelled.


 “Just testing the waters,” the creature joked. She had been careful to remove and reapply Risky’s hat in the meantime. Using all of her strength, she effortlessly stretched the waistband over Risky’s face and attached it to the back of her head. The proximity of the fabric’s odor was enormous, further increasing her disgust for herself.


 Not again, the pirate wanted to say. I’ve got to stop wearing stretchy underwear.


 “See you later,” the creature replied, walking out of the room. She noticed that she was standing on top of a pirate ship. With a devilish grin, she punched a hole through the floorboards and watched as water began entering. “Have fun,” she whispered before jumping off the ship.


 Risky tore her underwear off again and ran across the ship, attempting to find the creature. She noticed the hole and let out a groan. “I hate that runt...”



A young man was carrying various crates for his female friend in her bedroom. The man possessed navy blue hair, a yellow headband, a slight tan, and held a determined expression as he carefully placed the crate onto the ground. He wore a white bandage wrapped around his right upper arm, a white tank top underneath a short blue vest, tan gloves with metal rings around the cuffs, dark blue shorts. “Done,” he said, wiping sweat from his brow.


 “Thanks for your help, Bolo,” she told him. The woman, who was slightly older and taller than him, had tan skin, blonde hair held back by a blue headwrap, and a purple hood with a cape attached to it. She wore pink and blue earrings in the shape of eggs, a blue and pink girdle, brown wrappings on her wrists, white khaki pants, brown socks and wears a falconer's glove on her left hand. Her purple eyes locked onto the crate she was holding, gently placing the box onto her bed.


 Bolo nodded. “What is all this stuff for again?”


 “It’s super food for my birds,” Sky explained. “It’s going to make them stronger than normal.”


 “Neat,” Bolo replied, observing the crates. Now’s my chance, he realized. He wouldn’t have a better opportunity than right now. “Sky, we’ve been friends for several years now...” he began, tapping his fingers nervously.


 “Let me guess, you want to ask me out?” Sky surmised, catching Bolo off guard. “It’s not hard to figure out you like me, Bolo,” she said with a chuckle.


 Bolo gulped. He had hoped Sky would have been surprised by his words, but it looked like that wouldn't be the case. “What do you say?” he asked with a hopeful grin.


 Sky sighed. “Sure,” she said with a smile. She had been impressed by Bolo’s growth over the years. He no longer stared dumbfounded at every beautiful woman he met and he had begun to take things more seriously. Their friendship had gone on long enough that Sky had noticed Bolo developing a genuine attraction toward her. This attraction seemed more real than the women he had previously fallen for. “When and where?”


 Bolo nearly jumped with excitement upon hearing her words. “How about tomorrow?” he suggested. “I heard Shantae and Rotty are back in town today. We could pay them a visit.”


 “I haven’t seen Shantae in who knows how long,” Sky murmured. She remembered saying goodbye to her friend when Shantae had left to travel the world with Rotty. Sky and Rotty had left on bad terms, with Sky having warned Shantae to be careful around the zombie.


 This comment angered Rotty to the point she had shouted at Sky: “You are a terrible friend!” Shantae didn’t rush to defend her, haunting Sky every day since she had heard those words. She had been friends with Shantae since they were kids, making Sky assume that Shantae would heed her warning.


 Although she worked side-by-side with Rotty in the past, Sky still had trouble trusting the zombie. She had wondered what was stopping Rotty from turning on Shantae again. The zombie had done it before, and she had always commented about eating Shantae’s brain. Sky couldn’t tell if Rotty meant that as a joke or if the zombie was entirely serious. Either way, Sky was certain Rotty wouldn’t be happy to see her again.


 “I hope they’re doing okay,” Bolo commented.


 “Me too,” Sky agreed somberly. An object crashed through the window, landing right before them. The duo jumped in surprise. “No...” Sky whispered, her body shaking in terror. “Not you again...” It had been years since she had seen the monster. Did she take Shantae over again? she wondered in fear. She could not bear the idea of losing her friend again.


 The creature stared at Sky, her eyes intent on causing chaos. “It’s payback time, Sky.” In an instant, she was behind the birdkeeper. She lighted Sky into the air, yanking her pink underwear.


 “Ack!” Sky shrieked, horrified by the sudden jolt of cotton being yanked tightly up her tush. “What are you doing?!” she squeaked.


 “Giving you what you deserve,” the creature replied. She bounced Sky up and down, reveling in the birdkeeper’s screams and hearing the fabric stretch.


 Bolo stared in disbelief, blushing profusely upon seeing Sky’s frilly waistband. “Uhhhhhhh...”


 “Bolo, help me!” Sky yelled, her face a combined shade of embarrassment and anger.


 Bolo snapped out of his trance and charged at the creature. The creature dropped Sky, letting her crash face first into the ground. and pulled the same trick on Bolo, pulling him into the air with his tighty whities. Bolo dangled in the air, struggling to respond as the excruciating pain poked his posterior in every direction. “Ah! Help!”


 Sky groaned, slowly picking herself up. She had no idea why the creature had returned or why she had given her a wedgie. The creature began cackling, irritating her further. “Shut up!” Sky yelled, running toward the creature. The monster merely snuck up behind her and lifted her into the air once more, taking enjoyment in hearing the material stretch once more.


 “You two are so predictable,” the creature taunted. She dropped the two and began a small dance, her hips moving in numerous directions. When she finished, her body contorted and changed her into a blue harpy. “Since you love to fly so much, Sky...” Her talons gripped Bolo and Sky’s waistbands and flew out of the hole she had created.


 “Stop!” Sky begged, dangling left and right. Although she normally liked to fly, being bounced  “You’ve gotten your revenge, just put us down!”


 “Yeah, this hurts...” Bolo muttered, losing all feeling in his body.


 “Hmm... okay,” the creature replied, flying them to a nearby house. She hooked the two to the tip of the house’s roof, adding another layer of pain to their torment. “Have fun,” she said before flying away.


 “That’s... not... what... I... meant...” Sky whimpered, staring at the ground below her. They were so far up that hitting the ground would leave them in critical condition. 


 “Is she coming back?” Bolo asked, staring behind him. He had gotten a few wedgies in his life, mostly from Rotty, but nothing were as agonizing as this one.


 “I don’t think so...” Sky murmured, her vocal pitch so high she could not even recognize her own voice anymore.


 In an attempt to make the situation less awkward, Bolo said, “If it helps, you look really pretty.”


 Sky sighed. He knew he was just trying to be nice, but that didn’t stop the excruciating pain. Instead, she replied, “Thanks, Bolo,” she squeaked, adding a new layer of red to her cheeks.



Shantae knocked on the door of her uncle’s house. She had not seen him in months and she knew he would not be expecting her. She currently wore a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt while Rotty wore her normal clothing. “You think he’s here?” Rotty asked.


 Shantae nodded. “I’m positive.” The door opened, revealing Mimic. He was wearing the clothes he normally did when he was experimenting: a green coat, a black shirt. He had a white beard, small bits of hair on his cranium, yellow-lensed glasses, and a pair of goggles on top of his head. His jaw dropped upon seeing his niece.


 “Shantae?” he asked, surprised by her presence. “I didn’t know you were back.” He wrapped his arms around her, much to Shantae’s amusement.


 She returned the favor with a grin on her face. “I missed you too, Uncle Mimic.”


 The hug continued for an entire minute, ending once Mimic let go and let out a deep sigh. “How was your trip?”


 “Long,” Shantae replied. “It was a lot of fun with Rotty around.”


 “That’s good to hear,” Mimic replied before turning to Rotty. “I’m happy you’ve been helping take care of Shantae. I know she means the world to you.”


 Rotty began to blush, her cheeks turning a darker shade of green and making Mimic chuckle. “Thank you, sir. We... have something to tell you...”


 “Well then, let’s hear it,” Mimic told her.


 “We’re dating,” Shantae said quickly, making Rotty blush even more than she had been previously.


 Mimic’s expression remained the same. “I had a feeling that was the case,” he admitted with a smile.


 “You’re not surprised?” Rotty asked, raising an eyebrow. She had not expected acceptance so quickly. Most of the time, she had to go through her entire life before people would accept her.


 Mimic shrugged. “I don’t see why I should be. I know you two care about each other a lot. I wasn’t sure if it would go beyond friendship, but if you’re happy, then I’m happy.”


 Shantae’s grin widened. “Thanks, Uncle Mimic.”


 “You’re welcome,” he replied. “So, how long are you back in town for?”


 “I’m not sure yet,” Shantae admitted. “I was hoping to stay for awhile, though.”


 Mimic let out a hearty laugh. “If that’s the case, then why don’t you stay for dinner?”


 “Really?” Rotty asked. She never turned down the chance to have free food. “What are you cooking?”


 “Fish,” Mimic answered, heading back into the house. “Why don’t you two come inside?”


 The couple followed him inside, with the two holding hands along the way. “I can’t believe he accepted us so easily,” Rotty whispered.


 Shantae sighed, kissing Rotty on the cheek. “You really need to boost your self-esteem,” she murmured.


 “Sorry,” Rotty apologized, placing her hands over her constantly beating heart. “I’m just so afraid of screwing things up.”


 “Don’t be,” Shantae told her. “You’re a good person and you know it. You’re almost always so confident. Don’t let people like Risky get you down. They don’t matter. You do.”


 Rotty’s smile returned. “Thanks. That means a lot.” She and Shantae sat down at the dinner table, waiting for the fish to be served. “So, Mimic... what have you been up to?”


 “Quite a lot actually,” he admitted, placing the fish down onto the table. “I’ve been making designs to protect the town while you two were away.”


 “How’s that coming along?” Rotty asked while Shantae eyed the food.


 Mimic shrugged. “It’s taking a while,” he admitted. “I’m just trying to find a design that Risky can’t get around.”


 “You’ll get it, Uncle,” Shantae replied before digging into the food.


 “Thanks, Shantae,” Mimic responded.


 “How are Bolo and Sky?” Shantae asked.


 “They’re doing alright,” Mimic replied. “They’ve done a good job at helping the town while you two were away.”


 “Do you know where they are now?” Shantae asked.


 “I think Bolo was helping Sky out with her birds,” Mimic replied.


 “We should pay them a visit,” Shantae suggested.


 Mimic smiled. “It’s always a good idea to visit your friends now and again. You never know how many times you’ll see them again.”


 Rotty nodded as she munched on the fish. “This is good,” she murmured.


 “Thank you,” Mimic responded. “There’s a lot of science involved in cooking, you know.”


 Rotty grinned. Everything was going well for her. She had no idea why she had been so worried.



Twitch and Vinegar were walking around, looking through the various shops of Scuttle Town. Twitch had been purchasing as many weapons as possible while Vinegar was able eyeing the various foods available. Twitch was the shorter of the two friends, wearing a blue skirt, white shirt that bore her midriff, green-lensed goggles over her eyes, black fingerless gloves, long white socks, blue shoes, and a blue cap resembling a tanooki. She possessed blonde hair and blue eyes, much like Vinegar did. Vinegar wore an orange corset, a blue skirt, pink face paint underneath her eyes, brown gloves, a blue cap similar to Twitch’s, and long blue boots. Her blonde hair was a different cut from Twitch with the former’s style having a blonde bang in the center of her forehead.


 “Do you think Ammo Baron ever gets tired of losing all the time?” Vinegar asked her partner-in-crime, wondering about their boss who always tried to conquer Scuttle Town.


 Twitch gave a shrug. “If he did, he wouldn’t keep trying to take over the town.”


 Vinegar found herself munching on a kebab. “I’m surprised the people of this town haven’t kicked us out yet.”


 “Well, their mayor is an idiot...” Twitch pointed out.


 “Touché,” Vinegar replied. “Eek!” She felt a painful sensation riding up her back, making her drop her kebab. She turned her head to see the culprit. “Shantae?!” she asked, surprised by the sneak attack. However, there was something off about Shantae. Her skin and clothes seemed inverted and her eyeballs had turned yellow. The creature was jerking Vinegar’s light blue undergarments up her back.


 “I don’t know who you are,” the creature admitted. “But you seem like you’re Shantae’s friends...” Just looking at Twitch and Vinegar gave her a familiar vibe, faintly remembering interactions between her real self and the duo.


 Vinegar wanted to tell the creature that she actually was not friends with Shantae, but the pain of the wedgie was preventing her from speaking. Although she could not consider Shantae a friend due to her profession conflicting with the latter, she enjoyed Shantae’s presence and demeanor. The half-genie was refreshing to talk to, even when she was fighting the duo.


 Twitch began shrieking, as her bright red underwear painfully rocketed up her back. “Let me go!”


 “I will soon enough,” the creature assured them. She quickly released her grip on their undergarments, giving them barely enough time to realize what was happening due to the pain blinding them. The creature did her dance once more and transformed into a harpy. Her talons gripped their waistbands once more, prompting a yelp from both of them, and flew them through the air. Twitch clamped her eyes shut, hoping the creature would not drop. Eventually the creature reached the location where Bolo and Sky resided. She hooked them to the same tip, over Bolo and Sky’s undergarments, and flew off again.


 Twitch panted for breath as she stared at the ground below her. “Oh no,” she whimpered. “Not heights...” She began hyperventilating, making her bounce up and down by accident.


 “Stupid Shantae,” Vinegar muttered, feeling all senses of dignity draining from her body.


 “That wasn’t Shantae,” Sky replied. “That’s her clone.”


 “She has a clone?” Vinegar murmured, genuinely surprised by such a concept.


 Bolo nodded. “We call her Nega-Shantae. She was made by a corrupted form of Shantae’s magic,” he stated.


 “Nega-Shantae? That’s a stupid name,” Vinegar responded weakly. She took notice of the lack of pain visible on Bolo and Sky’s faces. “Wait... why aren’t you two in pain?”


 Sky pulled out a potion from her pocket. “I used them to stop the pain, although it still hurts a bit. We’ve been hanging here for hours.”


 Vinegar snatched the potion, popped off the cap, and dumped the liquid down her throat immediately. The pain, thankfully, began to cease. “Why haven’t you shouted for help?” she questioned, now becoming accustomed to the wedgie.


 “We did,” Bolo replied. “We’re so high up nobody can hear us.”



 “Why didn’t you jump down?” Vinegar asked.


 “We only had one potion left... and you just drank it,” Sky answered reluctantly. She was thankful Scuttle Town sold such durable undergarments. Otherwise, they would have fallen a long time ago. “And I don’t think a single potion would be enough to heal from a fall this high.”


 “Oh,” Vinegar muttered.


 “You couldn’t have shared the potion?” Twitch whispered, wanting to scream at her, but the pain kept her from doing so.


 “Oops,” Vinegar murmured, scratching her head nervously. “Sorry, Twitch.”


 “Why did she do this to you?” Sky asked Vinegar, who shrugged in response.


 “She said we were Shantae’s friends,” Vinegar explained.


 “We’re not,” Twitch added weakly.


 “I figured,” Sky admitted.


 “Why did she start giving us wedgies?” Twitch asked.


 “It might be payback for us killing her,” Sky replied.


 “You what?” Twitch questioned incredulously. “How is she still alive?”


 Sky shrugged. “I think Risky Boots might have brought her back.”


 “The pirate lady?” Vinegar asked.


 Sky nodded. “The same.”


 Vinegar could remember when the pirate had briefly joined Ammo Baron to destroy the Pirate Master. Unlike Shantae, she never got a good vibe from Risky Boots. The pirate gave off a dark presence, making it hard for Vinegar to actually trust her. “Whose house are we even on, anyway?”


 Bolo and Sky shrugged together. “Sky?!” a voice shouted loudly.


 Sky looked down in both horror and relief. “Shantae?!” The real half-genie and Rotty stood below them, both surprised by what they saw.


 Shantae performed her typical dance, shaking her hips and moving her arms up and down, and changed into a harpy. The large bird flew up to the wedgied victims. “What happened to you guys?”


 “Nega-Shantae’s back,” Sky answered. “She’s been giving us wedgies all day.”


 Shantae gripped their waistbands within her talons and gently placed them down on the ground. She then returned to her human form and wrapped her arms around Bolo and Sky.“It’s good to see you guys again,” she told them both, hugging them even tighter.



 “When did you get back from your trip?” Sky asked, attempting not to be crushed by Shantae’s affection. Eventually, the half-genie freed them from her grasp, allowing Sky and Bolo the opportunity to stuff their undergarments back into their pants. Twitch and Vinegar, who Shantae and Rotty had not really noticed, did the same.


 “Yesterday,” Shantae answered. “We wanted to surprise you.” She pointed to herself and then Rotty. Before she could comment further she felt her white flame-printed underwear being yanked up her posterior. The same thing was happening to Rotty and her purple genie-lamp-printed panties, the cotton wedging itself up her tush.


 “Surprise,” the creature growled while chuckling.


 Rotty kicked her legs in the air to no avail. Her attempts to break free only made her bounce up and down. “Let me go!” she screamed, throwing punches at the creature. The monster simply laughed and gave another tug to dig the fabric even deeper for both of them, causing a simultaneous yelp from the couple.


 “I’m not done yet...” the creature replied sinisterly. She used her magic to stretch her arms, making the fabric crawl past Shantae and Rotty’s hair and terrifying them both. What scared them the most was not that it was not their own underwear going over their heads. Instead, it was their partner’s, making for a wedgie they had never seen before. The material leaped past their eyes, blanketing their vision with cutesy prints. Rotty found it ironic she could be seeing something so cute while being in so much pain. To finish the job, the creature latched the waistbands onto their noses, forcing them to strain their necks back as the journey was complete. The couple yelled in disgust, making the creature grin even more than it normally did.


 How did she do that? Shantae wondered. She had never been able to use her magic to stretch her arms. Perhaps it was a dormant skill she had yet to fully realize. I hate today. She had been given wedgies before in her life, including a few from Rotty, but nothing as severe as this.


 I never wanted to be this close to Shantae, Rotty thought humorously, hoping those upbeat thoughts would distract her from the ever present stench poisoning her nose.


 The creature began to cackle, until everyone but Shantae and Rotty tackled into her. Bolo and Sky rolled her over while Twitch and Vinegar pinned her arms down. Sky wrapped her fingers around the demon’s white waistband and heaved with all her might. “Ack!” the creature screamed, all nerves in her posterior jumping to life. The blue fabric was not unlike sitting on sand paper as it wedged itself further across her skin. “Stop this now!” she demanded.


 “It’ll stop when you’re dead,” Sky replied, taking delight in hearing the holes tear into the underwear from her constant pulls. She gave another yank, grinning as the fabric ripped even further. The creature became blinded by her own undergarments as the waistband was hooked onto her razor sharp teeth. The demon screeched in pain, every fiber of her being in excruciating agony. Her body began to glow before suddenly exploding in a fiery blaze.


 “What the?” Vinegar questioned, her eyes widening in surprise.


 Shantae let out a gasp for air as Sky pulled the waistband off her nose and did the same for Rotty. The zombie, at the same time, let out a relieved sigh. “You need to take a shower,” Rotty advised her girlfriend, who was still panting for breath.


 “You’re one to talk,” Shantae murmured with a chuckle. “I’m pretty close with you Rotty, but I don’t want to be that close.”


 Sky raised an eyebrow. She could not understand how they could be so jovial after such an agonizing experience. Her eyes caught onto the drooping fabric sticking out of Shantae and Rotty’s shorts. “You two going to fix that?” she questioned, making the couple blush.


 “Will somebody please tell me why she blew up?” Vinegar questioned, becoming annoyed by the lack of a response.


 “Yeah, she tends to do that whenever she dies,” Shantae explains. “I don’t know why. A lot of my enemies do that for some reason.”


 “What a weird day,” Twitch murmured, rubbing her sore posterior.


 “Well, see you later, Shantae,” Vinegar said with a wave as she and Twitch walked away.


 “You too,” Shantae replied, returning the wave. While she did not consider Vinegar and Twitch her friends, she placed more trust in them than any of her other enemies. The only enemy she trusted more was Squid Baron, and she hadn’t seen him in a while.


 “This... was a long day,” Rotty murmured, rubbing her aching tush.


 “You can say that again,” Shantae agreed. She turned to Sky and Bolo and spoke, “You guys want to hang out tomorrow?”


 The duo nodded. “But right now, I need some sleep,” Sky murmured, letting out a yawn.


 “Agreed,” Bolo added. He and Sky walked away together as Rotty put her arm around Shantae.


 “You think we’ll ever get an explanation for today?” Rotty asked.


 Shantae shrugged. “Probably not.”



Bolo and Sky showed up to the front steps of Shantae’s house early the next morning. The door opened to reveal Rotty, who was wearing black pants, red shoes, and a black-and-white striped t-shirt. “Hey,” she greeted. “Let’s hope today goes better for us.”


 Bolo smiled. “It’s good to see you again, Rotty,” he told her.


 “Thanks, Bolo,” she replied, appreciating the compliment. Her eyes locked with Sky’s. “How’s it going?” she asked the birdkeeper.


 Sky shrugged. “I’ve felt better,” she admitted, rubbing her elbows nervously. “I know we haven’t talked in a while and we have a lot to catch up on. I just want to start by saying... I’m sorry for what I said about you. I just want to make sure Shantae’s okay around you and... I think she is.”


 Rotty smiled and wrapped her arms around Sky. “Thank you, Sky.” When the hug ended, the trio walked into the living room of the house. “You two missed a lot while Shantae and I were gone,” she said, plopping down onto the couch.


 “What do you mean?” Bolo asked, scratching his head.


 “We’re dating now,” Rotty said confidently, making Bolo and Sky’s jaws drop. “And it’s been going strong for close to a year.”


 “When did you two start dating?” Sky questioned.


 “A little bit before our trip,” Rotty explained. “I wanted to spend some more time with her, so we went on vacation.” She let out a sigh as she remembered painful memories. “The trip was only supposed to be a few weeks, but I guess we were having more fun together than back at home,” she murmured. “So we were gone for a good while.”


 Sky’s heart nearly broke upon hearing that statement. I pushed Shantae away, she realized, struggling to maintain her composure. How can she still call me a friend?


 Rotty took notice of the grave look on Sky’s face. “Hey. It’s fine. We just needed some time to ourselves. Everything’s okay now.”


 Sky let out a sigh. “It doesn’t feel like it,” she admitted. “I pushed both of you away for so long.” During that past year, she had blocked Shantae and Rotty out of her memory, but flickers of that argument lingered inside her head. She had been focusing on taking care of her birds, defending the town, and maintaining her friendship with Bolo. She did not want to lose another friend too.


 Rotty placed a comforting hand on Sky’s shoulder. “That’s all in the past,” she stated calmly. “I want to move on from that. We can do that together.”


 Sky nodded slowly. “Thanks, Rotty. I just don’t want to screw things up again.”


 Rotty chuckled as she removed the arm from Sky’s shoulder. “I know the feeling.”


 Sky took notice of a green hand holding onto her shoulder still, albeit not connected to anything. “Ah!” she shouted, eliciting a chuckle from Rotty. The zombie, using her left arm, picked up the hand and reconnected it to her other arm.


 “Every time,” Rotty said with a chuckle. One of the things she loved most about being a zombie was her ability to disconnect and reconnect her limbs at will, which made for amazing pranks.


 Sky sighed once more. “It’s good to have you back, Rotty.”


 Shantae walked out of her bedroom, stretching her arms as she did so. “Hey, guys,” she greeted cheerfully.


 “Congratulations,” Bolo blurted out.


 Shantae blushed. “What do you mean?”


 “I told them we’re dating,” Rotty explained, putting Shantae at ease.


 “Are you... surprised?” Shantae asked Sky, hoping her friend had changed her tune over the time they had been separated.


 “A bit,” the birdkeeper admitted sheepishly. “I would never have guessed you had feelings for Rotty.”


 “Why’s that?” Shantae questioned.


 “You don’t seem like the romantic type,” Bolo contributed.


 “To be fair, I was the one who asked her out,” Rotty pointed out with a grin.


 Shantae shrugged. “Well, you learn something new every day. So, how are your lives going?”


 “We’re dating,” Bolo blurted out loud, surprising Shantae and Rotty and turning Sky’s face crimson. While she cared for Bolo, Sky wanted to be the one to tell their friends the good news.


 “I didn’t see that coming,” Rotty admitted. She looked at Bolo and said, “Good job, buddy. You found yourself a winner.”


 “We haven’t gone out yet,” Sky added. “Our first date is tonight.”


 “Have fun,” Shantae said with a smile. “I know things will go well for you two.”


 Sky smiled. “Thanks, Shantae. You really brighten the day of those around you.”


 Shantae’s grin grew wider as she pressed her lips against Rotty’s left cheek, much to the latter’s delight. “It’s what I do.”

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