Unova Wedgie Story

BY : Revenger
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Disclaimer: Warning - Wedgie fetish and all characters are 18+

A Pokémon trainer named Rosa headed up the steps that led to Iris’s room. She wore her long brunette hair in pigtails and had on a pink-and-white cap. For the rest of her clothing, she wore a grey-and-white sweater with a pink Poké Ball on the center, a pink bow on her back, frilly yellow shorts, black leggings and tights, pink socks, and grey-and-white shoes with yellow laces. Throughout her journey to defeat the Elite Four and become champion, she had traversed many places. However, none were as exhausting as climbing the staircase that led to the champion’s room. She panted for breath, struggling to stay on her feet.


She eventually collapsed, falling onto her knees while sweating profusely. How much farther is it? she wondered, holding onto her racing heart. With each step she took, she felt like wind was kicked out of her each time. She took a deep breath and regained her footing. She took a small step before she started sprinting. Eventually, she made her way all the way to the top of the staircase.


She continued panting for breath as she reached the champion’s sector of the building. Behind the doors that stood before her contained her destiny. She could not turn back now; she had to win at all costs. While she was regaining her breath, she noticed a slightly older woman leaning against the wall on her left. This woman was medium height, slim, and had bright blue eyes. She possessed pale skin and long layered white hair tied in a high, spiky ponytail with a purple and blue cherry bobble. She wore a loose sky blue dress with magenta-purple stripes over a black vest top and long black boots with teal platforms. In her left hand was a solid black phone with a white chord that connected to her head phones. She was listening to a rock and roll song, shaking her head up and down to the beat. At the moment, she was completely oblivious to Rosa’s presence.


“Wait a second,” Rosa realized, recognizing the face. She had won a hard fought battle against the older woman along her journey to become the champion. “Roxie?” she said, although the blaring sounds of Roxie’s music cancelled any attempt at communication. “Roxie!” she shouted, getting the gym leader’s attention at last.


The poison type master opened her eyes and tilted her neck in confusion, trying to recognize Rosa. “Oh!” she realized, pulling off her head phones and placing them and her phone into her right pocket. She sauntered over to where Rosa was and gave her a big grin. “Hey, Rosa,” she greeted casually. “You here to challenge Iris?”


Rosa nodded as she took notice of the fact that Roxie’s boots gave her a slight height advantage over Rosa. “What are you doing here?”


“Just saying hi to an old friend,” Roxie said, placing her left hand against her hip. “Iris is my best friend, after all.” She looked up to the ceiling, admiring the purple color and music notes imprinted in the concrete. Ever since Iris had become champion, she had redesigned some structures of the hallway leading up to her room. Of course, Roxie helped to contribute the design. “We’ve been friends since we were kids.” She chuckled as she reminisced about her first time meeting Iris. The two had met in kindergarten and Iris was training with her Axew before bumping into Roxie, who had been playing with a toy set of drums in the classroom. Roxie had joined kindergarten a year late, placing her in the same class as Iris. The two had become friends almost immediately. “She told me she was going to be a Pokémon master. I said I was going to start a band,” Roxie said with a smile.


“I guess you both got what you wanted,” Rosa observed, smiling.


“Yeah, I guess we did,” Roxie replied. “If you’re here to face Iris, don’t worry.” She playfully poked her elbow against Rosa’s left shoulder. “I roughed her up a bit for you.”


Rosa raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”


“Talk to her and you’ll find out,” Roxie explained, walking behind Rosa. “Before you do, I should wish you some good luck.”


“Oh, that’s very nice of-ACK!” Her eyes popped out as she shrieked, a severe pain shocking her backside. She heard snickers as she slowly craned her neck. “Seriously?” she squeaked, finding her blue and green striped undergarments being yanked up her back. She knew the sensation quite well, although she had not experienced such pain in quite a while.


“Good luck,” Roxie said between giggles, pulling the fabric even higher. The material held a tight grip on her posterior, making Rosa squeak with each tug. I bet I could make a song out of this, Roxie thought humorously. She continued tugging, creating a chipper music beat out of Rosa’s yelps. As she tugged, she pulled out her phone and started recording. She started pulling in a new direction with each tug, causing a different type of yell.


“Stop recording!” Rosa shouted, her eyes catching onto Roxie’s phone. She knew immediately what Roxie was doing. The white-haired woman was a musician after all and was always craving ideas for her next song. “Don’t turn my pain into a song!”


“That’s what all the great musicians do though,” Roxie pointed out. “And I’m not going to share the video with anyone. I just need a beat for my next song.”


“Will you just let me go?!” Rosa whined.


“Fine, just give me a second,” Roxie groaned, pressing the stop button and putting her phone back into her pocket. She kept pulling the fabric upward, the material slithering up to Rosa’s neck. “That’s a nice hat,” Roxie murmured, observing Rosa’s cap. “Why not have another?” She gripped the back of Rosa’s hair and pulled her head back, the fabric in her right hand inching ever closer. The cotton crawled onto her scalp, making its way to her forehead and diminishing the breathing space for Rosa’s posterior. The fabric latched onto her forehead, forcing Rosa to pull her neck back. Rosa stared, against her will, at the ceiling. While she could admire the overall design above her, she was too distracted by the pain to notice its beauty. “Now you’ve got two hats,” Roxie joked, wrapping her fingers around Rosa’s wrist.


“Let me go!” Rosa yelled, her face becoming indistinguishable from a tomato.


Roxie kicked open the door with her left boot and tossed Rosa into the room. “Have fun!” she said with a wave, walking away.


Rosa groaned upon realizing she had become lost in the darkness. The room had stone columns on each side of the room, every structure keeping the building intact. Darkness consumed the room, leaving Rosa to wonder who was paying the electric bill. “Welcome, challenger!” the voice of an older woman greeted her excitedly. The older woman clapped her hands together, causing a bright light to illuminate the room.


“Ah!” Rosa yelped, her eyes blinded by such a power light. “Why is it so bright?!”


“Sorry!” the champion quickly apologized. “Most people see the light coming and-” Her jaw dropped upon seeing Rosa’s current predicament. “Oooh, that’s gotta hurt. Did Roxie get you?” she asked with concern.


Rosa attempted to nod, but struggled to do so. “Yeah,” she whimpered, pulling her undergarments off her head, letting the cotton droop from her skirt. She attempted to tuck the fabric back in, but the material continued to peek out. Rosa rubbed her eyes and blinked numerous times, attempting to regain her vision from the blinding light and the strain of the atomic wedgie. “I didn’t realize she was a prankster,” she whimpered, staring at her sore backside.


When she could see clearly again, she saw a woman a few inches taller than her. The woman with chocolate skin possessed long purple hair that was kept in a fancy braid as well as a ponytail. A golden tiara with two green gemstones implanted on each side rested comfortably atop her head. A pink and white dress adorned her body as white sandals found a home underneath her feet. “You ready for this?” she asked, her excited red eyes staring into Rosa’s. The woman held her arms into the air, mimicking the pose of a dragon.


Rosa then spoke the first thought  “You guys need to get an escalator,” she grumbled.


“Yeah,” Iris agreed as she pulled out a Poké Ball from her pocket.


“And what is Roxie’s deal?” Rosa questioned. “She gave me an atomic wedgie and recorded me shouting to get a beat for her song!”


“That’s a new one,” Iris observed, surprised by Rosa’s words.


“Which part?” Rosa questioned, raising an eyebrow.


“The second,” Iris stated. “She’s... pretty creative with her music.” She looked up and down at Rosa’s figure. “You look a bit older than most of my challengers. Most tend to be ten-year-olds.” She had been surprised by how many people challenged the league every day. She had to stay at the league every weekday to face challengers. It was only during the weekend did she get a break.


“I’m nineteen,” Rosa replied sheepishly. “I kind of started a bit late in the game.”


Iris nodded. “I was a gym leader for a good while until I ended up on my journey,” she explained, remembering the fond memories she had acquired over the years. “My grandpa raised me to be who I am now.”


“That sounds nice of him,” Rosa murmured. She had seen videos of Iris in battle as both a gym leader and as a champion. The prospect of facing her head on had terrified her. She had rushed her way through her training and had barely defeated the Elite Four, using Full Restores almost every turn to save her Pokemon. She ran out of healing items and and and she had to win otherwise she would have to start her challenge again. A chill was sent down her spine simply from the idea of facing Iris. Her Pokemon’s levels, except for her starter, were lower than that of the Elite Four and she doubted that the power gap would get any smaller against Iris.


“Yeah, I’ve been champion for about a week now,” Iris stated cheerfully. “And I turn twenty-four next week!”


Rosa raised an eyebrow. “Yeesh. I didn’t think you’d be that old.”


“Huh?” Iris questioned, her jaw dropping. “I’m not that old.”


“Sorry, I thought you’d be younger,” Rosa apologized sheepishly. “You don’t see that many people become champions past their teen years.”


“What about champions like Alder and Cynthia?” Iris asked, hoping she was not that out of touch. “They were adults when they became champions.”


“I was thinking about the newer generation,” Rosa explained. “I was thinking more like Red, Blue, Leaf, May, and Dawn. They all became champions when they were kids.”


“Yeah, but they grew up,” Iris pointed out, her left eye twitching as she tried to force the idea of being old out of her brain. “They’re all adults now, just like me.”


“Good point,” Rosa admitted. “Let’s have a good match!”


“You’re pretty confident,” Iris observed, becoming enticed by Rosa’s optimistic attitude. It was like hers in a way, but more bubbly. “This should be more fun.” While she was already intrigued by the idea of a match, she wanted to raise the stakes. She went through several ideas, not finding any of them particularly useful. A sudden thought burst into her mind, making her giggle to herself. Although she related to the pain Rosa experienced, she secretly found Rosa’s atomic wedgie hilarious. “Tell you what, let’s make a bet,” she suggested.


Rosa raised an eyebrow. “What kind of bet?” she asked, somewhat interested by the prospect.


“It’ll be a one v one match without items. The winner gives the loser a wedgie,” Iris began, surprising Rosa.


“What?” Rosa asked, dumbfounded by such an idea. “I just got an atomic. Why do I need another?” Apart from Roxie, she had not gotten a wedgie in years and she certainly had not given any.


“You need to believe in yourself,” Iris pointed out. “If you go into battle already thinking you’re going to lose, you’re never going to get anywhere.”


“You’re right,” Rosa realized. “I’ll do it!” she exclaimed, although her confidence quickly turned into curiosity. “But why is a wedgie the prize?”


“They’re funny!” Iris exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air. “When they’re not happening to you, of course.”


“I guess,” Rosa stated with uncertainty. “But why would you go with a wedgie?”


“Well, I have plenty of experience with them,” Iris stated, crossing her arms confidently. “Just ask Roxie.”


“Wait, does Roxie give you wedgies too?” Rosa questioned, her bottom shuddering in fear just from the memory alone. “She’s like... a year younger than you, right? How does she give you wedgies?”


“Uh... no,” Iris said quickly. “I... give... her... wedgies...” she said nervously, her face beginning to blush. While she did give Roxie the occasional wedgie, the latter was far more likely to give Iris a wedgie instead.


Rosa, upon realizing the truth, began giggling. She held her left hand over her lips, hoping to contain her laughter. “The champion gets wedgies?”


“No,” Iris murmured anxiously, her face sweating profusely. “Let’s just battle already, okay?”


Rosa grinned, having ceased her laughter. “You got it. Good luck.” She tossed out a Poké Ball, releasing her a pale green, serpentine Pokémon. Her face and throat were white, while its back was dark green. Curled, mint-colored patterns extended into the white portion of her face.


Narrow red eyes stared into Iris’s soul, making the champion’s heart tick a few beats faster. Two pointed yellow extensions appear on the back of its head. Coiled, dark green extensions spread out from the sides of her lower neck, forming a curving pattern lower down the body. Just below her neck were two small leaf-like hands coming out of either side. Finally, curved yellow markings appeared around her middle and several palmate leaves on her tail. “You got this, Serperior!” Rosa exclaimed, petting the snake creature on the head and putting a smile on the Pokémon’s face.


I need to be careful, Iris told herself. I can’t lose this soon after becoming champion. A new question popped into her mind. “Is that your first Pokémon?” she asked, noticing the bond between Rosa and her Serperior.


Rosa nodded as she scratched Serperior’s head, causing the Pokémon to rub her head against Rosa’s cap. “I got her when she was a little Snivy. She’s grown up a bunch.”


Iris smiled as she gave Rosa a corresponding nod. “I know how you feel,” she said with a warm smile. She pulled out a Poké Ball and placed the orb gently against her heart, giving her a sense of ease. It’s up to you, she thought to the Pokémon inside the sphere before she gave the orb an overhanded toss, releasing a mighty dragon. The bipedal Pokémon with a dark yellow-green covering on her back and most of the front. She possessed black skin covering her torso, tail tip, and thighs, as well as red talons and claws. She also had large tusks, which resembled scythes, that were black and edged in red. The tusks were located on her upper jaw on the side of its mouth, making for an unbreakable weapon. Her medium-sized eyes were red with black pupils white ridged plate-like skin traveled from its back to its head region. It has solid armor and the legs and tail have a dividing line pattern. Her arms were quite small, with three digits with two elliptical triceps and biceps and circular elbows. Her hands were small and circular with small red claws. Finally, her formidable legs possessed three toed feet with a red talon on each toe.


“Haxorus!” the dragon roared loudly, echoing throughout the room. The Pokémon turned to Iris and smiled as her trainer grinned back at her. Iris wrapped her arms around Haxorus, causing the Pokémon to let out a cheerful roar. Haxorus playfully bit Iris on the head, causing the champion to chuckle.


“Haxorus was my first Pokémon,” Iris explained, ignoring the slight tickle of Haxorus biting her. “My grandfather gave me her when I was a kid,” Iris explained, remembering her excitement she first laid eyes on a baby Axew. She had figured it would be appropriate to use her starter if Rosa was doing the same. “You ready?”


Rosa nodded. “Whenever you are,” she stated. “I’ll take the first move.” She held out her left hand, pointing excitedly towards Haxorus. “Serperior, let’s start this off with Coil!” The serpentine Pokémon nodded as she formed a hill using her own body. Three rings of blue energy appeared around Serperior, creating a powerful aura. Haxorus watched in confusion, unsure of how to respond. The dragon had never seen such a move before, much less knew how to counter it.


A status move, huh? Iris thought to herself, impressed with Rosa’s strategy. Once Serperior’s aura dissipated, she let out a mighty battle cry. Her Pokémon’s attack, defense, and accuracy should have gone up by one stage. A sly grin made the corners of her lips perk up. Let’s take it up a notch. She pointed her right index finger toward Serperior. “Use Dragon Dance!” she commanded her partner. At this rate, Haxorus’s speed and attack should go up a stage as well, she thought confidently.


Haxorus nodded as she assumed a fighting position, a blue and red aura overflowing her system. Haxorus roared excitedly, power filling every fiber of her being. Once the move was finished, the aura dissipated and Haxorus stomped her feet in anticipation. What’s Dragon Dance? Rosa wondered. It looks like a status move and a strong one at that.


“Your move,” Iris offered.


Rosa nodded. “Use Toxic!” she commanded. In a heartbeat, Serperior raced towards Haxorus. She slithered left and right, confusing the dragon.


“Get out of the way and use Dual Chop!” Iris shouted quickly. Haxorus leaped back, hoping to widen the gap between herself and her opponent. A bright green glow formed around Haxorus’s claws as she swung her left hand at Serperior.


“Dodge it!” Rosa shouted. Serperior ducked under the swipe and spat a purple ooze from her mouth onto Haxorus’s left tusk.


Haxorus screamed in agony as her body became consumed by an unbearable toxin. The poison shocked her system to the point that her ability to think was hanging on by a thread. Her vision became blurry, barely able to see a green serpent before her. Using her other hand, she slashed her claw against Serperior’s face. The grass type Pokémon recoiled in horror as she was sent back several feet. “Haxorus!” Iris shouted worriedly, watching the hue of her Pokemon slowly turn a nasty purple.


Haxorus grunted, struggling to breathe. “Hax,” she said weakly, barely able to stand up.


“You’re going to be okay!” Iris yelled worriedly. She absolutely despised the poison status condition. With each turn, Haxorus’s health would slowly deplete and her will to battle would be crushed. “Let’s finish this quickly and get you healed up!”


“You okay, Serperior?” Rosa asked her partner, who had been scarred by Haxorus’s attack.


“Serperior,” the regal serpent assured her, assuming a more confident position.


“Good to hear,” Rosa stated with a grin. “Keep up the pressure. Use Dragon Tail!”


“Use X-Scissor!” Iris demanded. The tip of the serpent’s tail glowed blue as she zoomed closer to Haxorus. The dragon’s heartbeat became faster and faster as the proximity between herself and her opponent diminished. The tail slammed into Haxorus’s stomach, making her cry out in pain.

“No!” Iris shouted worriedly, placing her frantic hands to her forehead. “Haxorus! Get out of there!”


A red aura appeared around Haxorus’s tusks. Energy resembling an x quickly formed inside her tusks. Her deep breathing stopped as she slammed her tusks against Serperior’s skull, sending the serpent flying into the nearby wall. Haxorus fell onto her knees, struggling to remain conscious. Iris’s heartbeat matched Haxorus’s, unable to slow even for an instant. She could feel every ounce of pain Haxorus did and that terrified her. Please be okay, Haxorus, she thought fearfully.


“Hax,” the dragon muttered weakly, using claws to prop herself up slowly. “Haxorus.”


“Serperior!” Rosa shouted, watching her starter Pokémon utterly collapse upon hitting the wall. She ran over and got onto her knees to comfort the Pokémon.


“Serperior,” the snake whimpered, now possessing an x-shaped scar on the center of her skull.


“It’s fine,” Rosa said, letting out a sigh. “You did your best. Let’s get you healed up.” She looked to Iris, who was currently wrapping her arms around her wounded partner. The champion was sighing in relief while she was comforting her poisoned Pokémon. “I guess you win,” she murmured, pulling out a Revive from her pocket. and spraying Serperior with the bottle. The scar remained, however, which made Rosa certain the battle wound was permanent.


“Barely,” Iris muttered weakly, doing the same with a Full Restore. Haxorus’s hue returned to normal as she let out a glorious roar, having returned to her peak. Iris’s head rested against Haxorus’s chest, listening to the Pokémon’s now stable heartbeat. “That’s better,” she murmured. She looked into Haxorus’s relieved eyes. “You had me worried there.”


“Hax,” Haxorus replied, affectionately biting Iris on the head.


Iris chuckled as she picked herself up. “Don’t forget about our deal,” she pointed out, walking towards Rosa.


Rosa groaned. “Fine. A deal’s a deal.” As Iris passed behind her, she noticed a hole had been burned into the back of her dress. “What happened to your clothes?” she asked, surprised to see a stretched out purple waistband peeking out.


Iris struggled to maintain her composure. “Roxie,” she muttered. “She really loves poison types.” As she gripped Rosa’s waistband she took notice of Rosa's sorrowful expression. “If it’s any consolation, you can give me a wedgie after,” Iris offered.


“Wait... what?” Rosa asked, raising an eyebrow. “But I lost...”


“Yeah,” Iris admitted. “You look like you need a pick-me-up after today, no pun intended. And thanks for the challenge. You're my strongest opponent yet.”


Rosa nodded. “That means a lot,” she agreed, her smile returning to her lips. “Ack!” Iris yanked her undergarments up her back, making her squeal. “You’re... stronger... than... you... look...” Rosa whispered, her voice shrinking with each tug, as the wedgie ripped her a new one. Unlike Roxie, whose wedgie hurt her only a little, Iris’s technique was a new world altogether. Rosa could feel the fabric split her bottom in half and lift her into the air not unlike a forklift.


“Thanks!” Iris replied, impressed with her own capabilities. Whenever she gave people like Roxie a wedgie, the person receiving the wedgie always commented that Iris had an unnatural talent at causing them pain. It did help matters that Iris built up her physical strength by pushing Haxorus off her whenever the Pokémon dogpiled her with affection. Iris then removed Rosa’s hat and bounced her panties up and down her back. “Just getting them ready for the atomic,” she explained, stretching the fabric to its limit and letting the hat drop to the ground.


“You’re nicer about it than Roxie,” Rosa admitted. “But your wedgies seriously hurt.”


“I’ve been told,” Iris admitted with a shrug. Rosa conceded defeat as the fabric approached its new home once more. The material crawled across Rosa’s hair, marching past her forehead. The fabric slithered over her eyes, blanketing her vision entirely.


“Uh, how far is this going?” Rosa questioned nervously, her neck straining back as the fabric’s grip tightened.


“I’d say… here,” Iris replied, hooking the waistband onto her nostrils.


“Oh, come on!” Rosa whined once more, the fumes poisoning her nose worse than any poison type Pokémon ever could. She wobbled around, hoping she could find her way. Iris burst into laughter, unable to control her giggles as Haxorus and Serperior watched the duo in confusion.


“Hax?” Haxorus asked Serperior, who was resting to her on her right.


Serperior shook her head as she looked away. “Serperior,” she replied, not wanting to see anymore of this stupidity. Haxorus continued to watch, wondering what was going to happen next.


“Ugh!” Rosa muttered as her neck yanked her head back. “This stinks,” she murmured, realizing that the situation became worse since she had been sweating from climbing all those stairs.


“That’s kind of the point,” Iris said with a giggle. She froze when Rosa gripped the back part of her white waistband.


“Gotcha,” Rosa murmured.


“Wait, I’m not read-ACK!” Iris’s white undergarments zipped up her back, making her squeak louder than Rosa did. Rosa wrenched her undergarments into the air, making Iris shriek. While she knew she would be getting a wedgie, Iris had not anticipated it to be so soon or so agonizing. Rosa jerked the white material with pink polka dots past her head, chuckling as she heard the cotton stretch. Dang it, Roxie, Iris wanted to say. Before Rosa arrived, she had gotten a wedgie from Roxie after the latter had burned a hole into her dress using her Scolipede’s Venoshock. Over the years, Roxie had taken it upon herself to make a record of how far she could strtech Iris’s undergarments and she broke that record this time around. The fabric easily stretched over Iris’s head, making her vision blurred by pink dots and white cotton. A hole was torn through Iris’s tiara along the way as the fabric continued stretching before finally hooking onto her chin. “Ah!” she shrieked, becoming paralyzed by pain the atomic wedgie inflicted upon her. “Haxorus!” her muffled voice called out.


Rosa, having pulled off her own atomic, giggled and soon erupted into complete laughter as Iris waddled around like an Empoleon. “I guess I’m the wedgie champion,” she joked as she watched Iris struggle to move.


“I let you do this!” Iris shouted through the cotton mask. “Haxorus! Help me out!” Haxorus, growing bored of watching, walked over and gripped the underwear with her hands. With a mighty heave, she tore the cotton to shreds, terrifying Iris as she watched the fabric fall through the air like ribbons. “That’s not what I meant,” she whispered, holding the torn cotton in her hands.


“Haxorus,” the Pokémon apologized sheepishly, genuinely unaware that she had done anything wrong.


Rosa ceased her laughter as she tucked her undergarments back into her skirt. “That was pretty fun, except for you know, the massive pain in my neck right now,” she said, laughing at her own torment.


“Yeah,” Iris agreed, beginning to chuckle as well. “Except for me losing this pair, this was pretty fun.”


“You want to hang out sometime?” Rosa offered. “We can probably get Roxie together.”


Iris nodded. “Sure. That sounds like fun.”


“And one of these days, I’m going to beat you,” Rosa said with an excited grin.


“If you do, I’ll just get stronger and beat you again,” Iris replied, equally as excited by the prospect.


“I can’t wait,” Rosa replied. She may have lost this time, but she had come so close and she had been proud of that fact. At the moment, second place was not so bad. Iris and Rosa began laughing together, finding humor in the absolute absurdity of the end result of their match.


Haxarous tilted her head in confusion, unable to understand what was so funny. Serperior watched from afar, vexed from this idiotic experience she had just witnessed. “Serperior,” she scoffed in disgust.

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