Bea and Nessa - Fishing Wedgies

BY : Revenger
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Disclaimer: Warning - Wedgie fetish and all characters are 18+

A tall dark-skinned woman with long blue hair and eyes tapped her fingers against the side of the boat. She currently wore a white shirt with a black stripe down the center, denim shorts, hoop earrings, and white sneakers. “Got anything yet?” Nessa asked, craning her neck to the other woman whose back was facing her own. She waved her fishing pole around, hoping she would get a response. She had convinced Bea to stop her training for once to join her for a fishing trip. She did not expect to catch anything, but to instead enjoy some time with her friend. However, her friend remained as quiet as she normally was.


 “No.” Bea replied as she let out a bored sigh, letting the grip on her fishing pole loosen. She wore her casual attire: an orange tank top, grey sweatpants, and a black-and-orange headband. A thought popped into her mind as a memory slithered to the top of her brain. She silently craned her head to see a white fabric peeking out of Nessa’s shorts. She quickly hooked the fabric onto the waistband and faced the water. She gave a quick yank, forcing Nessa to jump as cotton zipped up her posterior and wedged itself into her skin.


 “Eep!” Nessa shrieked, dropping her fishing pole in the water, making her quickly spin her head to see the hook stretching the fabric painfully up her rear. “What the?” she questioned, plucking the hook off her waistband. Her eyes caught onto the back of Bea’s head, who had not budged an inch. Nessa raised a vexxed eyebrow. “What was that for?”


 Bea spun her body around to face Nessa. “What do you mean?” she asked curiously.


 “You gave me a wedgie,” Nessa stated through gritted teeth, placing her hands on her hips. “Why?”


 “I didn’t mean to,” Bea said sheepishly. “I don’t really fish too often.”


 “Right...” Nessa murmured. She was not convinced that Bea was telling the truth, but she would give her friend the benefit of the doubt. A small grin popped onto Bea’s face as she carefully tiptoed to Nessa, making sure she would not rock the boat and knock the both of them in the water. She once again secured the hook on the waistband and returned to her spot. She gave another tug, causing Nessa to yelp. The fabric dug into the core of her bottom, but now the waistband reached up to her neck. “Seriously?” Nessa growled, ripping the hook off her waistband and accidentally tearing a hole in her underwear. “Again?” she asked, stomping over to Bea.


 “Sorry,” Bea said innocently as she turned around to face Nessa. “I guess my hand slipped.”


 “No, it didn’t!” Nessa shouted. “You did that on purpose.”


 “Maybe…” Bea conceded, sighing. She hated lying, even when she believed it to be necessary.


 “Is this cause I gave you a wedgie the other day?” Nessa asked, tilting her head in confusion.


 “Yes,” Bea said, exasperated. “That stuff hurts.”


 “That was just a prank,” Nessa insisted. “And it shows that you need to work more on your training.”


 “What?” Bea asked incredulously. “How?”


 “Simple, you don’t pay attention to your opponents’ movements well enough.” Without any warning, Nesa pushed Bea into the lake. “Like that,” she said smugly. Bea crashed into the freezing waters, making every nerve in her body surge in her body. Her eyes snapped open as she quickly swam to the surface and raced over to the grassy area near her. She rubbed her soaked shoulders, hoping to bring some warmth to her body. Where’d she go? Bea wondered. “Eeek!” Her black underwear soared up her posterior, slicing her skin as the cotton rubbed tightly against her bottom. She clamped her teeth together, resisting the urge to shout every curse word she knew.


 “Like I said, you’re not paying attention,” Nessa said with a grin, pulling the soaking waistband up to Bea’s neck. Bea’s eyes widened in terror as she attempted to flick at Nessa’s face, only for the water type gym leader to avoid the attack. “Nice try,” Nessa taunted. She wrenched the panties over Bea’s head, making the latter nervous as the excruciating pain made her realize the next step in Nessa’s plan.


 “Don’t you dare,” Bea demanded through a growl.


 Nessa simply giggled. “Nah,” she replied, allowing the waistband to slither past Bea’s head. She quickly pulled off Bea’s headband and tossed it to the side before continuing the fabric’s journey. Bea’s heart began racing as the cotton blanketed her eyes and her heartbeat became even faster as the fabric kept stretching. Soon, the cotton passed her nose, allowing her to smell the unbearable odor that came from her daily training regimens. Finally, the waistband made its home upon her chin and strained her neck back as the leg holes stretched past its normal limits. As Bea began curing unintelligible words, Nessa had erupted into complete laughter. “That’s for ripping my underwear,” she said between chuckles. She quickly picked up the headband off the grass and reapplied it to Bea’s cotton-encased skull. “There. You look better this way,” Nessa joked, attempting to contain her laughter.


 Bea  groaned as she yanked the underwear off her face, knocking her headband off and letting the black fabric droop past her bottom. “There goes that pair,” she muttered, disturbed by how stretched out the material had become. She returned her gaze to a snickering Nessa. “You happy?”


 Nessa gave a quick nod as she pulled out a chocolate bar from her pocket. She tossed it to Bea, who caught the item without any hesitation. “I brought that to snack on, but knowing you, you’ll probably enjoy it more than I will.”


 Bea groaned as she undid the wrapper before munching on the food. No matter how much Nessa annoyed her, Bea could not resist the delicatible taste that was her favorite food. A small smile appeared on her face as she finished the chocolate bar within seconds. She rubbed the chocolate stains from her lips and laughed. “You know me too well,” she conceded, folding the wrapper into a ball. “But... I’m getting payback next time.”


 Nessa merely grinned in response. “We’ll see about that.”

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