Gardenia, Cheryl, and Fantina’s Haunted Wedgies

BY : Revenger
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Disclaimer: Warning - Wedgie fetish and all characters are 18+

“Ready, Blissey?” Cheryl asked, her partner. Cheryl was a young woman with light gray eyes, slightly pale skin, and long dark green hair tied in a segmented ponytail that hung down in front of her. She wore a modest, conservative outfit that consisted of a light green and white long-sleeved semi-jacket, a brown undershirt, a long dark green pleated skirt, and tall brown boots with slightly tall heels.


 “Blissey!” The Pokémon had a large, ovoid body with a pink upper body and white lower body. She had hair-like curls on either side of her head. White, wing-like tufts grew from her hips and shoulders, creating the impression of a dress. Her stubby arms and feet are pink and lack any digits. A small, pink pouch on her belly held a single egg.


 Cheryl nodded as she unfolded a red-and-white checkered cloth onto the grass. Beside her rested a picnic basket filled with many fruits and vegetables. She licked her lips as she moved the basket onto the cloth. She noticed a small, whitish, insectoid Pokémon standing before her. He had a pointed snout, a thin stripe that dipped in a V-shaped pattern between his eyes, and two whisker-like antennae on his face. His eyes were black with green iris-like rings inside. On his back were a pair of small, green wings. His hind legs were white, but the forelegs are brown and have sharp claws.


 Cheryl smiled as she put down the basket. “Aw...” she murmured, rubbing her hand against Nincada’s head. “Aren’t you cute?” While not the cutest of creatures, Cheryl still found a certain adorability in the bug. Nincada nodded before he walked over to the basket. Without any warning, he snuck his head underneath the basket and tossed the object onto his back. He then sped off, running into the forest with the goodies. “Hey! Get back here!” Cheryl shouted, standing up and running after him while Blissey followed her.



“I can do this,” Gardenia told herself, staring into the window with broken glass connected to the Old Chateau. Gardenia possessed brown eyes and short half-brown, half-black hair. She wears a black long-sleeved crop top that shows her midriff under a green cloak with a black “X” mark in the center. She wore brown knee-length shorts and a black belt with a silver buckle around her waist. Finally, she wore green boots with black laces. I’m not afraid of those stupid ghost types, she told herself.


 Out of nowhere, a Haunter appeared behind the window, making Gardenia shriek. “Get away from me!” she demanded, holding onto her shoulders before the ghost disappeared. Without any warning, a green fabric zipped up her back. “Eeek!” she shrieked. The Roserade-printed cotton soared past her shoulders, entrapping her arms as she struggled to move. “What’s going on?” she shouted as the cotton slid up her bottom even further. Clumps of dirt and grass were tossed into the back of her underwear, making her body quake as the Earthly contents stained her undergarments. “Ew!” she screamed, freeing her arms and shoving her undergarments back into her shorts. “Stay down!” she shouted, stuffing the fabric down while pulling the dirt and grass out. She shuddered as the dirt slid down her underwear. Why won’t it come out?!


 She noticed another woman running into the building, which had its door open for some reason. “Give me back my food!” Cheryl shouted. “That took me hours to make!”


 “Lady, wait!” Gardenia shouted, running into the home.


 A third woman followed behind them. “So uncivilized,” she murmured. Fantina calmly walked into the broken home. She was a tall woman with purple eyes and matching hair, which was tied in four pigtails. She wore a long purple dress, which was accented by white dots, and had a yellow X mark on her hip, which resembled a Drifblim's mouth. She also wore white gloves, a white muffler, and purple gloves.


 Cheryl tossed a Poké Ball at the Nincada, encasing the critter into the protective sphere. The Poké Ball shook for a few times before stopping. “Gotcha!” she exclaimed, picking up the Poké Ball and her basket.


 “What are you doing?” Gardenia asked Cheryl.


 “Getting my lunch,” Cheryl answered. “That Nincada stole it from me.”


 “You do realize you just walked into a haunted house, right?” Gardenia pointed out.


 “So did you,” Cheryl said innocently.


 “Oh Arceus,” Gardenia murmured, tensing up.


 “Pardon me, ladies,” Fantina murmured, walking by them casually. “I’m just here to catch a Rotom.”


 “A what?” Gardenia asked, dumbfounded by Fantina’s calmness.


 “Just a ghost type I’ve been after,” Fantina explained before disappearing into the next room.


 “That was confusing,” Cheryl murmured. “Is she part of the haunted house?”


 Gardenia took a moment to think of a proper answer, but could not think of any satisfying answers. “I’m... not sure.” Before they could move, their undergarments skyrocketed up their backs, revealing Cheryl’s pink, Wailord-printed underwear. From behind, Cheryl’s Blissey froze in fear as she watched her trainer yell for her life.


 “What’s going on?!” Cheryl shrieked, holding onto her burning lap.


 Gardenia let out a sigh as the fabric tore apart her tush. Is it bad that I’ve gotten used to this in my life?


 Cheryl tossed a Poké Ball out, revealing Nincada. “Do something to get us down!” she demanded. All of sudden, Nincada’s body began to glow, changing shape as he did so. When the transformation was complete, he was small, cicada-like Pokémon with two pairs of wings. His body was mostly black with accents of yellow and gray. Most of his head was yellow, but there was a solid band of black between his gleaming red eyes. He also had large, veined wings with triangular, red tipping. Next to him appeared a soulless creature: Shedninja. Most of Shedinja’s body was light brown, but the abdomen was gray. It had four protrusions on its underside instead of legs. Two lines encircled its abdomen and a white halo floated above its head. On its back was a pair of tattered wings divided into three wingtips. A hole between its wings revealed that its body was completely hollow and dark, as it possesses no internal organs. “He evolved!” Cheryl exclaimed.


 “What... is that?” Gardenia asked, her body freezing up upon seeing Shedinja. The sudden evolution had no impact on their fates as the fabric continued slithering up their backs. At the last moment, the fabric latched onto the other’s head rather than their own. The material jumped past their eyes, blanketing their vision with adorable patterns. To finish the job, the creature latched the waistbands onto their teeth, forcing them to strain their necks back as the journey was complete. The duo screamed in horror in disgust, making the Haunter that had been clutching their waistbands snicker.


 Gardenia yanked the fabric off her head as she spat out the disgusting taste in her mouth. “Your underwear is disgusting,” she complained to Cheryl.


 “Sorry, I sweat a lot when I’m scared,” Cheryl apologized, stuffing her own undergarments back into her pants. She had idea how a hole had been ripped into her pants or how the wedgie had occurred, but she was glad it was over. Cheryl’s pink undergarments suddenly stretched beyond belief as she found herself hanging from the chandelier. “Why can’t they leave me alone?” she whimpered. “Why can’t you just let me down?” Without any warning, the fabric snapped and she collapsed face first into the ground. “Ow,” she murmured, rubbing her sore posterior. “Me and my big mouth.” She heard Gardenia shrieking and looked up to see the grass type gym leader having peered into the back of Shedinja’s shell.


 “No!” Gardenia screamed as her entire body turned chalk white. She jerked her head as her heart began beating fast enough to burst. “Get it away from me! Get it away from me!” She shrieked, falling over. Shedinja spun around and flew down to face Gardenia, making her back away quickly.


 “I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Fantina murmured, appearing out of nowhere to peer into the black abyss that was Shedinja’s back.


 “I’m so confused,” Cheryl muttered as she returned Shedinja and Nincada to their Poké Balls.


 “I got you!” Gardenia shouted as she regained her senses and stood up. She pulled out a  Poké Ball from her pocket and tossed the sphere at the laughing Haunter, encasing the ghost in the Poké Ball. Gardenia cheered as the Poké Ball shook a few times, but froze in horror when it broke open and released Haunter. “Oh come on!” She pulled out another Poké Ball, tossing the orb at Haunter once more. The Poké Ball captured the Haunter briefly, but released the ghost almost immediately. “Arceus damn it!” Gardenia cursed, pulling out another Poké Ball to contain the Haunter. This repeated itself for another two minutes, with Gardenia wasting ten Poké Balls in the process. This time, however, the Pokémon remained captured. “I did it!” she exclaimed, picking up the Poké Ball. “Not so tough now, are you?!”


 “Is it over?” Cheryl asked as she picked up her basket.


 “It appears so,” Fantina observed.


 “Well, at least I got my lunch back,” Cheryl said happily. “And two new buddies!”


 “Oh yeah, that must have been so worth it,” Gardenia murmured, rubbing her aching posterior.


 “Well, I got what I came for,” Fantina stated, kissing the Dusk Ball containing Rotom.


 “Wait, how did you escape from Haunter?” Gardenia asked, flabbergasted that Fantina had not gained even a scratch.


 “What do you mean?” Fantina asked. “I’m a master of ghost types. They aren’t going to bother me. They respect me.” Her dress was suddenly lifted over her face, making her shout. “Eek! What are you doing?”


 “Teaching you what respect means!” Gardenia shouted, grabbing Fantina’s red waistband and yanked the fabric up her tush. She tugged on the cotton, lifting the waistband up to Fantina’s neck and taking delight in seeing the leg holes stretch out. Fantina yelped as the red fabric seared her behind, ripping her a new one. Gardenia pulled on Fantina’s pigtails, dragging her head back in preparation for her next move. The red wave of cotton latched onto Fantina’s forehead, making her strain her head back in agony.


 “What is this one called again?” Fantina asked weakly, rubbing the waistband on her head.


 “An atomic,” Gardenia answered as she pried a layer of cotton from her rear.


 “Oh, that is fitting!” Fantina exclaimed in agony, feeling the bright red fabric dig into her derrière. She tried picking the fabric out, to no avail. “Ladies, are you just going to leave me like this?”


 “Uh, yeah,” Gardenia replied. “I’m going to be picking cotton for a week thanks to that stupid ghost. The least you can do is handle a single wedgie.”


 “At least it can’t get any worse,” Fantina murmured, rubbing her bottom.


 “You know, you should never really say that,” Gardenia pointed out. She shuddered as she pulled out a Poké Ball, releasing Haunter. The ghost Pokémon giggled as he watched Fantina struggle to move. “Hey, Haunter, give Fantina... I don’t know, some kind of impossible wedgie, you know?” Gardenia asked. Haunter nodded and gave the gym leader a wink. Suddenly, Gardenia’s green undergarments dug themselves even deeper into her rear. “Ow...” she murmured, biting her lip. “Very funny,” she murmured, watching Haunter snicker. “Now give Fantina the ultimate wedgie.”


 “I get the feeling I’m not going to enjoy this,” Fantina murmured worriedly.


 Gardenia rubbed her chin deviously. “That’s not a bad idea.” She turned to Haunter and grinned. “Hey, use Curse or whatever and make her enjoy this stuff.”


 Fantina’s eyes widened in terror. “Wait. What?!” Within the next few seconds, Fantina’s world became a blur of bright pink fabric zooming around her body. The cotton strapped itself around her limbs, constricting her every movement as the fabric tightened its grasp on her tush. Suddenly, she felt a sense of elation as the fabric slithered up her posterior. The fabric completely covered her entire body except for her eyes. That feels good. A little too good. Oh Arceus, why does it feel so good?! She let out a moan, making Gardenia laugh and Cheryl shudder.


 “You can enjoy these?” Cheryl asked, covering her mouth in disgust.


 “Yeah, I read about it online,” Gardenia stated. “And now, she’s reaping the benefits.”


 “Give me... more...” she asked, moaning even louder.


 “Gross,” Cheryl murmured as she began walking away with her basket while Blissey followed her. “I think I’ve had enough for one day.” 


 Gardenia merely chuckled as she gave Haunter a high five. “I guess ghost types aren’t so bad after all.”

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