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Chapter 1: Yuki’s Suggestion

Goro Majima was sitting at his office desk, going over the numbers of tonight. It has been about three weeks since Goro Majima was put in charge of club Sunshine and while his guidance certainly has improved the place it wasn’t nearly to his standards, let alone good enough to take on any of the Five Stars. Goro takes another moment to examine the papers in front of him, looks like after all expenses the club made just a little over 5,000,000 yen. One more look at the reports and Goro sees that the clubs top girl Yuki is responsible for 1,235,000 yen that night, this is a definite improvement for the girl but Goro knows she can do so much better. Putting down the reports, Goro takes out a cigarette and lights it and takes a long draft from it.

                Things are definitely improving around here, hell it couldn’t have gotten any worse from how things were when I first walked in.

Goro pauses for a moment to take another hit before continuing his line of thought.

Things are still a ways away though from beating those Five Stars assholes. Yuki-san has started to break out of her shell, but I need her to get even better if we are going to have any hope of really turning this place around.

While Goro is pondering on methods to further improve Club Sunshine, a knock on the office door is heard.

Hmmm a knock at my door? I wonder who that could be, closing time was over an hour ago. Better see who it is. As Goro is thinking this he puts out his cigarette then gets up from his desk and walk to the office door and opens it to see who was on the other side.

“Oh it was you knocking on my door so late Yuki-san” stated Goro as he opens the door and sees that Yuki is standing in the hallway. Taking a closer look at Yuki, Goro sees that she has changed out of her work dress and put on her coat. It’s clear that Yuki is nervous about something, it probably took a lot of her courage just to knock on the office door.

“Oh y-yes Majima-chan I was wondering if y-you had a moment” responded Yuki in her usual quiet and shy voice. Majima mentally sighed at her shyness, he thought he was starting to break her of that bad habit of being shy when there was no need to be.

“Of course I have a moment for you Yuki-san, but what are you acting so shy for, it’s just good old Majima your talking too” said Goro thinking to himself that he still has a long way to go before Yuki will become more sure in herself.

                “Oh s-sorry Majima-chan! I just got a l-little nervous bothering you so late” apologized Yuki, thinking she had done something wrong by being too nervous.

                “Hey there’s no need to say you’re sorry, I just wish you had more confidence is all Yuki-san” responded Majima while shaking his head.

                Now Yuki-san is falling all over herself saying sorry even though all I did was point out she didn’t have to be so shy around me. Huh my work is still long from finished with this one.

                “Well if you need ta talk then come on in already and take a seat Yuki-san” said Goro while stepping aside so Yuki can enter the office.

                “T-thank you Majima-chan” said Yuki as she walked into Goro’s office and took a seat in front of the desk.

                “Do ya want something to drink Yuki-san?” asked Goro as he paused near the small fridge he kept in his office.

                “Oh, t-there’s no need to go through the trouble for me Majima-chan” responded Yuki as a slight blush began to appear on her cheeks. Yuki mentally thought it was sweet of Majima to offer her a drink. She briefly wondered if Majima offering her a drink meant that he liked her the same way she liked him but concluded that he didn’t, and he was just being nice.

                “Nonsense Yuki-san it’s no trouble at all, here you go” said Goro cheerfully as he reached into the mini fridge and pulled out a green tea before handing it over to Yuki. “I hope you like green tea, its either that or just plain old water” stated Goro as he sat down in his chair behind the desk.

                “G-green tea is fine M-Majima-chan, thank you so much” said Yuki while slightly bowing her head towards Goro to express her thankfulness.

                “Haha no need to be acting like I did you a great kindness or nothing Yuki-san it’s just some tea is all. Remember you don’t need to act like you do with the customers when it’s just the two of us” said Goro as he chuckled at Yuki’s actions.

                “S-sorry Majima-chan I was just thankful is all. It was sweet of you to offer me a drink even though I’m here bothering you so late” responded Yuki, the blush on her cheeks getting redder due to her crush poking fun at her.

                There she goes again apologizing for something that doesn’t need apologizing for. I wonder if I will ever get her to stop saying sorry all the time.

                “Hey, you’re no bother at all, if you got something to say then you need to say it. What did you want to talk about Yuki-san” asked Majima while shaking his head and smiling at Yuki’ actions.

                I guess her shy personality aint all bad. It’s kinda part of her charm and it is sorta cute in her own way.

                “Oh w-well I wanted to talk with you about the club Majima-chan. I know you have been w-working hard to make this place better and w-we are all grateful for that. I w-want to do better so p-please keep believing in me Majima-chan” said Yuki as the blush on her cheeks worsened. At first the training Goro was doing with her made it easier for her to talk to men which included Goro. Lately though Yuki found herself having a harder time talking to Goro without getting nervous. It didn’t take long for Yuki to realize that she had developed strong feelings for Goro which explained why she got so nervous around him despite her social skills improving.

                “Of course I’ll keep believing in you Yuki-san. You’re my best girl and cute as a button” responded Goro with a kind smile.

                “M-Majima-chan why would you say something like that when you done really mean it” stated Yuki nervously. Mentally Yuki was so happy that Goro had called her cute, but she also thought that was Goro just being nice again, he didn’t really mean it.

                “Huh? What do you mean Yuki-san? I did mean what I said. You are the best girl here; I can always depend on yah. I also wasn’t lying when I said you’re cute Yuki-san. I know we joke around saying you’re a common wallflower, but truth is you are a diamond getting ready to show everyone your shine” responded Goro with another kind smile, hoping that this time Yuki will hear the sincerity in his voice.

                “T-That’s so sweet of you to say Majima-chan. Hearing you say that makes me so happy” responded Yuki as her blush intensified and her heart began to beat faster. Yuki was glad that Goro said those kind words to her, but she also had issue with his choice of words. Yuki was disappointed that Goro just said she was cute, cute wasn’t what Yuki wanted Goro to see her as. Cute was something you call a little girl, Yuki wanted Goro to see her as a women. Yuki wished that Goro would find her sexy. Deep down she wanted Goro to see her as a women, she wanted him to fuck her.

                Yuki blushed deeper at the thought, but she couldn’t help it. She fantasied about Goro standing up and bending her over his desk. She wanted him to rip of her clothes and hold her down as he would slowly tease her dripping pussy with his fingers. She would whine for him to slide his fingers insider her, but he would just continue to slowly rub his fingers against her. Goro would tell her that she would have to say what she wanted him to do.

The thought of saying it out loud would only make her even wetter and eventually after serval seconds of torture she would scream that she wanted him to fuck her with his fingers not caring if anyone else was in the club to hear her shame. Goro would smile lustfully at her before he slid a finger inside her. Just thinking about Goro finger fucking her pussy as she moans his name sends her arousal into overdrive before long Yuki realizes that her panties are soaked. Yuki quickly tries to dispel her lustful thoughts before Goro noticed something was off, or before she begin to leak her arousal onto the chair she was sitting on.

“Hey earth to Yuki-san, is anyone in there” asked Goro, curious why Yuki would all of a sudden space out.

What is with Yuki-san today? First, she wants to talk to me about the club and to keep believing in her and then she just spaced out like that. Come to think of it she looks like she’s heating up, I hope she’s not catching a cold or nothing.

“O-oh sorry about t-that Majima-chan. I guess I just lost my focus for a moment there” said Yuki meekly. Yuki couldn’t believe she had just had a fantasy about Goro fingering her, she was supposed to be speaking with Goro and all she could think about was Goro fingering her wet pussy while she begged him for more. Yuki quickly shook her head, telling herself to clear away those thoughts for now. She needs to speak with Goro, she can think about him fucking her pussy later when she is alone in her bedroom.

“Don’t worry about it Yuki-san, but are you sure you’re alright? You look like you are burning up over there” asked Majima with concern on his face for Yuki.

“O-oh yes Majima-chan I am fine, just a little tired is all” responded Yuki, embarrassed that Goro noticed the signs of her arousal. Yuki just hoped that Goro couldn’t notice the smell she was giving off. The smell that a woman gives off to a man when she wants him to claim her as his own and fuck her like the slut she is. Yuki mentally gasped as she thought this, where had that come from? Yuki realized she took a perverse pleasure in calling herself a slut. Her pussy ached at the thought of being Goro’s eager little slut and begging him to fuck her slutty pussy until he came inside her claiming her as his own now and forever. Again Yuki scolded herself for thinking such things while trying to talk to Goro. Yuki told herself that she needs to finish this conversation quickly so she can race home and fuck herself until she cums all over her fingers while imaging being Goro’s perfect little slut.

                “Well if you say so Yuki-san, just make sure you get plenty of sleep tonight for me” said Goro not fully believing Yuki is acting this way just because she is tired.

                Yuki-san says she’s acting this way because she is tired, but since when does a person have that much color to their face if they just need some sleep. If it’s not her being tired and she’s not catching a cold, then what could it be? Also it might just be me but a swear I’m smelling something now. I can’t quite place what that smell is though. I hope it’s not me, Yuki wouldn’t respect me no more if she thinks I stink or something like that.

                “Y-yes Majima-chan I will make sure I go right to bed after we’re done talking” responded Yuki while also wondering how big Goro’s cock, wishing that he would show her by shoving all of it into her needy little pussy while she screams of how much of a slut she is.

                “Well let’s make sure we finish up soon then so you can get yah sleep Yuki-san. Was there anything else you wanted to say to me” asked Goro, still trying to place what the strange smell he was noticing.

                “Y-yes Majima-chan. I w-wanted to make a s-suggestion on how to improve Club Sunshine” responded Yuki as she got even more nervous. Yuki wanted to talk to Goro about her idea to improve the club, but she was nervous if Majima would think it was a bad idea or worse that he would think less of her given the nature of her idea.

                “Oh, you have an idea to improve Club Sunshine? That’s my Yuki-san, always trying her best. What’s the big idea you got” asked Majima, proud that Yuki is thinking of ideas to improve the place.

                “W-well I had the thought that we could improve by catering m-more to our customers” responded Yuki. Yuki’s pussy dripped at being called Goro’s girl and wished he would mark her with his cum, so everyone knew just how much of a slut she was. Once more Yuki forced herself to stop thinking such thoughts and promised herself that once she was home, she would rub herself until morning while thinking of Goro’s long hard cock fucking her.

                “Catering more to our customers? What do you mean by that Yuki-san” asked Majima thinking he was already doing that by making sure the girls were dressed up all cute for the customers. “I already make sure you are at your cutest for our customers”.

                “T-that’s that problem Majima-chan. I t-think we s-should be doing more than just being c-cute. T-think about it, the customers come to talk to p-pretty girls. Wouldn’t we be better if w-we catered to t-their m-many desires” asked Yuki nervously awaiting Goro’s response.

                “Cater to their manly desires? What are you trying to get at Yuki-san” asked Majima thinking she couldn’t know what it sounds like she is saying right now.

                “I m-mean that instead of dressing m-me all cute you should dress me, so I look s-sexy” responded Yuki while looking away from Goro. Yuki hoped Majima wouldn’t reject this idea or think less of her for suggesting that she use her body a little more so the club can perform better.

                “Huh, dress you so you look sexy? Are you sure Yuki-san” asked Majima who couldn’t believe his ears. While this was a surprise for sure, Majima couldn’t help but think it was a good idea. It’s true the customers are a little on the pervy side so dressing the girls to tap into their desires like that would bring in more business. Already the gears were turning in Goro’s head as he brainstormed outfits that would really bring out Yuki’s womanly assets.

                “Y-yes Majima-chan. I-think showing m-more skin and t-teasing the customers will really improve traffic. I-if the customers t-think of me that way then they will s-stay longer also” responded Yuki.

                “Showing more skin huh? I think that might an idea worth trying at least once, but just so we are on the same page what did yah mean when you said getting the customers to think of you in that way” responded Goro thinking that Yuki would look irresistible in a sexy little dress.

                “W-well I mean that we should tease the c-customers as much as p-possible so that they want to” Yuki began to say but did not finish her sentence because she was too nervous.

                “Hmmm why did you stop speaking Yuki-san? You want us to tease your customers so much that they want to what” asked Majima.

                “So-so-so THEY WANT TO FUCK ME!!” screamed Yuki, before immediately covering her mouth in shame. Yuki couldn’t believe she had said that to Goro so loud but also was so horny from her fantasies that she wasn’t thinking straight. There was a moment of silence before Goro began to speak.

                “Whoa Yuki-san that came out of nowhere. So you want me to dress you in a way that any man would look at you and want to fuck you” asked Majima who already was thinking of even more sexier outfits than just a sexy dress now that Yuki said what she said.

                “Y-yes Majima-chan if you think I c-could pull it off I think it would really help business” said Yuki who was getting wetter with the way Goro was speaking to her. Yuki so badly wanted to be dressed sexy so Majima would look at her and have to finally fuck her.

                “Haha don’t worry about that Yuki-san. With your body I can dress you in a way that any man would want to fuck you until your screamed their name” responded Goro, getting hard at the thought of Yuki dressing in such and acting in such a way.

                Yuki hearing what Majima said to about her almost made her cum right there. She quickly composed herself however before she was pushed over the edge and responded to Goro.

                “T-thank you so much for saying that Majima-chan. I’m so happy that you think I can look fuckable to men if you guide me” responded Yuki who at this point has gotten so wet that a small puddle was forming in the chair she was sitting in.

                “No need to thank me Yuki-san I’m just speaking the truth is all. I think this is a great idea and I’ll start to think about what outfits you should wear to get the effect were looking for. In the meantime what do you say we call it a night so you can get some rest” stated Goro as he smiled perversely thinking of outfits that would be perfect on Yuki.

                “O-oh yes Majima-chan. It’s getting late and I should be resting. I’ll leave now and go right to sleep. Thank you for your time and agreeing to my idea Majima-chan” said Yuki as she once again bowed her head to Goro slightly to show her thankfulness. Yuki then excused herself and after declining Majima’s proposal to walk her home she left Club Sunshine.

                Goro Majima sat for a moment more at his desk. He was deep in thought of images of Yuki in slutty little outfits, that screamed to men to come and fuck her. After coming up with a good enough outfit idea to try Majima decided to call it a night himself and got up from his desk. When Majima was about to turn of the office lights before exiting for the night he noticed something out of corner of his eye. A puddle was on the chair Yuki was sitting at, seeing this Majima walked over to the chair. He wondered what the liquid was for a moment before the smell attacked him again. This time he recognized the smell and smiling to himself he reached out and dipped a finger into the small puddle before bringing into his mouth.

                Well Well, looks like Yuki-san is a naughty girl. She’s dripping like a little whore while thinking about being a cock tease.

                With this information Majima smiled, thinking that if he plays this right Yuki would be doing so much more for the customers than just showing a bit more skin.

End of chapter 1

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