Rogue Company

BY : Phantom
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Glitch's new hack was finally done. It would override a persons complete thought process. It would make them do whatever they were told. 

As he walked to Trench and Kestral's office he thought, "should I test it first"?

He decided to go find someone to help him test the new tool.

He found Dallas sitting in the lounge cleaning his revolver.

Glitch said, "Hey, I need help with my new gadget".

Will it help my aim?


Will it clean my gun?


Sorry, I am busy.

Alright lemme know if you change your mind.

He then found Lancer who was sprinting around the track. 

"Hey Lancer."


"Can you help me with my new gadget?"

"Sure just give me a few minutes."

Lancer then went to finish her run.

When she finally finished she said, "Sorry Glitch Trench needs me, another time."

As Lancer was sprinting off Glitch was startled by anothers sudden appearance.

Glitch jumped when he felt someones hand on his shoulder.

"Hey Glitch did you need something?" asked Phantom.

Glitch said, "YES, I need some help testing my new gadget."

"Oh ok I'll help you. I don't have anything else to do."




In The Outdoor Shooting Range




Glitch attached the gadget to Phantom's back but for some reason it wouldn't start up.

"Hey Phantom, your nano suit is messing with my gadget do you have any other clothes"

"Of course I do just not with me".

"Oh uh we will need to go get those then cause it seems the sensor won't work without direct contact with your skin."

"I'll just take this off and it should be fine"

Phantom removed her nano suit.

Glitch couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her perfectly shaped breasts and ass. Luckily phantom didn't seem to notice.

"Do you want to know what the gadget does" glitch asked.

"Not really"

Glitch then placed the gadget onto her back and activated it.

"Alright... Phantom.... Aim at the target."

Phantom pulled out her Fullbody sniper and aimed at the target.


She fired.


She reloaded.

Glitch got excited and said, "YESSSSSS. It works."

He then turned to phantom and removed the gadget.

He said, "Did you see that."

"See what"

"The gadget works."

"You just put it on and took it off."

"It seems to erase memory too." He got an idea. "Lets try this again"

He reattached the gadget and turned it on.

He hesitated but then said, "get on your knees"

Phantom kneeled before him.

"Unbutton my pants"

"Give me a handjob"

She started rubbing his shaft. It was easily 10 inches long.

While it felt great. Phantom behaved like a robot. There was no emotion.

He said, "Act like a slut." "beg for my cock."

Phantom smiled and said, "please let me suck on your cock. I really want it."

Glitch smiled under his mask and said, "If you really want to go ahead."

Phantom kissed the tip of his dick. She said, "I really like your dick." She started licking it. "It tastes so good."

Glitch took out his phone and opened the camera. He started recording. "don't hold back now".

In response Phantom started taking Glitch's dick into her mouth. She stopped when it reached the back of her mouth.

"Come on put it down your throat."

As much as phantom tried she couldn't deepthroat his cock. "Sorry my mouth won't let me."

"I'll help you then. Just don't bite. Open your mouth."

With his free hand Glitch grabbed Phantoms hair and rammed his cock into her mouth.

"Play with your pussy and moan for me Phantom." Phantom began touching herself.

Glitch after fucking Phantoms mouth repeatedly got his full dick into Phantoms throat. 

He pulled out of her mouth. "Okay. Now do it yourself." 

Phantom got to work immeadeatly. She started gulping down on Glitch's dick. Her throat clenched around his dick. She moaned while sucking and gagged when she held his cock down.

Glitch's cock was about to burst so he made her stop,

Phantom smiled while looking up at him. 

He stood up. "do you wanna swallow my load?"

"Yes please!"

"Ima paint your face with my cum okay now beg for it."

"I really really want your cum." glitch started jerking his cock off. "I wanna taste it. I wanna feel it ooze on my face.I wanna play with it and rub it all over me."

Glitch said, "Close your eyes". He began spraying his load all over her face. He came so much her entire face was covered with strings of his cum. He was still going. He started to cum on her tiny breasts and tits. He came on her neck.

You can open your eyes now.

Phantom started to giggle. "You came so much." She looked at his cock. "and your still hard."

Glitch's cock remained erect. "Do you want more." 


"Give me a hand job again."

Phantom started rubbing his cock up and down it's shaft. "Its so thick."'

She stopped, "Can I play with your cum now?"

"Not yet. you can swallow when you get this load from my cock."

She groaned.

"you gotta work for your reward"

"fine" she started working again.

She used her hands like a pro. 

Glitch's cock started twitching. He said open wide.

Phantom opened her mouth and said, "ahhhhhh."

Glitch started unloading his cum down her mouth. he said, "Don't swallow yet."

"play with it in your mouth"

Phantom gargled the cum in her mouth. She was smiling and giggling.

"Go ahead and swallow." "Want me to fuck you now"

"Yes please"

"Get on your back."

Phantom obediantly did so and looked up. She said, "yes, finally. Fuck me already."

Glitch said, "Nu uh uh. You have been very naughty. You deserve a punishment first."

He pulled his hand back and slammed it down on Phantom's ass. "Did you enjoy that."

Phantom said smiling, "yes please spank me. I have been very very bad."

"as you wish."

Glitch started spanking Phantom. Her butt was so small it barely jiggled.

Phantom giggled and squealed with delight with each slap.

Glitch said, "I guess your punishment has been served. Now it's time for your reward."

He slammed his cock into her tight wet cunt. Phantom moaned very loudly.

He got interupted by a message on his comms. "Glitch please report to Trench's office."

He quickly ordered phantom to clean herself as he got dressed.

Then he told her to stand with her sniper.

He removed the gadget.

He said, "thank you for your help".

Phantom said "your welcome let me know if you need more help."



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