The Desire Emblem

BY : Ginblood
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A/N: This chapter exists purely for exposition purposes - it's not long, but if you're only here for the PWP, skip to chapter two. This fic follows a harem-esque plotline, and it'll keep getting new chapters as long as I keep getting requests, so please, comment whichever girl you'd like to see next! Enjoy!


Robin hated the cold. Clutching his black winter cloak tightly around his standard tactician’s garments to which he’d grown so fond, he thoroughly resented the stimulation provided to his body by the harsh cold of Regna Ferox - and to think that this was springtime! Everything about it was miserable to the tactician. The crunch of snow beneath his feet, the harsh winds blowing so hard against him that he felt he may fall over, the heavy snowfall that obscured his vision beyond a mere few meters… he was sure he was heading the right way, as Robin’s sense of direction was impeccable given his experience with tactics and maps, though a lesser man may go insane with such uncertainty beyond. Though, for now, his confidence seemed to have paid off - he could ever so slightly begin to make out the vague, cocoa-colored shape of his cabin in the distance. 

Oh, thank the Gods…

Having closed the distance between him and the cabin, Robin swung the door open - finally, he was home. At least, some semblance of a home - the cabin was a temporary boarding, only to be used for as long as Chrom’s Shepherds were needed at the Feroxi border. This was the first time he’d been back to Ferox since Chrom had returned Grima to his thousand-year slumber, and needless to say, he couldn’t wait to leave. Though, tedious as the trip was… Robin had found something that quite piqued his interest.

Shutting the door behind him, Robin discarded his cloak, wasting no time in casting a fire spell towards the pile of logs waiting patiently in the stone fireplace. It was a careless movement, and one that could have resulted in the entire cabin burning down if he’d been just a little less accurate. But right now, Robin didn’t care. He set down the bag he’d taken with him on his little shopping trip to the nearby town, rummaging through it until he’d found what he was looking for. Out of the bag came a shield - one no bigger and no smaller than the Fire Emblem itself. Though, of course, the real Emblem was being kept safe and sound in Ylisstol. This one was different… it was clearly carefully crafted, though the design and general appearance weren’t anything like the Ylissean artifact.

What a curious object… Robin thought to himself, analyzing the shield. And what a curious mission to be tasked with! When Chrom had sent Robin out into town to address the local rumors of a strange item resembling the Fire Emblem being in the possession of a local merchant, he hadn’t expected anything like this. He began to recall the conversation he’d had with the merchant, when she’d explained the origins of the item, as well as how it worked. Of course, he couldn’t remember most of what she’d said… but with his purchase came a small piece of paper outlining the important details.




“Of course I know you! You’re that Ylissean tactician, yeah?” The merchant attempted to keep her composure, but she was clearly excited to meet the man she’d heard so much about. “My sister told me all about you! Your unparalleled cunning in battle… your remarkable skill, with both a tome and a blade! Some of the plans you whipped up had me at the edge of my seat - I thought that my sister HAD to be exaggerating when she told me about the ships-turned-bombs that you used against the Valmese!” Again, she kept herself in check, attempting to restrain her excitement. “I’ll tell you what. Normally, I’d charge a HEFTY price for this… but for you, and only you, I’ll make an exception.”

Robin furrowed his brow a bit at the sudden shift in topic. Could she be talking about the very item he’d been sent to inspect? He didn’t have to BUY the item, he was just meant to see what the fuss was about. Needless to say, he let her carry on. “An exception? Care to elaborate?”

“Here! Lookie!” Anna pulled a strange-looking Emblem out of a crate behind the counter, showing it off to the tactician.

“Lookie… at what? As far as shields go, that… doesn’t look very practical.”

“No, dummy! It’s not meant for fighting!” She grabbed a small, crumpled piece of paper that had been stuffed into the same crate. “It’s magical… a little something from the Anna sisters to thank you for winning the war for us! ...War? Wars?” Anna put her hand on her chin, clearly giving it some thought. “I think it would be wars… Well, whatever! Here, let me explain how it works!”

The girl gestured to an empty seat on the other side of the counter, and Robin graciously took it, as he had a feeling he might be here for a while.


Back in the comfort of his own cabin, Robin unfolded the piece of paper that Anna had given him, reading back through the rules that she’d explained earlier. The paper was small, with only a few rules outlined:

1. As you can see, the Emblem contains a small, hollow section in the middle. That’s where you place the catalysts.

2. The first catalyst to make the Emblem work is a single drop of blood. Don’t worry, you only need to do this once! Once the blood lands on the Emblem, the object is bound to you - it’s in your ownership, at least until it comes into contact with someone else’s blood.

3. The second catalyst is a single human hair! Manakete and taguel hairs have also been known to work, but they’re far less reliable. Once the hair is placed, it will dissolve, and the Emblem will activate!

4. Once the Emblem’s magic has been invoked, whoever’s hair was placed into it will be helplessly, uncontrollably attracted to the Emblem’s owner! How cool is that?!

5. The second time that any one person’s hair is placed into the Emblem, the hair will dissolve exactly as it did the first time, and the effects of the Emblem will be cancelled with that specific person. Until this is done, the effects of the Emblem will never wear off, so be careful!

Robin scoffed - surely this was too good to be true. He wasn’t the type to take advantage of anyone, but… surely such an item, if real, is too dangerous to be sold on the streets! That was the only reason he’d accepted Anna’s offer. Simply that reason, and nothing more. Robin felt the constant need to assure himself of that fact. Looking back at the page, he saw another small section, scribbled at the bottom of the note. Cautiously, he read the remaining passage...

This item possesses great power, but I’ll make sure to only sell it to someone who I trust will use it well. So, if you’re reading this… congrats, you passed the test! Enjoy this item to the fullest, and I hope you don’t regret purchasing the item known as…. The Desire Emblem!

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