The New Girl

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The New Girl

Chapter 1= First Day

It was another typical day in Vale. Jenna found that Vale was like the worst place to live in all of Weyard, not only did they live at the base of a mountain which was also a volcano, but the weather was always gloomy, the sun would shine for only a few rare moments. Jenna hated the gloomy weather they usually had. A Mars adept needed the sun to truly master her kind of psynergy, not to mention that she was scared to death of thunder.

There was a thunder storm in Vale at least once a week. She had a bad memory of when she was younger and her entire family almost died during a storm. While that was the only time in Vale’s history that the storm was so bad, Jenna always feared that something like that would happen again.

Jenna was on her way to school and her brother was with her since he was a year ahead of her. She had no idea why he was so chill with thunders storms because he almost died from one, it didn’t make sense that she was more scared then he was.

“Is tonight the night?” she asked, for some reason Felix always knew when the storm would hit.

“…” said Felix

“Answer me!” she yelled

“No” was his answer, it was normal as Felix never spoke a lot. At least Jenna could sleep well tonight with no fear of thunder waking her in the middle of the night; her life would flash in front of her eyes.

The only thing that made Jenna feel better was when she saw the face of the one that she loved and she would see that person in school, like she did every day, she even saw that person in Vale walking around. At least seeing her calmed Jenna down like she never knew possible.


Jenna always sat in the back of the class, that way she could see the girl that she loved. When Mia walked into the classroom, her stress level would drop. Just seeing her beautiful face let her breathe and at least feel like a normal person. Too bad Isaac couldn’t take a hint that she was not into him.

“Hey Jenna, what are you doing after school today?” he asked appearing in front of her and blocking the great view she had of Mia.

“I guess nothing” she said, no matter how hard she tired she couldn’t lie to him, if only she could tell him in a nice why that she liked girls and not guys.

The teacher walked into the class and used a ruler to hit his desk hard which got the attention of all the students. Isaac and others who were standing and talking went over and slipped into their seats.

“Now class” said the teacher “We have an exchange student from Xian and I hope you’ll all be nice to her” he looked at Garet since he was known to be a little rude once in a while. It’s not that he was a bad person; he just said things without thinking before talking.

“Why are you looking at me sir?” he asked since he didn’t know he had this problem

“So please welcome Feicheese” said the teacher

“Cheese?” asked Garet

A girl with purple hair walked into the class. Jenna was interested now, she looked good, even if it was nowhere close to Mia, her boobs were a decent size, Jenna didn’t know how big Mia’s breasts were because of the dress that she wore, but this girl had slightly bigger breasts then Jenna had on her. All the boys looked in the front of the class, their mouths wide open and their tongues hanging out. Well, except Ivan since he was more interested in his grades then girls, even if people were saying he was banging Sheba which made Felix jealous.

“My name is Feizhi” the girl with the purple hair said and the teacher apology for saying her name wrong. The whole class except Jenna, Mia and Ivan laughed. Jenna didn’t laugh because her mind was racing, if she could get Isaac to fall for Feizhi he would leave her alone and she could finally flirt with Mia. Mia didn’t laugh because of her kind nature and Ivan didn’t understand why everyone laughed in the first place.

“What are you doing in Vale?” asked Garet

“Garet” the teacher said under his breath

“It’s fine” said Feizhi “My father send me here so I can learn to use these powers called Psynergy. I started to be able to use them recently”

“How?” Garet asked

“A purple rock fell from the sky; it hit me in the head and turned my hair purple. I woke up two weeks later in the hospital. Then I was able to use psynergy”

“Cool” said Garet

The teacher told Feizhi to take a seat so he could start his lame lesson plan for the day. He also asked if anyone would like to show Feizhi around. Jenna found it would be a good way to talk to the girl about Isaac, but Mia raised her hand first and got the job.

After school

Jenna followed Mia and Feizhi the entire day, she was maybe paranoid but Mia was the girl that she had a crush on and she had to find a way to talk with Feizhi about Isaac.

“What are you doing?” she heard Isaac say behind her

“Nothing” she said quickly to cover the fact that she was a stalker.

“Since you’re doing nothing, we can hang out” he said

Jenna was about to agree with him, but when she looked back Mia and Feizhi were gone. Where did they go?

“I can’t right now” she said and ran in the direction that she last saw them. Isaac stayed behind; he didn’t really know what just happened. Girls were very confusing, he would never understand Jenna.

Mia’s house

Mia took Feizhi back to her place. She knew that Jenna was following them, so when she saw that Jenna had her back turned, she took that chance to escape and return home with her new friend and maybe new girlfriend. Mia was also interested in girls, the bad news for Jenna is that Mia didn’t like her in that way, but Feizhi was a different story.

“I should get back to the home of the people who are looking after me” said Feizhi “I don’t want my dad to get mad at me on my first day”

“It’s Okay, you can’t get lost in Vale” said Mia, she sat on the bed with Feizhi and inched closer. Feizhi saw the look in Mia’s eye and she knew right away that Mia was into her. Feizhi wasn’t sure how she felt; she was one of the only girls that lived in Xian.

Mia placed a hand on Feizhi’s shoulder “I find you very attractive” she purred out

“What about that other girl in class?” asked Feizhi

“You mean Jenna…the girl with the brown hair that sits in the back?” she asked

“Yeah, you’re not into her?” asked Feizhi

“I know that she’s into girls, but I’m into you” said Mia, she licked along Feizhi’s cheek “Just tell me too stop and I will”

Feizhi wanted to open her mouth to say something, but when she opened her mouth only a moan came out, she didn’t want to have sex with Mia, Mia was nice, but she didn’t have feelings for her at all. She wanted more time to get to know everyone here before she made her mind. Mia continued to lick her face and all Feizhi could do was sit there and moan as Mia did whatever she wanted to her. Feizhi was under Mia’s spell.


Jenna couldn’t find Feizhi and Mia, she had no idea where they could have gone so quickly, she had her back turned for like two seconds and they were long gone. Mia must have known that Jenna was following them.

As she searched Vale she met Garet. He was training like he did every day after school instead of doing his homework.

“Garet, did you see Mia?” she asked

“Yeah, I saw her with that hot new girl. Feizhi is so hot, I’ll ask her on a date tomorrow” he said

“That’s nice” said Jenna, Garet was ruining her plans with Feizhi, there was no point in trying to find her now, she was hoping that Mia would be an easy way to hop in the conversation with Feizhi and then she could mention Isaac, that way she could make a move on Mia.

Jenna started to leave, when she heard Garet say “Mia was heading home”


“Mia and that hot new girl were going towards Mia’s house” he said and went back to training.

No thought Jenna Please, it can’t be

She must sound like a crazy person. The chances that Mia was making a move on Feizhi after knowing her for less than a day was crazy and this was Mia we were talking about. She was hardly the type to do that and Jenna didn’t even know if Mia was interested in girls like she was. But the thought was in her head and it won’t leave, she had to make sure for herself, she had to know if Mia and Feizhi were screwing each other.

If the answer was yes, it would just break her heart.

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