Resident Evil: Project Venus

BY : Carlos_Danger
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction that is made for free and free to use. I own no rights to any part of the Resident Evil works. Any resemblance to real people or events is entirely coincidental.




The flight officer shouted over the thumping roar of the rotors, craning his head out of the door and over the ocean swells.

Jill passed a silent nod as she gave one final inspection of her equipment. Though she couldn't find a single fiber out of place, it was no time for careless mistakes. 

Satisfied with herself, she looked to Rebecca, seated across from her. The young agent's uniform was already squared away down to a button. Not that she expected anything less. But while exceptionally gifted, Rebecca was facing what was by far her most important assignment to date. And it was showing more than Jill would have liked. She was distant and quiet, hunched in her seat as if trying to shrink away.

"Just a walk in the park", Jill cracked a confident grin, reassuring her tense teammate.

Rebecca mirrored the fearless smile, but the feeling didn't extend far below the surface. 

"Nothing to it", her false voice strained.

Jill wasn't the only one who noticed Rebecca's tension. On her left, strapped in, strapped up, and ready to hit the ground, Claire offered a lighter perspective.

"I don't know what you're nervous about. I still haven't forgotten Karachi. If I were them, I'd already be gone, or at least running up a white flag.

Rebecca snapped up in her seat, her voice finding sudden strength.

"You know that was an accident", she shot back, piercing Claire with a bloody glare. "He jumped me from behind."

"Sure. But ... no balls? Even for me..."

Rebecca turned a shade redder, but couldn't help parting with a graveyard laugh.

"Fuck you." 

Jill was glad to see that her teammate wasn't too far gone. It was one thing to be nervous, but to lose focus was fatal. Though she knew the feeling. She could only do her best to pretend that she didn't feel it now. It wouldn't have mattered if she had led a thousand hostage rescue operations, this one was different.

Jill looked Rebecca in the eyes, calm and collected, but serious as death.

"It doesn't matter who they are, we get them out and we bring them home."

Rebecca nodded, her face hardening once again into the soldier Jill knew.

Claire took out her comlink for another look at the mission brief. Scrolling over the information one last time, it still seemed almost too much to believe.

"Do you really think it's him?", she asked, turning to Jill. 

Jill knew the name. Everyone did. Rick Ellis, self-made billionaire and Wall Street juggernaut, dead at 42. Dead for three years. And now it seemed he was wanted dead again.

"I don't know. Maybe we'll find out, maybe we won't. But either way, the only thing that matters is that we get her out."

Claire had hoped there would be a little more meat on the bare-bones response. But Jill was right. As intriguing as it was, it wasn't their job to make sense of it.




Claire put away her comlink and put on her game face. Jill unbuckled her harness and stood, leaning out over the water next to the flight officer.

The island was approaching fast. In the dark of night, the fields of palms obscured most of the area in a featureless blur. But on the right, steep, rocky, cliffs rose up, holding high out of the ocean a plantation house that seemed as if it had been placed there from another century. If she had been honest, she would have said that it gave her a small chill just to look at it. The place was nearly as unsettling as the circumstances. 

As they approached the beach on the lower side, Jill called back to her team.

"Get ready, we're coming in!"

Claire and Rebecca both chambered their weapons, now in the zone. Jill turned back toward the island, ready to clear their approach. 

But her spine stiffened as a flash ignited beneath the palms. The distant glow began to rise rapidly, a pillar of smoke trailing behind. The ball of fire accelerated, streaking toward them, closing half the distance in moments.

The voice of the flight officer struck like a hammer in her gut.




Jill leaped back as the helicopter banked hard to the left, throwing her against Claire. She scrambled and clawed to get to her seat, but she fought the tilt of the floor. The short seconds ticked by in absolute focus, each passing like an eternity.  As she finally found her spot and reached down to fasten her harness, her eyes locked with Rebecca's, now gripped with fear.

Fire filled her vision. A crushing pulse exploded through her body like a freight train, jarring her brain and driving out her senses. A high-pitched whine filled her ears as the world turned upside down and slowly began to shrink into the distance. It tumbled, spinning out of control, falling away flaming into the night sky. 

Falling into the sky... No, that wasn't right.  

Jill struggled to find her thoughts.

They're flying. I'm falling. ... I'm falling.

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