Cold camping

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Cold camping

Marnie shivered blowing warm air into her hands as she and Victor trekked through the frozen plains of the Crown Tundra, the pair of them having travelled north to take a small vacation away from the surprisingly high summer heat in Galar and whilst she had been happy at first to get out of the clammy weather Marnie was quickly starting to regret it as she realized that the Frozen Tundra truly was cold all year round

“Ok, this looks like a good spot for camp” Victor stated as they came to a wide open area that was shielded from the window by a nearby cliff face, Marnie being more than happy to stop if it meant getting a tent erected and getting out of the sharp wind chill, the Gothic girl releasing her Morpeko and Grimmsnarl whilst Victor let out his Inteleon to help put up the large tent

With the Pokemons help the tent was quickly erected allowing Victor to get started on the food, something that Marnie had been greatly looking forward to as whilst Gloria had aspired to and succeeded in becoming Galar’s newest Champion Victor had gone a different route with his life goal, instead wanting to become Galar’s greatest curry chef

Within minutes of him starting to cook the smells of the curry were enough to warm the chills in Marnie’s body, Victor using a myriad of spicy and flavourful berries to go along with the meat he added giving the curry a bright vibrant colouration

As Victor cooked their meal Marnie found herself staring at him longer than she had meant to, whilst her attraction to Victor wasn’t a secret to Gloria, Hop or even her own brother she had never been vocal about it with Victor himself and he himself seemed blissfully unaware of the heat the pooled in the Goth girls loins whenever she looked at him, she wanted him big time but thanks to her stoic demeanour she struggled to let herself actually tell him, being forced to simply fantasise about what Victor was like in bed thanks to Gloria’s loose lips on the subject of her and Victor having sex

“Dinners ready!” Victor announced drawing Marnie out of her thoughts, the girl eagerly taking her bowl of curry and rice before immediately digging in, the spices adding just the right amount of burn to the food making her tongue dance with delight as she eagerly devoured every bite of it feeling her insides warming up by the second to help fight the airs chill

Unfortunately however the chill quickly came back as the sun soon began to set into the evening, Marnie taking the chance to cuddle up to Victor as he ignited the cooking fire further to turn it into a full camp fire, the Goth girl relishing his warmth as she rested her head on his shoulder

Biting her lip as she felt Victor wind an arm around her shoulders to pull her in closer, her heart beating faster as she forced herself to try to let her desires known “do you...want to share a sleeping bag?” she asked as she looked up at him whilst placing a hand on his thigh “it’ll help keep us warm” she added, trying to sound coy and sultry like Gloria had taught her hoping that she had sounded remotely seductive, her heart skipping a beat as Victor just smiled coyly back and placed his hand on hers

(Half an hour later)

With the campfire now doused and their Pokemon returned to their Balls the pair retired to the tent, having only pulled out the one sleeping bag like Marnie had suggested to which they both squeezed inside, their clothes lying scattered on the floor of the tent as Marnie laid chest to chest on top of Victor, her pants muffed by the nape of his neck as she worked her hips up and down to ride him as best she could in the confined space

“Fuck...fuck...deep…” she mumbled into his neck, her cheeks flushed bright red as she was still to self conscious to fully voice her dirty talk, wanting to tell him just how good his cock felt inside of her but her nerves keeping her speaking at a low whisper

Victor didn’t seem to mind however as he held her close with his arms wrapped tight around her, keeping their bodies pressed tight together making Marine moan and simper at the feeling of his hot skin against hers, the Goth girl panting louder as she then pulled away from his neck to almost desperately kiss him, the kiss muffling her squeal of pleasure as her pussy rippled and clamped tighter, her entire body starting to shake in orgasm as Victor hit her sweet spots perfectly

As Marnie shook against him Victor took the chance to roll them over, the sleeping bag turning with them as he pinned Marine beneath him and started to thrust slow but deep into her, rocking her petite body beneath him as he deepened their kiss, pushing his tongue between her lips to wrestle it with hers

The moment his tongue was in her mouth Marnie started to cum again, her legs wrapped tight around his waist as she let him do what he wanted with her, his tongue completely dominating hers as she continued to orgasm with every thrust he took into her, her eyes rolling back completely as Victor then came a few minutes later, flooding her insides with a blissful rush of his warm rich cum

Feeling Victor then slowly pull out and finished the rest of his cum on her stomach and groin Marnie simpered at the heat of it, wondering if she could ask him if they could just have sex for the rest of the camping trip to stay warm to ‘save firewood’

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