Honoka Gets Punished

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Honoka squirmed uncomfortably in front of him, pressing her shapely legs together in embarrassment, and teetered unsteadily in her black ankle boots. Instinctively, she covered her bulging underboob with both her hands in a protective, shy hug. The Japanese schoolgirl was dressed in a cut-off pair of dark grey denim short shorts that clung to her hourglass hips and bunched up between her thick, curving in an extremely attractive manner. They had made sure that the clothes they forced her to wear were of significantly less curvaceous proportions than Honoka, since the denim struggled to hold her voluptuous hips and tight, bubble-like ass-cheeks. Every smooth square inch of her flawless lightly-tan skin was on display below the shorts shorts' tattered lower hemline and similarly above the clinching beltline Honoka’s slim, sylphlike belly flexed with mouthwatering suppleness. Her belly was bare all the way up to the massive undersides of her tits, where her too-tight white-and-green cow patterned t-shirt was stretched taut over Honoka’s over-abundant F-cup mammaries. It barely extended down low enough to cover her nipples, so a mesmerising expanse of lightly-tanned underboob jiggled deliciously as Honoka stood before him gasping.

Her submissive, large light red irises looked even more alluring then usual with the eyeliner around them, and the mascara applied to her long, curling eyelashes. They also painted on a subtle amount of blusher to her slender cheekbones and a little foundation to her cute oriental cheeks. They had also brushed a glossy layer of deep, whorish scarlet to her full, naturally pouting lips. It gave a pleasant contrast between the flawless light-tan of her complexion and the dark red sheen on her lips. Finally, the organisation had decided to allow Honoka’s salmon pink hair – probably dyed, he thought – to tumble down to her graceful shoulder blades in a glossy, loose tresses.

Surrounding Honoka’s lustrous ripe young body was a room of such obscene salaciousness that it made the schoolgirl blush when she first saw the bright red walls and the numerous fixtures and furniture of red leather, cuffs, and metal frames. The bondage room was dominated by a queen-sized four-poster bed, complete with bright red covers and a black metal frame over the sheets. Riding crops, spanking paddles, strap-on dildoes, and vibrators were hanging of racks along the walls, the large room also accommodated a bondage sawhorse and spanking horse that respectively stood at the other end of the room as Honoka and the bed, one in each corner. Honoka couldn’t help but notice that the smooth black leather of the two pieces of bondage furniture had been stained on the seats. She saw that beneath the furniture the polished floorboards had been saturated with a mysterious, off-white liquid. The overwhelming odour of misspent virility; a heady mixture of chlorine scents was so strong it made Honoka’s eyes water as she surveyed the collection of chastity belts, collars, and armbinders strewn across a table.

Against this landscape of BDSM and dominating male control, the curvaceous Japanese schoolgirl looked about as out of place as Gucci fashion items in a trash compactor. She continued and failed to pull her too-tight t-shirt even one more inch over the glorious 39” inch alabaster expanse of her breasts, yet the white-and-green cotton simply refused to be pulled down over her tear-drop shaped G-cup tits. Honoka had lost count how many times her small, bubble-gum pink nipples had almost popped out below the shirt’s hemline.

“Bring those thick buttocks here”, the commanding voice was gruff and thick with its native Japanese tongue.

Honoka trembled as she crept timidly over towards the large bed and the man standing beside it. Master Murai was a towering, board-shouldered beast of a man with ripped, sleek abdominals that flared up to hard, bulging pectoral muscles. Every inch of the Shinobi’s torso was as solid as the stone chiselled upper bodies of many a statue. The schoolgirl’s eyes were drawn to Murai’s thick, athletic biceps which stretched the beige fabric around his upper arms to its limit, even the large ninja clan tattoos on his left bicep looked small on Murai’s muscular arm.

“You know Raidou”, Murai said, it sound more a statement than a question. Not that Honoka would have replied, the terrified schoolgirl had only heard the faintest of tales of her father’s many crimes. She could only imagine what sort of vengeance Murai wanted to inflict upon her. “The nukenin murdered the Shadow Clan when leaving the Mugen Tenshin”, Murai grunted in approval when he saw the realisation flash across Honoka’s cute, beautiful oriental face. “Yes. Now I’ll teach his daughter the respect he should have learned”, the clan’s master allowed a salacious grin to curl his lips. 

Her cute ankle boots stood between Murai’s much larger tabi boots, trembling from the close proximity of the dangerous man. The master shinobi had a hard chiselled face that was lined from an active life overflowing with malevolence, harsh grey irises glared down without a single glimmer of mercy in his monolid eyes. Honoka shuddered as the quinquagenarian’s white teeth flashed in a cruel leer. Murai wore a traditional white-and-beige keikogi, the jacket’s heavy hemp lapels were parted to the sides to reveal his sculpted, hard toned abs. He pushed his long white hair back behind his shoulder as he indicated to the thick weave belt, Honoka blushed, realising what shinobi demanded of her.

“Kneel girl. I plan to stretch out that pretty throat”, Murai grunted.

Honoka obeyed silently, folding down onto her knees before him, giving Murai free reign to lust over the schoolgirl’s voluptuous, girlish curves with impunity. Her lightly tanned skin was wonderfully smooth and flawless, every inch of her thighs, calves, cleavage, and belly looked deliciously soft and supple, like the petals of a rose. Her frame was a classic S-shaped, with thick, feminine thighs that curved with suppleness in all the right places. In her current kneeling position, with her calves folded underneath her thighs, and her feet tucked beneath her ass, Murai could see how well the heart-shaped contours of her hourglass hips and her beautifully, rounded, perfectly plump ass. Honoka’s glossy salmon pink hair was arranged in twin half ponytails on either side of her head, giving her curvaceous and youthful body an air of provocative jailbait that would have made any ephebophile.

Muri settled down on the bed and tugged his leather belt undone and pulled apart the loose fitting polyester white-and-tan pants down. Honoka’s borderline whorish pink lip gloss, that gave them a look of perpetual wetness and were the same shade as her hair, trembled and widened in a shocked gape. The white-haired shinobi could see her straight pearly whites between the pink oval of her lips. Her strange light red irises rounded in panic, her pupils dilated, as Murai’s large, cock bulge steadily grew as it pulsed with blood before her.

“Never seen one this thick, baishunfu?”, Murai grunted as he grabbed Honoka’s slender, graceful shoulders and yanked her forward until the heart-shaped underboobs of her bra-encased breasts were resting on his cock bulge.

“N-no”, Honoka whimpered. Murai’s horrifying fourteen-inch-long cock towered above his groin, straining and flexing infront of her.

“Ha! I want you to wrapped your fingers around it. Get a good feel”, the master of the Shadow Ninja Clan ordered the schoolgirl.

Panting heavily, Honoka tried to circle the penis’s thick circumference, yet she fell two inches short, her slender, pink-glossed tipped manicured fingertips of her thumb and forefinger were unable to touch. Honoka gulped, intimidated. Yet what scared her more was the lack of any taper or curve in Murai’s prodigious dick, that would have made penetration a less agonising experience. Honoka felt her plump glossy pink bottom lip tremble with emotion; the shinobi’s cock was simply solid shaft of vein-threaded male meat, its girth as thick as her wrist and over a foot long. To the inexperienced and naïve eighteen year old schoolgirl it resembled the baseball bats she used to use during sports day, covered fabric.

“Good girl”, Murai praised her, like one of her teachers complimenting her for answering correctly, “now get this nice and wet”.

Honoka thought it was strange that the old shinobi’s broken English no longer seemed to be an issue now, his pronunciation was almost as good as her. Honoka wondered if it was all just to manipulate her into believing he couldn’t understand her superior grasp on the English lexicon. She trembled with trepidation as she lowered her head, so her lips were mere centimetres away from Murai’s twitching cock, Honoka’s unintentionally inhaled a noseful of the shinobi’s pungent, masculine stench, it made her nostrils flare and her eyes water.

Manoeuvring his thick hard shaft down over her mouth, and slowly grinded the swollen head of his cock between Honoka’s glossy pink lips, Murai grinned as he said: “Now prepare yourself for a hard facefucking, slut”, he grinned. Honoka immediately began pushing hard on his muscular thighs, her slender arms tensing and flexing with girlish definition as she struggled against the ninja’s overwhelming strength. Yet, despite how much she resisted, Murai’s bulbous cockhead was enveloped within the hot, tight, and wet interior of her cute mouth.  

GLUUURK!!!??”, Honoka gagged piteously, the wet sound reverberated through the bondage room, as Murai’s thick glans slammed into the back of her mouth, and then with a sickening, squelching sound slid past her tonsils in a way that made her retch, and then into the opening of her upper throat.

Murai ignored the pleading, begging look in the schoolgirl’s wide pink irises as he strengthened his grip on her salmon pink and relished in the tight, fleshly warmth of her throat as it contracted down around his forearm thick girth. The shinobi’s dark eyes glimmered with malice as he admired the smoky black gag-tears well up along the schoolgirl’ lower eyelids as she struggled to accept his massive member deeper into her throat. He watched the trickles of Honoka’s eyeliner roll down her flawless, light-tanned complexion. Murai didn’t mind the marring of her beautiful, girlish looks, in fact, the two trails streaming from her large light red eyes only added to her whorish appearance. “That’s it Honoka, fight me! I want to see you struggle, then break!”, Murai said with unadulterated glee, as her glossy-pink manicured fingernails dug deep into his hard thighs as she retched and moaned desperately in his unyielding girth. Murai moved his hand to the back of her neck to shove himself deeper down, directly into her oesophagus.   

UUMMNNSSSHHHH!!”, Honoka gagged pitifully when he grounded his cock head against the fleshly interior of her throat, stretching out the slender walls of her neck. “MMMMPPPHHHLLMMPPHMMM!!”, she sobbed on a throatful of cock when Murai brought his outstretched palm down, harshly slapping the protuberance in her neck. He smirked as Honoka’s plump lips bulged and pouted around his girth, the glistening pink oval halfway down his shaft shuddered as she failed suppressing a moan. The sounds she was making was obscene.

“Want me to pull out?”, Murai asked.

She nodded up at him, clearly having a hard time just maintaining the position with seven inches of veiny, swarthy cock buried deep inside her throat. Before Murai pulled her free from his twitching, swollen member he flexed its base, satisfied when her heard the schoolgirl’s wet gagging sounds when he did it.

Finally, with copious amounts of bubbly throat slime and husky gasping and gagging from Honoka; Murai extracted his thick meat from the base of her throat and pulled the tip from between her pouting lips – not before wringing out the last few drops of bottom of the barrel off-white glops. Honoka was forced to accept this, before breaking down in a fit of coughing.

Picking her up by her hair, Murai smugly smirked at the lines of smoky eyeliner that had now dried in trickles down her cheeks and the bubble-gum pink lipstick had been smeared whorishly around her lips. The Rouge Ninja took a few moments to gawk at the way Honoka’s tight, belly-baring, white-and-green t-shirt showcased her luscious G-cup tits. The steadily growing heat had made Honoka begin to sweat and a deep “V” of damp cotton from her deep cleavage had formed, soon enough, Murai realised, the single thin layer of fabric would become saturated with Honoka’s sweat. Looking down, he lusted over the way her pair of grey denim shorts stretched across Honoka’s curvy bubble ass; their seams straining as the treads struggled to cover her sculpted, flaring hips and thick, supple ass-cheeks.

“Ready for some more, bitch?”, Murai raised an eyebrow.

“N-no! *cough cough*, Honoka spluttered, panicking, she knew the brutish ninja would continue to hurt her no matter what she did or how ever much she begged. She could feel fresh tears of self-pity welling up along her lower eyelids.

“Oh good, this’ll be even more fun”, Murai grinned manically.

Taking two firm handfuls of Honoka’s cotton t-shirt, Murai tore her green-and-white apart. The thin fabric separated into three tears; the sound of ripping cotton was like music to his ears. He first caught a glimpse of her rounded pink nipples between the taut threads, before watching Honoka’s sculpted and voluptuous breasts jiggle as they settled firm of her chest. Honoka’s epicurean underboobs formed a heart-shape above her slender, girlish upper belly, and her thirty-nine inch bust clung to her upper torso with teardrop contours. Murai thought that Honoka’s tits were slightly overabundant proportioned for her torso and were oversized for the sleek athleticism of her tight, girlish physique. Yet, naturally, they were certainly big enough to provide a beautiful jiggle. As her tits settled; Murai guessed that Honoka’s sumptuously deep valley of her cleavage could swallow his entire forearm and the majority of his member.

Not waiting a moment, Murai proceeded to cup and grope both of Honoka’s abundant breasts in his palms, digging his fingers deep into their sublime curves and bulging flesh, meanwhile the schoolgirl blushed profusely. Watching her reactions with a sleazy grin, he teased the schoolgirl’s sensitive taut nipples to prominent erection, he then pushed her puckered breast buds down into the flawless light-tanned flesh of her tits, almost inverting them on themselves. Honoka let out a husky, girlish squeal of frustration.

“Please…”, Honoka bottom pouty lips trembled with fear.

“I’m doing this because of Buri, your grandfather. You remember your grandfather, right?”, Murai demanded angrily, cruelly twisting Honoka’s light pink tit-tips.

“N-no! Ow! Yame te kudasal”, Honoka yelped, “My g-grandmother raised me!”.

Murai grunted and pinched Honoka’s tits even harder, making her whimper. “Even that old fool saw what your father was. He sent the murderous shinobi away from his home, towards my fortress and clan. Oh, I am sure he never meant it to happen, the blundering fool was away blind to the obvious. And to the consequences”. Murai took a few breaths to calm himself down, “though I am sure Ayame wasn’t. I wonder if she ever forgave Buri?”, he asked rhetorically.

“You know nothing of any of that though. Donovan-san informed me. Your father is dead now, I am told. So, you must pay his crimes. Blood always runs true”.

*SMACK, SMACK!*, Murai landed an open palm on Honoka’s right melon, making both her tits to ripple across her chest in sculpted malleable waves. He then slapped her left tit, even harder this time, making certain to curl his fingers and scratch her nipple.

The schoolgirl first: “Ungh!” and flinched from his mean treatment of the breasts. She then moaned as the stinging sensation throbbing in her tit slowly faded.

Growing bored of tormenting Honoka’s now reddened breasts, Murai ordered her to turn around and place her hands on the brothel-red silk sheets of the large heart-shaped bed, not before slapping her full in the face. The 4’11” schoolgirl was forced to arch her lower spine, spread her legs shoulder-width apart, and thrust her hourglass hips back, rising her ass-cheeks like a risqué glamour model. Murai first began siding his palms up over her slender calves and the luscious backs of her thighs, upwards to her ass.

The Shinobi gripped the waistband of her short shorts and stretched it out. Flexing his impressive forearm muscles, he pulled the elasticated waistband until he heard a distinct snapping sound.

“AHH! You’re too strong…!”, Honoka yelped as her grey denim short shorts were torn utterly from her body, fully baring her pink-with-white-polka-dots panties that traced then contours of her plump pussy mound, just barely avoiding showing her pomegranate pink lips to the drooling ninja. Honoka shuddered as Murai’s callused, rough hands groped the insides of her upper thighs, they made her supple, thick thighs twitch with disgust as he squeezed her petal-soft skin.

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