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Lara straightened her backpack as she paused for a moment in the middle of the pouring rain. It had only been drizzling when she set off but as she looked at the sky, Lara realized it was only going to get a whole lot worse in the next couple of hours. Only half a mile to the Kjellson’s residence, she thought to herself as she pulled the hood of her poncho down.

She’d been thinking about those letters ever since she’d been dropped off at the main road. Hall Kjellson, an acquaintance of her late father, had written about an ancient relic he believed to have found near his remote mountain cabin. In his second letter he’d desperately urged her to hurry, since he had suddenly been visited by a group of highly uncivilized men inquiring after the site where he’d found the supposed relic.


Thinking back to the last time she’d seen him, Lara remembered Hall to be a blunt, and quite frankly, unpleasant man to be around, just your typical aristocrat. At the time she was only five, but she could still vividly remember his scowls whenever she’d walked into her fathers study. 

All she knew about him now was that he’d retired from teaching at university and lived with his equally unpleasant wife, and their adopted son. 

The adopted son she’d never met, but Lara estimated him to be about fifteen years old now. She thought to remember something about the boy being adopted after losing his parents around the early age of four. And having lost her own parents at the age of nine, she could only feel sympathy for the boy, even more so if she thought of his adoptive parents' cold nature.

Lara shrugged off the unpleasant memories of  Hall Kjellson and reminded herself she was no longer a child of five who trembled at angrily whispered words. Almost twenty years had passed since they last met and she was an accomplished archaeologist. 

It was only when the trees thinned out and the outline of a large wooden cabin could be seen that she finally snapped out of her musing. 


Something’s not right here, she swiftly realized. Up ahead she could see a myriad of tracks running up and away from the cabin. And as she ducked behind a spruce tree, she noticed the front door stood slightly ajar.

As she sat there, studying her surroundings, the door opened and an angry looking man stuck his head through the opening, cursing violently as a huge man came up around the corner of the house.


“Where’s that fucking kid!” He growled as the other man shrugged.

“He’ll probably die in a day, don’t worry.” The second man boomed before stepping into the cabin. My god, that man looks like a bear in clothes, Lara thought to herself.

“I don’t like it! What if he gets through to the police?” The first man spat angrily. And the other one, a weasel I think, Lara decided with a snigger.

“What, a single kid walking fifty miles through the mountains with this weather and no equipment? Just come inside, you’re letting all the cold in. Just look at that sky, there’s a storm coming!” The other man answered in his deep voice.

“I don’t like it!” The angry man repeated as he looked around once more. 

“Okay, we’ll go and hunt him out tomorrow, follow his tracks, take the relic off him and make sure the little bugger’s dead.”

“Oh, he’ll be dead alright. But only after I kick him in the fucking balls, fucking little fucker!” The first one muttered before slamming the door shut. 


Well, Hall hadn’t been kidding when he’d written about a group of ‘highly uncivilized men’ searching for his relic. I wondered what happened to him. His wife. And the boy, it seems like he managed to escape at least. 

Even as she realized the precariousness of her situation, she couldn’t help but chuckle at the angry man’s words. So the kid had kicked him in the nads. Good for him, she thought to herself.

Coming to a decision she stood up and crawled away, making sure to keep out of sight as she swept around the cabin. The kid apparently had escaped those thugs, and to her surprise, also had managed to take the relic with him. But she knew that if she didn’t find him first, either the weather, or those thugs were likely to kill him. 


Keeping her senses on full alert, she swept the area around the cabin until she came across a barely visible set of footprints. These were set backwards, she grinned, Smart kid! To further her amusement they led back towards the road, making her smile widen,  I would have done the same thing, setting out false tracks to throw off pursuers. Good! 

Careful not to leave any tracks of her own she followed the track backwards until she found what she was looking for. The kid had definitely been careful, but to a skilled tracker like herself, it was easy to see where he’d  struck out and in which direction.

Straight up the mountain, the most unlikely route, and probably the best one to take in a situation like this. The kid probably knew grown men could move faster than him, so the most important thing would be to throw them off his trail. Lara sincerely hoped that his gamble would pay off.

Leaving not a single broken blade of grass in her wake, Lara prowled through the thickset forest, occasionally coming across the smallest trace of human passing as she followed the fugitive kid. Harry? Oscar? Jimmy? What was his name, she thought to herself as the rain turned to sleet and her progress slowed to a crawl. It was almost evening and her hands were numb from the cold when she finally found what she was looking for. Climbing up from tree to tree she spotted a cave, hidden behind a large fir. Danny! That’s his name! She suddenly remembered.


She could hear his stuttering breath before she even saw him. It was almost evening, but the dark rain clouds overhead had turned the sky even darker. There wasn’t much light by which to peer into the cave, but in the dark gloom she could make out a shivering shape.

“Danny?” Lara whispered, the stuttering breath paused for a second as she watched the figure tense up.

“Who’s that! Miss Croft, is that you?” A quavering voice whispered back.

“Yes.” Lara answered, gingerly stepping forward as she kept her hands visible. “Are you okay?”

“Are you really, Miss Croft?” He asked with an edge of panic to his voice.

“Yes, I am her. Your dad asked me to come. But now I wish I’d come sooner.” She finished lamely. “What happened?”

“He’s not my father. Or was.” The boy stuttered, visibly trembling from mental shock and physical exertion. Looking the kid over, Lara stood in awe as he realized the kid had laid out false tracks, barely left any tracks and climbed this far up a mountain through frozen rain in barely sufficeable outdoor gear. He was soaked to the bone and shivered violently as his body fought to retain some heat.

“It’s okay.” Lara started, as she gently touched his shoulder, but before she could stop him he’d clamped his arms around her in a desperate embrace.

“It’s okay.” Lara said again, softer this time as she pulled his soaked hood back and ran her hand through his dripping wet hair. She felt him relax in her arms and waited patiently until he finally stepped back, looking somewhat ashamed. As she studied him, Lara was glad that he didn’t carry any resemblance to his adoptive father. The boy had a friendly face with big eyes and half long hair that was now plastered to his face. He was nearly as tall as she was, but had the look of someone who’s about to grow a great deal in a very short time.

“Danny, what happened?” She asked eventually as she gingerly took off her backpack, making sure not to make any sudden movements to frighten the boy any further. But to her surprise he took a deep breath and relaxed himself as he let out a deep sigh.

“I reckon mister Kjellson wrote to you about some guys coming up to the cabin and asking about the site?” He ventured, suddenly looking very composed, considering what he’d just been through.

Lara nodded patiently as she watched him take a moment to set everything to words.

“Well, they came back this morning and shot him as they came through the door. And then her.”

Lara looked at him in shock as the boy calmly continued, “They didn’t know I was there, mister Kjellson had kept me out of sight whenever those men came up to the cabin, and he’d instructed me what to do when they came back for the relic.” He patted his inner pocket as he mumbled the last word.

“So you escaped, laid out some false tracks and crept up towards this cave?” Lara asked kindly. The kid nodded as he started shivering again. Is he in shock or is he undercooled? She began to wonder.

“That was very brave of you.” Lara whispered as she pulled her sleeping bag out of her rucksack and handed him a towel. “How do you feel?”

“Pretty cold.” Danny stammered as he attempted to shrug casually but failed miserably and ended up looking like a marionet controlled by a drunken puppeteer. He’s holding up very strong mentally, she noted,  I think he’s more undercooled than in shock.

“You should get out of those clothes.” Lara smiled kindly and had to bite her cheeks as she saw the boy redden visibly. Ah, but still really  a boy.

“Yeah, you’re right.” He said finally as he gave her a pained look, obviously feeling very uncomfortable about getting naked in the company of a woman.


Of course, Lara knew the effect she had on men, so she guessed getting naked in front of her would be pretty daunting for a boy in the middle of puberty. Keeping a smile off her face, she handed him a blanket and turned towards the opening of the cave.

“I won’t look.” She said gently as she started to unpack her rucksack. But as she heard the first piece of clothing splatter on the floor she half turned and immediately regretted it.

“Uhm, not in the middle of the cave.” She said, her voice an octave higher than usual as she looked back towards the sky outside, “Your clothes. Try to hang them on these tent poles. So they can dry.” 

“Oh yeah. Sorry.” Lara heard him mutter, apparently quite unaware of the fact that she’d just seen him pull down his underwear.


Well, I can’t unsee that, Lara thought to herself, finding her thoughts running away from her as she silently added, And the boy is definitely full grown in some departments.

Living the life she had, there weren’t many moments for romance or personal relationships as she travelled from country to country, from adventure to adventure. And of course she’d lain with men, she even enjoyed it more often than not, but now she suddenly realized how long ago it had been.

Biting her lip she admonished herself for even letting her mind stray that way. So what if I’ve seen the silhouet of his thing hanging between his legs.He ‘s just a boy and these kinds of thoughts have no place concerning someone like him.


“You should try and squeeze the rain out of your socks and underwear, let’s hope they dry while you warm up in my sleeping bag. I heard those thugs say they’d start their pursuit in the morning, but I daren’t raise a fire.”

“Okay. Th- Thanks.” He stuttered as she rolled out the sleeping bag, all the while keeping her eyes glued to the entrance of the cave. Only when she was sure he was fully covered in the blanket did she turn around. Looking at the kid she realized he wasn’t doing very good.

“Go ahead and get in the sleeping bag.” She encouraged him.

“Thanks.” He stammered, shivering violently as he crawled inside.

“Warming up?” She added as she sat down next to him and felt his brow. Not good, he’s been too wet and too cold.

“Not really.” He answered, still shivering as he tried to get deeper into the sleeping bag.

“Your skin feels quite cold.” Lara said, touching his cheek. This is definitely not good, his core is losing heat.

“Hypothermia?” He asked, peering up with those big eyes, looking for a moment as if he was reading her mind.

“Hmmm. Body warmth, nothing else to it.” Lara stated, coming to a decision, If we don’t warm him up he will definitely go into hypothermia. “Allright, turn your head.” She said, realizing now it was her turn to feel nervous about taking her clothes off. She waited until she saw the back of his head before she quickly began peeling off her multiple layers of clothing. 

“Don’t look.” She warned him, feeling her pulse quicken as she slipped in beside him wearing nothing but her underwear. 

“No mam.” She heard him chuckle nervously.

Feeling her face redden she crawled under the blanket and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. Don’t think about what’s going through his head, Lara thought as she suddenly became aware of how her ample bosom was pushed up against his back. The other way around would be a lot harder on him. Harder? Christ, what’s wrong with me? And what was up with that chuckle? 

“Is this better?” Lara asked softly, trying to break her trail of thoughts as she heard his breathing become more steady. 

“Yeah, definitely.” He said, the tension in his voice palpable as he scooted back against her, forcing the fullness of her sports bra against his naked back.

Don’t think about it, she told herself, So what if he’s nude, he’s just a boy. And so what if you’ve seen his thing, it was an accident. Just keep your hand up by his chest so we don’t have any accidents! Focus Lara, get him warm! Get his mind right. Ask about the relic.

“So, the relic?” She asked, managing to keep her voice straight.

“A mask.” He purred with content as his breathing steadily became slower and deeper. Good, he’s beginning to feel a tad warmer now, Lara thought, And he must be exhausted.

“You can show me tomorrow.” Lara whispered as she felt the soothing warmth of their combined bodies fill the one person sleeping bag.

“Hmmm.” Was the last thing she heard before falling asleep.


First thing Lara heard the next morning was the rain tapping on the rocks as she began to come to. It was still early, but as she drowsily opened her eyes, raindrops danced merrily on the rocks near the entrance, playing a happy tune. She felt cozy and somewhat lightheaded in the confinement of her warm sleeping bag, feeling almost protected as she settled into the arm she found wrapped around her waist. 

Wait, who’s that, she wondered as her mind began to waken, Oh my, Danny. We must have turned around in our sleep. She closed her eyes again as she struggled to wake up from that lazy feeling that kept her limbs from moving. It just feels so nice and warm, she decided, so warm and, oh my god? 

Suddenly she was fully awake as her senses returned. Is that his thing? She asked herself, I mean, it looked rather large before, but this is just, oh my lord! What should I do?

Lara kept silent and tried to listen for signs that Danny was awake, Is he doing this on purpose? I mean, men have morning erections all the time, this could be just that. She listened again and studied the boy’s slow, steady breathing. Okay, he’s really sleeping. This is just an accident, she decided.

But as she lay there, thinking on how to get out of his grasp, her mind quickly began to wander back the hardness she felt pressing against her backside. Poor kid, she mused, It’s not going to be easy for him with a thing like that.

Lara wasn’t easy with men, but she’d shared her bed with a couple, maybe seven or so. And she knew that men and their thingies came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But there was one thing she’d learned since losing her virginity. Size only added to the experience when the person in question knew how to use it. But as she lay there musing, the idea of an innocent morning erection was abruptly thrown out the window. 

Wait, is he humping me? Gods, he definitely is! She realized as thoughts began firing through her head, Is he still asleep? Should I wake him up? I don’t want to make him feel bad if this isn’t on purpose. Oh my, is that Cowper’s fluid? No, no, no, not against my crotch!

“Danny? Wake up!” She whispered as she looked over her shoulder, suppressing a moan as he pressed his knob against her panties. But instead of stopping, the boy simply groaned in his sleep and began humping her a tad harder. I’ve got to wake him up without causing a scene, she thought to herself, just before his hand slipped into her bra.

“Danny, no! Wake up!” She said louder now. 

Still he didn’t wake up and she could feel her panties beginning to moisten from his pre-cum. This is no good, she realized, I don’t want him to feel bad, but I must draw a line!

“Danny! Wake up!” She yelped as she turned over on her back and pulled his fingers from her nipples.

“Hmmm, oh, Lara. Miss Croft.” He yawned, grinning from ear to ear. 

“Good morning Danny.” Lara responded, trying her best to sound casual but failing miserably.

“I just had the weirdest…” Suddenly he glanced down and his face started to redden. “I- What did- Did I-?”

“Uhm, Danny? You’re simply experiencing puberty.” Lara said curtly. “Apparently, somewhere during the night, we- ehm- switched positions. Any boy your age would have had the same physical reaction you-”

“Stop, please.” The boy pleaded as he turned around and buried his blushing face in the sleeping bag. Lara touched his shoulder but he shrugged it off and buried his face even deeper.

“Okay.” She said gently, “I’ll grab us something to eat and we’ll be on our way, okay?”


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