Plushie | Ganon x Link [DDLB]

BY : TristyandShane
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It was early in the morning and Link just woke up, he woke up feeling upset. Ganondorf wasn’t there with him right now and that made Link feel a little bit worse. It was just Link and his plushie. 

He wanted daddy to kiss it all better but he didn’t know where Ganondorf was. 

It wasn’t often that Link would wake up feeling upset. But this time he did. And there were no cuddles from Ganondorf to get cuddles from. 

Silent, he remained quiet for the time being.  

Cuddling a squiddie plushie close to his chest, Link frowned when he hugged this plushie. He sat up on his bed as he glanced out the open window, it seemed like he was deep in thought. All he could see were apple trees, grass, and even Epona appeared to be looking through the window at him.

Link huffed, not sure what to do. 

Catching Link in a daze. Ganondorf frowned at the sight. This frown, however, soon widened into a smirk when he approached the younger male on the bed. Link’s blonde hair currently resembled a bird’s nest, and it was tied into a messy knot. Ganondorf couldn’t help but gently stroke Link on the head. He enjoyed the feel of those short, silky locks. 

“Link?” Ganondorf called the younger male’s name. 

There was no response from the upset blonde. 


There was still no response from Link.

“Hmm,” the red-haired male thought for a moment. He still stroked Link’s blonde locks, even when he didn’t receive a response from the silent lad. “Link?” Ganondorf called his name again.

He thought of something. This might be a mean thing that Ganondorf would do to Link, but he wanted to give it a go just in case. With his free hand, Ganondorf pinched onto the squiddie plushie and made the attempt to give it a tug. 

“Link?” Ganondorf grinned this time.

Pulling back his squiddie plushie, Link pulled onto his teddy with all his strength. That was HIS squiddie! This made Ganondorf laugh, seeing Link fight over his favourite squiddie plushie as a response. Ganondorf let go of the plushie, letting Link cuddle the teddy. 

“Hm?” Link hummed, glancing up at Ganondorf in the process. He cocked his head to one side, curious. “You’re finally here,” he gave Ganondorf a bitter smile. 

“What should you do when the days bring you down?” Ganondorf asked Link whilst he gave the blonde male a pat on the head now. These were gentle head pats he gave Link.

“...Go outside and count the squiddies again like last time?” Link questioned with a coy smile. 

Shaking his head, Ganondorf chuckled in amusement. “No,” he replied.

“Collect rupees and buy random things with them?” Link suggested, thinking up another possible answer. “Collect fairies and put them in bottles? Seeing the fairies glow really puts me in a good mood,” admitted Link.

“No,” answered Ganondorf again. 

Giving Ganondorf a shrug, Link tried to think of other possible answers to Ganondorf’s question. But he really didn’t know. “What is it then?” 

Leaning forward Link, the bigger male planted a sweet kiss onto Link’s forehead. “Let daddy take care of you and kiss those bad feelings away,” responded Ganondorf with a smile. “Even when I’m gone for a little while, I’ll always come back to cuddle you.” 

“Really?” Link asked.

“Of course,” replied Ganondorf. “We all have bad dreams, but I can always kiss your bad dreams away,” he mentioned with a cackle. 

Picking Link up into his big, muscular arms, Ganondorf gave the Hylian male a cuddle. A large hand stroked Link’s short blonde hair, all whilst the other hand was underneath Link’s back. Link was much smaller than Ganondorf, reaching about five-foot-tall. He was so small in comparison to the Gerudo man, but that simply meant Ganondorf could pick Link up!

“Mmh~ thank you,” mumbled Link. 

That forehead kiss really put Link in a good mood. Link nuzzled his head into Ganondorf’s chest, as he swathed an arm around Ganondorf’s shoulder. His other arm kept cuddling his favourite plushie. Link enjoyed cuddling his squiddie plushie, but cuddles with Ganondorf were always the best kind of cuddles a boy could ask for.

“Shall we go to Castle Town and get that poe plushie you were looking at the other day? Hm, what do you say?” Ganondorf offered. “I’m certain that’ll put you in a better mood.”

And hopefully make Link forget all about those bad dreams. 

Excitedly, Link nodded at Ganondorf’s offer. 

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