Deku Pet

BY : Arceus-Insanity
Category: Zelda > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I owe nothing but the Deku Umbra, everything Zelda belongs to nintendo. I make no money.

Waking up I look up to see that I'm alone inside the forest. The crash must have split us all up. There's another waterfall not much further so I can’t just follow it to find the others. I can try to stay close to the cliff’s edge to see if I can find a way down. Starting on the path the woods bet darker even though it should only be around noon.

“Come on there’s got to be someone! *pi*”

“The Deku Umbra needs someone *pi*”

"I told you we should have waited at the falls *pi*"

That sounds like something I should investigate before it causes issues. But what's a Deku Umbra, I've read about scrubs, trees, babas, and royalty, but not Umbra?

I grab a branch to support myself leaning into hear them. A bush being the only thing hiding me. There's about five of them. I know I'm not going to win against five and they got to know the forest better than I do.

"We're expected back soon *pi*"

“The demon said the perfect offering *pi* would be here *pi*”

Demon?! That could mean either Vaati or Shadow have been here! It also sounds like they will be kidnapping someone to give the dekus.

A loud crack can be heard as my heart pauses. I barely have time to look to see that, just as I feared, it’s the branch I’m holding. And just like that I’ve fallen through the bush. A Deku jumping onto my back preventing me from getting my sword. My bow stripped off my first.

“We found them! *pi*” a deku nut being shot in my face.


I wake up tied up in a natural rope as they carry me away. A thick piece preventing me from crying out and telling them to let me go. A few of the other deku carrying my weapons and shield.

We enter what seems to be a structure made out of a gigantic dead tree. The whole thing looks like it should have collapsed from the weight and rot if not for all the massive vines covering the whole thing.

I’m taken up into a branch, many holes leaving it bright from sunlight. A small pool of water in the middle of the room. 

I’m placed down in front of it as I try to get a better grip on my surroundings. The dekus happily cheering in the background. So this is the chamber of the Deku Umbra. A thick dark green vine emerges from the back of the room, wrapping itself around my body. I try to thrash as it lifts me up carrying me over the pool.

Another vine comes out slips out getting in between the rope on my ankles breaking it, only to grab one of my ankles. Smaller vines start to come out, slipping under my clothes. The feel of them oddly soothing as one of them pushes my boot off. The rope around my wrists pulled apart by another one.

I can feel one of them trying to get my belt off, pulling at the buckle before it manages to break it off. I wince feeling the shock as it starts getting under my tunic starting to stretch the leather starting to rip it. I feel the biggest vine yet start to push at the seam of my pants as smaller vines start pulling them apart from the inside. The first vine holds my waist in place, my tunic nothing but shreds on the ground. My undershirt the only intact piece of clothing as my other boot has fallen off.

Feeling it rip I mentally prepare myself for whatever it may do. It starts to rub against my hole, and before I can stop myself I moan. A slippery substance starts to come out, and the vines make me arch my back down to where I’m almost touching the ground and my ass is left in the air. 

I feel the vine start to push into my hole, the substance making my body relax even if I don’t want to. But I just can’t bring myself to try to fight anymore as it starts to enter. Slowly filling and coating my insides with the fluid.

“Ahh~” it feels so good as the vine runs over a spot that makes me see stars.

The scent of vanilla and jasmine fills the room, as it starts to pull out just to push back into me. A few of the smaller vines starting to enter with it. How does this feel so good~

I try to shift my hips up higher in hopes of getting it deeper into me. When the vines around my waist prevent me I just can’t help but whine.

It seems to hear my pleads sending itself deeper into me. Another vine leaking that slippery liquid goes in front of me. Without even thinking about it I open my mouth letting it in eagerly. It tastes so good!

I moan around it as it starts to enter my throat.

The vines in my ass run over that one special spot again, my eyes roll back and I cum not even caring about the mess on my legs.

It feels so good! I don’t want it to stop!

The vines start to go faster quickly making me hard again. The liquid seeping into me faster. My whole body shakes as I just let myself get lost in the bliss.

My toes curl as it once again makes me see stars. My hands gripping some of the small vines keeping myself from clawing my palms.

I feel tears come to my eyes, so beautifully overwhelmed by it all. My body shakes as the liquid gets ever so slightly thicker as it starts to almost be pumped inside of me.

I lose control of myself once again orgasming, completely exhausted by the plants methods.

It seems to understand removing itself ever so slowly as I still can’t prevent myself from moaning oh so needily. With it no longer in me I just feel so empty.

I yawn too exhausted to fight my tired eyes.


Waking up I discover I’m on a small bed made from leaves, cotton and wood. The deku scrubs must have taken me out of the chamber, so I’ve most likely completed what exactly they wanted from me.

My sword, bow and shield all on a table waiting for me. My boots on the bed side, and only my undershirt remains on me. I guess I shouldn’t expect the remains of my pants and tunic to be salvageable.

Getting up I feel a little light headed as I get my boots on, using the wall to support myself as I make my way over to the table. Getting them on I can hear the dekus happily cheering deeper into the tree. I may even be able to leave without them realizing.

That might be for the worse, I’m not exactly in peak condition, but I don’t know what they’ll do to me now that I’ve finished what they wanted. Stepping out of the room I’m on the ground floor I originally came in from. No guards, just cheering coming from one of the hollow branches.

Making it outside I swear remembering just how much harder it’s going to be to find my way now.

“Well, well, such nasty language coming from the little lady’s mouth!~” I look up to see Shadow in one of the tree branches teasing me.

“We both know I’m not a lady, what do you want now?”

“Oh, I was just hoping to bring home a bit of company~”

“I’m not an escort, you’ll want to look for someone from the serpent district~” I tease back remembering Zelda talking about how a lot of woman ended up doing sex work their after their husbands died in the war just before we were born.

“But that would be a lot more work,” he whines before appearing in front of me. Whispering into my ear “And I’d much rather have you~”

I huff attempting to walk past him. He doesn’t seem interested in a fight, and I’m in no shape to fight him either.

“I do have clothes for you, a nice warm bath, and you’d get out of this forest~ I doubt you want to explain what happened to the other Links anyway~” That bastard.

I sigh in defeat “Alright, just don’t try anything,”

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