It’s only natural

BY : Kokorock176
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Disclaimer: I do not own Kid Icarus nor the characters involved in this story. I do not intend to make money off of this story. I just wanted to try writing a fiction like this

Pit was visiting the Forces of nature for dinner. He was sitting with Viridi at a table and was eating another salad that she prepared for them. Pit was starting to get tired of salad though he wanted something else to eat.

"Hey Viridi? Can we have something other than salad here?" He asked sheepishly.

"Sure, I guess I do need something more creative than just salad over and over again." Viridi said. "What would you like?" 

"Well, I was wondering, next time I come for dinner, could I have some sausage?" Pit asked sheepishly.

"What? I'm not serving anything made out of meat here!"

"But lots of animals eat meat! It's natural isn't it?"

When Viridi heard that argument, she got a nasty look on her face, but Pit didn't notice. "Alright then Pit! Meet me tomorrow for dinner and I'll try making you a sausage!"

"Sweet! Thank you Viridi!"

Viridi smirked as she formulated her plan already "No problem Pit!"

This story is a work in progress and will be completed another time.

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