Breaking through the Night

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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own King of Fighters.

Okay, I planned to prepare this one-shot on my b-day on September 30th, but I ended up quicker than expected.
So, yeah, somehow ending up making a gender-swap fic was something unexpected xD
It is my first time making this kind of fic, but one thing for sure, it's been a while since I was blushing like a school-girl
(Hell, I can write smut with stone face, but looking up for female lingerie... Boi! I shouldn't feel this kind of feels by seeing women in underwear (=ఠ్ఠܫఠ్ఠ =)∫
It wasn't bad, but covering my face and shying out being at such an age... *sigh* some things cannot be explained, I guess...)
Anyway, I'm not sure if demoness Orochi could appear in future fics, cos when it comes to illusion world, being able to change your form and gender at your whim really sounds nice~ So, I had fun working on this version of Orochi-sama as well.
Okay, anyway,
As always,

A few days have passed since one certain priest has made the pact with the incubus and become his Master. So far, nothing seems to have changed - life in one local church was peaceful and quiet. However, after the usual routine, instead of resting, Shingo was not sleepy at all. Even after taking a shower and changing into comfortable sky-blue color pajama - weren't enough to get drawn to the slumber. There was a lot on his mind along with an avalanche of new concerns. One of them is whenever it would be a good idea to tell about his decision to become an exorcist. Yabuki was worried about how Orochi will react when he needs to leave the church for the time being and go to Ordinary until he accomplishes the training.

After all, he cannot let the fluffy silver-head join this trip. What if the members of Ordinary notice a demon’s presence? Therefore, Shingo knew - he cannot put Orochi under great danger despite how much this incubus may object. Fortunately, the fellow incubus hasn’t noticed his sent application to Ordinary, nor the received letter from them. But for now, after blindly picking a random book from a personal library, the brunette walks towards the writing table and places the book on it. As soon as he opens it, the young priest felt relieved that the hidden envelope was still there and untouched.

However, the sudden noise of opening the window nearly gave Shingo a heart attack and made him instantly close the book. One certain incubus was getting inside through the window. When the fluffy silver-head lifts his head, he was surprised to see how the young priest was still awake at such a late hour. It is followed by the demon’s questioning ‘‘Why are you still awake? Is there is anything wrong?’’. Yet, Yabuki only fakes his smile while defending himself in a nervous voice ‘‘I just… Well, I can’t fell asleep tonight. So, I just wanted to distract myself until I get sleepy.’’.

Meanwhile, Orochi holds his arms, he narrows his gaze, when the sticking-out envelope from the book catches his attention. Now, without hiding his curiosity, the incubus asks ‘‘Does it have to do anything with that letter? Is that person bothers you? If so, I’ll take care of it.’’. Yet, once Shingo stands up, he starts to object ‘‘Even if you are a powerful demon, but Ordinary won’t be so merciful and may even harm you.’’. As the brunette turns his gaze from the silver-haired demon, he continues in a shyer voice ‘‘That’s why I don’t want you to risk your life for no good reason… I don’t know what should I do if something bad happens to you.’’. Lastly, the young priest confesses while directly looking at the incubus ‘‘So, if you forget to take care of yourself, or you’re about to lose your control, then I’ll be here for you!’’.

Of course, the fluffy silver-head did not expect this kind of honest confession. Therefore, instead of using words, Orochi shows his feeling through his actions. Now, the demon tightly, yet, carefully at the same, wraps his arms around his adored Master and slightly lifts him until their eyes meet. Surely, after seeing that gaze filled with affection, the brunette felt how the heat rushes to his cheeks. It was followed by the Orochi commenting in a gentle and proud tone ‘‘Do you have even the slightest idea what you’re doing to me? Soon enough, I'll show you how much I worship and adore you, Shingo.’’. After sighing, the incubus continues ‘‘But for now, you need to rest. Please, endure it for a while.’’.

Despite that, the brunette was still mesmerized by the incubus gaze and calming voice, he was confused by Orochi starting to carry him in bridal style. Even if it was a brief moment until the silver-haired demon reaches the bed. After he carefully places Shingo on the bed, the incubus hears the concerned question ‘‘But where you been all this time? Don’t tell me that you were picking a better prey, even if you promised not to…’’. When Orochi leans closer to the priest and starts to stroke his cheek, the demon speaks up ‘‘I’m sorry if I made you worry, but I needed to confirm a couple of things.’’.

After the silver-haired incubus sits next to the brunette, he comforts Yabuki ‘‘Don’t look at me like that. I just felt the strong presence of one person, which I knew in the past. It seems that they are getting closer to the church. So, I just wanted to confirm if it was the same person. Anyways, you said that letter was from Ordinary. What do they want?’’. At first, Shingo doubted if he should tell the truth, but he felt that it would be wrong to keep anything in secret from the fluffy silver-head. So, after taking a deep breath, the brunette confesses ‘‘The Ordinary sent a person, who should arrive here in a few days. According to them, I’ll have a small interview with that person whenever I’m suitable to become an exorcist. Maybe then I would be strong enough to protect you and worth to be called your Master. Sorry, I didn’t mean to hide this from you, Orochi.’’.

Certainly, after these words, the demon was speechless. It was followed by the Orochi lowering his head and face-palming while his tail energetically wiggles. It appears that even an incubus like him began to blush. Even such a reaction made Shingo curious "Did... Did I tell anything wrong?''. Without looking back, the incubus replies "It's nothing like that. I'm flattered... Perhaps, a bit too much, so, I need to go.". The young priest already knew that at the moments like this, the silver-haired demon would escape to his world. Yet, there was one way to stop him. That's right, just as Orochi places his hands on the bedside and gracefully stands up, he was about to snap his fingers.

However, on the very last moment before disappearing, Shingo manages to throw himself at the bedside and wrap his arms around the demon's waist. Certainly, such an unexpected move alerted the silver incubus. Lastly, the darkness swallows them.

When Yabuki regains consciousness and sits on his knees, he looks around and notices that he is not in the human realm anymore. It seems that in this place the space and time do not exist. The darkness has filled this world. Eventually, the purple mist spread across this endless place, and the countless stars began to shine in the distance. Another thing, which surprised the brunette, is that he wore his cleric uniform. 'Just when did I?...' the priest wondered as he was in disbelief.

Yet, his further thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of how something soft pressed against his back and someone's delicate arms wraps around his shoulders. Surely, it made Shingo widen his eyes, and he tried to escape from the mysterious person’s embrace. But it ended with a failure. Now, as the mysterious lady pulls him closely, she traces her hand on the young priest’s chest. It was followed by the silver-haired woman’s questioning in bewitching voice ‘‘Wait. Where are you going? I thought you were looking for me~’’. After closing his eyes, Shingo manages to escape from this woman’s grasp, even if he nearly fell.

When Yabuki stands up, he turns around to see who was that this person. To his surprise, it was a young gal looking in her twenties has short fluffy silver hair and gray color eyes and wearing a rather revealing, if could call it, outfit. As this lady still sits on her knees while resting her one hand on the ground, she stares with an alluring gaze while she lowers her ebony bat-like wings and her tail. Certainly, the brunette could not take his eyes off from a rather provoking clothes: backless corset, which barely covers the bust and has the stretched floral lace and matching color panties with similar pattern floral lace and couple side straps. Meanwhile, there were platinum snake bracelets wrapped around her upper arms.

All of a sudden, Shingo could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks. It was followed by widening his eyes and swallowing the saliva as he observed this gorgeous demon in front of him. However, another part of him demanded to snap him out and not give in to the temptation. Right now, the priest closes his eyes and shakes his head. As soon as the brunette removes his soutane1, he kneels, and without looking at the fluffy silver-head, Shingo puts the soutane on her shoulders ‘‘Plea…Please, cut it out! Y-you cannot go like this! What if you catch a cold? That’s why… cover yourself!’’. Even if the lady dumbfounded looked at the priest, Yabuki helps her stand up while shyly gazing at her. However, as soon as she stands up while wrapping herself in the given piece of clothing, the demoness playfully smiles ‘‘How sweet of you. However, what brings you here? This place where no human is allowed to be? Aren’t you afraid that I may eat you alive?~’’.

‘‘Then, at least before you do that, can you let me see one demon, who’s named Orochi?’’ in unsure asked the brunette, who now raises his right palm and shows the back of it. Now, Shingo continues ‘‘Perhaps, it does not show up at the moment. However, there should be a red magic seal on it. And, I think, that demon should respond to it…’’. Suddenly, the brunette was startled when his palm started to glow in crimson red, yet, the demoness comments ‘‘Is it something like this? Fufufu~ Did you realized who I am?’’.

Yabuki was in disbelief after seeing one certain demon in such a shape ‘‘Is it you, O-Orochi?… How? Is this your true form? I… I don’t get it at all.’’. Orochi only closes her eyes and sighs ‘‘Are you that shocked to see me like this? You do not seem to mind it at all. Unless you prefer not knowing that it is me in this form…’’. As the fluffy silver-head gave a sour look at the brunette, Shingo nervously laughs and starts to rub his nape ‘‘It’s nothing like that!… Yes, I was surprised and worried whenever it is you or another demon. But now, finally knowing this for sure…’’.

After pulling the silver demoness into a hug, the young priest starts to stroke her hair while comforting ‘‘You are you no matter what. So, even if you take another shape or form, you are still the same Orochi that I know. Besides, it's not up to me or anyone else to judge you by your appearance. Nor what you are doing. I’m certain that you have your reasons, and that is fine.’’. In the meantime, Orochi rests her head on Shingo’s chest while listening to his words and being pampered. Perhaps, it is what humans call ‘acceptance’, or so, wondered the fluffy silver-head, who eventually could happily asleep while listening to the calm rhythm of the brunette’s heartbeat. Lastly, Orochi wanted to confirm one more thing.

That’s right, after gently pushing away Yabuki, the demoness stares at him with a gaze filled with affection. It was followed by Orochi taking Shingo’s wrist in both hands, and now through the soutane’s open gap placing that hand on her chest near the heart area. Now, the demoness explains in a calm and gentle tone ‘‘Here. Can you finally feel it? This is what you’re doing to me, Shingo.’’. Of course, such a gesture made the brunette blush, yet he dazes while Orochi removes that hand and now places it on her cheek. While she rubs her cheek against the palm, the demoness hears Yabuki’s question ‘‘I don’t get one thing. Why are you using this form here? ’’.

The silver-haired demoness only silently chuckles while giving a smug look on her face ‘‘At first, I wanted to teach you a lesson for what happens when you enter my world. However, I changed my mind when you honestly confessed. Besides, I can take any shape I want! It is my created world, so, everything obeys my rules. But, now it is up to you to decide what kind of form I should keep.’’. After Orochi with-draws from Shingo’s side, the fluffy silver-head stretches her jet-black color long nails, which were nearly as long as her height. When the demoness elegantly stretches her fingers, it was followed by the turning wrist movement. Certainly, it created the illusion of the twisting fan, and lastly, as this movement stopped, the familiar incubus appeared.

After reattaching his nails, Orochi delightfully stares at the young priest while asking in a playful tone ‘‘So, which one appeals more to my precious Master?’’. Of course, the brunette nearly got confused, yet he tried his best replying ‘‘To be honest, I don't mind any of it. So, whichever makes you more comfortable, I guess…’’. However, Shingo cannot remove his gaze from the incubus' impatiently waggling tail. Meanwhile, the brunette’s eyes followed the quite lively part of the demon, Orochi gives a slightly irritated look ‘‘What’s the matter? It’s not the first time when you are staring at my tail like that. It might be rude, don’t you think?’’. After being cornered like that, Yabuki averts his gaze from the demon for a second, and after exhaling, he defends himself ‘‘I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, but that thing is so energetic and having its own life. Perhaps, even it looks like this tail wants to get touched, I think. More so, after observing it for a while how this tail acts at certain times, it started to help me to see what you may truly feel… or at least when you’re in this form.’’.

The fluffy silver-head cannot bring himself to be mad at Shingo when he stares at him like nearly like a puppy, which got scolded. That's why, after Orochi face-palms and sighs, he looks at his precious Master and replies while trying to remain as patient as he could ‘‘Do you want to touch my tail that badly? I’m thrilled to hear that you want to take the initiative, but it would be selfish to enjoy myself…’’. It appears that Yabuki only dumbfounded stared at the incubus, who now closes his eyes while resting his chin on his knuckles. After a short pause, he opens his eyes and closely approaches his adored Master. When Orochi carefully lifts Shingo’s chin with his hand, the silver demon gives a suggestive look on his face. Lastly, he declares his decision in a deep tone ‘‘Hmm~ How about we make a deal? If you still want to do it, then you have to let me do something that you can enjoy too~’’.

Meanwhile, he impatiently waits for the reply, Orochi adds in a soothing voice ‘‘You don’t have to give me the answer right now. Think about it carefully. However, tonight you need to rest.’’. And thus, with these words, the incubus returns Shingo to the human world. It seems that the brunette was once again wearing his blue pajama and already tucked under the warm blanket. More important, there was no sign of the silver demon. Did he return to his created world, and what did he mean by making that offer? Or so, wondered the young priest, before falling asleep. Apparently, along with current worries about the interview with the person sent by Ordinary and becoming exorcist, soon enough, Shingo’s life in the church may become more lively than he expects.

A/N: 'Right, first things first,


I want to say Thank You for Helsic (You can find this artist on Instagram: )

Thank You so much for accepting this little self-indulgent request ❤
This art was based on one scene from previous fic called Tempted by the Darkness
And I'm looking forward to ask you for more self-indulgent OTL content in the future (⺣◡⺣)♡*

Okay, and rn not sure on what should I work...
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