Fantastic Voyage

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“Alright, I’m off!”

“Have fun, Bennett! Do your best! Come back with a good story!” were the chorus of cries he heard in return as he left the Adventurers’ Guild. Nobody bothered to wish him luck anymore, which in truth was something Bennett was silently grateful for. He knew no one ever meant it that way, but it always felt like they were rubbing salt in the wound. One time someone told him to “break a leg” which was a strange idiom from Fontaine, and that ended just as badly as anyone could have predicted.. Nor did they tell him to come back with treasure. Everyone had learned that what a normal adventurer would consider a good haul was very different to Bennett’s definition.


Not that the Pyro wielder could help it. Every chest he opened had no more than three mora, and all the monsters he beat would only ever drop cabbages. For a long time the platinum blonde had thought that was normal, but as more and more people passed through the revolving door that was “Benny’s Adventure Team” he was forced to admit that something was up. Still, that was no reason not to stay positive. Any day now, his luck would turn around.


And maybe that day was nearer than anyone expected. After all, Bennett was starting to get recognition for his actions in the Guild. His latest commission came straight from the office of the Acting Grand Master herself. If that wasn’t a promising sign of what was to come then Bennett didn’t know what was. And he was personally requested! Not Cyrus, not Stanley or Pallad, and certainly not Jack, Royce, or Heckler. Him! Unlucky Bennett! The fact that the Knights were so understaffed they needed to delegate to Adventurers was a little worrying, but that was something for those higher up to concern themselves with. He had enough on his plate just trying to make sure he wouldn’t screw up this important mission.


The swordsman pulled the commission paper out one of his many pockets, going over the details one more time. Apparently the Knights had managed to get intel of a Fatui gathering in the forest of Wolvendom, but nobody was available to perform reconnaissance to find out what they were planning. That’s where Bennett came in. All he had to do was find the Fatui, eavesdrop on their meeting, get away without anyone noticing, and report back to the Knights. Simple!


He made his way out of the city and followed the road west towards Springvale. There was no direct road to Wolvendom, as the Wolf of the North preferred to keep the domain of humans and wolves separate, so Bennett had to find his own path. Thinking he’ll start his sweep at the eastern most side and work in-land, he decided he’d get there along the water. He began to regret that decision when the rock he was holding onto crumbled beneath his grip, sending him tumbling down into Cider Lake.


A big splash and some wet sputtering later, Bennett dragged his sodden form back to shore, wet clothes weighing him down with all the water caught in his pockets. He pulled off his boots one at a time to shake out all the water before continuing his journey, not letting the set back demoralize him for even a second. If the unlucky lad started second guessing himself at every mishap, he’d never make any progress. And so it was with a determined heart that Bennett pressed on.


The reward for this mission was huge, so there was no way that Bennett could fail it. Not that he only cared about the Mora, it was just that the payout would make it so much easier for him to take care of his dads. Plus he still felt bad about how his last expedition with Razor had ended, and wanted to make it up to the wolf boy with a delicious feast from Good Hunter. And if he had any left over, well. . . maybe Fischl would agree to have a meal with him. Not as a date or anything! Just so he could learn more about the Immernachtreich!


Anyways, he couldn’t get distracted. He was here. But Wolvendom was large, and the forest thick. It was easy for those not versed in the woods to find themselves lost. Thankfully Razor had shown the Pyro user how to navigate the wolf paths, so even though Bennett stepped in every noisy pile of leaves and tripped over every exposed root, he still made good time. Except, where were the Fatui? 


He had swept through a large section of the forest and hadn’t even found a trace of the Snezhnayan agents. If he were to go any deeper, he’d end up far into wolf territory, and that wasn’t the kind of place one simply walked into. Most Mondstadters never dared to go there, let alone foreigners unfamiliar with the terrain. Razor once told him that only three people ever come so far into the woods. But Bennett steeled himself. He was an adventurer. On a mission signed off on by the Acting Grand Master herself. The Knights were counting on him, this was no time to be getting cold feet.


Bennett pushed on, each branch he moved aside swinging back to hit him in the head as he passed. But that wasn’t even close to discouraging him; Bennett was used to the pain, after all. This deep in Wolvendom it was not uncommon to see claw marks on the rocks and tree trunks, but the young man had no encounters with the furry predators. It made him suspicious. Maybe the Fatui were here after all. Why else would all the wolves be gone? Unless someone asked them to avoid this place, which only Razor could do, right?


Before the fresh-faced Pyro wielder could take another step, the air in front of him was split with crackling lightning which splashed harmlessly against the bark of a nearby tree. He turned to the direction of the source, drawing out his sword, but he was too slow. A grunt was forced out of him as he was pushed back against a strong trunk, on his butt with his back against the tree.


Standing above him was a member of the Fatui, an Electro Cicin Mage. Bennett’s hand tightened around nothing but air, his blade being knocked from his grasp and left lying in the grass some feet away. It seemed like his infamous luck had struck again.


“There you are, eavesdropper,” the Fatui said, her voice distorted through the use of some technology, “Are you here to play with me?”


Bennett gulped. Was this the end?


The foreigner stared down at him with a mischievous grin, her hips cocked to one side as she twirled her special lantern in one hand. “You’re quite the cutie,” she said with a teasing tilt, bringing one finger up to her lips, “aren’t you a little young to be a Knight?”


“I—I’m an Adventurer.”


“With the Guild? It’s based out of Snezhnaya, you know.”


Bennett could see what she was implying, the witch! “I’m loyal to Mondstadt! I’ll never betray her!”


The Fatui laughed, the tinkling sound echoing off the trees. The way her voice mod distorted it made it seem all the more sinister. “I believe you, little adventurer. But I wonder, how long will your courage hold?”


The youth's eyes widened, but he wasn’t about to give her the satisfaction. “I’m not afraid of torture!”


“Oh, cutie,” she replied, shrugging off her heavy coat to reveal her skin tight bodysuit, much to Bennett’s shock, “You’re in for a little shock.”


He tried to crawl backwards, but the tree behind him was unyielding. She had him totally boxxed in. She lifted one leg, and Bennett was certain she was going to kick or stomp him, but instead she started rubbing the toe of her boots against his leg.


“Wha—what are you doing?”


There was no response as the Fatui simply continued to drag her foot up his leg to his thighs. The feather light touch forced a reaction in the lad, and he watched in horror as a tent started to pitch in his pants, the Mage’s smirk growing wider.


“Ara ara, what’s this?”


Before Bennett could do anything, she blasted his belt buckle with a lightning bolt and hooked her toes in his waistband and tugged his shorts down. His hardening penis bounced up upon being released from its confinement, and a shiver ran down Bennett’s spine at the forest chill. 


“Ah ha ha,” the Cicin caller laughed, “let me amuse myself a little.”


Still staring at him with frightening intensity and biting her lower lip, she slowly removed her boot, sliding it off her foot in a drawn out motion. She threw it aside with little care and moved her foot back over his exposed dick. Bennett let out a gasp as he felt her big toe stroke the length of his bare skin, from down at his scrotum all the way up to the head. She circled it a few times, before sliding down the side, letting all five of her toes drag against the sensitive flesh.


The Mondstadter couldn’t understand what was happening. One moment he was pinned by a hostile Fatui agent, and the next she was pleasuring him with her foot. Bennett was not so uninitiated in sex as to not know that she was giving him a footjob, despite having never gotten lucky before. This was not something that had featured even in his wildest dreams featuring—well, that wasn’t important. The point was that the unlucky lad was completely out of his depth.


His captor threw aside her lantern and moved both hands to her crotch. Right before his unbelieving eyes, she used the pointed tips of her gloves to cut a hole in her pants, revealing her pink pussy lips. It was the first pussy Bennett had ever seen, and as much as he didn’t want to admit it, he thought it was beautiful. A tight looking slit encased in puffy flesh that looked so soft. The Cicin Mage did not miss his lingering gaze.


“You like what you, little adventurer? Maybe you want a closer look?” Before he could refute her, the Fatui moved with surprising speed so that she was straddling his face, her bare crotch a hair’s breadth away. So close, he could smell the fragrance emanating from her womanhood and see the beads of moisture pooling on her skin. “Go on,” she said, “lick.”


It was more of a command because Bennett had no choice in the matter. She pushed her cunt forwards, grinding it on his face, against his nose and mouth. Through curiosity and against his better judgment, the young man stuck his tongue out a tad, feeling it press against her opening for a moment before pushing through. Above him, she let out a gasp and clutched at his hair with increasing intensity. And Bennett himself was surprised to find. . . it wasn’t horrible. There wasn’t much of a flavour, mostly a bit salty from sweat with some earthy tones. 


He swiped his tongue down and then made the journey back up, partaking of her entire pussy to help form an opinion. At this point all he could smell was her, and it was starting to get to his head. His tongue continued to move up and down, sometimes pushing in and out as well to mix it up. Without realizing it, his hands had come up to grasp her thighs, caressing the firm muscle packed there. Even when she moved one of her hands out of his hair to move his own arms onto her ass, he did not notice. But that did not stop him from kneading away, burying his fingers in the pert flesh.


The trees echoed with a melody of moans and groans, the Fatui Cicin Mage writhing in pleasure above him as Bennett lost himself in his task. The outside world was lost to him now, all that existed in his mind was his mouth and the warm, wet tunnel he was to explore fully. It was his duty as an adventurer. And none could deny that Benny was a skilled adventurer. So he very quickly discovered some secret areas where if he focused his attention, he would be rewarded with more shaking and mewling, the tight cavern clenching even tighter around his tongue.


Soon, much sooner than she had imagined, the purple robed woman found herself cumming on the Pyro users tongue. He was a complete novice, but by Barbatos did he have enthusiasm. She hadn’t had a lover as eager to eat her out in a long time. With some practice, the boy could become quite talented at cunnilingus.


Satisfied in some ways but only more resolute in others, she lifted herself off his face and swung one leg over his body to walk back around to his feet. As her pussy retreated, Bennett’s tongue followed for a short distance, but when she turned he forgot all about it as his eyes were locked on her ass, swinging from side to side as she cat walked away.


“You really know how to get me going,” she said, sinking to her knees, head hovering over his painfully erect penis. Precum beaded at the tip, slowly turning the angry red flesh white as it dried. “Try not to enjoy this too much.”


Bennett could only watch on, stupefied, as she removed her gloves and threw them aside carelessly. Then her hands came to his dick, and he shuddered. One hovered over the head, fingers dangling down to twirl around the glans with feather light touches. The other went low, hand gently cupping his ball sack, thumb massaging his testes. 


It was almost too much for him to bear, but her next words made him hold strong. “Our game isn’t over yet, little adventurer, so don’t go blowing your load too early now.”


She moved her top hand down, palm coming to rest against his spongy tip, and her bottom hand up, wrapping her slender fingers around his girth and sliding her soft hand upwards. The two met at the middle of his length, and she twisted her wrists a few times before they parted back to their separate domains. Leaning over his dick, the Fatui gathered some spit in her mouth before letting it drip down, her hands spreading the lubricant in the process of their ministrations.


The ash blond sat back and let the pleasure wash over him. At some point, he had calmed down. Something was up with the situation, he had realized. This was clearly not typical Fatui tactics, Bennett had heard whispers of the kinds of things they got up to. So this was either a rogue agent acting on her own or he had stumbled upon a grander conspiracy. Either way, he wasn’t worried about torture so much anymore. Especially not if it was at the hands of this master cock handler.


He felt bad about his earlier sloppy showing when he was licking her. She was clearly experienced, oh so very experienced, and the way her warm hands tended to his penis made him feel like he was in der Himmel. But each time he would get close to release, she would pull away and slow, bringing him back down only to get him worked up all over again. Bennett groaned and tossed his head back to stare at the canopy.


Until he felt something wet press against the underside of his penis. When he looked down, most of her face was hidden behind his dick, but not for long as she made her way up, her tongue tracing a path against his sensitive skin. Once at the top, she swirled her tongue around his head and gave him a devious smirk. Even without being able to see her eyes behind that mask, Bennett could imagine the face she was making.


Their eye contact did not break as she put her lips around the tip and took it into her mouth, introducing him to an entirely new sensation. If he thought her handjob was heavenly, that was nothing in comparison to how it felt to be inside her moist mouth with her tongue lapping away at his crying urethral opening. His precum was pouring straight into her mouth now, and her hands continued rubbing up and down his length as if milking him.


She sucked, hollowing out her cheeks and causing Bennett to moan out, before releasing his cock with a popping sound. “Remember, little adventurer,” she said, “the longer you last the longer we can continue to have fun.”


Still working away with her hands, she started kissing his manhood all over. First the tip, making him think she was going to take it back into her mouth, before moving downwards, kissing along the sides until she reached his balls. The Fatui ran her tongue over the wrinkled sack, juggling the balls with her skillful appendage while staring up at him from behind the girth of his penis. 


Bennett was transfixed, watching in awe as she popped one then both into her mouth. She played with them, gently pulling them this way and that with her lovely mouth before letting them go and rubbing her face against them, uncaring that her spittle was being spread all over her face. When she had gotten her fill, she journeyed back up, kissing and licking and suckling and generally getting in the way of her own hands. Finally she made it back to the top and she wasted no time in wrapping her lips around the tip.


This time she did not entertain herself with just the red head, bobbing up and down, taking just a little more in each time. She titled her head to the side, and Bennett could see how her cheek bulged with the impression of his cock pressing against it from the inside. There wasn’t enough room for both her hands any longer, so she pulled one away to tear at her bodysuit, freeing her tits for him to gaze at. And gaze at he did, not unnoticed if her twitching lips were any indication of the smirk she would have made had she not been as occupied.


Still she took him deeper, accepting him into her experienced throat with little issue. It was quite the pleasant surprise for the Fatui to find she had not bottomed out yet, even with his head in her gullet. There was still a couple finger widths to go. She moved one hand to his balls, gently manipulating the flesh there, and the other to her pussy. She was getting so wet.


Her tongue reached out of her mouth, past the insertion spreading her jaw wide, trying to touch the base of his cock. Just barely. She pulled back and resumed her bobbing, unwilling to accept defeat. With skill born of years of experience, she opened her throat wider, timing her swallows with her downwards motions, and before long she felt her lips press against the base of his cock. She smiled in satisfaction.


But she didn’t have time to savour her victory, as she felt Bennett’s hands come to rest on her hooded head, pressing her down. Then she felt his penis throb in her mouth, and she knew he was about to cum. She tried to push off, but he wouldn’t let her, holding her down with surprising strength. She had no choice but to take his load directly down her throat and into her stomach.


Bennett completely lost control when he saw her take him all the way in, he couldn’t hold back anymore. All he knew was white as he had his first ever orgasm brought about by someone else. When he came to to the sight of the Cicin Mage rapidly tapping away at his thigh while his hands on the ears of her hood held her down so she was forced to choke on his cock, he quickly let go and began to apologize profusely.


The second she was freed, the Fatui shot her head back, tits drawing Bennett’s eyes as her chest heaved with deep breaths. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “You’ve been a naughty boy,” despite her words, she was still grinning, “I told you not to cum too quick. Now what are we going to do?”


He stammered out some more apologies, but she did not really care what he had to say. Instead, her focus was stolen by his still erect dick. A throaty chuckle escaped her lips. “Ooh, now you’ve got me all worked up.” She shuffled forwards, pushing him back against the tree trunk as she straddled him. With one hand on his chest, she used the other to line his cock up with her entrance. “I hope you’re ready, cutie. You’ve felt nothing yet.”


And with that, she let herself drop, gravity doing the work of sinking her onto Bennett’s rod. The two moaned in chorus as her wet pussy spread open around him, silky folds gripping his length as it entered. Her ass came to rest on his thighs with the slap of flesh on flesh. “Ooo, that’s a good boy.”


Despite her growing desire and lust, she did not immediately begin to fuck herself upon the young man’s penis. Instead she rolled her hips, back and forth, side to side, making him hit new areas without having to take him out. All the while, she used her highly trained inner muscles to massage him, cunt walls clenching and loosening. It wasn’t really fair to bring out all the tricks against a virgin, but that didn’t stop her.


Her ass wobbled as her hips rocked on him, and her breasts mirrored the motion at her front. Bennett couldn’t tear his eyes away. Smirking, the Mage grabbed his hands and placed them on her tits, manipulating his hands to show him how she liked to be fondled. And he was a quick learner, immediately grasping on to how to pinch and twist her nipples in the way that made her toss her head back.


Enough teasing. She used her hands on his chest to push herself up, and then let herself drop once more. This set the rhythm of their fucking, but only until Bennett begin to thrust upwards himself, bouncing her on his lap as the two begin to rut like rabbits.


All thoughts of his commission, and of Mondstadt, left Bennett’s mind. All he could think about was the warm, wet hole wrapped so tight around his dick and the perfect, tear-drop shaped tits filling his hands. He could feel his climax coming, and no matter how much he tried to fight it, tried to make this paradise last for an eternity, he was still just a virgin having his first time.


When the Fatui felt his balls rise up against her ass on a downwards swing, tight and pulsating, she knew he was about to orgasm. With one last heave, she threw herself atop him with all her strength, burying his cock as deep within her as she could. Then he burst, and a flood of cum entered her pussy. The sensation sent her over the edge, the rippling and undulating of her silky walls serving to milk him dry.


Once she had recovered, she looked down to see Bennett had fallen asleep, exhausted after two back to back ejaculations. She giggled to herself, feeling his semen leak out of her. With a groan, she stood up, gathered her things from the underbrush, and left.



Bennett trudged back to Mondstadt, his mind still on the surprising turn his day took. When he had awoken from his slumber, all signs of the Cicin Mage were gone, so he had quickly put his pants back on, hoping that no one had seen him in such an embarrassing state. Then he made his way out of Wolvendom and back to the city.


As he came up to the gates, he noticed a woman in purple robes standing there waiting. She was reading a book that was floating in front of her, and when she looked up and saw him the book closed with a gesture and she walked up to him.


“You are the adventurer Bennett, yes?”


“Uh, yes, Miss Lisa, ma’am.”


“Ma’am? What a cutie. I’m here to debrief you about the commission you accepted from the Knights of Favonius.”


Bennett’s blood turned cold and the grin the librarian had on her face, the same grin the Fatui had back in the forest, made him feel like a cornered mouse before a hungry cat.


“Go on then, little adventurer. Tell me all about what you found on your voyage.”

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