Birthday Suits

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*Beep Beep Beep*


Blinking my eyes open, I rise out of bed and reach over to grab my glasses. Sliding them on, I climb out of bed and begin to make it.

When I'm finished, I change into my day wear and play a bit with my cat before heading down to make breakfast. I had a feeling today was gonna be a good day. It's my birthday after all. Not that it matters, Vocaloids technically don't age so no matter if 20 years pass, I'll still be 17.

I had just finished my bacon and waffles when I hear knocking at my door. Putting my dishes away, I rush to answer, opening the door and revealing my two favorite people.

"Happy birthday Chozin!" Rin and Len say together with big smiles.

"Hey guys! Thanks a lot!" I say, hugging them both.

"And check out what we got!" Rin says excitedly, showing me three tickets.

"We're going to the zoo today!" Said Len.

"Sweet! I'm game!" I say with a grin.

I run inside and grab my phone and my wallet before joining the two as we head to the zoo.

It was fun time. One thing about the zoo near where I live is that they have a pair of white tigers, which are my favorite animals! I also made sure to treat the twins for this trip, so I buy all three of us some soft serve cones.

We were there for so long I had lost track of time and as we were heading back to my place, Len wanted us to stop at the game store. I was cool with it, so we spent some time looking g for something to play back at my place. We eventually settled on "Astral Chain" and paid for the game before heading out. By this time, it was almost dusk.

We get and right as I open my front door, I hear a loud "SURPRISE!" as I see the lights come on and see Miku, Luka, Meiko, and Kaito inside, Miku holding a cake in her hands and presents on the table behind them.

"Aw guys! You shouldn't have!" I say, turning to the twins. "And you two were part of this weren't you?"

"Guilty!" They both said.

The rest of day went by, me opening my gifts, all of us having cake, (Ice cream cake BTW) then we all did some Karaoke and the twins and I had some runs playing our new game.

We all decided to end the night with a movie. I let Len pick it and as everyone gathered in the living room, I walk in with a bottle and two wine glasses.

"Can I tempt you Rin?" I say.

Rin blushed and chuckled awkwardly.

"A small one I guess."

I poured out our glasses and gave her hers while I sat next to her and she curled up next to me. Len popped in Predator and we all sat back to watch. By the time we get to the scene were the Predator makes it's first kill, I had already finished my second glass and Rin was only finishing her first.

By that point though, she was getting all touchy feely, and with a growing rager in my pants, I take her by the hand and lead her to my room. Len gives me a cheeky wink as we walk upstairs.

Shutting the door behind us, Rin jumps up and kisses me, and as we battled with our tongues, we pulled our clothes off until we were fittingly in out birthday suits. Gently throwing her naked body on my bed, I climb up and spread her legs, giving me the perfect view of my favorite gooey peach. I ravage her core with my mouth and tongue and Rin is beside herself with pleasure. She arches her back and humps my face as she plays with her breasts, toes curling as her inner heat grows.

"Ch-Chozin! In! Put it in!" She begs.

Wiping my mouth, I climb over her lithe body and thrust deep into her pussy, pounding into her core like a jackhammer, which she absolutely loved. Locking her legs around me, Rin huffed like a train as my length banged into her womb.

"No, No matter *Huff" how many times we do it, Hah! You are always so tight!" I say as I continued to hump her, Rin's face flushed and bangs in her eyes.

"O-Only for y-you Chozin! Oh my god keep going! I feel a big one!" She begged.

Grabbing her legs positioning ourselves into a mating press, I banged into harder and harder until our peaka arrived and I unloaded my cum into her clutching vagina.

Panting as I lied on my back, Rin crawled over started sucking me off, her tongue dancing with my dick as I pet her butt. It wasn't until I grew hard again and she climbed up to ride me.

Sinking down, she cried out happily as she rode my cock and we collided our hips together. I grasped her ass as I did my share and bucking into her like a bronco. She tweaked her nipples and made cute squeaks as I felt her insides pulse around my dick. I was able to hold off as she came about twice and still kept up her erotic dance on my lap.

Soon though, I reached my end and I emptied my balls inside her again. She had a third orgasm and fell on top of me, smothering me with kisses as I gently caressed her butt cheek.

"Had fun Birthday boy?" She asked me in a teasing voice.

"Yeah, because I'm with you." I flirted.

She climbed up off of me and left the room, before coming back about a minute later with a glass of water and a blue pill.

"Well don't get comfortable, I'm making sure this is all worthwhile." She said with a sassy smile.

Suffice to say, we didn't get any sleep that night and our hips were SORE! It was early the next morning, Rin was hiding my covers and I was trying to sleep off the migraine I had. I hear the door creak open and I see Len tip toe over to me.

"Here ya go." He says, handing me a bottle of water and some Ibuprofen. I take the medication, and the cold water doing wonders for my parched throat as he goes around to give some to Rin. I see him walked back to the door before whispering.

"You guys gets some sleep, we'll clean up downstairs."

I give him the thumbs up and nod off almost instantly.

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