Tides Refreshed.

BY : Narmalee
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Disclaimer: inspiration for this came from Diane B. Taylor's "Tides" series I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS OR RIGHTS TO LoZ!!! I own my computer, and keyboard and barely anything else let alone Zelda and Ruto and associated brands!

      Zelda awakened before her lover, the glowing coals of the fire illuminating Ruto's body in gorgeous hues of orange and purple. She was perfect, the sculped muscle sinously morphing into the most delicious of curves.

      The Princess blushed as she remembered their activities just hours before, thoughts of lust and passion swimming through her head. The feel of Ruto's soft and slippery body beneith her slender fingers, pouty lips and perfect feet.

      Ruto's cum still trailed over Zelda's knee and glistened against her toes... the perfect toes that had felt the silken clenching of the water princess's innermost flesh.
      Again a blush surged across her face, remembering hotly the feel of the fish girl's slippery core gripping her slender toes, a lewd kiss coating Zelda's delicate feet in her forbidden essence. The sight and remembrence alone stoked the embers of lust in the Hyrule princess... the wave of heat surging over her, her own core clenching at the thoughts invading her waking moments.

      Zelda moaned softly, her lower lips rapidly wetting at these memories washing over her combined with the sight of her curvacious lover's body. Her hand dipping between her own legs to lustfully carress and stroke her needy sex. Soft pants and kitten-esk squeaks slipped between the lips of the Hyrule beauty, tounge darting out to only find the remainder of spent essence adorning the princess's mouth.
      Two naughty fingers pressed deep into her sopping core, the flood triggered by the taste, her left hand clamping over her mouth to try to stiffle her cries at the flavor and lust surging through her body, hips bucking into the naughty digits pressed deep within her causing so much havoc.   
      The princess trembled and jerked, unable to stay quiet when the fog of her lust was interupted by the wet caress of the water princess's tongue up her slender neck and a questing hand slid sensuously around her breast, sweat aiding the slide and setting off so many more sparks to Zelda's already overwhelmed mind.

      "Staring at another woman's body with lust my dear? My my, what would poor Link think?" Ruto murmered into the blonde's ear, voice husky and dripping with honey.

      At the feel of the water princess's tongue on her neck Zelda gave up all pretense of quiet and composure. She crammed another pair of fingers into her sopping cove and began to buck her hips wildly up to meet them.

      "I dont caaaaareeee!!! Only want yooooouuuuu!!!!!" Zelda squeeled as her climax rushed towards her, eyes rolling and body alight with flames of passion racing over her.

      Ruto smirked, her free hand brought to her mouth and cobalt tongue writhing around a single slender digit coating it with her saliva.
      "Mmmmmm so honest my dear, honesty should be rewarded i think..." The snarking Zora grinned as her hand darted low between their bare bodies, shamelessly goosing Zelda's bare cheeks and the slippery index pressing hard at the exposed target between them, hesitately only a moment before the muscles were overcome with the slickness of Ruto's tongue.

      Zelda jerked hard, back arcing into a U, shoulders slamming against the rough dirt of the cave, her voice lost as the sudden invasion of her virgin hole sent her crashing over the brink. Her left hand clenched nails first into Ruto's thigh drawing a hot moan from the other princess. Right hand jabbed up and curled to carry herself higher, toes clenching into the dirt.
      Zelda came.

      Ruto's vision shook from the arousal coursing through her body at the possessive feeling of Zelda's nails biting into her leg only inches from her own needy cunt. The Zora's eyes stabilized just in time to see the Sage of Light's body contorted and in the throws of climax. Right hand nearly buried inside her own body, Zelda's invaded asshole clenched Ruto's slender digit like a vice and then... the dam broke.
      The Zora watched in awe as a blast of feminine juice sprayed from around Zelda's hand and soaking the wall of the cave some meters away. Eyes wide, Ruto froze, stunned at the whorish display of arousel of Zelda dousing the cave wall in her fluids. Hips jerking still Ruto shook herself out of her stupor, and took full advantage of the new fluids pouring over her hand. Forcing to overcome the clenching buttocks and crammed another slim finger beside the first.
      Zelda could take no more and at the additional invader crashed onto her side, wrenching Ruto's naughty digits from her and finally gaining relief as the aftershocks crashed over her, reducing her to a jumbled mess of sweat, cum and tears.
      The water princess ignored the minor wrenching of her hand scrambled to her knees to fall over Zelda's shoulder, fingers caressing and stroking her golden locks and her lips grazing the elfin ears as she rained kisses down on her beloved's cheeks and ears.
      "Oh darling are you ok?" Ruto husked, asking between kisses, lips kissing at sweaty skin and golden hair.
      Zelda moaned as she returned to her senses, pleasure still coursing hotly through her body.
      Pulling out with a moan she half-rolled up to Ruto, lips meeting hers, tongues darting to caress and writhe seniously together in a wanton display of lust between them.
      She murmered something so soft against the blue princess's lips, Ruto struggled to hear over the squelching and slurping of their mouths and pulled back to pepper kisses over Zelda's face.
      "Hmmmm? What was that my love, I couldnt hear you over the sounds of you cumming all over my Kingdom" Ruto said giggling between kisses.
     She relexivly winced even before the palm reached her face at the glint in Zelda's eyes.
     "How dare you mock me your Highness?! Blessing your lowely cavern with my essence... AND i belive mostly your fault as well..." The blonde cried in mock outrage trying to stiffle a giggle of her own.
     As Ruto opened her mouth to reply, Zelda smirked and brought her hand down over Ruto's face and pressed the palm to her tongue. The shimmering goo over the Zora's face leaving no doubt which hand the Hylian had only just a few moments ago buried within herself.
    Ruto moaned at the taste, her tongue abandoning an hint of civilization as she slurped and lapped whorishly upon her princess's hand. Zelda hooked her index finger upon her teeth and pulled her forward till faces met once again but this time around the slime covered digits of the Hylian.
    Moans filled the cavern as the two sloppily made out with fingers, lips and tongues, Zelda abandoning any semblence of calm and flailed with her free hand, finding her lover's sensuous hip. Darting between the scaled legs Zelda plunged her fingers into Ruto's wet heat, pumping quickly and thumb teasing at the feisty girl's nub.
    Ruto's intake of breath was stiffled by Zelda pressing more fingers into the gasping mouth, thumb caressing over her chin while fingers probed and slid silkily over the writhing tongue of the water princess. Zelda noticing through her haze of lust, the gills at the base of Ruto's slender neck fluttering as she tried to regain her breath. With a naughty idea, the blonde leaned to slurp along the delicate ridges, simultaneously pressing her fingers deeper into her love's mouth.
    Zelda felt the convulsion of the gag heave upwards from the fingers buried in Ruto's core, the Zora clenching tight, rippling abdominal muscles revealing themselves momentarily as the water princess hurked wetly around the invading fingers, tears watering up in the black of the other's eyes, but Zelda simply pressed second time, fingers in motion at both ends of her beloved's body.
    She had never been treated this way, deprived of her breath... mouth filled with the fingers of another girl, and the same fingers drenched in tart, tangy juices of Zelda's own sex. Ruto's was aflame with sensation and lust as surely as any fire. Her hands scrabbled at her foe, grabbing roughly at her breasts, nipples dragging roughly against her palms, just waiting to be tweaked and carressed with her tongue, if she ever got use of it again that is she thought. She was finding it hard to even move anymore between the constant counterplay of tongue, lips and fingers working steadily at her already spasming pussy.
     As Ruto gagged a second time she wantonly spread her long legs to buck and grind needily against the invading fingers. Zelda grinned as her fingers curled within the water princess, the gagging had turned her on to no-end and she was going to take out her lusts upon her childhood friend. Finding the deep spot within the Zoran she begin assaulting it mercilessly while kissing at Ruto's slime covered lips around her fingers stuffed unceremoniously in her mouth.

    She delighted in the sounds coming from the muzzled girl, and the fingers upon her breasts felt nice indead, a pleasant addition to the already buzzed princess. She found the wet gags around her fingers ever so lovely of a sound, nearly the same from both ends and giggled. She leaned up from Ruto's shoulder leaving off torturing the poor zora's gills to lick and tease the saphire earing then breathing hotly in her ear...

    "Shall i repay the favor you bestowed apon me earlier my darling? So eager to take both my maidenhoods... forcing yourself somewhere so naughty and dirty? Why if i didnt know you better I would lay claim of greed at your lovely feet my dear... How about we find out if this greedy princess is willing to take receive as well as take..."
    Zelda slid her saliva coated hand out of Ruto's mouth, a long string of spit spanning from digits to tongue, stretched and than broke, slapping wetly across both girl's breasts. Ruto gasped, dragging in a ragged breath, still still unstable against the pleasurable sensations wracking her body. As Zelda shifted deftly out from under her Ruto had just enough time to cease playing with the hylian's tits to protect herself from crashing to the cave floor, the blonde's fingers still teasing away at her core, keeping her dazed as waves of lust washed over her.


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