A gift from Sinnoh

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A gift from Sinnoh

“So you’re REALLY sure you don’t want anything?” Kirrie asked as she and Ryan walked along Sinnoh’s Route 212

“Yeah Kirrie I’m sure, the three ‘happy birthday’ blowjobs you gave me this morning were more than a gift enough” Ryan replied, Kirrie pouting at his response as they came to a stop in a large open area of the Route “I’ll set up camp here if you want to go find some firewood”

Sighing at her boyfriends stubbornness Kirrie complied, heading off down the Route whilst Ryan started to pitch up their tent

Quickly finding the large Route to be mainly empty Kirrie got the devious idea to strip down, both to enjoy the feeling of the breeze on her naked body and to surprise Ryan when she got back, if he wasn’t going to tell her if he wanted a tangible gift she could at least insist on making him cum some more

As she stripped off Kirrie began to hear a female voice coming from further down the Route, Kirrie at first moving to get out to sight only to stop when she began to recognize the voice to which her curiosity coaxed her further down the Route towards the voice

Continuing down the path Kirrie then stopped as she found a very familiar blunette seemingly practicing a Contest routine, Dawn wearing what only could be described as a slutty cheerleader outfit with a skirt short enough that it left her shaven cunt and famously huge ass almost completely bare which Kirrie guessed was to get more points from the Contest Judges

Watching as Dawn continued her cheerleading routine with her Roserade Kirrie got any even more devious idea than just surprising her boyfriend naked, the girl promptly heading towards Dawn with a wicked smile on her lips

(Back at the camp)

Hammering the last tent peg into the ground Ryan then stepped back to admire his work, the setting up of the tent having gone much smoother than it normally had when he put it up in the past making him ponder if Arceus was being easy on him today since it was his birthday “now where has Kirrie run off to? For a Route full of trees it shouldn’t take this long to find enough firewood” he pondered checking his watch to find that half an hour had passed

Hearing footsteps behind him he turned expecting to find his girlfriend walking up with arm fulls of branches for the campfire, what he got however was Dawn catching him off guard with a kiss nearly making him jump out of his skin as she pushed her tongue into his mouth whilst pushing one of her hands down his pants to cup his cock and balls

“Wow, when I asked you to surprise him I didn’t mean give him a heart attack” Kirrie tittered as she walked up and set her clothes down by the tent, the petite girl then pulling out her phone and setting it to record as she stood back to let Dawn work “happy birthday babe”

Moaning against Ryan’s mouth as her hands worked to get his pants open and to free his cock Dawn then began to stroke him as she then broke the somewhat forced kiss to giggle at his surprised expression “only accepting three blowjobs as a birthday gift, you’re far too modest” she stated before coaxing him back until he was stood resting against a tree before the blunette proceeded to slide down his body until she was squatting in front of him, her skirt riding up even more somehow to render her basically naked from the waist down giving Kirrie a full view of her huge ass and tight fuck holes which the smaller girl wasted no time in zooming in one with her phones camera

Wrapping both hands around Ryan’s cock Dawn continued to stroke him to full erection before swallowing him down to the base, making Ryan gasp with ecstasy as she throated every inch of him before starting to briskly bob her head along his length, sucking and slurping loudly for Kirrie’s phone to pick up

“Fuck that’s so hot” Kirrie moaned moving one hand from her phone to slide it between her legs, starting to touch herself as Dawn released Ryan’s cock from her mouth to start licking along his length before moving down to suck on his balls

With his cock and balls now completely glistening with her drool Dawn then coaxed Ryan to lie down so that she could straddle his waist “you know, not many people get to use my pussy” the blunette purred as she reached down to guide him to her dripping slit, biting her lip as his cock head pressed against her core before moaning as she then slid down him all the way to the base, her long neglected cunt still virgin tight as his girth made her groin bulge

“Holy Arceus” both Ryan and Kirrie gasped in unison as Dawn began to bounce on Ryan’s dick with the skill of a pornstar, the blunette moaning whorishly as she slammed her hips up and down whilst Kirrie moved in front of her to get a better view of her

In response to this Dawn stuck her tongue out cheekily as she winked at her phones camera, the blunette then proceeding to remove her top, pulling it off over her head and tossing it aside before keeping her arms raised over her head as she bounced to let her perky titties bounce with her

Licking her lips at the sight Kirrie rubbed her pussy faster as Ryan began to pant louder with pleasure “cum inside her babe, I want to see her pussy dripping with your load” the petite girl encouraged as Ryan took hold of Dawn’s wide hips and started to thrust up into her

“You heard her, fucking cum in me!” the Sinnoh Champion moaned as she gyrated her hips and squeezed her cunt harder “come on, I want to fucking feel it fill me up!”

Gripping her hips harder Ryan slammed up even faster making Dawn cry out in bliss as his cock then erupted deep inside of her, the blunette falling forward as her hips continued to pop and gyrate, constantly riding him throughout his release only stopping when his cock stopped spurting his load

Panting heavily as she then sat up Dawn moaned as she felt Ryan’s cock still rock hard inside of her “still want more birthday boy?” she tittered before mewling as Ryan got up to take control of the act

Moments later Ryan had Dawn up against a tree naked save for her mini skirt, one of her legs held high over his shoulder as he briskly thrust into her dripping cum packed cunt making Dawn’s eyes roll in ecstasy and her tongue hang out as Kirrie zoomed in on the blunettes pussy “rip off her skirt babe, it’s blocking my shot” she instructed, the camera view starting to shake as she fingered herself faster, her orgasm building up hard as Ryan complied

Grabbing her skirt Ryan gave it a few rough pulls before the fabric gave way and he tossed it aside, leaving Dawn completely naked as he continued to rut her against the tree, the blunettes pussy spasming and her eyes rolling back as she started to cum hard from his pace

“Fuck” Ryan gasped as she squeezed tighter around him, his cock starting to throb again already as Dawn reached down with one hand to rub her clit making her pussy ripple along his length

“Cum in me again, Arceus I’m so close” Dawn moaned as she rubbed herself faster, her body starting to shake and shudder as Ryan then slammed into her deeper, her eyes rolling back as his cock pressed against his cervix just before it erupted filling her with hot rich cum again, the feeling of it setting off Dawn’s second orgasm as Kirrie reached orgasm herself by her own fingers, the petite girl barely able to hold her phone steady as her legs buckled from pleasure

Slowly pulling out of Dawn Ryan rested a hand against the tree to try to get his breath back only to shudder as Dawn then squatted down again and took his cock into her mouth to start sucking him clean, the blunette tittering up at him as her tongue licked every inch of him free of both of their releases before she then pulled away “don’t think we’re done here, I’m not stopping until you’re cumming dust” she purred before looking back at Kirrie “I hope that thing has plenty of battery left” she stated before going back to resume the blowjob nearly making both Ryan and Kirrie’s legs give way

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