Deltarune: Just A Dream

BY : Varien_Quill
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Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Deltarune franchise or the characters involved in it. I make no profit from this story.

The moon's light felt almost hypnotizing, calming nerves down and completely safe. After all, it was so far away, so even an usually innocent looking object couldn't hurt her. Maybe that's why she just couldn't alter her gaze. She wondered if it was really made of cheese. Do mice like cheese? Maybe they actually came from the moon? And she wasn't afraid of those tiny rodents anymore.

Noelle thought she heard something, like a door's creek of her small bedroom. Because she was still in her house, right? Completely safe, while her dad was still in hospital. She reminded herself to visit him after working on a group project. That's right! Project! Did they finish it in the library? And how did she end up here, exactly? So many questions, when the door finally opened, when the reindeer's girl visibly shook, feeling a presence? Was it... him?

- Noelle?
A familiar voice. Who could it be? Not able to stop her fearful shaking, the young girl eventually turned from the window, now face to face with a purple monster. But in this world, this phrase never had a negative sign. Just a neutral statement. It was only purple colored, razor-sharp toothed, tall and muscular m--

- Susie!
While the bedroom they were in was almost pitch black, her eyes lightened up, like she saw a long-lost friend. But they just saw each other so recently. So why did she feel like that?
The lizard girl was hit by a strange coldness, but the window was clearly closed. And it only came from one part of the room, where Noelle currently was. And that faint smell... like burying my nose into a pile of snow.

- Hey. What are you doing here? Are you hurt?
After the last word, she instinctively raised her hand, with a dark ring around finger, with visible thorns on it. It still scraped her skin, so why did she keep it? Then she remembered, while gears in her mind clicked. It all made sense now!~
- It's... it's a dream, correct? That's why I don't remember getting home. And that's why you are here. The real Susie would never visit me. She doesn't care about anyone, right?
- Wha-- I mean... that's... fair. But...
- And since it's my dream, anything can happen, right?

Susie didn't like where all of this was going. Her plan was to get out of danger and escape this place. But... she wasn't in any risk right now, so far away from the Queen's gaze and well-dressed goons.
- Do you dream often about her?
Noelle sat on the windowsill, leaning against the cold glass. It felt fitting, since her exposed limbs were so cold, for no apparent reason. But it wasn't neither burning nor numbing. More like relaxing in a cooled down pool during the hottest day of summer. Still thinking about the answer, she finally looked into the eyes of that mirage.

- All the time.
Susie was thankful for her genetics and pigments, making her skin so purple which hid her blush so well. But also she couldn't understand that. Why? Who would be obsessed by a rude, crazy and chalk-eating bully? Trying to find any suitable words, I eventually understood something else. Since then Noelle has been so confident and forward. It's because she was so convinced that they were inside a dream?

- And... what are you usually doing during those... nightmares?
Reindeer tilted her head, while squinting eyes. Usually dream Susie wasn't so full of questions. But she disregarded it, since there couldn't be any other option than a deep, eventful sleep.
Jumping from window sill, she leaned to her ear, or rather where it should be located, whispering fantasies that normally would never come out from her lips. While listening, Susie began to believe that it was herself that had a dream, unable to tell if it was a nice or horrible one. Some of those words she heard for the first time. When and where did she learn all of this? Those she could understand, made her uneasy, making her thighs rub against each other. Her. Susie's, of all people.

When talking, a white mist escaped Noelle's mouth, but it couldn't be that cold in this bedroom. Were they both dreaming then? Suddenly, Susie felt a cold and firm grasp around her own wrist. Why is that reindeer so strong? And how?
- Follow me. Thinking about you and all things I wanted to do, I did a lot of research. And not just porn-- pornographic materials... - hearing her stutter, Susie got proof that it wasn't a dream after all. Or was it? Not wanting to "wake up" Noelle into the awful reality of the Dark World, she sheepishly followed, while towering behind a girl of petite posture.

Sitting on bed, she made Susie do the same. Looking at the clueless lizard, she boldly grasped her snout, exposing her sharp teeth.
- Hey! What th--
- Impressive. You could devour someone in seconds. Or tear someone apart without using claws. But I'm more focused on something else...
- On what...

Before Susie could finish, Noelle leaned over and kissed her purple crush not only with passion but also with all that desire she built up for all these years. And maybe someday, she would kiss the real Susie, instead of this mirage. Now the wide eyed and completely shocked lizard didn't know how to continue. What should she do with those damn hands? Immediately, an answer came right away, when Noelle's tiny fingers wrapped around Susie's extremely firm grasp, like she was afraid that her lover would disappear too soon.

Breaking the kiss, they could see a rope of saliva still connected to them. Noelle felt it ended too soon, now wanting more and suddenly jumping on a larger and clearly stronger monster. But somehow the petite girl could pin down that heavy metal enjoyed, sliding her tongue to touch hers, dangerously close to those curiously shaped fangs. Panting hard, her own heart pounded, warming up her mysteriously cool body. A familiar feeling that she felt for months. No. Years, because of that strange, silly lizard.
Still holding their right hands together, Susie could do nothing else but watch, frozen in place and deeply afraid. What if she hurts Noelle? Or make the matters worse? Will they ever be friends afterwards? While her mind raced around all those questions, reindeer slowly removed her robe, which worked nicely as a nightgown. Susie ignored her slight struggle because of her antlers.

- Noelle, listen. We can just hang out. You don't have to do this if; you don't have to, of course.
Still thinking about herself as the worst partner Noelle would ever choose, she still tried to give that usually innocent girl a last chance to back off. But no one is so determined as someone filled with desire for not only a childhood friend, but a crush as well. Tossing thin material aside, she gave her a good enough look at her bare figure, now soaked in moonlight. Those petite arms, rather thick thighs compared to the rest of her body, perfectly shaped bosom ended with tiny and bright pink nipples. Susie couldn't believe what she was just seeing before her eyes. But even then, she couldn't move a muscle.

- Let me help you - firm voice, unfitting with her normal behavior, still surprised plum colored lizard. Not finding any words that would her out, would only mutter under her breath.

- Okay...
Beginning with various spiky bracelets, Noelle removed those edgy ornaments, knowing that real life Susie would never wear them. Sliding her hand under shirt, could now count each of her profound abs on her stomach, showing how strong and well built she was. Another reason to fan-girl over her, but it wasn't the only part she wanted to see, feel and taste. After little help with removing the surprisingly heavy jacket, Noelle tugged on the shirt, while poking out her little tongue, traveling through the hardened six-pack, upwards towards her chest. Clenching her teeth, the taller girl felt like paralyzed, starting to mildly shake. Was that cold? Fear? Or pleasure?
Loud and shallow breathing of two young girls filled the dark bedroom, when Noelle wanted to explore every inch of that magnificent body. Out of sudden, Susie's hands clenched tight around her arms, pulling them down.

- S-stop. That's enough.I should be the one to make you feel good. Besides, aren't you seeing me as more confident, bold, and all that stuff?
Her eyes widened, surprised that her own dream would protest. But that projection was right. In her mind, it was Susie who should take the lead. Sheepishly nodding to her, Noelle lied down, resting head on comfortable pillows, giving her full view of slender posture.

Susie had absolutely no idea what to do.
First, a larger woman tried to part those delicious-looking thighs of her, but Noelle didn't budge, acting defensively for no apparent reason. Mixed signals? Susie was confused.
- S-sorry. It's just, I didn't trim and... - she tried to excuse herself, but finally gave up. Susie wasn't sure what she meant. Trimming the fur? Who would even think about that and for what reason? But eventually, she saw what Noelle talked about.
While hair around her smooth labia had normal length, a mystically looking tuft adorned the top of her mound. Susie couldn't help herself, but snicker.
- D-don't laugh - she bursted out, losing her initial confidence

- No, it's not that. It's just nothing to be ashamed about. Might just tickle my nose a bit, that's all... - Susie couldn't believe she just said that, never tasting a vagina before. She was again thankful about the color of her face, successfully hiding her embarrassment.

Noelle stopped talking, while rubbing her legs, not knowing what to do with idle arms. Since Susie said A, had to say B as well, lowering her large, round shaped head. Panting heavily, white and snowy mist repeatedly escaped through her sharp teeth, while her tongue hung out.
Nervous Noelle could only see that messy hair now between her own thighs. What was the holdup? Eventually, with no warning...

- Ah! Susie!
Warm, long tongue slid between perfectly shaped outer lips, soaking it with saliva, while mixing with existing, feminine juices. Using her pure instincts, the massive lizard clutched her thighs for support, while digging deeper inside her tunnel, pleasuring those soft walls. Noelle couldn't do anything but clutch to that hair, tugging on it hard.
If she wanted rough, it would be rough, Susie thought to herself.

Previously afraid and paralyzed, the lizard was long gone, now turned into a ravaging beast, hungry for more. Screaming reindeer had difficulties catching her breath. Her small breasts bounced, while Susie furiously tasted her pussy, before eventually pulling out, just to lick her labia again, kissing and sucking her tiny clit from time to time.
Still clinging to her, Noelle's legs shook violently, just before a small load of fluid suddenly shot out of her small hole, soaking Susie's nose. Breathing hard, she covered her red, blushing face with hands, not believing what just happened. So powerful orgasm, but she wasn't satisfied. How was that possible? Such an amazing feeling, but vast emptiness swiftly followed it.

- Are you okay?
She wasn't. Probably they were too fast with this. All of it. But she had an idea how to fix it, now remembering what she actually wanted.
- Could you... embrace me? Just take off your clothes and come here. I need to feel your skin, please... - she whispered, while her body still vibrated, because of the gigantic pleasure she just experienced.
Susie, deeply self-conscious about her own figure, at last fulfilled that request, taking off the rest of her garments. Well built, she could easily pose for one of those statues in the city gallery, shaped like one of demigods, with all these thick muscles and just the perfect amount of fat that prevented her from looking too tomboyish.

Trying not to give Noelle full look of her, in her eyes, imperfect figure, swiftly joined her accidental lover. While trying to wrap herself around the smaller girl, she nuzzled her away.
- Sit on me... please... - she whispered again. Puzzled, Susie fulfilled that without further questions, now lowering her pelvis close to hers.
Grasping one of Susie's hands and connecting fingers together, she raised leg and wrapped it behind her, forcing the purplish monster to come closer. Scissoring together, their lower lips touched gently in wet, unusual kiss, sharing their juices with each other. Staring into one uncovered eye, now took deep breaths, while maintaining just perfect speed. Not too slow or fast.

Susie's mind, while previously racing, was now completely blank. While free of fear, it couldn't think about consequences as well. Only mattered what was here and now, pleasuring Noelle who deserves nothing but protection. No longer questioning her motives, Susie was now confident enough to ensure that she would do it, giving Noelle everything what she deserves.
Sudden moans perished her thoughts, when rubbing their erect, hard clits together. While their hands tightened in a firmer grasp, Noelle's motions grew stronger and faster, while globes of sweat traveled through rigid abs of Susie's stomach. Not able to stop, the reindeer girl at long last pushed hard her thick nub against her, groaning in another, even more powerful climax, while Susie joined as well, clenching her teeth.

Gasping for air, the muscular monster collapsed, defeated by feeling bigger than her. Still connected with their right hands, Noelle said nothing else, before hugging her friend closer. No words were needed at this very moment.
After long moments that felt like hours, Noelle fell asleep, while right after Susie stood up and quickly dressed up, before leaving. She couldn't help herself but grin stupidly when meeting their companions again, fluffy goat Ralsei and human Kris.

- What... What happened there?
- Nothing... - she finally replied - I'll tell you later...

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