A sailor's delight

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A sailor’s delight

Climbing out of her Gym’s pool after her daily thirty laps naked swimming session Nessa sighed as she took a long stretch, her mocha skin glistening in the late afternoon sunlight that shone through her Gym’s windows as she then heard her phone start to ring, the screen displaying a picture of tits with the title ‘Ginger Kanto Whore’

“Hey Misty” she greeted answering the phone as she picked up a towel to dry herself

“Hey, what’re you doing right now?”

“Just had my daily swim, why?”

“Good, so you’re just at your Gym’s pool?”

“Yeah, why?” Nessa repeated starting to get a little worried about Misty’s questions

“Great, I’m sending Gardevoir over to pick you up!”

“What? A Gardevoir? Since when do you use a Psychic Type? And what do you mean pick me up?!”

A split second later Nessa was cut off by the sudden presence of someone behind her, the Hulbury Gym Leader turning around just in time to see a Gardevoir smiling at her before the Pokemon reached forward to take her hand, the Psychic Type then using Teleport to take Nessa with her before she could say anything

Seconds later both of them reappeared in what looked like a master bedroom “ok what the fuck?!” she exclaimed, turning around to find Misty standing there as maled as her “ok, kidnapping? Are you that desperate for a booty call?!”

“Well….kinda? Look it’s a friend of mines birthday and I wanted to surprise him, he loves Water Gym Leader pussy and you love big dicks so I thought you’d be perfect to help me” Misty explained as she then proceeded to present her with two extremely small aqua blue bikinis “pick one, trust me you’re going to love this”

Scowling at the Cerulean slut for a moment Nessa then soon relented, it had been a couple days since her last fuck so a big dick rearranging her insides did sound good “ok fine, what’s this guy like in bed?”

Grinning as Nessa agreed Misty handed her one of the bikinis before starting to change into the one she kept “oh he’s amazing, remember the porno I did with Leaf on the SS. Anne? The scarred guy? That’s him” 

Nessa’s pussy clenched at the memory of the porno Misty had sent her several months back, the film quickly becoming one of her personal favourites and one she had spent many nights masturbating to, fantasising what it would feel like to be manhandled by Joma’s scarred hands “you’re telling me that his performance in that video wasn’t just a one off?” she asked as she quickly got changed into the tiny bikini she had been handed

Smirking Misty leaned in to breathe in Nessa’s ear “he fucks and cums like a Rapidash in heat”

Nessa’s eyes rolled back for a second at the sound of that only for Misty to flinch and suddenly grab her when the sound of the room's door handle turning was heard “shit he’s here! Come here and follow my lead!” the redhead whispered before dragging Nessa to the bed

Walking into his bedroom expecting to only find Misty there Joma was shocked to find that he had another guest, Nessa lying on top of Misty in a tight embrace, their barely covered cunts pressed firmly together making his cock nearly burst out of his pants “holy fucking shit”

“Happy birthday” Misty beamed back over Nessa’s shoulder “now drop those pants and come get us!”

“Wait, it’s his birthdaaaaaay?” Nessa started before trailing off with a moan as she felt Joma suddenly bearing down on her back with his cock thrusting hard between her and Misty, the feeling of his cock pressing against her clit through the tiny bikini bottoms setting her nerves on fire and making her eyes cross as Joma steadily fucked between the two sluts

“Mmmph fuck I’ve missed this dick” Misty moaned biting her lip as she watched Nessa’s face contort in pleasure, Joma’s cock rubbing both of them in all the right ways whilst their breasts rubbed together, the bikini tops slipping to expose their nipples but not fully coming off

With how worked up the sight of the two sluts had gotten him and how hard and fast he was thrusting between them Joma didn’t take long to blow his first load, making both girls gasp as they felt his hot load spill out between them to coat there fronts

“Oh fuck, you were right about him cumming like a Rapidash” Nessa gasped as she sat up upon Joma moving away from her, her mocha skin stained with streaks of white which she admired as she moved to kneel next to Misty

From how much he had cum she had the split second thought that that was it only for her eyes to widen as Joma then pounced on Misty, her bikini bottoms being pushed to the side by his cock as he then slammed into her in a mating press making her shriek with ecstasy, the bed immediately starting to shake and creak as he started to outright slam fuck her showing her fuck hole no mercy

Biting her lip as she watched Misty claw at Joma’s heavily scarred back Nessa sat back and peeled off her bikini bottoms so that she could touch herself, her other hand slowly scooping up the cum from her stomach to bring it to her lips as she watched Misty lock her legs around Joma’s waist, her toes curling tight with pleasure

“Fuck yes! FUCK YES!!! Harder! Fuck me harder!!!” Misty screamed as Joma’s cock slammed against her cervix over and over, her eyes crossing as she was kept utterly pinned beneath the weight of his body and the sheer force of his thrusts, her tongue then hanging out as her body started to shake in orgasm

“Fuck that’s so hot” Nessa whimpered as she fingered herself to the sight of Joma rutting Misty’s brains out “you’re gonna cum in that bitch right?” she then panted as she finger fucked herself faster, her free hand now going to Joma’s lower back, pressing down on it to coax him to ram into Misty deeper

In response Joma drove deeper into Misty’s hot cunt to blow his second load, Misty’s toes curling almost painfully as she was filled to the brim with his cum, leaving the redhead a mewling mess as he then slowly pulled out of her, the last few streams of his cum landing on her to join his first load

Staring mesmerised by the sight of Misty so thoroughly fucked boneless Nessa was caught of guard when Joma suddenly grabbed her, making her yelp as she was then at the other side of the room with her back to the wall, Joma ripping off her bikini before hiking up her right let to hold it over his shoulder as he then thrust balls deep into her cunt making her head bang against the wall as she threw it back

“Oh my fuck!!!” she wailed as her insides were stretched to their limits, her toes curling in the air as she opened herself up fully to him, letting Joma use her as she pleased “holy shitting fuck! Ram that cunt! Fucking give it to me!”

The pictures that lined the wall started to violently shake as Joma fucked Nessa harder, some even falling off as he used the Hulbury Gym Leader like a hot tight piece of fuck meat, her perky tits bouncing hard in tandem to his pace as she slowly began to lose her mind to the sheer overwhelming pleasure of the act

Finally feeling enough life in her limbs to sit up Misty bit her lip as she watched Joma borderline fuck Nessa into his wall, the Cerulean City Gym Leaders eyes then drawn to the door to find that Gardevoir hadn’t simply just left after bringing Nessa to the boat, the Psychic Type standing bent over in the doorway to the bedroom with Joma’s Lucario roughly taking her from behind, her own moans of pleasure barely audible over Nessa’s cries of ecstasy as the dark skinned slut started to orgasm hard

Cumming moments later Joma pulled out of Nessa to which she then staggered back to the bed to collapse face first onto it, her ass jiggling as she landed with a delirious smile on her face “told you he was good” Misty purred reaching over to grope Nessa’s ass “you ever had a dick up this ass?”

Nessa’s gasp and moan was all the answer the redheaded slut needed as she then motioned for Joma to come over, Nessa’s moaning soon turning into a loud keen of surprised pleasure as she felt his cock push balls deep into her tightest hole before he then picked her up to start fucking her ass in a standing full nelson position, her face contorting even further into sheer bliss as Misty only added to it by kneeling in front of them to bury her tongue into Nessa’s cum packed pussy

Screaming in bliss as Misty’s tongue easily found her sweet spots Nessa desperately grabbed at her hair to hold her in place as Joma’s cock pounded into her guts, making her groin and lower abdomen bulge with every thrust as Nessa was soon orgasming again and again making her steadily lose her mind and black out over and over until she eventually lost consciousness entirely

It was a good twenty minutes later when Nessa finally came to finding herself lying first down on the bed, her ass now completely packed with cum to match her pussy with both holes aching in the best possible way

Pushing herself up Nessa gasped as she found that Joma still wasn’t done, Gardevoir and Lucario having joined their Trainer as well as his Lopunny with Joma now putting the slutty Rabbit to good use, bouncing the Lopunny on his cock whilst Gardevoir laid passed out on the floor, her pussy overflowing with cum whilst next to her Misty rode Lucario’s cock like her life depended on it

Watching the lustful depravity before her Nessa licked her lips as she came to a decision

She definitely had to visit there again sometime soon

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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