Breaking an oath

BY : Free-Morgan
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It was a cold and breezy night in the highlands of Gelemburg, finally feeling closer to Namia’s home climate. Even after her entire party went to sleep, she just stood tall and admired the wind and the stars. The tall, 6’3 barbarian woman stood proud, her dark skin only slightly covered by her traditional tribal garb, covering only her chest and hips. The most striking details of her appearance were her ivory hairpin and amulet, both detailing a bloody wolverine. Her chigirki, a long staff with the iron chain at the top, was laying on the ground in front of her. She didn’t take much notice of it.


That changed when she heard a rustling from the bushes behind her. Her long, muscled arms shot to her weapon, pointing in in front of the invader- which turned out to be Dimitri, their knight in shining armor. He was wearing a simple blue tunic, his long blonde hair flowing over his shoulders. Namia calmed down and lowered her weapon.


“Wow, you cannot be caught off guard, can you?” Dimitri smiled at her. Even though she was promised to another- her beloved Blaine- there was something about Dimitri that wanted her to make him smile whenever she could. “I am the finest warrior of my clan. I am always alert to my surroundings.”


“No one can be alert at all times.”

“I sure can. It is in my training.”

“What about when you are asleep?”

“Even than. Was covered in training.”

“What kind of hellish exercises were you put through?”

“Oh, you know. Plopped down in the middle of the jungle, being forced to wrestle jaguars for food. Valued tradition really, it is toned down from what my mother had gone through.”

Dimitri smiled. “Well even if I were a jaguar I wouldn’t want to wrestle you. Just today, you managed to take that massive serpent with your bare hands!”

Namia was saddened to hear the first part of his sentence. “He wouldn’t want to wrestle me… that’s too bad now…” she thought to herself before snapping back to reality. “What did I just think? No, no. He is just a fighting partner.” She answered, “Well I had to, that lizardman disarmed me and almost knocked out Dritz, that frail old sorcerer.”

Dimitri chuckled. “Funny lad, that Dritz. I think he has potential in him still”. 

Namia started looking over Dimitri’s toned body, from his long bare legs to his covered torso and ended up looking at his bandaged head. “Terrible me, I can’t believe I forgot about your injury. Come sit with me, you shouldn’t stand around too much.”

Dimitri gave a pained grunt as he fell to a sitting position near her.

“It's not as bad as it seems. I've had worse.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you've had.”


With Dimitri by her side, Namia felt a sudden rush. Wrapping a strong hand around his weaker body, she pulled him closer to her. She didn’t stop until she could feel his breath on her chocolate skin. In his exhausted state he didn’t stop her- or perhaps for another reason, and for a quiet moment Namia looked at the stars with Dimitri by her side, his head buried in her collarbone. She muttered to herself, “Just like home. Or like it will be…”


She pushed Dimitri a little bit away from her. And then immediately kissed him hard, her hand going around to take hold of his sturdy back. The surprised Dimitri was passive for a short moment before relaxing and allowing his tongue to meet her eager one. The kiss lasted several hot minutes, with the two embracing each other. Eventually Namia broke of the kiss, then stood up and started shaking.

“Namia…” Dimitri cautiously whispered at her.

“It isn’t right. It’s not right at all. What I am feeling right now.” Tears started streaking down her eyes. “I am promised to another, back home. The whole reason I left was to earn his hand in marriage. This, this is…”


Namia looked up at him.

“Sending you on this… frankly insane adventure, right as you were about to be wed. A young woman at her prime.”

Namia’s face heated up. “What do you take me for, Dimitri? A wild animal who cannot control her needs?”

Dimitri grew pale. “No! not at all! I am sorry to have offended. I misspoke. What I-”

“Sniff- it’s okay, I just lashed out. This is just… you ARE a good guy, Dimitri.”

He nodded. “What I meant to say is, that you shouldn’t feel that confined by what laws your’e people have restrained you with. You should have a choice, at the very least.”

Namia smiled at him. “How could someone like you say that? You are a holy knight, bound by laws of your own.”

He gave her a bitter smile. “I am not nearly as good as you perceive me to be. There is a darkness in me, one that doesn’t allow me to be the good pure knight I want to be.” He walked closer to her. 

“Like what? What is your darkness like?” She whispered.


“There is a dark part of me,” he continued, grabbing the fabric holding her chest, “That just wants to TEAR-” as he said it he pulled hard, hard enough to rip the cloth from her breasts, revealing her upper body to the moonlight and drawing a surprised cry from the massive gril-”That wretched piece of clothing away from you.”

“What else?” Namia asked shyly, acutely aware of her naked tits swaying with her breathing,, yet unable to cover herself or remove her gaze from the man in front of her, her amulet nestled in the valley in between those breasts. “What else does the darkness want to do to me?”

“It wants me to kiss you,” He gave her a quick kiss. “It wants me to eat you,” as he gave her lower lip a tiny nib that made her squirm. His gaze moved over to her ivory amulet, swaying seductively between her breasts. “It wants me to grab you by that necklace you hold so dear,” and he pulled her to him from the necklace, his fingertips touching her chest “And fucking tear it from your neck!” And he pulled with almost violent intent, Namia playing along and forcing her weight against his pull to allow him to snap the string holding her amulet together, her hands going to the place the amulet occupied on her chest moments ago. 


He stepped back. “‘The darkness wants me to have you.” Dimitri said, not with hunger or lust like before, but with guilt in his voice. Namia removed her hands from her breasts and closed the distance with Dimitri.

“Show me,” she said, taking his palm and placing it firmly on her tit. “Show me what awaits me back home. What I am fighting for with you all.”

Dimitri’s face lit up as he descended upon her. He kissed her mouth, with more intensity and ferocity than before, while one hand went for her chest and the other for her rear. Her amulet was left on the ground, unnoticed.


Namia reciprocated his efforts, her body reacting to his. Even through her loincloth she could feel the heated sensation of his hardened dick, trying so hungirly to get between her legs. She moved a hand beneath his tunic, feeling his strong, toned abs. She gave a sudden yelp as without her noticing, Dimitri’s hand was sent to her dark nipple, gently twisting and playing with it.


This drove Namia mad with lust, using her full strength to knock Dimitri over to the ground, her tall and half naked body on top of his. Dimitri quickly started to join her, taking of his tunic and working on being released from his pants. Namia hastily discarded her loincloth, which at this point was quite damp. She stood up only long enough to toss it aside, giving her lover a brief look at what’s to come.


Deciding that he took too long, Namia angirly ripped his pants away from his bottom half, finally releasing his impressive cock, which looked very alluring to the horny Namia. 

“Once more, you conveniently forgot about my injury.” He remarked.

“Shut the hell up,” she responded before bucking her hips against his, drawing a quiet moan from the man below her. “You might have forgotten where I come from. Back in Mitsuyami, the warriors ride their men. Are you ready to be ridden on, like the failed knight knight that you are?” 

For a moment Namia thought that she might have gone too far, as he didn’t respond. Then she noticed the blissful expression on his face. She took that as sign of conformation and raised her hips.

“Yes, my warrior” He answered meekly.

That retort lit a fire in namia, and she thrust her pussy hard against his dick, not caring how painful it might feel without caution. She felt a short, searing pain, but she was too busy and caught up in the moment to notice as she started to ride up and down her man’s shaft. 

“Oh,ow, ooow!” They both moaned in unison. Dimitri’s moans were like logs to the fire that was Namia’s passion, and she started to increase the speed of her thrusts, sweat dripping down her body and her tits bucking wildly. Dimitri’s hips chased after the sensation, trying to get his dick further inside the beautiful dark skinned woman who was riding him. He reached out with his hands to grab one of her flailing breasts before she slapped it down with great force. He looked up at her. 

“You are my man. You touch me when I tell you to, you get fucked when I tell you to and you cum when I tell you to. Are we clear?” He nodded. “Crystal.” He added with a smile.


That smile only drove her lust further, her thrusts increasing in speed. His hot and hard dick felt so good within her faulds and she could feel her pussy coiling tighter around him. With a snap of her fingers she signaled him to attend to her tits, which were now rotating opposite of one another- one clockwise and one counter-clockwise. He took the hint and started kneading her breasts, slowly at first but then fast and strong, eliciting more moans from his rider.


Namia felt Dimitri’s dick start to contort, and one look at his face told her he was about to cum. She looked at him mischievously, barring him from finishing inside her just yet. She wasn’t quite at the edge of her awesome endurance and she was gonna make him cum with her. He did his best to stall it but Namia knew his orgasm was approaching. In a mad attempt to catch up she thrust far more powerfully into him, grinding his naked rear into the dirt. She felt her orgasm approaching when her lover’s hit, starting to spew his white hot cum in her pussy.


Quickly reacting, she pushed him out of her so his seed would fall on his tits, creating a beautiful monochrom landscape along her chest. She looked down at her tired Dimitri, and said to him “You've done well my man. But you have one more task-” She lavished the cum on her black chest as she enticed him- “I have yet to come, and you must change that.”

Dimitri’s face grew a nasty little smirk. “Well, as a knight of the royal family, I certainly cannot allow an unsatisfied lady within my court.”


She smiled as she spread her legs before her lover. He approached her slowly with two fingers, eager to pleasure his warrior, before she shook her head. “With your tongue, MAN.”

He smiled. “I love the way you say it.” and then he started using his mouth in the way Namia wanted him to. His tongue licked her pussy, creating wonderful sensations within her and causing her to cry and moan loudly, not caring who heard them. ot ashamed of her own pleasure, she grabbed her tits and smeared the white cum all over her, letting some of it drip down and stain Dimitri’s blond mane.


Not long has past before Namia’s orgasm hit her, her toes curling and hands pushing Dimitri’s face into her. She then went limp before Dimitri crawled up to her side.

“Your fiancee is a very lucky man.”

She batted him with her naked arm before hugging him closer, both of them dozing off in each other’s embrace.

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