Morgan and Marc

BY : Ludi_Lightquill
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Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem: Awakening, nor the characters from it. I did not and will not make any money from the writing of this story.

The twin children of the Ylissean Grandmaster Robin were a publicly prestigious and admired pair of tactical minds whose potential impressed even their mother. However, love is expressed differently between some, with the two enjoying the private moments they had to themselves in a variety of ways.

Ever her junior in swordfighting, Marc decides to challenge Morgan to yet another practice duel. When something unexpected happens, Morgan takes advantage of her unique relationship with her bro


A/N: This story contains incest between twin Morgans, with male Morgan taking the name “Marc” to more easily differentiate between the two of them. They are both implied to be above the age of 18, taking place a few years after the end of Awakening. While this is the first fic I’ve published in years, this may set up a long-running AU of my own creation in different fics, so we’ll see.




In the Ylissean palace, the massive library contained millenia of written books, scrolls, and written information, naturally attracting Morgan's curious, quick-reading mind. Her twin brother, Marc, knew that she also would never bother leaving the spot where she found an interesting book as he searched the endless stacks of shelves for her. This was only proven right as he found her laying in an empty shelf with an orange hardcover in her hands.

"Morgan, what are you doing?" He questioned with a slight frown. The girl didn't even look up from her book.

"Ah, just reading as always, little brother," she gave a slight grin, slowly closing the tome. "This one's about the history of ballistas and the pivotal role they've played in some wars." Suddenly, she tossed the book over to a now indignant Marc.

"I-I told you that I'm not- ugh," he stammered at her but decided not to open the "little brother" argument back up. He caught the book, opening it to the table of contents, while remarking. "Well, we didn't need them against the fell dragon a couple years ago."

"No, but imagine if we had them!" He put the book back on the shelf as she rolled off of it, falling unceremoniously onto the ground with an "oof!"

"Morgan!" He sighed and knelt down beside her, holding her hand to help her up. However, instead his sister sat up and quickly stole his lips in a deep kiss. Though initially surprised, Marc found himself enjoying the softness of his sister's smooch too much to move. After sitting in embrace for a minute, he finally pulls away while panting and blushing.

"S-So," Morgan panted as well, his near mirror image in both expression and appearance, "what did you need, Marc?"

His mind blanked out for a moment, forgetting why he even came to find her before he remarked, "Oh, I'm finally ready! This time, I'm gonna defeat you in a sword duel." However, his sister simply wrapped her arms around him and pressed against his body with her chest.

"Aww, you're so cute when you're challenging me to a duel you know you'll lose." She smirked at him as her face closed the distance between them quickly. "But I think I just want to practice… 'sword-handling' for now~"

Both twins could feel a growing stiffness in his crotch, but Marc managed to push Morgan off and stand up. "N-No, I know I can beat you this time!" He adjusted his robe to hang a bit in front of his crotch to hide his arousal. Morgan simply giggled and stood up with a shrug.

"Well, if you're so insistent on losing, then I guess I wouldn't mind dueling again." Though she winked at him with brimming confidence and a smug grin, Morgan would soon find out just why Marc seemed so focused this time.




A few minutes later, the two were in a small, private training yard higher up in the palace. The twins draped their robes over a dummy and stood across from each other in the small, fenced-in arena, both armed with a wooden practice sword.

"Same rules as always," Morgan raised her blade at Marc, pointing it to him while restating the rules, "first to disarm and then get a hit on the other wins. Ready?"

Marc nodded, with the siblings counting down simultaneously.


From the moment he said "go," Marc pressed Morgan back with a series of stabs and feints, forcing her backwards and on the defensive. 

"W-Wow, you're being pretty aggressive to start!" Though initially surprised and almost overwhelmed, Morgan maintained her composure as she retreated back. As Marc brought an overhead swing down on her, she used the opportunity to parry his sword. His grip loosened on his blade as she pressed a palm into his chest, forcing him to stumble backwards and nearly onto his rear. He regained his footing and grip as his sister came closer, now defending against a series of strikes from her.

"Seemed like it worked, at least for a bit," Marc blocked hit after hit while looking for an opening, "I just have to wait for the right moment!"

"Impressive, but you still won't win!" Morgan stabbed straight at his chest but feinted as he went to block, as she instead smacked his right hand.

"Ow! Hey!" Despite the attempt, Marc kept hold of his sword and grabbed the end of her blade with a scowl. He didn't expect her to kiss him yet again, her chest pressing into his as he let his guard down and slowly let go of her sword. She retreated with a grin as he blushed, holding his sword back up. "N-Now that's just unfair!"

"All's fair in love and war," Morgan winked, then pulled the front of her camisole down to show off her cleavage to him. Despite feeling a stiffness in his pants, the young tactician was able to overcome the temptation of his sister and stabbed back at her. "Eep!" She quickly stepped back and barely blocked the stab. He then began to swing hard repeatedly, forcing Morgan to hold her sword up and block. With each blow, she could hear her sword creak and bend. A final, overhead strike from Marc caused Morgan's sword to crack in half, knocking her back and onto her rear. He stood over her as she stared at her broken sword in complete shock.

"Well, I guess you've been disarmed then." Marc rested his wooden blade on his shoulder while stepping on a piece of Morgan's on the ground. She blushed and backed up a little, giggling nervously.

"H-Hey, I think we both know you're a great swordsman," she desperately complimented him to little reaction. "I-In fact, I admit it, you’re my big brother…I-I just want big brother to let me take care of him~”

“Really?” Though he was clearly blushing and aroused, he still lifted his sword and prepared to land the final blow. “Who do you take me for?”

“A skillful, sexy swordsman~” She grinned. With one last plea, she once again exposed her cleavage while circling and shaking her fingers in front of her face. “I’ll even massage your ‘sword’ and let you finish all over me, b-but if you beat me here I’ll just go back to reading.”

At this point, Marc’s resolve finally began to falter. Dammit, she knew exactly what to say and what to do to get him hot and bothered, it wasn’t fair that she could be so hot. With a blush, he lowered his sword and reached for his waistband. As his dick popped out of his pants, he blushed and turned his face away while Morgan knelt in front of him, smiling from ear to ear. “Fine…show me you love to kneel to your brother, the real swordmaster~”

“You really are ‘big,’ big brother~” Morgan slowly wrapped her gloved fingers around his stiff member, biting her lip with his large dick so close to her face. Her gentle grip, a familiar sensation to him at this point, was irresistibly soft despite her constant study and practice. “I love kneeling and servicing your big dick~”

Marc let out a sigh of pleasure as his sister slowly began to rub and pump his shaft, her other hand gently caressing the head. He began to softly moan as her fingertip teased his urethra, her hand slowly increasing in speed. “M-Morgan…ahn…~” She giggled softly to herself, feeling emboldened to increase her pace further. She slowly began to stand up as well, looking him straight in the eye while still pleasing his hot dick.

“Yes~?” She answered with a wide grin, leaning in closer to him while continuing. “Even with my gloves still on…you can’t resist my soft fingers~” Her brother’s lips trembled as he shuddered from the pleasure, causing a slow and shaky moan to rise from his throat. His free hand reached for her camisole, slowly starting to pull it up, but she knocked his hands away before grabbing his dick once more and tugging it faster. “Hey now, no time for that when I’m stroking your cock~”

He groaned out and put a hand on her hips, only to tighten his grip as she leaned in and kissed his neck. Marc couldn’t bear it anymore, starting to thrust into his sister’s grip while she licked and kissed his nape. “M-Morgan…I’m c-close~” he panted as her teeth nibbled at his skin, the soft fabric of her gloves and grip of her hands bringing him closer to the edge.

As his dick trembled and thrusted into her hands, the girl stopped stroking and kissing as she simply watched his thrusts with a wry expression. Taking a moment to realize, her brother slowed his thrusting. “W-Why’d you stop~?” He whined, holding onto her still.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t say I’d let you finish…~” She walked behind him and hugged him, resting her chin on his shoulder while putting a hand over his hand and making him drop his sword. “But I will if you tell me how much you love me…and how good I am with swords~” 

One of her hands wrapped back around Marc’s dick causing him to softly gasp, and he immediately spilled a passionate “Morgan, I-I love you so much~” while starting to slowly thrust again. 

Morgan frowned, squeezing his dick a little to stop him from thrusting. “Sorry…that’s not quite enough~” He groaned in a mix of pleasure and slight pain now as she held his dick firmly in her grip, goading him on to further confess. “Come on, I know you love me, you’re getting my gloves wet~ Tell me, what am I to you~?”

“Y-You’re a master…s-sword handler~” He sputtered out, and she loosened her grip a little.

“Not just any master sword handler…~” Her other hand sneakily took his sword, holding it back a bit while waiting for his next response.

“M-My..beautiful b-big sister whose b-better with swords~!”

“That’s right~” She grinned before gently poking him in the back with his own sword, then letting it fall to the ground. “And I’m the one who disarmed, stabbed, and won against you~”

“Huh~?” Before Marc could fully register what happened, she began to stroke his dick faster than before and caused him to let out a loud moan. “Haaaahn...M-Morgan~!” His sister nibbled his ear while humming a victory melody to herself, her hands violently massaging and pumping his full length. “I-I can’t take it anymore…I-I’m gonna…~!”

“Go ahead little brother, cum~” With that he couldn’t hold back any longer, his mouth opening with a loud sigh as his dick began to squirt semen onto the ground and all over Morgan’s gloved hands. She giggled and blushed with pride as his cum emptied out of him, continuing to coax more by slowly rubbing him still. As he finished, the twins leaned into the heat of each other’s body while panting heavily. “I love you, Marc~” She planted a kiss on his cheek, letting go of his dick and taking her gloves off in front of him.

“I…I love you, too, Morgan~” He responded weakly, blushing lots as he noticed how much cum he got on her gloves. “Oh…l-looks like we’ll have to clean those off…” She nodded but didn’t let him go, simply tossing her gloves aside before putting her hands back around his erect shaft. “Uhh…h-hey, that was enough…”

“Hm…nah~!” She smiled sweetly before picking up where she had left off, rubbing his dick slowly once more before her pace intensified. “I like making you beg and cum with just my hands, and I bet I can do it better without gloves~” Her hands tugged his dick as though she were milking it, causing him to moan out as loudly as before.

“M-Mooorgaaan~!!” He cried her name out as the overstimulation caused his body to shake. Though she occasionally had a dominant streak, Marc hadn’t anticipated Morgan to so thoroughly take advantage of him. It scared him a bit, but it was also an unfamiliar new territory of arousal. Even as he was reduced to a moaning, sweating mess by nothing more than his sister’s hands, he had to admit that the feeling of it was exhilarating.

Morgan had scared even herself, not knowing how sadistic she could be sexually. However, the cute moans leaving Marc’s lips served as a melodic motivation for her to continue overpowering him. Her mind wandered in thought of the other ways she could leave him begging and panting for more, but her hands remained around his member and stroked faster than before. His knees began to shake and buckle, and Morgan’s arms around him barely held him up. She stopped her handjob for a moment, holding onto him while slowly helping him fall to his knees before laying over his back and putting him on all fours.

“W-What...are you...aaahn~!” His voice cracked as she resumed her rubbing, now grinding her crotch against his butt. Morgan now seemed to be getting desperate herself, her wet groin pressing against his rear with a need for stimulation. This fueled Marc’s newfound desire to be dominated, causing him to thrust both into his sister’s hand more and back against her lap.

“You’re so cute…you’re all mine~” Morgan giggled, their clothed bodies grinding against each other as Marc shivered. His dick twitched in her grip once more, and his sister obliged it by moving her hands as fast as possible.
    “Mnaah...I-I’m c-cumming~!” Once more, his member squirted seed out under him, her hands milking as much out of him as she could. She slowed and eventually stopped as his second orgasm came to an end, keeping him held tight in her comfortable arms. “F-Fuck…so much…I can’t do more…~”

“That’s okay, little brother, I won’t tease your dick anymore~” She put a hand on his and slowly stood up, helping him up after her. “However, that means you have to relieve me now~” She pulled down the front of her own pants, showing how wet she had gotten throughout the entire affair. “Now come on, let’s go~” Without waiting, she pulled him back into the palace and began to take him back to their room.

However, she first returned to the gloves, picking them up and walking off with a grin. She needed them, her mischievous mind wanting them as a valuable trophy to remind Marc of where he belonged.

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