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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own King of Fighters.

Alright, it seems that instead of planned one-shot this project would also become into serial - -'''
Anyway, I was planning to make it on Mother's Day, however, thanks to current schedule, it did not happen...
More so, when I finally got time for it, I checked the calendar - aaaaahhhh x'DDDD
That's right, I need to prepare entry this month's writing challenge and finish 12.12 story!

Anyway, as always,

A less than hour has passed since the bloody rampage of one certain redhead against the leader of the clones. Unfortunately, after such a clash of two ferocious beasts, anyone who was involved in it left being heavily injured — be it emotionally or physically.

Meanwhile, the prototype of all clones woke up in the middle of the night. He had a bad feeling that something happened to Kyo. He knows that is he won’t fall asleep when he is restless and insecure. That’s why, after he leaves the couch, he goes towards Yagami’s bedroom while hugging the pillow. Shiro hopes that maybe the redhead would allow him to sleep in the same room. He doesn't care that Iori may get mad and scold him. He simply needs someone near him to feel secure.

However, when he knocks on the door, he can’t hear any response. ‘Perhaps, Yagami is deeply asleep…’ — Or so, thinks Shiro. So, the brunette decided to sneak inside, but there was no sign of the redhead. After checking the rest of the rooms, Shiro finds himself alone in Iori’s apartment.

‘Perhaps, he was out for a smoke or wandering somewhere.’ — Or so, naively, thought the brunette. Yet, he decides to test his luck, call Iori. Even as he waits until the redhead picks the phone, Shiro could sense that he might get scolded again for ‘ not minding his own business '. But at the same time, hearing such a phrase in an irritated tone would relieve him. Suddenly, he gets startled when the Kusanagi’s heir picks up the phone.

Despite that, Kyo tries to sound as calm as he could, but his shaky and gloomy voice betrayed him ‘‘Shiro? Is that you? Listen, I need you to pick Yagami’s stuff and bring them to the hospital. So, grab me for some clothes, underwear, a phone charger, a cup, toothpaste, and a toothbrush, will you? Just grab Yagami’s wallet and call the taxi. I’ll wait for you there.’’.

For sure, it concerned the brunette with the white eye patch ‘‘What in the world happened? Where are you? Are you okay?’’.

However, Kyo deeply breathes and replies in a desperate voice ‘‘The-there is no time for that! Go and pick up the stuff. Now! I’m begging you, just hurry up already!… I’ll explain it when you'll arrive there. Anyway, I’m counting you.’’.

Shiro instantly nods while he holds the phone in his hands. Yet, he could hear through the phone how his precious original was gently, yet pitifully addressing the redhead ‘‘Please… Don’t move too much, ‘cos it would get worse for you… L… look, it started to bleed again. Damn… it hurts as hell… that damned leg… Shit…’’. Perhaps, Kyo forgot to finish the call. Yet, the younger brunette nearly dropped the phone from his hands while he could still hear how the original suffered. Now, he quickly finishes the call.

Despite knowing that something terrible happened to them, Shiro cannot allow himself to curl in fear and cry. There is no time for that. Even without realizing it, he acts like his body is instantly programmed by someone, and now, the brunette search for the needed stuff. After all, he does not want to allow anyone to die on his watch ever again.

A week has passed since then. As time went by, the survivors from the fierce battle of two wild animals, are recovering — some faster, and some still taking their time. Speaking of which, today, the prototype of clones paid another visit to his original and that redhead man. Meanwhile, Kyo will be discharged tomorrow, Iori will have to stay at least for another week, or so, Shiro learns from his precious archetype. Although, the Kusanagi’s heir stubbornly refuses to tell what exactly happened that night, the younger brunette suspects, who were behind the scene.

However, instead of holding any grudge against ‘Nagi, Shiro tries to understand the reason the self-claimed leader of the clones is so violent and hateful towards Kyo. Even though, the brunette could think of why Kusanagi acts this way towards that redhead man. After all, the clones love and cherish their Big Bro, and ‘Nagi seems to return that affection and care by protecting them against any threat, including the murderer, who wields a purple flame.

On the other hand, the Kusanagi's heir does not fit into this category. So, why the dark brunette wants him dead so badly? Or so, wanders Shiro. Even back in the day when the brunette was living in the storage with his brothers, he could hear ‘Nagi’s harsh comments about Kyo. For most of the time, it was: ‘he is good-for-nothing, whose sole purpose in life is to be breedable material’, ‘just a weakling without any will’, ‘a mindless test object’. For sure, it was painful to listen. However, when Shiro attempted to object, Kusanagi always either slaps his face so hard or gives a cold glaring with ‘If you ever meet that creature in person, you’ll speak about him differently. It’s not that awful thing, which gave you another chance to live. So, never bite into the same hand, which feeds you.’. Of course, his brothers would be on ‘Nagi’s side and support him, while one of them would remind him that it is not the best thing to go against Big Bro.

Shiro was upset, but he never fought back — not because the brunette convinced himself that he was weaker than Kusanagi or feared him, but Shiro wanted to believe that he could win by kindness and patience. Besides, doctor Makishima taught him about how violence only gives birth to more violence. Therefore, Shiro keeps these words in his heart. Perhaps, that's the reason the brunette cannot raise his hand or use the flame against anyone.

Overall, even after the brunette met the original, he could not understand what did ‘Nagi mean. Neither Shiro could bring himself to hate him. All he wants - to find a way to convince Kusanagi that he might change his mind about Kyo when they would have a long talk, even if it sounds impossible.

But for now, Shiro still feels upset when he stares into the previously injured Kyo’s leg. According to the doctor, it was close enough to amputee Kusanagi’s leg above the knee level. So, it was a pure miracle that this limb was salvaged and healing. Therefore, just remembering how the first time Kyo showed him a freshly bandaged limb, the younger brunette’s heart was nearly broken. However, as the prototype mentions his felt guilt and worries, Kyo ruffles his hair and comforts him by giving a warm smile.

‘Why does he take it so lightly? It’s okay to show what he feels or whenever he is in pain. So, why does he have to be so stubborn?’ — Or so, wanders Shiro as he hugs the original. For now, he doesn’t want to let go of his adored Kyo while the warm afternoon sunbeams surround them.

Later on, the Kusanagi heir prompts the younger brunette to check how Yagami is doing and asks him to send greetings to him. Then, once Shiro finishes, he should report everything to the older brunette. That’s right, this time both — Kyo and Iori are in different rooms. So, for a while, Shiro becomes like a messenger between this pair of idiots.

At first, the younger brunette is scared to go to the room where is Iori because he would get dismissed by the menacing aura while mumbling something under his nose. However, thanks to Shiro’s sincerity, he could not bring himself to leave Yagami’s room until he delivers what Kyo had to say to him, including some gestures.

That’s right, the prototype would be shaking and closing his eyes, but he would still pinch Iori’s cheeks or ruffle his hair while giving the Kusanagi heir’s message. Of course, the redhead couldn't give up and demanded Shiro deliver his messages as well. Even if these replies were more or less ‘are you that afraid that you’re sending this kid?’ or ‘heal your wounds and deliver it by yourself.’. Therefore, when Shiro reported Yagami’s words while trying to imitate his tone, Kyo just snorts at such responses and laughs. And thus, despite the distance, these two found a way to keep in touch. Besides, it would even secretly cheer up the lonely redhead.

For now, before he goes, the younger brunette carefully listens to what the original has to say this time.

Some time has passed, and without noticing it is already evening. After bidding farewell to this pair, Shiro left the hospital and goes straight to Yagami's apartment. That’s right, for a while, the original asked to take care of the redhead’s apartment while Iori is recovering. There was no way that he would disagree, not only because it was the request from Kyo, but also Shiro felt it would be the right thing to do. At first, he convinced himself that it is nothing more than returning the kindness. Yet, no matter how hard it was for him to admit, but it's not that terrible to live under the same roof as the person, who despises clones as Shiro imagined.

‘Perhaps, that man is not a pure evil. According to what doctor Makishima told me once, animals are more honest than humans and can sense bad people just from the distance. So, these stray cats, which he feeds and shows attention to them, seem to be fond of him.’ - Or so, the prototype wanders. However, his further thoughts were interrupted until he spots an unconscious blonde woman resting against one of the building walls.

For sure, Shiro's eyes are wide-open, and now he approaches this woman, who wears a long coat, skirt below the knees and, even if her head is hung, there is a visible pair of glasses. That blonde in her forties reminds him of one dear person for him. Whether it is her or not, Shiro knows — he cannot leave this person like that. What if she needs medical help or even may die without receiving it?

Now, the prototype prays in his head that this person would be still alive.

After the brunette squats in front of the blonde, his hand shakily moves the hair from her face. Once Shiro realized who is this person, his face got pale as paper. All he could do is silently speak up in a shaking voice ‘‘Mo-mother?… how?… why are you here?…’’. When he gently slaps her cheeks, there is no response. Yet, after Shiro places his hand on Makishima’s neck, he can sense the pulse. The brunette feels like the rock was removed from his chest.

Without any second thought, the prototype throws the blonde’s arm over his shoulder and makes sure that both of them are standing. Fortunately, Yagami’s apartment is not that far away from this place.

‘‘Please, hang in there, Mother! We’re almost there.’’ — Shiro addresses the blonde.

After some time, both of them reach the redhead’s apartment. Yet, as soon as the brunette sits down the doctor Makishima on the couch, he suddenly removes his hand from the blonde’s forehead.

‘‘Damn, this is bad!’’, Shiro comments in a concerned voice after sensing that this woman has a fever. After taking her to Yagami’s bedroom and removing her coat, the brunette tucks her under the blanket. However, without wasting a second, he rushes to the bathroom. Now, Shiro grabs a small bowl with cold water and a tiny towel. After placing the bowl on the night table, he quickly searches for a first aid kit. For sure, it took a while, but as soon as Shiro finds it, he grabs it and brings it to the bedside.

Lastly, when the brunette soaks the tiny towel in cold water, he drains this piece of cloth and places it on Makishima’s forehead. Unfortunately, he is not sure how to give medicine to an unconscious person, yet, he is afraid to call Kyo and ask him. What if he gets scolded to bring a person into Iori’s apartment without any agreement? After Shiro sits at the bedside, he decides to wait for just a little until his adored Mother starts to show any signs of life. For now, he holds her hand in his hands and prays for everyone, whom he can think of, for her, waking up.

A/N: And now not sure whenever to continue this project... yup, on next chapter it would be focusing on doc.Makishima's and Shiro's reunion scene T^T Besides, once this project is done (next year), I gonna take a break from KOF because recently even just observing this fandom become tiring and upsetting experience and people won't acknowledge your existence unless you are an artist or spam memes.
But hey, this fandom already ignores me, nor people interested in a boring to them writer. So, taking a long holiday from this fandom won't be noticed by anyone x'D.
Besides, there might be a better place where I can feel being welcomed...
Anyway, as always - See you next time!~

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