Women in Red 2

BY : Clocktower
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Claire sat cross legged on a cement floor, wondering what Umbrella had planned for her. The company goons who'd thrown her into this cell had been tight-lipped about her fate, leaving her imagination to run wild. Maybe she'd be fed to zombies, maybe they'd turn her into a mutant; anything was possible when it came to these people.

Knowing her pending doom would be horrible in any event, she turned her mind to another mystery; just where in the world had they brought her? She remembered nothing about how she'd gotten here, only that the drugs she'd been loaded up on had left her completely out of it for several days and that she was still a little foggy. All she knew was that her cell was in the back part of a dingy interrogation room lit by a single, flickering lightbulb. Not much to go on.

Her stomach growled. The sound reminded her of Raccoon City, of the zombies that had overrun its streets. She'd spend the rest of her life remembering that night, all the things she'd seen and heard before meeting Ada Wong in the police station.

Ada Wong. Was that even her real name? Claire hadn't realized until now what a buffer she'd been against the troubling memories of the city, how sharing her bed in countless hotels across Europe had kept her from thinking about all the horrors that could now haunt her with impunity. Even when she had thought about those things, with Ada around they hadn't felt so ghastly. Now...

The bulb outside her cell flickered and went out just as she felt the floor vibrate through her butt. She got to her feet and listened. An earthquake? Explosions? Had there been an accident somewhere? It was an Umbrella-owned facility, after all. She waited for the emergency lights to kick on, for sirens to wail, but all that reached her ears was the roar of a heavy downpour against the roof.

Nothing to do but sit and wait.


Claire sat alone in the dark for a long time, her mind beset by monsters and cannibals. Her only hope was thinking about Ada, of their time together outside Raccoon City. Certain that no one was coming to let her out, or to shoot her, she lie flat on her back and undid the button on her jeans. Down went the zipper. She wet her fingers in her mouth, slipped them under her panties, her thoughts focused on the time Ada had tied her wrists to the headboard and blindfolded her. By then, Ada had learned how to bring Claire right to the edge and hold her there for hours, letting her cum when the time was just right.

Her fingers drew slow circles over her clit, poor substitutes for Ada's tongue but they'd get the job done. Claire worried that the cold concrete would make this take forever, but she found her lady surprisingly cooperative. There was something about being in danger...

The sound of a lighter igniting just beyond the bars of her cell blew Claire out of her dark fantasy, leaving her damp hands scrambling to button her jeans. "Who's there!" she shouted.

Ada Wong, her bust like that of a ghost in the pale flame. "I had a feeling it might be you locked up in here," she said. "Did they inject you with anything?"

"N-no!" said Claire, buttoning up her pants. "They kept washing sleeping pills down my throat, but that's it. What the heck is this place? Where are we? What's happening out there?"

Ada was dressed in a dark red, form-fitting catsuit with a utility belt around the waist. Over her shoulder was slung a machine pistol. She snapped the lighter shut as Claire walked up to the bars.

"You're on Rockfort Island, an Umbrella-owned prison camp where they test B. on living people. It was bombed."

"Bombed? By who?"

"Who knows? Umbrella has a lot of enemies. I came here to steal their research before someone else does. Anyway, ciao."

"Hey! Ada, come on, let me out!" Claire said, pulling on the cell door. The bars didn't so much as rattle.

"You're safer in here, trust me," said Ada. "The bombs must have hit one of the labs. There's been an outbreak."

Claire's knees suddenly felt like rubber and she held the bars tight. Why was her lady tingling? Why was she excited?

"That sounds like a good reason to let me out of here!" she said.

"You'll only get in my way," said Ada. "Like you did in Paris. I was nearly captured because of you, you know."

Yeah, right, Claire thought, holding her tongue, knowing she wasn't getting out of this cell without Ada's help. "I... I won't get in your way. I just want to escape and look for my brother."

"Hmm," Ada said, completely shrouded in darkness. "I suppose I might be willing to risk cutting you loose if there was something in it for me."

Claire didn't know whether she should sigh in relief or in exasperation. "I'll... make it worth your while," she said after a long moment in the dark.

"We'll see. Come closer."

She stepped up to the bars. Ada reached through, took the hand she'd been doing most of her business with and brought them to her lips. She licked each finger in turn before suckling them. "Who were you thinking about?"

"You," said Claire, quietly.

"How romantic. Here, take this. Lie back down and let me watch you finish."

She pressed the lighter into Claire's hand. It was warm. "Uh, okay," said Claire. "Just, like I was before?"

"Think of it like a test. Show me you still got what it takes."

Less befuddled than she ought to be, Claire lie back down on the cold, hard floor, undid her pants and slipped her wet fingers between her legs. She flicked the lighter and awkwardly held it up so Ada could watch her.

Every inch of her body felt tight and exposed under Ada's eyes, except her pussy which was eager for the return of her swirling fingers. Could her lady tell who's spit was on them? The lighter wasn't bright enough to let Claire see much of Ada, but she could feel her standing there, watching. She had done many deeply intimate things with Ada, but masturbating in front of her wasn't one of them. Sure, they'd teased each other by playing with themselves a little, but this was something she'd always reserved for herself, under the covers or in the dark, alone.

A bored sigh reached her ears. The lighter was getting warmer. Claire knew what she had to do.

She snapped the lighter shut, blew on it while pulling up her shirt. She lit it again, held it by the very bottom between her lips, and went wild on herself with both hands, pressing the slicker of the two between her legs, pushing and pulling her clit as if her life depending on cumming. Her nipples had been perky to begin with, exposed to the cool air they begged to be pinched. She obliged them, her back arching as her spine hummed like an electrical wire. She came fiercely, holding the lighter in her teeth so it wouldn't fall and burn her. When her body finally shuddered and went limp, she snapped it shut and spit it out.

Slow applause from the other side of the bars. "I'm actually a little impressed," said Ada. "Keep the lighter, I've got a flashlight."

Claire stuck the lighter in her pocket then got dressed while Ada picked the lock on the cell. "How bad is it out there? Is it like the city was?"

Ada's laugh was warm oil sliding down Claire's spine. "You'll find out for yourself soon enough."

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