Super Mutant Report: by Curie

BY : MountDenali
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            Curie slowly strolled through the bombed-out medical center, carefully navigating the dilapidated hallways and passing by chunks of flesh and debris leftover by the center’s more recent inhabitants, occasionally jotting down notes on her tablet, inspecting even the broken, rusted medical tools and supplies leftover in the hospital, bending down to inspect a broken, bloody scalpel scattered on the floor.

            “How fascinating!” she muttered to herself, jotting down notes. “To think that the people of the Commonwealth are still practicing surgery this long after the war!” she muttered, grinning as the prospect of surgeons still existing, blissfully ignorant of the far more likely use case for the bloody surgical knife. She grinned, standing back up and patting down her tidy khaki pants, before she was suddenly startled by a noise coming from deeper inside the hospital, as something seemed to be banging around and roaring in pain.

            “Mon dieu…” Curie muttered, momentarily frightened by the noise, as she turned towards where it had come from. “Perhaps the surgeons are still present?” she proposed, still blissfully ignorant of the reality of the apocalypse, as she peered down the hall, craning her neck to see, noting the hint of a light coming from further down the corridor. “Very well, I shall go and investigate.” Curie affirmed to herself, tucking her notebook into the tiny medical bag she carried on her waist, before beginning to slowly walk down the corridor, taking care not to make too much noise as she did so, turning the corridor to find the light she had spotted pouring out from a pair of doors halfway down the hallway, a busted-out sign hanging above the door, the words it used to display long since having decayed away due to radiation, its plastic sign even drooping slightly with age.

            “Ah, it is the operating theatre!” Curie exclaimed with glee, grinning widely as she recognized the room despite its lack of signage or identification. “Perhaps they are performing a surgery right now…” she dreamed, smiling as she began much more rapidly approaching the door, eager to look inside. “I would at least very much like to speak to the doctors inside…” she muttered, before turning the corner and entering the door, momentarily dumbfounded at what she found inside, a group of super mutants loitering around inside, one of them wrestling with a mutant hound off to the side, while in the center of the room, a human corpse hung suspended from the ceiling over a trash can filled with fire, the mutants waiting around for the flesh to roast.

            “Oh, Mon Dieu!” Curie gasped in surprise, clasping her hand to her mouth at the sight, her exclamation drawing the gaze of almost every super mutant in the room. “You… you are not doctors!” she exclaimed, looking around at the super mutants, as though their lack of a medical degree was the most concerning thing in the room.

            “Human!” one of the super mutants shouted, glaring at her angrily. “Human trespass in super mutant territory!” it shouted, getting up from its seat on an old medical gurney, picking up a spike-studded sledgehammer as it stomped over towards Curie.

            “Oh, pardon me monsieurs, I didn’t mean to intrude.” Curie apologized, bowing her head in apology to the super mutant as he approached her. “I was simply hoping to run into a doctor or man of science in here is all.” She said, as the super mutant grunted, staring down at her.

            “Ha!” the super mutant shouted, proudly. “Silly human! We super mutants of science!” it exclaimed, grinning proudly as it beat its chest in front of Curie. “Science make us super mutants!” it declared, Curie’s eyes going wide in surprise as she drastically misunderstood what he was saying.

            “Truly?” Curie asked, happily surprised despite the misunderstanding. “I had not even stopped to consider that other species might be pursuing scientific inquiry as well!” she said, grinning broadly at what she thought the super mutants were doing. “I would be delighted if we could share notes, I have so many interesting things to ask you!” she said, beaming up at the super mutant, who looked down at her with a condescending grin.

            “Ha!” it shouted again, grinning. “Human want to study us!” it exclaimed, laughing at the idea as though it were funny, the other super mutants chuckling as well.

            “Oh, that would be wonderful, yes!” Curie exclaimed, grinning broader as their misunderstanding deepened. “Even just a blood or fluid sample would prove magnifique to examine for my research.” She said, beaming proudly. “And to be able to perform a full-body inspection would be even more wonderful, if you permit it.” She said, asking politely as the super mutant’s laughter died off.

            “Human want super mutant blood?” it asked, no longer finding Curie amusing, and instead grew annoyed with her. “Human no get super mutant blood! Super mutants get human blood instead!” he roared, pounding his chest, as his brothers roared in response.

            “Oh, I apologize for being so presumptuous.” Curie apologized, lowering her head in apology again. “Although, I’m afraid I can’t provide you with any human blood at the moment, even if you were to request it from me.” She continued, apologizing further as she clutched her hand to her chest in sympathy. “Despite how my body looks, I am actually a synth… The differences may not be apparent on a macro scale, but at a microscopic level, I’m fear it could skew any data collected in all sorts of ways…” she lamented, gesturing to her synth body as though she, too, were saddened that she couldn’t gather appropriate research data from herself.

            “Huh? Synth?” the super mutant asked, annoyed again as it recognized the word. “Synths no good eating! Only make fun toys!” he shouted, as his brothers growled in displeasure, surprising Curie with her phrasing.

            “Pardon me monsieurs, but did you mention eating me?” she asked, surprised by their suggestion. “I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very tasty, I’m afraid… although I suppose it wouldn’t be too harmful to perform such an experiment if necessary…” she considered, before gasping as the super mutant in front of her reached down and grabbed her, his massive hand wrapping neatly around her waist as he picked her up, surprising her from his quick and rough treatment of her.

            “Oh Mon Dieu!” Curie gasped, putting her hands to her mouth again to cover her surprise as she was lifted off of the ground. “there’s no need to get so rough with me, monsieur.” She told him, reprimanding him in a very motherly tone. “If you wish to inspect my body despite my being a synth, you need merely ask.” She told him, scolding him.

            “Yes, super mutants use your body!” he grunted, as Curie smiled politely up at him, even as he continued to hold her in his grip.

            “See, if you had merely asked, I would’ve gladly consented.” Curie said with a polite smile as her misunderstanding continued to deepen, before the super mutant’s eyes widened as Curie began to unbutton her shirt, eventually taking it off to reveal her tone abs and lingerie bra, before she gently removed that as well, exposing her firm, fake tits to them with a polite smile.

            “I’m afraid this is all I’m able to show you with you holding onto me like so.” She explained, gesturing down to his hand around her waist, while the super mutant stared at her tits. “If you would set me down, I would happily remove the rest of my garments for you to inspect the rest of my body to you heart’s content.” She told him, smiling.

            “Human… Human give super mutants body?” it asked, suddenly confused by Curie’s seemingly overwhelming willingness to expose her body to them.

            “Bien sûr!” Curie exclaimed, grinning at him. “In order to advance the pursuit of scientific inquiry, one must be willing to expose their body for research and study!” she said, grinning, as the super mutant scowled at her, before gently lowering her back down, earning a polite curtsy in thanks, before Curie began stripping the rest of her clothes off, the super mutants staring intently as she bent over to pull down her pants and panties, exposing her pristine ass and cunt to them, before eventually standing back up once she was finally fully nude, kicking her discarded clothes to the side before turning back to the super mutants, standing tall as she proudly displayed her nude body for them as they stared.

            “J’ai fini!” Curie proudly proclaimed, giving her nude body a twirl to present it to the dumbfounded super mutants, still staring at her in confusion, perhaps surprised to not be the ones misunderstanding the situation for the first time in their dumb lives. “My body is yours to examine and explore to your heart’s content!” she said with a proud grin, twisting her body to show it off further. “I apologize if my body is not the most attractive example of a synth, but I assure you, it should be more than…” she continued, even clutching her breasts to show them off, before gasping as the super mutant grabbed her again, picking her up once more with a mix of confusion and anger.

            “What human playing at?” the super mutant shouted at Curie, dumbfounding her with its question.

            “I’m sorry monsieur, I’m not sure what you’re asking…” Curie explained, seemingly surprised by the super mutant’s anger, before coming up with another misunderstanding in her head all on her own. “Oh! Were you perhaps hoping I could reveal the synth components inside my body as well?” she asked, only confusing the super mutants further as she continued. “I’m terribly sorry monsieurs, but even I have been unable to properly locate the components that differentiate me from a natural-born human.” She said, shaking her head in regret. “It is unfortunate, but the insides of this body of mine are a mystery even to me.” She lamented, as the super mutant growled.

            “Human be quiet now!” the super mutant growled, surprising Curie. “Big words make hard to think.” It complained, as Curie opened her mouth, before closing it again.

            “Of course, monsieur.” She apologized. “A man of science requires utmost concentration, I understand.” She said, as the super mutant growled again.

            “I said quiet!” it shouted, startling Curie with its anger, as she meekly nodded this time, albeit unable to stop herself from gasping as it squeezed her waist tighter clutching a hand over her mouth to silence herself.

            “Brick!” the super mutant shouted, turning back towards the other super mutants, making Curie gasp as he slung her over his shoulder, making her gasp as his metal shoulder plate dug into her stomach. “What do with synth?” he asked the biggest super mutant of the bunch, who looked up at him from his makeshift throne of hospital gurneys and bags of flesh.

            “Mon Dieu!” Curie gasped from their rough treatment of her. “”Monsieurs, please be careful…” she tried to ask them, before letting out a gasp as the super mutant gave her a hard slap on the ass in annoyance, making her fall silent again.

            “Hmm…” the boss mutant mused, growling as the rusty gears in its head slowly turned. “Synth not make good meat.” It said, grunting in annoyance, as it stood up, both mutants walking towards a side of the operating theatre, making Curie gasp once more as the super mutant slung her off of his shoulder and onto an operating table, as Curie gazed wide-eyed up at the super mutants debating with what to do with her.

            “Could use as toy?” the super mutant who had grabbed her suggested, shrugging his shoulders as he looked down at her, Curie clearly holding her tongue from speaking as they discussed what to do with her.

            “Not as good toy as human womans.” The boss mutant said, making her gasp as he reached down, groping her breasts. “Too firm.”

            “Same holes, though.” The other mutant pointed out, making Curie gasp as it spread her legs, before her eyes and mouth went wide as it stuck a fat pair of fingers inside her virgin cunt, stretching her out.

            “Oh… Oh, Mon Dieu!” Curie moaned in pleasure, unable to keep from moaning at the super mutants suddenly stuffing their fingers inside her most delicate spot. “I… I was not aware that the female genitalia were so… sensitive.” She muttered to herself, gasping as the mutant’s fingers continued to mess around with her cunt. “Monsieurs, please, that area is delicate!” she begged, gasping as they toyed wither crotch, her hands even reaching down to try to pull his hand away. “If you keep being so brutish with me, I’m afraid I might even experience a climax!” she gasped, moaning as the super mutant ignored her protests and stuffed his fingers deeper inside her instead.

            “Synth be quiet!” the boss mutant shouted at her angrily, making her gasp and groan, this time in pain, as it brought its fist down on her stomach, leaving her groaning as it punched her soft, unprepared gut. “Synth only good for toy.” It said, grunting. “But not even as good toy as human womans.” It continued, annoyed.

            “But synth hole soft.” Brick countered, seemingly finding himself even more interested in Curie’s cunt, groping inside her as she continued to moan despite the boss mutant’s punch.

            “Oh Mon Dieu, please…” Curie begged, biting her lip and arching her body against the super mutant’s fingers in pleasure, one hand struggling vainly to pull the super mutant’s out of her cunt, while her other hand covered her mouth, practically biting down on her fist to keep from moaning in pleasure, before the boss super mutant finally reached a verdict.

            “Hmm.” It finally grunted, looking down at Curie as she squirmed in pleasure from the other mutant’s fingering. “Fine. Super mutants can use synth as toy.” It relented, shrugging, as the super mutant fingering her grinned triumphantly, turning to her as she looked up at him with wide eyes, as he grinned down at her, grabbing her thick thighs and spreading her legs wide, making her gasp as he exposed her virgin holes and now-sopping wet cunt, her eyes going wider still as he tore off his own loincloth as well, her eyes practically bulging from her sockets in shock as she saw the size of his colossal cock, already rock-hard from playing with Curie’s parts and as thick as her thigh and just as long, as he grunted, rubbing his cock with his spare hand and slapping it against Curie’s crotch to prepare himself, making her gasp as its thick veins and practically callused texture rubbed against her soft clit.

            “C’est énorme…” Curie gasped, taking in the colossal size of the super mutant’s cock with wide eyes. “Monsieur, I do not believe that this kind of inspection is very scientific, n’est-ce pas?” she asked him, gasping. “If you had told me you were interested in exploring my body this way earlier, I would not have consented so easily…” she continued to protest, before gasping again as the mutant ground his cock against her cunt, her eyes and mouth going wide in shock as his massive cock grinded against her sensitive clit, nearly bringing her to orgasm. “Mon dieu… Besides, I do not believe that our species are even compatible in this way, attempting to sire a child with me like this is an endeavor surely doomed to fail…” she tried explaining to him, still misunderstanding what their intentions with her were, before she let out another lewd moan as the super mutant bent over, grabbing one of her large tits in his massive hand, making her moan as he groped and squeezed her ungently.

            “Synth be quiet, like good toy!” the mutant told her, as Curie moaned even louder as he groped and twisted her other breast too, all of her erogenous zones being stimulated and violated one after another for the very first time today.

            “Oh Mon Dieu, please…” Curie tried begging, her eyes going wide as the super mutant pulled his cock back, holding her thighs spread as he ground the tip of his massive cock against her cunt. “Even if our species were to be found genetically compatible, your appendage is still far too large for my body!” she protested. “I fear if you continue with this experiment, one of our genitalia is sure to break!” she cried as a last-ditch effort to get him to stop, albeit the fear in her eyes as she watched the head of his cock already starting to spread the lips of her cunt making it clear that she knew exactly which one of them would break first if such a thing were to happen.

            “Ha! Good then!” the super mutant exclaimed with a grin, before ramming his cock inside Curie’s virgin cunt, making her mouth and eyes go wide as her entire crotch suddenly erupted in pleasure, a sensation her new body had never felt before as she let loose an inhumanly lewd moan. “Super mutants good at breaking humans!” it shouted, grinning as it shrugged off Curie’s warning, instead implying that that was what it was intending to do in the first place. “No doubt good at breaking synths too!” it continued, grunting as it pulled out and rammed its cock back inside Curie’s cunt, forcing another lewd moan from her mouth.

            “Oh, Mon Dieu…” Curie moaned, struggling to deal with the pleasure even as she continued to beg for mercy. “Please monsieur, no further…” she begged, gasping in pleasure. “You are far too big, if you go any further, I fear you may irreparably damage my cervix…” she begged, as the super mutant merely grinned.

            “Ha!” it grinned in defiance. “Human women all say same thing!” it told her, grunting as it kept fucking her. “Log break their cervixes anyways!” it shouted in victory, clearly referring to itself as ‘Log’ while Curie’s eyes widened as she realized it had no intention of keeping her in one piece.

            “Bordel de merde…” Curie gasped, as she felt the super mutant trying to penetrate her cervix even as she told him not to, gasping every time his massive cock would slam against the tight entrance to her womb. “Monsieur, please, I beg of you…” she begged, on her very last resort as she pleaded with him. “The human cervix is not intended to be penetrated, so please, you mustn’t…” she kept begging, all the way up until the last second, as her eyes went wide and the super mutant finally rammed his cock hard enough inside her to pierce her cervix like a paper wrapper, as her pleading was instantly silenced, the air being driven out of her lungs as his colossal cock slid balls-deep inside her now that its roadblock had been cleared, her eyes bulging as she saw just how massive a bulge he made in her soft stomach, stretching her out with abnormal ease, the breath leaving her mouth eventually morphing into more inhumanly lewd moans of pleasure, as she was overcome with such an immense wave of pleasure she failed to even come up with words to say, much less the energy to speak them, instead merely letting out yet more lewd moans as she let her head fall back, her mouth open and gasping, even as she felt the super mutant’s cock leave her womb, before ramming right back inside her yet again, like a freight train hitting its bumper, as she was forced to expel another lewd moan, followed by another, and another, and another, as the super mutant pistoned his giant cock inside her relentlessly, her brain so overloaded with pleasure for the first time in her life that she didn’t even notice when the super mutant’s cock gave her body its first ever orgasm, even squirting in pleasure over the super mutant’s chest as he relentlessly fucked her like a piece of meat, her eyes rolling back in their sockets, as he proceeded to then give her body its second, third, fourth, and fifth ever orgasms ever as well, leaving her coming on his cock even as he finally grunted and rammed his cock balls-deep inside her once more, groaning as he came inside her, her mind going blank and eyes going wide as she merely watched as her already bulged stomach swelled larger, even feeling the jet of come shooting out of the mutant’s cock and directly into the back of her womb, before the mutant finally pulled out, leaving her half-comatose in pleasure as her ruined cunt poured come out onto the medical bed, the metal tray holding her keeping the come on the bed, as it pooled around her crotch, leaving her entire lower body practically bathing in it.

            “Ha! Synth make good toy!” the super mutant exclaimed in victory, as it pumped a few extra thick strands of its semen out over her ruined body, as she moaned in pleasure, struggling to recover from the merciless fuck. “Maybe even better than human!” it exclaimed, grinning.

            “Merde…” Curie muttered under her breath, cursing for one of the first times in her life, as she looked down at her stomach, still swollen from the ungodly amount of come the super mutant stuffed inside her, still short of breath from being so brutally used as a mere fuckdoll. “Mon dieu, I did not think it was even possible for un homme to deliver such a vast quantity of semen in a single ejaculation…” she muttered, reaching towards her crotch, her eyes going wide as she scooped a handful of it out of her ruined cunt, seeing it was molasses thick as well, the sperm inside so big they felt like grains of sand. “And such virility as well…” she gasped in amazement. “To think that despite being infertile, they still evolved as though specifically intending to impregnate everything they can conquer…” she mumbled to herself, wondering at the reproductive ability of the super mutants, before her eyes widened as she suddenly realized that she was now one of those things that the super mutants intended to conquer.

            “Impossible.” The boss super mutant grunted, turning to the super mutant who had exclaimed that Curie made a better toy than humans did, while she was left mumbling to herself, half-crazy from the brutal fuck. “Only humans make good toy for super mutants.” It stated, clearly set in its ways. “Synth just metal. Not make good toy.” It added, explaining its reasoning.

            “Ha!” the super mutant that just finished fucking her chuckled, smirking at his boss’ stubbornness. “Log keep toy for himself, then!” he said proudly, as the leader squinted at him in annoyance, before finally grumbling as he got up, walking over to Curie, not wanting to be wrong but wanting to miss out on the chance to use another toy even less, as it stood between Curie’s legs, looking down at her. “This synth womb stretchy and warm!” he declared of Curie, who continued to stare up at him in mild horror at what he was going to do to her next.

            “You sure synth make good toy?” the boss asked Log, who grunted in agreement, nodding, as the boss grunted in acceptance, as Curie noticed him standing before her, realizing what was going to happen to her again.

            “Monsieur, please…” she said, trying to push herself up from the table, albeit finding herself too weak after the brutal fuck, instead merely lifting her hand to stop him instead. “My body cannot take any more of this, and I fear that I can already feel my mind beginning to go as well.” She said, trying to reason with him not to, before the boss dropped his loincloth for her, her words halting as her eyes went wide at the size of his cock too, even bigger than the first super mutant’s, his cock even already dripping precome and almost glowing with radiation, the smegma behind the head of his massive cock practically fetid and rotten at this point, as his unwashed cock was speckled and stained with the fluids and come of no doubt dozens of other humans he had used as fucktoys prior to Curie, as she swallowed in fright, struggling to comprehend what was about to fuck her.

            “Mon… Monsieur.” Curie stammered, begging for mercy. “Please, you can’t fuck me with that appendage of yours… I’ll break.” She stammered, dropping the more proper terms out of fear, before the super mutant predictably ignored her, instead forcing a gasp from her mouth as it grabbed her thighs and bent them up to her chest to expose her already ruined cunt, his body so big he could straddle both Curie and the operating table while keeping both legs on the ground, as he poked the head of his colossal cock at the entrance to her cunt, Curie already uttering a moan as his cock spread her open, before her eyes and mouth opened in shock simultaneously as he rammed his cock right past her cervix and went balls-deep immediately, too fast and deep for any normal human to endure, even making Curie come right there on the spot as he ruined her, his enormous cock rearranging her organs inside of her and stretching the skin of her stomach to new limits as he ruined her, her eyes rolling back in her skull as she failed to cope with the pleasure, instead merely moaning in pleasure as she let the monster fuck her brains out, coming on his cock twice as many times as she had in her entire life so far, before letting out an inhuman, practically animalistic moan of pleasure as he finally came inside her, her stomach swelling with the sheer volume of come as it stretched her to look almost pregnant, before he finally pulled out, leaving Curie orgasming just from the aftershocks of his colossal cock alone, her legs scissoring back together in pleasure as her cunt spewed his stupidly thick come like a failed water balloon.

            “Log right, Synth does make good toy.” The boss said in admiration, clapping Log on the back, before calling to the rest of the super mutants in the room, drawing their attention. “Hey! Come fuck new toy!” he shouted, grabbing Curie off the table and making her gasp, her eyes going wide as her picked her up around the waist and squeezed her bloated stomach, her eyes rolling back in her head as he squeezed their come out of her ruined cunt, practically making her orgasm yet again, as he gestured to her. “Synth better toy than humans, even!” he shouted, ensuring that the rest of the super mutants were interested, before dropping Curie back on the table already covered in come, making her gasp as it covered her body and continued to leak out of her womb, as the rest of the super mutants came over, Curie moaning as she slid a hand to her crotch, her brain trying to stem the unrelenting pleasure while her heart instead tried to get her to give in and relive it, as she even began unconsciously masturbating in order to relive even just a fraction of the pleasure that the first two super mutants had brought her, before her eyes went wide as she saw the rest of them drop their loincloths as well, revealing cocks just as massive and unwashed as the first two’s, as she uttered a soft, ‘Mon Dieu’ as the first in line got behind her, spreading her legs and slapping it massive cock on her crotch, her eyes wide with fear despite the fact that her hand was still masturbating to the memory of their cocks ruining her, her hand rubbing her clit even more furiously in anticipation, before the rest of the super mutants fulfilled her wishes and forced her to relive that pleasure once more, forcing lurid moans of pleasure from her mouth as they rammed their colossal cocks inside her, each of them taking a turn to ruin her body and turn her into their synthetic fucktoy, filling her womb with enough come to impregnate every woman in Diamond city twice over, and so thoroughly brainwashing her with pleasure that by the time they were on their second round, her protests had turned into begging and pleading them to ruin her even harder, as she spread her legs and welcomed their colossal cocks into her womb herself, memorizing the shape of every one of their cocks as they reamed her open and rearranged her organs, relishing the sensation of them stretching her stomach and bruising the back of her womb, coming her brains out with glee every time one of them would finish inside her and leave her womb swollen with come.


            Many hours later, and Curie had regressed into a total super mutant slut, now kneeling face-down and ass-up on the operating table, face half-submerged in super mutant come as it filled the tray and poured out onto the floor, her womb swollen past the point any regular human could endure, her synthetic cunt half-stretched out and pouring come as the mutants abused her as their new fucktoy, her ass covered in red marks from slaps and spankings, yet Curie still begged for more, lapping up the come from the table just to fit more of it inside her, as she even masturbated every spare second between rotations, unable to deal with the lack of pleasure now permanently associated with the super mutant’s enormous cocks. As the Boss mutant walked up behind her again, cock at the ready as he grabbed her ass, squeezing it tightly, Curie begged for more, even waving her ass for him as she panted in anticipation.

            “Oh monsieur, please.” Curie begged him, fingering her ruined cunt while lapping super mutant come off of the aluminum operating table. “Please ram that enormous phallus inside my worthless womb, please.” She begged, moaning in pleasure as she masturbated at the thought of getting turned into his fucktoy yet again. “Fais de moi ta putain!” she begged, her brain temporarily reverting the French as she gasped at the thought of being ruined again, before the super mutant uttered a single word, and Curie felt like her heart would stop, momentarily stunned.

            “Stop.” The mutant said, stunning Curie and silencing the room, as Curie quickly sat up, resisting the sensation of the super mutant’s come suddenly beginning to drain out of her ruined cunt, turning to the boss in desperation.

            “Monsieur, please!” Curie begged, still masturbating even as she begged him to keep fucking her. “Please, I want to be your toy!” she cried, clutching the boss’ hand on her ass, before gasping as the boss’s other hand grabbed the back of her head, pushing her back down into her face-down and ass-up position, smothering her face in the pool of super mutant semen and practically drowning her in it, leaving her gargling their come as she struggled to breath.

            “Synth make good toy, but human toys have two holes.” The boss said, letting go of Curie’s head so that she could breathe, although she remained in the same position, taking a deep breath despite leaving her face half submerged in mutant come, as she waited with bated breath for what the  boss had to say next. “Me try synth other hole too now.” He stated, Curie’s eyes going wide as she felt his massive hand on her ass, as his thumb pressed against her virgin asshole before stretching it open, making her gasp and inhale a lungful of mutant sperm in the process.

            “Oh, mon dieu…” Curie gasped, lifting her head out of the come to glance back at her ass as the boss played with it, gasping louder as he put his second hand on her ass and used his other thumb to stretch her formerly tight asshole even wider, as she stopped masturbating to grab her ass as well, moaning as he stretched her asshole even wider, to the point that even she could grab the rim of her asshole with ease, moaning in pleasure. “Monsieur…” she gasped, trying to reason with him, even as she moaned from his thumbs inside her asshole, gasping as she felt his hot breath tingle the inside of her ass as he moved his face closer to inspect it. “Monsieur, that hole is not for reproduction…” she gasped, struggling to get the words out as he left her moaning every other sentence. “That is merely for waste…” she tried to explain, moaning. “If you were to try and ram that enormous appendage of yours inside me there, I fear I do not know how long I would last until I break…” she warned, despite moaning as he stretched her asshole even wider, even wriggling her fat ass to entice him to fuck her asshole even sooner in direct contradiction to her warnings.

            “Good!” the boss said, chuckling as he made Curie moan again. “Super mutants have fun breaking toys!” he exclaimed, grinning. “Besides, toys are disposable! Once you break, we find new toy and break her too!” he roared, chuckling as the rest of the super mutants roared in approval, as he slapped his massive cock against her ass this time.

            “Oh Monsieur, please…” Curie tried to resist one last time, despite the fact that she was already masturbating to the thought of getting her asshole reamed open as well, in contrast to everything else she had said, even her pleading no seeming to sound more like begging for more as the words came out of her lewd mouth, before they quickly turned into a soft moan instead, her eyes going wide as she felt the massive head of his cock spreading her asshole wide, before letting out a polite gasp as it slipped inside, surprised by the satisfying ‘plop’ it made as her asshole seized tight around the back of the head of his cock, before that gasp morphed into a far more impolite lewd moan of pleasure as he suddenly rammed his cock balls-deep inside her newly-tainted asshole, rearranging her organs even harder than they had in her womb, stretching her asshole to its limits and crushing her intestines into her ribcage, using her like a disposable sex doll as he raped and ruined her, forcing her to come out of her ass within seconds as well, as Curie was once again exposed to yet another whole new world of pleasure for the first time in her life, letting her asshole memorize every vein and groove of his enormous cock as it ruined her, coming her brains out and begging for more as he wrecked her asshole, coming over and over and over again, before her newly-ruined asshole finally brought the boss to orgasm as well, Curie’s eyes going wide as she felt his hot come flood her asshole as well this time, filling her up as she felt the pressure build inside her asshole, unable to balloon into her elastic womb this time as the pressure built up further and further, almost making Curie believe herself to be sick, before she felt a massive release of that pressure, her eyes going wide with shock as she felt the come break through the seal to her anus and surge up into her intestines, racing through her system backwards like a racecar down the track, flooding into her stomach before her eyes widened as she even felt it come back up her throat, as she opened her mouth and vomited a flood of super mutant semen, even coming out of her nostrils and tear ducts as it ruined her, moaning past the flood as the boss rammed his cock balls-deep inside her ass a few more times to ensure he pumped every last drop inside her, forcing even more out her mouth as her mouth gaped open, letting come pour out of her as she choked it up, finally seemingly emptying it from her throat as she coughed it up, already thoroughly addicted to getting her asshole wrecked by super mutants as well.

            “Monsieur, you have ruined me.” Curie moaned as she recovered, confirming her new status as a mere super mutant fucktoy, glancing back at the boss super mutant with a lustful grin, before her eyes went wide once more as she saw a new super mutant standing behind her instead, already slapping his enormous cock on her asshole, before he grabbed her head and forced her body face-down and ass-up yet again, as her next lewd moan came out while half-gargling semen, as he rammed his cock inside her ruined asshole as well, holding her head down in the puddle of come she had just vomited out, as she was consistently raped and ruined by the super mutants for ages after that, using and abusing her asshole even harder than they had her womb and turning her throat into a faucet for super mutant semen as she coughed it up more regularly than a pumpjack, the super mutants even resorting to stuffing her head into an old empty bedpan just to contain the flood of semen pouring out of her mouth, holding her face down in it even as it slowly filled up around her, until eventually not even a trace of her face was left exposed, leaving her physically drowning in come as they continued to pump more and more inside her, only letting her come up for air just often enough to keep her alive before waterboarding her in semen yet again, air bubbles coming up through the thick liquid every time they emptied another mutant load inside her ass, ruining and abusing her as their communal fucktoy as hard as they pleased, raping and ruining her body past the point when a natural-born human would’ve long since collapsed or died, while Curie, finally thankful for her far more resilient synth body as it enabled them to continue ruining her over and over again, as she begged and pleaded for more, the pleasure overwriting every other desire inside her brain as she regressed further and further into the depths of pleasure, begging them to rape and defile her body harder and harder until she had truly been reduced to no more than a true super mutant fucktoy.


            Four months later, and Curie was still in the super mutant’s base, the super mutants having barely moved their new favorite fucktoy from the operating theatre they had first ruined her in, as they used and abused her harder than they had any other fucktoy in their lives, keeping her as not just a fucktoy, but communal come dumpster and even urinal, as they ruined her body thoroughly and repeatedly, while the rest of the world went on around them, as they went out to hunt and raid, bringing back human men to eat and even human women to fuck and play with, as they joined Curie as ruined, pleasure-addled human livestock and fucktoys for the super mutants to rape and abuse, Curie only growing hornier as she saw her once-fellow women get turned into ruined fucktoys and overflowing pieces of super mutants fuckmeat, until eventually their more delicate bodies succumbed to the super mutant’s unrelenting fucking and breeding, and they were either tossed out with the trash or were chopped up and eaten like the other humans the super mutants killed, the mutants only keeping Curie around as their prime piece of fuckmeat. Of course, they had not been kind to Curie either, as by the time they finished the 1st week, they had already decided that her arms and legs were superfluous to her existence as a fucktoy, deciding to merely hack them off with the old surgical equipment, relying on overdoses of stimpacks to stem the bleeding as they stuck meat hooks into her shoulders and hung her up like the piece of fuckmeat she was, making her watch as they cooked and ate her thighs and arms, even as she merely begged them to keep fucking her brains out instead, as she degenerated further and further into the depths of pleasure as a super mutant fucktoy, eventually letting the mutants start toying with her body and experimenting on her as she had wanted to initially. And so by now, she was left hanging from the ceiling by the meat hooks in her shoulders, a super mutant still pounding her ass as she vomited their sludge-like, radioactive come, her body now practically unrecognizable, as she had been reduced to no more than a torso and head, her stomach so swollen with mutant semen that it hung down past her crotch, her holes practically torn apart and gaping wide open from their constant abuse and rape, as they had even experimented and stuck some of the old medical supplies in her, tiny retractors in the holes in her sore, red nipples, holding their tiny holes open as milk seeped out of her swollen, sore breasts, a thick, heavy pair of forceps clamped onto her clit to ensure it remained stimulated now that she had no arms to masturbate with, and even a dental gag holding her mouth and jaw open, letting every drop of super mutant semen they pumped inside her ass come pouring right back out as it dripped down her chin, breasts, and massively swollen stomach, as her gaping holes poured with a near constant stream of super mutant come, old barrels gathered beneath her to collect it before it could drip to the floor, as the mutant fucking her came inside her asshole yet again, making her let out a lewd moan as she felt the sperm coming up her now thoroughly-used intestines before it came pouring out of her mouth, her body spasming in pleasure as she orgasmed from it, her body still shaking and coming in pleasure even after the mutant pulled out, so addicted to mutant cock that she was still coming long after they finished fucking her, as the boss, Brick, walked up to her, inspecting her body, now completely ruined and unsalvageable.

            “Hmmm.” Brick muttered, surveying Curie even as she continued to come in pleasure. “Brick think toy broken.” He said, concluding their time with her, Curie’s long-since broken mind too comatose to respond as she merely kept spasming in orgasm, still lost in the pleasure of the last mutant cock to fuck her. “Log! Come throw toy outside!” Brick shouted at his second-in-command, Log, who turned towards him, scowling even as he rammed his cock inside a different girl, this one a young blonde girl that they had kidnapped from a farmstead less than a day ago, yet already far too gone to be saved, her orgasming, pleasure-addled body face-down and ass-up on the same operating table they had fucked Curie on upon her arrival, her arms already cut off to prevent resistance as her cunt and womb overflowed with super mutant semen, while Log rammed his cock inside the poor girl’s gaping, ruined asshole, grunting as he came inside her, her head stuffed inside the same come-filled bedpan that the mutants had tried to drown Curie in when she arrived, the bedpan now overflowing with come as the girl pumped more into it from her ass and out her mouth, overflowing it with every creampie as she panicked and struggled to breathe through every mind-shattering orgasm the super mutants forced her through, bubbles coming up out of the thick, gloopy mess as the come forced through her system expelled her oxygen with every creampie, no doubt unlikely to last longer than a week with the mutants.

            “Huh?” Log asked as Brick commanded him to throw Curie out, paying barely any attention to the poor girl he was currently fucking as he glanced over at Brick and Curie. “But Log like toy!” he exclaimed in exasperation. “Why Brick make Log throw toy out?” he asked, grunting as he creampied the blonde girl in the ass again, the girl only barely managing to lift her come-covered head out of the pan for a moment to breath, even now her precious few breathes half-mixed with lewd moans of pleasure, before Log grabbed the back of her head and forced her lewd face back into the pan, waterboarding her in it as the pan overflowed again, his creampie pumping even more of their disgusting radioactive come out of her poor mouth and into the pan.

            “Toy broken.” Brick replied simply, giving Curie’s massively swollen stomach a light punch, making her moan as a torrent of super mutant semen flooded out of her womb, making her orgasm yet again. “Besides, we find new toys. Break them too.”

            “Huh.” Log grunted, annoyed but resigned as he pulled his cock out of the farmgirl’s ass, giving her a brief moment of reprieve, before another super mutant took his place and rammed his cock back inside the girl, not giving her more than quarter of a minute to rest before she was back to getting her brains fucked out like a stupid super mutant fucktoy. “Fine.” Log grumbled, walking over to Curie, as he grabbed the chains attached to the meat hooks in her shoulders holding her up, unhooking her from the ceiling before slinging her over his shoulder, making her moan as she bounced against his back like a portable piece of fuckmeat. “But we find more synth toys from now on, okay!” he told Brick, who merely grumbled in agreement, going over to take Log’s place in ruining their new farmgirl, as Log marched towards the door, carrying Curie through the halls of the burnt-out hospital, oozing super mutants come from her ruined holes all the way, until he finally emerged back out into the wasteland, the sun setting over the horizon as Log carried her over to a giant pile of trash covering where the dumpsters used to belong, the pile already covered in the bones and rotten flesh of their past meals and other fucktoys, before he tossed Curie onto the pile as well, making her moan, her holes now seeping super mutant come into the rest of the pile of blood and gore, as Log turned away, leaving her there more or less to die, just another disposable fucktoy for them to use.


            Later that night, as Curie finally seemed to come back to her senses for the first time in as many months, still overloaded with pleasure despite feeling her life leaving her, a suspicious man walked up to the pile, checking something on a small communicator device, before tucking it back into the long brown coat he wore, as he tapped the radio in his ear, looking down at Curie.

            “This is X5-69, I have recovered the… specimen.” The man said looking down at Curie’s ruined body with a heavy tone of disgust. “Her body is significantly damaged though… Are you sure that it is necessary to recover this one?” he asked the person in his radio, listening to their reply for a moment, before nodding despite nobody being able to see him. “I understand. Preparing for retrieval.” He said, as he knelt down to Curie, drawing a small syringe from his pocket and injecting it into her neck, as she instantly passed out, before he gingerly picked her up, trying to avoid getting super mutant come on his clothing, before the two disappeared in a flash of light.


            When Curie opened her eyes several hours later, she was immediately assaulted by a wave of comfort and relaxation she had never felt before, gasping for air as she sat up, finding herself completely naked in a vat of reddish liquid, before she looked down at herself, her eyes going wide to see that not only were her arms and legs intact, but not so much as a single scratch or scar leftover from the super mutants remained on her body.

            “Mon Dieu!” she cried, overwhelmed in surprise as she inspected herself, even spreading her legs to check her vagina, finding not even a drop of super mutant come or stretchiness from their abuse of her anywhere, her cunt as pristine and untouched as a virgin’s.

            “Ahem.” A man coughed nearby, and Curie suddenly looked up, her eyes going wide as she saw that she was in a massive, polished white room, a scary-looking mechanical armature hanging above her, as she looked over at the man who had coughed, wearing a white and red lab coat and flanked by two more men, one younger and wearing a similar lab coat, while the other wore a dark brown trenchcoat, the outline of a gun visible bulging in his pocket.

            “Oh, excuse moi.” Curie apologized, nodding to the men as she climbed out of the basin of red liquid. “Pardon my asking but… Would this happen to be the Institute?” she asked, and the lead scientist raised an eyebrow, surprised by her question.

            “Well, yes, yes, it is.” He replied, surprised by her guess. “You’re quite astute, for a former Miss Nanny.” He said, smirking at her reply.

            “Oh… well, yes, I suppose so.” Curie replied, blushing with surprise at his response. “I am surprised you know so much about me already. However, I don’t recall ever belonging to the Institute.” She said, looking around. “Why have you taken me here?”

            “Ah… Your programming may not belong to us, but that body of yours certainly does.” He said, gesturing to Curie’s body, still nude from the reformation bath.

            “Ah… Yes, I suppose so.” She said, frowning slightly in confusion. “But… the last thing I remember, my body was damaged, likely beyond repair.” She said, cocking her head to the side in curiosity. “Did you repair me?”

            “Repair you?” the man asked, scoffing at the thought. “God, no.” he chuckled, shaking his head. “Synth bodies are almost as difficult to repair as human ones, and the injuries you sustained are too difficult even for us to fix.” He said, as Curie’s eyes widened slightly, taking in the knowledge. “Besides, we aren’t exactly keen on repairing a body that’s full of enough super mutant semen to impregnate every woman here…” he added, as Curie looked back down at her body, instantly recalling her time as a super mutant fucktoy and blushing in embarrassment, seeming to recognize that she was still nude for the first time as she raised her hands to cover her breasts and crotch, even as she felt her crotch growing wet at the memory of the super mutants. “Not that super mutants can actually reproduce anyways, but still…” the man rambled, shrugging before getting back on topic. “Anyways, no, we didn’t repair you.” He said, before grinning. “We rebuilt you.”

            “You… rebuilt moi?” Curie asked, surprised by their answer. “But… how?” she asked, surprised. “This body feels identical to my last one!”

            “Well, of course it feels identical, they are identical.” He said with a chuckle. “We keep the diagrams for every synth that walks out of this machine, it was only a matter of finding what blueprint your first body was made with, and then making it again.” He said, shrugging.

            “But… Why?” Curie asked, still overwhelmingly curious. “I was not a synth originally, but a Miss Nanny!” she exclaimed, surprised by their decision. “Why would you put my intelligence in a new body?”

            “Well, we certainly weren’t planning to originally…” the man said, shrugging. “Most of our synths are just temporary experiments after all… But when we saw our new Director plug a Miss Nanny AI into one of our synth bodies… well, let’s just say we got curious.” He said with a grin. “And since you seem to be a companion of the Director, we couldn’t just leave you out in the Commonwealth to fend for yourself now, could we?” he joked. “So, when we saw that your old body was… a bit beaten up and damaged, we took the opportunity to bring you in and give you a fresh, clean new body… and got a chance to install that artificial intelligence of yours into a working synth’s body this time, too.” He added, chuckling again.

            “Then… The monsieur asked for this?” Curie asked, surprised.

            “Eh… no.” the man replied, shaking his head and scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. “Actually, we didn’t even ask him.” He said, grinning sheepishly. “But I’m sure you’ll be better off for it anyways.” He said, shrugging. “All we ask is to be able to keep an eye on you going forward.” He said, spreading his arms graciously. “You’re a very interesting specimen, and I think we can both agree that helping us in this research will further science for everyone, don’t you think?”

            “I… I suppose so, monsieur.” Curie stammered, still unsure of what to think. “Although… what about my own research?’ she asked, curious, as the man shrugged.

            “Do what you want.” He said, shrugging. “We won’t stop you from doing anything, we’ll just keep an eye on what it is that you’re doing.” He said, giving her a friendly smile. “And if you get damaged performing your research again, we can come pick you up and give you another fresh new coat of paint.” He said, chuckling. “After all, if your ‘research’ still involves super mutants, you’re going to need it.” He added, chuckling while Curie blushed red.

            “I… I see.” She said, nodding her head. “Thank you, monsieurs.” She said, as he waved it off.

            “Don’t mention it.” He said cheerfully, brushing off her thanks as though it were nothing. “We’re probably going to get more out of it than you anyways.” He said with a shrug. “Now, why don’t you head outside and find someone to get you some clothes, and then head over to the Synth Retention Bureau so that they can send you back outside to keep doing… whatever it is you’re doing.” He said with a smile, as Curie smiled in return, giving him a polite nod of the head, before stepping out of the basin, gratefully taking a towel to cover herself with from the younger scientist, before they escorted her out of the Robotics Bureau and into the rest of the institute.



            Only a couple of days later, and Curie was once again out in the Commonwealth, strolling through the burnt-out ruins of an old hospital, the rancid smell of rotting flesh mixed with something far more musky permeating the air, as Curie walked slowly down a darkened hallway, trying to resist biting her lip in anticipation as she approached the door to the old operating theatre, light spilling out of the room as grunts and moans echoed out and down the hallway towards her, the insides of her thighs already wet and sticky as she couldn’t help but get turned on as she thought of the future that awaited her, before she entered the operating theatre, her eyes going wide with delight as she saw the antics that the super mutants had gotten up to in her absence, overjoyed to see it was just as perverted and degenerate as when they had thrown her out, Curie’s hand instinctively going to her crotch to rub her clit as she surveyed the room, her spare hand clutching her breast and biting her lip in excitement as she saw what the had been up to.

In addition to the farmgirl that had been there when Curie had left, the super mutants had seemingly kidnapped two more women, already reduced to nothing more than fucktoys, their tattoo and scar-riddled bodies seemingly suggest that they were once raiders before they were turned into super mutant sex toys, with one of them trussed up and cut down to be just like Curie was before she was thrown away, her arms and legs missing as she hung from meat hooks from the ceiling, blindfolded but with her mouth open and tongue lolling out as she regurgitated an almost infinite stream of super mutant come as one stood behind her fucking her in the ass, her tits and stomach swollen, the tattoo covering her stomach proudly and somewhat ironically declaring ‘Raider Baby Inside’, although despite the fact that her stomach was indeed swollen large enough to be pregnant, even a fool could see that her womb was occupied not with a raider baby, but an excess of super mutant come, as it leaked back out of her ruined cunt. Meanwhile, the super mutant’s other new raider fucktoy was face-down and ass-up on the operating table getting her asshole ruined, her face held down in the bedpan full of come as they waterboarded her just like they had done to Curie and the farmgirl, the degenerate procedure seemingly being their favorite way to reduce new girls into super mutant fucktoys, as her body bucked and spasmed with pleasure from the super mutant’s cock inside her asshole, her arms tied behind her back to stop her from resisting, while only faint traces of air bubbles continued to rise up out of the bedpan of come they were drowning her face in, no doubt keeping her right on the brink of drowning in come as the super mutant reaming her ass open came inside her again, rejuvenating her just barely as the bucket overflowed again and another column of bubbles rose out of the come. And finally, the farmgirl that they had been turning into a fucktoy when they disposed of Curie was still there, albeit far more fucked up now, blindfolded and hanging from meat hooks in the ceiling just like the raider girl, albeit her legs were still attached, as a pair of super mutants held them spread open as they stood in front and behind her, the girl’s open mouth issuing a slew of inhumanly lewd moans of pleasure as the two super mutants fucked her together, one’s cock in her ass and another in her womb, stretching her stomach to unholy limits as they ruined her, her body clearly on the brink of breaking as she let out another inhumanly lewd moan as the two super mutants came inside her, her stomach instantly swelling to near pregnancy levels before her mouth lolled open and she practically projectile vomited the super mutant’s come out of her mouth and nose, as the super mutants dumped their loads inside of her, leaving her hanging there as their come poured out of her ruined holes and dripped down her chin and over her equally-ruined body, her face awash with pleasure despite the ruinous treatment from the super mutants.  

            “Oh, mon dieu!” Curie gasped as she saw the scene, her already sopping-wet crotch instantly turning into a virtual tsunami in anticipation, Curie having to force a hand inside her pants to finger herself just to sate her horniness and resist coming at the mere thought of getting ruined, struggling vainly to resist the irresistible lust to become a super mutant’s fucktoy again. “How busy have you all been while I was gone?” she gasped, her other hand covering her gasping mouth, biting her lip in anticipation of getting ruined and reamed open like these new girls as well, as her gasp and exclamation instantly drew the eyes of every super mutant in the room to her, their beady eyes narrowing as they recognized her as a human.

“Human!” the super mutant Log shouted, roaring as he stomped over to her, “Human dare invade super mutant territory!” he shouted, before pausing, squinting at Curie before his eyes widened in shock as though he had seen a ghost. “Wait… You!” he shouted, pointing at Curie and drawing even more attention. “You toy!” he shouted, shaking his finger as he recognized her. “You toy that Log throw out!” he shouted, and Curie grinned, nodding politely at him.

“Oui, you are correct.” Curie replied, grinning up at him as she bit her lip, only getting even more turned on as she looked down his body to see his cock was still out and rock hard, still covered in the fresh come and fluids of the farmgirl-turned-fucktoy he had just been ruining, as Curie’s cunt somehow got even wetter, practically begging her to let him ream it open on his cock. “And yes, I am your fucktoy.” Curie added, blushing as she admitted to being their toy, as she lowered her hand from her mouth, beginning to undo her blouse, having purchased an identical outfit to the one she had worn when she first arrived from a nearby settlement, even though she could now see her original outfit still here in the operating room, her shirt and pants tossed carelessly on a pile of chunks of flesh, while her panties and bra were halfway hanging out of a bucket filled with super mutant come, one of the very same buckets Curie had filled as their come overflowed from her ruined body and poured out of her ruined holes last time, her old bra and panties completely soaked in come and crusty with age as the super mutants merely kept them around as mementos.

“You!” the super mutant roared, confused at her return. “Why you come back?” he shouted, as Curie blushed.

“Please, excusez-moi for intruding on you again.” Curie blushed, bowing her head and apologizing to them despite the fact that her eyes were still permanently riveted to the super mutant’s cock. “But after our experimentation last time, I just had to come back in order to run a second trial.” She explained, blushing at her pointlessly scientific excuse to return, blushing harder as she finished unbuttoning her shirt, revealing that while her shirt and pants were near identical, her panties and bra were conspicuously missing this time, as she pulled her hand out of her pants to shrug her shirt to the floor, revealing her firm tits, a fresh pair of nipple piercings in them. “After all, I can’t properly claim that I am a super mutant fucktoy without rigorously testing the variables as often as I can.” She said, blushing harder as she undid her pants this time, the super mutants still staring unblinkingly at her as she undressed herself, Curie blushing even harder as they spotted the brand new tattoo she had gotten on the way over here, the ink still fresh as it graced the spot directly above her cunt, a crude sketch of a super mutant sperm accompanied by the words, ‘Mutant fucktoy’ on either side, as she blushed, returning her hand to her soaking wet crotch once she was fully nude again, fingering herself as the super mutant’s eyes remained rivetted to her, even as they emptied loads inside the other three fucktoys, ruining them just like Curie was soon to be ruined.

“Humph.” Log the super mutant grunted, making Curie gasp as he stepped forward and picked up her nude body, squeezing waist and inspecting her body as she moaned from his hands. “Synth tight and firm again.” Log pointed out, sticking a hand inside Curie’s sopping wet cunt, as Curie grinned, panting in anticipation as she found herself overjoyed that she satisfied the super mutant’s inspection. “Make good toy again.” He said, as Curie found herself already panting at the mere mention of being called a toy again.

“Oui, I am tight and firm again.” Curie moaned, gasping as Log stuffed his giant fingers deeper inside her cunt, inspecting her tightness once more. “And as a synth, once you ruin and break me, you can simply dispose of me again and I will come back once more, as good as new!’ Curie proclaimed, advertising her infinite fuckability, as Log grunted, grinning.

“Ha!” he shouted, chuckling in joy. “Then we use and break you again!” he shouted, as Curie grinned, practically coming at the mere thought as they agreed with her use policy.

            “Oui, yes!” Curie exclaimed, overjoyed that they were so willing to keep ruining her. “S’il vous plaît, use me to your heart’s content!” she said, exclaiming the same statement she had said this first time, albeit this time fully understanding the implications, as Log grabbed her in his hands, making her gasp from his roughness, before carrying her over to the raider girl they were waterboarding with come, Curie’s eyes going wide as they set her kneeling down on an operating table nearly identical to the raider’s and right next to her, Curie staring open-mouthed as she watched another super mutant ruin the raider girl, ramming his cock inside her tight body with the ferocity of a bear, completely ruining her body and stretching her asshole as wide as a mini nuke, her cunt and womb already bloated and overflowing with come, Curie gasping as Log grabbed her waist and stuffed his fat fingers up inside her soaking wet cunt, making her gasp and moan as he fingered her, forcing her to watch the raider girl get her asshole ruined beyond repair as he did so, until finally the super mutant fucking the raider came inside her asshole, the raider girl’s body tensing up as she came from the massive insertion, bubbles beginning to rise out of the come again as the pan filled up and overflowed as the mutant’s come was pumped straight through her body, as Curie came as well, gasping and coming just from Log’s fat fingers and watching the raider get railed, her legs scissoring tight around Log’s fingers as she came, even squirting in pleasure as Log continued to finger her, before the super mutant fucking the raider pulled out and another one took his place, reaming the raider girl’s asshole open with an even fatter cock, making Curie gasp as she saw them stretch the poor raider’s asshole wide.

            “Mon dieu, I had no idea you were so rough with toys like me!” Curie exclaimed, gasping at the raider girl’s brutal rape as she wriggled her crotch harder against Log’s hand, making him grind his fingers deeper into her cunt as she watched in anticipation. “You must make sure to ruin me just as hard, or else how will we know whether I make for a good fucktoy or not?” Curie asked, turning back to look at Log while blushing as she came up with even more pointless scientific reasons for them to fuck her brains out, before gasping as Log merely grabbed her instead, pushing her body forward as Curie found herself face-down and ass-up as well, as she realized they were going to do the same thing to her too, growing so horny in anticipation that her words left her and all she could do was pant in order to beg them to ream her, getting even hornier as she felt Log’s fingers leave her cunt and instead grab her ass, making her moan in pleasure as they entered her asshole and stretched her wide, before she let out an inhumanly lewd moan of pleasure as she felt Log’s cock enter her asshole and slide balls-deep inside her, glancing down at her stomach just to confirm that it was stretching her apart, the feeling of her organs being crushed and pushed aside somehow comforting to her as she issued a moan fit for only a true fucktoy, before she had her hands pulled behind her back and face thrust into the pan full of come alongside the raider girl, swallowing it by the mouthful as it even entered her nose and permeated her entire being, before issuing a lewd moan even through the come as she felt Log beginning to ream his cock in and out of her, back and forth as he turned her back into a super mutant fucktoy just like the rest of the girls, her breath escaping her as Log rammed his cock balls-deep in her ass and crushed her lungs, expelling air and forcing her to inhale come instead, Curie coming in seconds before falling into a long chain of orgasm after orgasm, over and over again, coming her brains out as all thoughts of anything other than being a fucktoy left her, until she felt Log’s massive creampie inside her ass, rising through her intestines as she vomited it out into the every-growing and overflowing bedpan of come, catching a short breath of air as they lifted her head out of the pan for a brief moment, still vomiting come, as she saw that the raider beside her was having her head pulled out of the come bath as well, her tongue lolling out as she vomited come too, the traces of eyeshadow and lipstick long since smeared around her face by the super mutant’s brutal rape, her face now awash with nothing but pleasure as befitting a true fucktoy as both of their brief breathes of air were laced with lewd moans of pleasure, as Curie made brief eye contact with the other fucktoy, sharing a brief moment of sisterhood with her fellow come dumpster, before their faces were once more thrust back into the pan, as a new super mutant took his spot in their assholes, stretching both of them wider yet again, and Curie was once more thrust into the inescapable throngs of unceasing, relentless pleasure as a super mutant fucktoy.

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