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Tomorrow, the final battle with Master Xehanort and his new Organization would take place. A clash between light and darkness for the ultimate prize, the χ-blade. A weapon that could save or doom the entire universe and countless lives, depending on which side won that war. It would be, without a doubt, the greatest clash of keyblade wielders the worlds had seen for decades, the second keyblade war.

Yet for now, the night before that fateful battle, Sora found himself wandering the interiors of Master Yen Sid’s tower trying to find his way about.

“Let’s see…” he dropped in a hallway that forked in two, and gestured a finger between them. “That way leads to the training yard, so this way…yeah.” He nodded, not entirely sure he had remembered correctly, and turned right. Yen Sid’s tower connected its rooms and corridors with magic without concern for physical space, so when Sora opened the door and stepped through, he found himself on a spiral staircase up in a room far too large to be where it was. He took the stairs two flights down and opened another door.

“Finally.” He sighed and rolled his eyes. A hallway with multiple doors stretched before him; one of the areas containing the tower’s many guest rooms. He looked down at the gummi phone in his hand and read the mysterious text again.

“Sora, come to my room at ten after dinner. It’s the door with the blue wayfinder. Tell no one you’re coming. – Aqua”

“Wonder what she wants to talk about.” Sora scratched his head as he tried to figure out the message’s hidden meaning. He had received it shortly before dinner that night, but when he looked across the dining area at Aqua she had only glanced at him before returning to her meal.

He looked up and paused as the door at the other end of the hallway opened. Riku stepped out of a glowing portal and looked across at Sora.

“Hey, Sora.” His friend lifted his hand in a wave.

“Riku.” Sora waved back. “You’re in the wrong part of the tower if you’re turning in for the night. Your room is across from mine.”

“I wasn’t looking for my room, actually.” Riku stepped down the hall and stopped in front of a door. “I need to talk to Aqua.”

“Aqua?” Sora approached him. “What about?”

“Dunno. I just found this in my room when I came back from training.” Riku held up his gummi phone, displaying a very familiar text message. Identical, save for the names of the recipients.

“That’s funny.” Sora held up his own phone. “She asked me to come at the same time.”

Riku took Sora’s phone and read Aqua’s text. “I don’t think she did that by accident. If she wants to see us in secret, it must be important.” He handed the phone back.

“Think we should tell Yen Sid or the king?”

“Maybe not yet. She said not to tell anything, and I don’t think Aqua would go behind their backs like that.”

Sora nodded. “Good point.”

“We won’t find out standing in the hallway, though.”

Riku lifted his hand and knocked on the door twice.

“Come in,” Aqua’s voice called faintly.

Riku turned the handle and stepped inside with Sora.

Aqua’s room was just a guest room, so it had the same modest furnishings as the rest of their rooms – a bed, a dresser, a lamp, a chair and table. Wallpaper in muted green and blues with yellow stars. But there was no sign of Aqua herself. The Master’s Defender lay propped against the table, forgotten.

“Aqua?” Sora called. “It’s Sora and Riku.”

“I’m in here. Lock the door.”

Sora turned to the source of the voice – an open doorway on the far side of the room. He gestured his head and headed towards it, and heard the door latch shut before Riku’s footsteps followed behind him. He stepped through the door, and jumped back and cried out.

“Sora?” Riku came up behind him and pushed his way into the room, and he stopped and stared.

The second room of the guest room was the bathroom. The air was warm and filled with the sweet scent of flowers and fruit. Aqua’s clothes had been folded and placed carefully on a shelf against the wall next to the toilet. And, sitting in a large porcelain tub against the wall, was Aqua. Pale blue bubbles filled the tub, covering all but her head, which was leaned back against the wall. She turned her eyes to the two and smiled softly.

“There you are.”

Sora struggled to talk and found his voice wouldn’t work. Behind him, Riku asked “did we come at a bad time?”

“No, you’re right on time. Come in.” Aqua lifted a hand and gestured them forward.

Sora and Riku shared a look of confusion, but slowly stepped deeper into the room. They stopped shortly into the door, still a few feet from the tub.

“Come closer.” Aqua beckoned them forward again. The two shuffled slightly closer. “Clomer,” she repeated. They shuffled again until their shoes bumped the edge of the tub.

Sora stared at the white and blue tiling on the wall, forcing himself not to look down. He took a deep breath and swallowed heavily. He felt his heart speeding up and his body getting hot; he didn’t know if it was due to the temperature of the room or the occupant of the bath.

“You two seem nervous,” Aqua observed.

Sora cleared his throat as he kept his eyes on the wall. “Well, you’re kinda…busy…”

“And naked,” Riku added.

“Don’t be silly, I’m covered. Look. Nothing to see.”

Sora slowly turned his head down. 

Aqua’s eyes were twinkling, seemingly amused by the awkward situation. Her hair was darkened and mattered to her head, and her lips were bright pink and curved in a small smile. Her skin had a deep pink flush from the heat of the bath, and he could see the swell of her breasts before they vanished beneath the bubbles. Strictly speaking, yes – there was nothing lewd to see. All the same, Aqua was very definitely naked in that tub, and the lack of a direct line of sight did less to ease Sora than one may have thought.

“What did you want to see us about?” Riku asked.

Aqua’s smile shifted, becoming smaller but softer. “I wanted to thank you two. You know, for rescuing me from the darkness.”

Sora felt the tension in his body loosen slightly. He gave a small chuckle and folded his hands behind his head. “Aqua, you don’t have to do that.”

“No, I do.” Aqua looked between them, her eyes firm. “You two saved me from a dark place. Not just in that realm, but in myself.” She got a haunted look in her eyes and let them drift up to the ceiling. “I spent more than a decade wandering in the darkness, feeling lost and forgotten. I thought I’d never get out. I lost all hope of coming home, of seeing my friends again.” She shook her head and clenched her eyes shut, and shook the shadows in her head away.

She looked up at the two and her face brightened into a happy smile. “But then you two found me. You brought me back to the light.”

“Well, King Mickey helped,” Riku added.

“Yes, but you two were the ones that fought me and brought my heart back.” Aqua nodded. “Thank you. I’ll never forget it.”

The two boys looked at each other.

Sora let his arms down and shrugged. “We’re happy we could save you.”

Riku nodded. “I know it can be hard to escape the darkness, but you did it. You don’t need to worry about it anymore.”

“Yes. You have no idea how grateful I am for what you’ve done for me.”

Riku suddenly gasped and went tense. Sora wondered what had happened, but he soon had the same reaction when he felt something brush against the front of his pants.

He looked down and saw Aqua running her hand up and down his inner thigh. She gave a gentle stroke before her hand returned to Riku’s jeans and repeated the same motion.

“That’s actually why I called you here,” Aqua whispered. “I wanted to really show you my gratitude…”

“Uh…” Sora opened and closed his mouth several times as he tried to process what was happening. He could feel his pants getting tighter, and when Aqua’s hand came back to him he was certain she could feel the bulge that had begun to grow.

“You…don’t have to do that,” Riku said. He sounded only slightly less tense than Sora felt.

“But I want to,” Aqua replied. Her hand stilled and she raised her head. “But, I know this is a bit of a surprise. If you don’t want me to, I understand.”

She waited, eyes turning between the two.

Sora and Riku glanced at each other, as if asking each other permission. Sora almost wanted to vocalize the question, but there was no need. It was obvious from the expression on Riku’s face what he intended to do, and Sora knew that he had the same look.

“Well?” Aqua prompted.

“We’re staying,” Riku said. Sora nodded.

“Good,” she cooed. She sat up in the bath. “Then why don’t you two take those things off, and we can all get more comfortable.”

Sora saw Riku reach to the front of his jeans to unzip his fly, and he reached down to undo the front of his pants. Buckles were undone and zippers pulled down, and the pressure in his pants lessened. Below, Aqua shifted in the bath to sit on her knees in the water, her breasts pressing against the side of the porcelain, still covered in suds. She waited and watched with eager eyes. Sora hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and pushed them to his ankles with his pants, Riku doing the same a moment after. With a slow breath, the two stood up and bared themselves to the blue-haired girl before them.

Aqua’s eyes lit up. She turned her head between the two boys, giving appreciative looks at what they had to offer her. “Hello, there.” She brought her other hand out of the water and reached out to them at the same time.

Sora inhaled sharply at the feeling of Aqua’s hand around his cock. Her fingers were damp from the bath, but still soft and warm. His head swam – from the heat, from the scent, and from the feeling of Aqua slowly starting to stroke him. She caressed and fondled him, almost as if she were toying with him. Every motion of her hand made him grow harder, and Sora knew she could most definitely tell the effect she was having on him.

“Wow…” On the other side of the tub, Riku tilted his head back as he basked in the same sensations. Sora felt like he should have been embarrassed to see his friend in such a state of intimate pleasure, but knowing that Riku was seeing him the same way took the edge off of it. Besides, the feeling of Aqua’s hand pumping him was far more important.

“Very nice,” Aqua whispered. She got a playful look in her eye. “Curious to know who’s bigger?”

The lustful haze cleared, and Sora’s face turned red for a very different reason. Now he felt embarrassed. “Um…”

“We know, actually,” Riku muttered.

Sora coughed. “Hanging out alone on the island, making everything a competition…we might have…checked some things…”

“I see.” Aqua giggled. “Well, if it means anything, you’ve both got plenty to offer.” She punctuated the statement by taking a firm grip on both of them and giving an affectionate squeeze. Both boys groaned in response. There was no room for jealousy here, not when both of them got to share in such wonderful sensations. “You two are going to make Kairi a very happy girl someday.”

Sora sputtered. “W-what?”

“What do you mean ‘us two’?” Riku asked.

“What?” Aqua looked up at them, surprised. “You’ve never thought of that?”

The two looked at each other.

“Not really…” Sora said. Riku shook his head.

“Oh…” Aqua hummed in the back of her throat and tilted her head. “Interesting.”

“Why?” Riku asked. He looked down at her and raised an eyebrow. “Does Kairi think about it? Did she say something?”

Aqua gave a small giggle. “If she did, it would have to stay between us girls.”

Was she just making a teasing joke, or was she revealing a dirty secret?

Sora would never have admitted it to anyone, but he had certainly spent his share of time thinking about doing things with Kairi. But he had never included Riku in the scenario. Now that he did, he could picture Kairi doing to the two of them exactly what Aqua was doing now. They could sandwich her between them, cup and caress her together, take turns kissing her, lower her to the ground with one of them below her and the other behind…

All of his fantasies of Kairi were slowly transforming into Aqua, and were far more explicit than he had imagined before. He wanted to strip and join her in the bath, pull her out of the water and take her into the bedroom. He’d push her onto the bed and climb atop her, or maybe she’d do the same to him. He wanted to just hold her – her breasts, her butt, her hips, her legs. He wanted to wrap his body around hers, needed to. 

Sora’s cock was hard as a rock now, and Aqua moved on from gently playing with him to vigorously masterbating him. Her hand moved in smooth, slow strokes, pumping in sync. She twisted her hands slightly as she pumped, adding to their pleasure. To his right he saw Riku getting a similar treatment; she was jerking them off in unison. Somehow that made it even hotter. Was that Aqua’s plan? Lure him and Riku here and have her way with both of them? Sweat rolled down Sora’s face and his heart pounded in his chest. If true, he wasn’t about to protest, and he doubted Riku would either.

“Is this your first time?” Aqua asked suddenly.

Sora nodded quickly, his mind preoccupied with enjoying what the lovely young woman was doing to him.

“Yeah,” Riku whispered.

“Aaaw, your first handjobs. I’m lucky.”

“No,” Sora leaned his head back and licked his lips. “We’re the lucky ones.”

“You’re sweet.” 

The feeling of Aqua’s hand on his dick vanished, and Sora blinked and leaned his head forward. He quickly realized her intent when he saw her turned in the tub to face Riku more, and brought both her hands up to him. She shifted and leaned forward, allowing more of her breasts to be seen pressing against the side of the tub and ballooning out.

She glanced at him and winked. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back for you.” She looked up at Riku and smiled widely. “I just think you two deserve some solo attention for your first times.”

With one hand still stroking his cock, Aqua brought her other hand up to fondle Riku’s balls, gingerly moving them about her fingers. He groaned deeply at the new touch and hissed when Aqua gently squeezed them. He looked down at her and panted, his face stretched tight. Aqua held his gaze as she leaned her head forward and slowly, teasingly, parted her lips and stuck out her tongue. She paused just long enough to make sure it was obvious what was coming, and then ran her tongue over the head of Riku’s dick.

Riku groaned loud and thrust his hips forward, his cock poking Aqua in the face. She pulled back slightly, more amused than surprised. She kept stroking and turned her head to the side to lavish long, loving licks up and down the sides. Riku’s groans deeped and his hips twitched. Aqua had come out of the tub enough that they could reach her now, and Riku gripped her hair and squeezed.

Sora watched, transfixed. The fact he was watching his best friend get a blowjob was surprisingly arousing, perhaps because soon it would be his turn to feel the same pleasure. He watched Aqua fondle Riku’s balls, stroke his shaft, press kisses to his head. Sora didn’t even realize he had reached down to take hold of his cock and started jerking, his head filled with images of Aqua giving him the same attention.

Aqua took a deep breath and dipped down, drawing Riku’s shaft into her mouth. Riku hissed and his hand in her hair tightened. She slowly bobbed her head back and forth, up and down. She pushed as close to Riku’s groan as she could, taking far more of him into her mouth than Sora would have thought physically possible, and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard.

“Ooo…damn…” Riku moaned. His head remained tilted back, rolling about, eyes closed in pleasure. Aqua resumed her bobbing head, but deeper this time, still sucking. Sora could hear small slurps when she moved, could see her saliva glistening on Riku’s shaft when she pulled back. Her hand had been taken away to give more room for her mouth to work, and instead both hands were cradling Riku’s balls, massaging each of them and giving them a light squeeze now and then.

Riku’s hips thrust forward and he gasped. “A-Aqua…I…” his face clenched and he almost doubled over.

At his words Aqua pulled back and his cock emerged from her mouth with a large pop. Riku cried out in protest as she left him. “W-what?”

“Not yet,” Aqua whispered. She gave his ballsack another squeeze, then wrapped her fingers around his cock and slowly stroked him. “Stay ready, though.” She turned her attention to Sora. “I think you’ve been kept waiting long enough.” The water rippled as she moved closer to Sora and gently moved his hand aside to take hold of his prick herself. His heart pounded harder in his ears. Aqua shifted into position, looked up at him, and locked eyes with him as she slowly stuck her tongue out and leaned forward.

Sora sucked in a breath at the warm, moist feeling of her tongue lapping at him. He thrust forward on instinct, wanting more of that delicious sensation. He almost tilted his head back, but managed to resist so he could keep watching. Aqua’s deep blue eyes were sparkling with mischief and lust as she gave small, short licks around the head, like sampling ice cream. He shuddered and his hips pushed forward on instinct, pushing into her mouth. Aqua reacted with a small gasp, but didn’t pull away. Her lips pressed around his head, and she gently suckled and hummed in the back of her throat.

His hands found their way to her head and Sora didn’t resist this time. He gripped her damp, blue hair, simply enjoying the fact he was touching her. Aqua returned the gesture by reaching forward and grabbing his balls, fondling them and giving a light squeeze. Sora’s eyes fluttered shut. Again and again he plunged into her mouth and down her throat, her lips pistoning up and down his shaft.

You two are going to make Kairi a very happy girl someday.

Kairi… Sora’s mind drifted back around to his long-time crush. Would Kairi be as good as Aqua? Would she be willing to suck Sora’s cock while jerking off Riku? Judging from Aqua’s comment earlier, maybe she had already thought about it. Maybe she’d even let Aqua help. The thought of his pretty red-headed friend and the beautiful Keyblade master kneeling together made Sora’s hips jerk again.

The tension coiling in the pit of his stomach tightened, his muscles tensed. He sucked in a deep breath and gripped Aqua’s hair harder. He was ready to blow and there was no holding it back, not when she was lavishing such wonderful pleasures on him. He tried to gasp out a warning but was panting too hard. Fortunately, he didn’t have to.

Aqua pulled her head back and inhaled loudly, looking up at the two boys with wide eyes. Sora took in her appearance with lust and awe. Her face was wild, eyes bright, tongue outstretched, chest heaving. Her chest. Aqua’s beautiful, bountiful breasts bounced with her movements, the water rippling about them.

“Now,” she whispered. She gripped Sora’s dick tightly, and he noticed her other hand was still wrapped around Riku. She began stroking the two vigorously. Sora and Riku groaned as her hands pumped them faster and faster. “Do it.” Aqua licked her lips, closed her eyes, and tilted her head back. She leaned forward and kept jerking.

Sora’s control snapped and he shouted loudly. A large, thick spurt of cum erupted from his cock and splattered over Aqua’s face. It was shortly joined by another blast coming from beside him and hitting her in the cheek. He watched in fascination as Aqua happily basked in the facial she was getting, her lips curling in a wide smile as shot after shot of jizz plastered over her face. Again and again Sora pumped his cock into her hand, letting her squeeze him for all he had. All the while he moaned and listened to an identical chorus of moans coming from beside and below him.

When his climax subsided, Aqua released him and Sora almost collapsed. He settled for doubling over, hands on his knees. He gasped for breath and tilted his head up to look at Aqua.

Streaks of white coated her from forehead to chin, running down her nose, over her eyes, and into her mouth. A few drops had dripped from the bottom of her face and landed on the tops of her breasts. She reached up and wiped her eyes, and then cautiously blinked them open.

“Phew…” She gave a small chuckle. “You two sure are energetic…” She popped her fingers in her mouth and slurped on them.

“T-thank you…” Next to Sora, Riku took a knee and put a hand on the tub.

“Yeah.” Sora nodded. “That was…wow.”

“Don’t mention it. Was fun for me, too.”

Sora and Riku shared a look of surprise. “You’re thanking us?” Sora replied.

Aqua gave a small shrug and rocked her head. “I have been alone in the realm of darkness for over ten years.” She continued to wipe off her face, licking her fingers of what she collected.

Good point. Sora just nodded. His strength had begun to return and he had almost caught his breath.

“So…” Riku said slowly. “Do we…move this into the other room now?”

Sora froze. The thought hadn’t occurred to him of continuing.

“I don’t think so.”

And just like that, his enthusiasm deflated.

Aqua continued, “you two haven’t done this much, you’re done for the night. And besides, we need to rest up for tomorrow.”

“Yeah…hey!” Sora gave her an indignant look. “How do you know we haven’t done this before?”

“Pretty obvious.” Aqua rolled her eyes. “You two are cute as hell and nicely packed, but even if you aren’t virgins, you aren’t exactly sex fiends. You’re exhausted from a blowjob.” She slowly smiled. “If we took this to the bed…you wouldn’t be able to walk in the morning. Either of you.”

“Promise?” Riku replied. Sora saw him flash a smirk.

“Sorry, no. Go on.” Aqua swung her hands towards the door. “Get some sleep. We have the battle of our lives tomorrow.”

“Okay…” Sora reached down and pulled his pants up, and saw Riku do the same. The two shared a look of mutual disappointment, and Riku gestured his head. Sora nodded and the two silently filed out the door. He could feel Aqua’s eyes on them as they departed.

When they reached the door of Aqua’s room, Riku reached out and gripped the handle.


The sound of Aqua’s voice made them pause, and they turned.

Aqua stood in the doorway of the bathroom, one hand on the door frame and one on her hip. Nothing covered her but for a very thin layer of suds that was rapidly vanishing, allowing the two to take in her entire figure. Sora’s jaw dropped as he unashamedly ogled her, from long legs to smooth midriff to plump breasts to smiling face, the latter still covered in a drying mixture of Sora and Riku’s cum. Her entire body was flush deep pink and damp from the water.

“When we defeat Xehanort…I’d be very, very grateful tomorrow night.” She winked. “And that is definitely a promise.” She gently shut the door, the image of her nude figure burned into the eyes of the two boys across the room.

Sora didn’t say a word, still processing the image of Aqua naked and inviting them back the next night. He was distantly aware of the door opening, and Riku put a hand on his shoulder to guide him into the hall. When the door closed he came to his senses and shook awake. He saw Riku out of the corner of his eye – he was staring at Aqua’s now-shut door, seemingly just as stunned as Sora.

Sora took a breath and cleared his throat. “So…that happened.”


A moment of silence passed.

“We don’t tell Kairi about this,” Sora said.

“Absolutely not.”

“Good, we agree.”


Another moment, and the two glanced at each other.

“...we’re coming back tomorrow, right?’

“Hell yes.”

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