Bringing the Light during the Dark Night

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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own King of Fighters.

Okay, it's been really a while since I worked on self-indulgent content like this...
I won't lie, after incident ''China'', this kind of content is like the last source or a safe-spot, where I can feel comfortable and relaxed.
A-anyway, this time I had to use WAFF tag, 'cos I don't think that I worked on that much of tooth rotting fluff and sweetness overload.
So, perhaps, time from time working on sweet and innocent fluff is good for your soul too ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

And even if I know that this won't get as much attention as kyoxiori one-shots or serials, yet, personally, I prefer working on that, 'cos that really brings me joy.

As, always,

It is the last day of one nun’s vacation. These two weeks passed much quicker than compared to the previous years.

Ever since rescuing Orochi from certain doom, Goeniko genially felt relaxed and forgotten about her routine and duties at church. More so, for the first time in her life, the blonde wished that vacation may last even a couple of days longer.

But tonight, in one local inn, the blonde gazes through the window with such a melancholic gaze.

Perhaps tomorrow will be the last day when she can spend time together with the fluffy silver-head without risking that anyone may harm him.

After all, Goeniko understands well that anyone in the church will discover Orochi’s presence. So, the blue-eyed nun is not afraid of dealing with the Ordinary or any higher rank authorities as she is concerned about what might happen to him.

What if he may meet a horrible fate as in the past? For sure, she doesn’t want any of this to happen. However, she is not sure how to tell this to Orochi.

Suddenly, she is surprised by the familiar voice “Is there something on your mind?”.

It surprised Goeniko how she was drowned in her thoughts that she couldn’t sense the fluffy silver-haired man.

Meanwhile, Orochi seems to be amused by noticing her face in the window’s reflection.

Yet, after the blue-eyed nun turns around to face him, she replies with a calm face while leaning against the window sill “Nothing, really. I just need to pack my stuff for the tomorrow’s trip.”.

“Are you sure that there is nothing more to it?” The fluffy silver-head asks in a chill tone.

‘Certainly, you are such a persistent fellow.’ Or so, she wanted to say. ‘‘You do seem to want to know everything, right? Do you know what you remind me of?’’ Goeniko asks as she walks toward the bedside.

Orochi only gives a teasing gaze as she sits down.

After a temporary pause, the blonde declares in a confident voice, ‘‘You are a cat.’’.

The fluffy silver-haired young man lets a silent chuckle while resting his head on his hand while having such a smug look on his face.

When Orochi sits next to her, he continues staring at her and expecting something to happen.

The blue-eyed nun realizes it may not end well. However, she doesn’t give up on the provocation and remains chill.

Lastly, Goeniko closes her eyes and places her palms on Orochi’s cheeks. As she opens her eyes, the blonde comments ‘‘You look like a manul cat.’’.

While she gently sinks her finger into his hair, the blonde continues ‘‘So soft~’’. However, she enjoys it a bit too much.

Without even noticing, Goeniko blissfully closes her eyes and hums. She cannot help herself but continue to stroke Orochi’s fluffy hair.

Perhaps, this is how it would feel to pet one of the rarest cats in the world, which lives on the steppes. On the other hand, the fluffy silver-haired man is not that different from this sort of feline.

Aside from fluffy and soft fur, or in this case, hair, Goeniko noticed how manuls and Orochi share similar expressions. So, all he is missing are having adorable round ears like a manul cat and a fluffy tail.

Meanwhile, the silver-haired young man is confused by this out of blue behavior. Yet, he has to admit that it doesn’t feel that bad. Perhaps it is just her way of adoring him. For now, he lets Goeniko act as she pleases for a little longer.

Besides, the blue-eyed nun doesn’t do this having any ulterior motives. Nor she is being put under a spell. Yet, it's still surprising how someone can be genially happy by showing affection and care towards anyone.

‘Perhaps, there are a very few humans who are worth of trusting.’ Or so, Orochi thinks to himself before he lets out silent purring-like noises.

After a while, the blonde removes her hands and remarks on the fluffy silver-haired man's a half-sleepy yet, demanding gaze ‘‘That’s all for today. And you don’t need to use those eyes. It won’t work on me.’’.

Orochi only cracks a smile and asks in an innocent tone ‘‘What do you mean by that? Can you be a little more specific?’’

Yet, Goeniko backfires in a chill tone ‘‘Playing innocent, I see? If it wasn’t for tomorrow’s trip, I would tell you. But for now, I need to change. So, could you leave for a few minutes?’’.

Despite the temptation to tease the blonde, he hold-back himself, and after gracefully standing up, he leaves.

Lastly, as Goeniko undresses, she sighs “For such deadly and fearsome demon, you’re sure acting like a cat… ‘’.

It is the dawn of a new day. Despite that, it is just early morning. Yet, a certain nun is already prepared for the new day.

After putting on her blue cloak with white fur corners, Goeniko checks the closet and widens her eyes – her luggage is missing.

'I could swear it that I placed it here yesterday...' The blonde wonders as she stares at the empty closet.

As she slams the closet's door, she speaks up in a slightly irritated voice “Well, whatever... It's nothing like I had anything of value. At least I won't need to worry about getting too tired.”.

More so, there is no sign of her companion. Just where in the world is he? Perhaps, Orochi is still in his created illusion world. Or is he busy getting the life force from whoever that person is?

For some reason, that kind of thought makes the blonde anxious and upset. More so, she cannot understand why. Can it be that she is envious of whoever that person is?

Goeniko only widens her eyes and covers her mouth with her palm at such sudden realization. Yet, she tries to convince herself that there shouldn’t be a reason for her to feel like this.

Unfortunately, the more she thinks about it, the more she feels frustrated with how she gives in to such emotions.

Lastly, the blonde grabs the key and straightforwardly rushes to the reception.

After reaching downstairs and leaving the key to her room on the reception table, she turns back and notices one familiar person waiting for her.

For sure, she felt so relieved. After all, all her worries were for nothing. Yet, she contains her excitement and exhales while keeping her calm face.

‘‘Oh my… There you are. I haven't expected to see you getting up early.’’ The blonde remarks on Orochi, who is also carrying the oh-so missing luggage bag. After a brief pause, she explains ‘‘I could have carried it by myself. ’’.

In the meantime, he notices that Goeniko turns her face for a moment to hide the blushing cheeks and smile. She even silently murmurs something before walking to his side.

After getting close to the fluffy silver-haired young man, she prompts him to go.

After a while of walking in the snowy streets, Goeniko remembers something and turns her face towards Orochi.

Yet, without realizing it, she is in awe and mesmerized by the view in front of her and just admires it. The blonde cannot take her eyes from him. As the warm sunbeams shine on Orochi, which makes him look like a majestic and divine creature.

Also, the snow-white fur collar on his long coat matches his hair color. When Orochi’s hair touches the fur collar, that line between his hair and fur coat melts away. At this point, it’s difficult to tell, where are the line of the fur collar and his hair.

The blue-eyed nun is even about to reach something with her palm, whom she is convinced, is too beautiful and perfect to exist.

Just before her fingertips are so closely to Orochi’s face, her guard is caught by the fluffy silver-head turning his head and giving a questioning look “Is there anything wrong?”.

Of course, the blonde immediately withdraws her hand and backfires with a cracked poker-face while defending herself “I thought that I saw something stuck inside your hair. So, I wanted to brush it away.”.

However, Orochi only asks in a suggestive tone ‘‘Are you sure? You’ve been staring at me all this time.’’.

Goeniko lowers her head and remains silent for a second as he caught her doing something that she shouldn’t.

Soon enough, she lifts her head and confesses ‘‘Is it my fault that you are so pretty? I cannot hold myself from stroking your hair or touching you when I look at you. Of course, not in any weird way or anything. But is it fine if I am only the one who feels happy by doing that? What if you don’t like it at all? So, I’m sorry if that upsets you…’’.

The silver-haired young man only sighs and then calmly replies ‘‘Is this what you worry about? During my long years spent in this world, I've learned not to trust humans. Nor, have any business with them. I only use them to satisfy my hunger. However, you are different. No, I did not mean your power. From the very beginning, you knew who am I, yet you still rescued and treated me, Goeniko. You were ready even to sacrifice yourself to satisfy your curiosity and let me recover my strength. So, I’m fine having you by my side. I know that you have no ulterior motives, nor you will betray me.’’

For sure, such an answer is a pleasant surprise for the blonde. Yet, it thrills Goeniko to hear these words, which she takes as the confession.

In the end, she closes her eyes and smiles. After opening her eyes, she speaks up, ‘‘You should be glad that we are still in a public place. Otherwise, I may have done something very reckless to you.’’.

‘‘Like what? Can you be a little more specific?’’ Orochi backfires in an innocent voice.

Lastly, Goeniko replies in a playful tone ‘‘It’s a secret. I’ll tell you, but with one condition. If you manage to get into my room with no one noticing you.’’.

‘Perhaps that should teach him a lesson. That’s right, no demon would try to approach anywhere close to the church. More so, to the dormitory full of nuns. So, good luck bypassing that.’ Or so, she naively thinks.

However, the very little she realizes to whom she throws a challenge and how it may end…


Some time passes by. Both had already left the town and reached the monastery's courtyard.

Suddenly, the blonde nun stops, and without turning back, she addresses her companion ‘‘It’s okay. From here, I can carry the luggage bag on my own.’’

‘‘Did anything happen?’’ Orochi asks.

Yet, Goeniko exhales and replies in a slightly shaky voice ‘‘Do you realize what kind of place is this?’’.

When she turns to face him, the fluffy silver-haired demon notices the blonde’s gloomy gaze.

As she gives a bitter-sweet smile, she adds in a concerned tone ‘‘I cannot let come any closer here. What if anyone else will sense your presence? I don’t want you to be captured and suffer again. So, please, understand, it’s all for your own good.’’.

Lastly, she takes the luggage bag into her hands. While carrying it, Goeniko continues ‘‘But this is not our last meeting, that’s for sure. I promise that I’ll find a way to suppress even the slightest remains of your demonic energy. And why are you smiling like this? Did I say anything funny? Wait! What are you-?’’.

Without even finishing her sentence, Orochi pulls her into a hug. For sure, such a gesture surprises her.

She doesn’t even notice how the luggage silently sinks in the snow.

For now, even under the material of her veil, the blue-eyed nun can feel how he gently ruffles her hair ‘‘Is this what concerns you? Then, wait for me tonight, Goeniko.’’.

In the end, Goeniko closes her eyes and nods. She isn’t sure what the fluffy silver-head is planning, but she believes him.

It is already a late night inside a certain nun’s room. Finally, the blonde is about to fall asleep while patiently waiting in bed.

‘Perhaps it was just an empty, sweet promise that he’ll show up somehow. Maybe that building up was for nothing…’ Goeniko wonders as she wraps inside the blanket and closes her eyes.

However, the sudden noise of someone opening the window alerts the nun. After sitting up, she quickly scans her surroundings. Yet, she notices that aside from her, the room is empty.

‘‘Are you looking for something, miss?~’’ A familiar voice addresses her.

Apparently, the fluffy silver-haired incubus is sitting next to her. This demon has a pair of black bat wings and a long tail with a heart-shaped tip. Then, a suggestive outfit – black leather pants with an open outer thigh side, and the ebony open-chest vest with a matching color feather collar.

Despite such an appearance, the blonde nun instantly recognizes who is this creature while addressing him in disbelief ‘‘I don’t get it… How did you get there?’’.

Orochi explains in a proud yet, calm tone ‘‘This place is not protected by any magical barriers. Also, no one realizes that I wander around the sacred place.’’.

‘‘But what are you doing here? You didn’t come here just to tell me this, did you? Did you come here to get the life force?’’ Goeniko asks him.

The fluffy silver-haired demon delightfully stares at the nun ‘‘Unless you are willing to give it. Otherwise, I won’t push you to do anything against your will.’’.

Yet, his vigorously moving tail distracts the blonde, who cannot remove her eyes from it. She genially asks without hiding her curiosity ‘‘Why does it act like this? Or is it common for your kind?’’.

When she is about to grasp the tail, Orochi instantly moves it close to him ‘‘I suggest you not do it.’’.

‘‘Why? Is it painful?’’ The blonde innocently backfires.

‘‘Not necessarily. It is a very sensitive spot, and if you touch it, I might be not responsible for what happens next. However, someday, I would allow you to touch it in the future if you are still curious. So, until then, I would wait as much as it needed until you are prepared for that.’’ Orochi calmly explains.

‘‘I see… But do you think that I cannot defend myself? You already saw what I can, didn’t you?’’ Goeniko objects while staring with such determination.

As the fluffy silver-haired demon gently places his hand on the blue-eyed nun’s cheek, he replies ‘‘I never doubted in your strength. Yet, there are things which you might not handle yet.’’.

Yet, Goeniko only raises one eyebrow “What do you mean by that?”.

For sure, his suggestive gaze doesn’t look so promising. Nor the incubus playful voice “Next time when I need your life force, you’ll know~ But for now, you may need to get a rest for tomorrow.”.

Just as Orochi stands up, he can feel how someone holds his hand “Wait. Don’t leave yet.”. When he turns his head, he smiles at Goeniko’s demanding gaze while she sits on her knees. “There is something I need to tell you. So, can you stay for a little longer?” the blonde adds.

Suddenly, she throws her arms over the incubus’s shoulders. As Goeniko leans on him, she closes her eyes and whole-heartily confesses “ ‘Thank you’ – This is what I wanted to say back then. So, I’m more than glad to hear what you said when we were in town. It really means a lot to me.”.

In the end, Orochi wraps his arms around her and stays like this for a while. Besides, it feels nice receiving such attention and love from the blonde.

A/N: I want to thank ichimonjilewds for making this adorable Goeniko fanart (灬♥ω♥灬) (
So, not sure if you are reading this, but I wanted to say:
It's so precious, cute and I love it! (o´〰`o)♡*✲゚*。
And I'll tell you again - when you posted it, it really made my day that I didn't need to add sugar to coffee❤
And Thank You so much for giving permission to use it in this story!❤

Okay, since this one-shot is finally done, it's time to work on the monthly writing challenge and then before May 13th preparing another one-shot. This time setted after SNK vs Capcom Chaos. So, not sure how it will turn out, but it would be the closest thing to the canon-like/regular setting for this pairing (boi, I'm scared and worried, but hey, practice makes it better, right?)

Anyway, as always - See you next time!~

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