Big Sisters Do It Right

BY : NTheTwelfth
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The hard leather dug into Camilla’s flesh, but that minor discomfort was barely a thought in her mind. The soft girlish moans reverberated around the room and her pussy oozed from hearing the low, primal calls of her lover. Camilla was violently stabbing Hinoka’s rectum with a long and thick piece of purple rubber, rhythmically stretching the tight muscle wider and wider with every thrust forward. Hinoka bit down on their pillow as her butt ate all of Camilla’s fake cock, her pussy dribbling from the lack of attention, matting down the small red tuft of hair and running down her engorged belly. 

“C-Cammy? I’m… I’m gonna…” Hinoka struggled to force out the words as every deep thrust into her bowels knocked more wind out of her lungs. 

Camilla giggled. “I want you to cum as much as you can. Wet our sheets, love.” She leaned over and carefully wrapped her arms around Hinoka’s midsection, putting all her weight on her sister-in-law, and her milk-filled breasts squished down into Hinoka’s shoulder blades, oozing out some of their nectar in small droplets. The strap-on penetrated even deeper into Hinoka’s asshole as Camilla redoubled her efforts to decimate the redhead girl’s butt. 

The slow burn. The tremors. The steady, higher and higher build up, until she can’t handle it anymore. A stifled scream and some thrashing later and Hinoka’s pussy clamped, spraying her fluids all over their bedsheets, making Camilla smile. Hinoka’s pussy sprayed out three large loads of her girl cum. Camilla gingerly kissed the nape of Hinoka’s neck and pulled out of her sensitive, twitching hole, still pulsating rhythmically, then proceeded to expertly remove the strap-on. Hinoka steadily regained her breath and ran her legs through the toy’s leg loops. Camilla lay on her back and Hinoka shuffled between her legs. 

“You want me to fuck your pussy?” Hinoka asked, looking at the still-flat belly on the prone woman. “What if it hurts your baby? I don’t want to hurt my nephew… I mean, that’s why I didn't want you to fuck mine…” 

“Shiro can handle it,” she replied with a smile. “He’s a big boy. Well, maybe not big yet… Maybe he’d like the knocking on his door, anyway.” She rubbed her flat belly seductively. “Besides, you like getting your guts shifted from your ass more than me.” 

Hinoka blushed. “I suppose so… Hey, what are our husbands doing now anyway?” She asked as she ran the purple rubber along the dripping lips. 

“If I had to guess, Xander is probably getting his prostate rammed by my sweet Ryoma.” Camilla responded matter-of-factly. “He always liked that.” 

“So this thing here,” Hinoka, a knowing smile creasing her lips, thrust her hips, running the toy along the length of Camilla’s pussy, “ was in my husband’s ass too?” 

Another giggle. “You really are made for each other, love. Now,” Camilla’s arm wrapped around Hinoka’s neck, “please fuck me. Show me how much you love me.” 

Hinoka did not need to be told twice, and boldly rammed the slick rubber deep into the sensitive flesh, feeling it hit a wall when it was all in. Camilla threw her head back in ecstasy as her poor baby room was pushed around by the fake cock, the fetus nestled inside her was shifted but unharmed. Hinoka’s hips pistoned expertly as she drove the dildo deep into Camilla, wet sounds and a sweet scent filled the room as the women’s hips slapped together, mixing their juices. 

Camilla’s breathing grew laboured as Hinoka tirelessly thrusted into her lover. She wrapped her legs around Hinoka’s firm buttocks and locked her ankles together, careful not to squeeze the precious cargo in Hinoka’s body. Hinoka knew what this meant. With redoubled efforts, she brutally rammed Camilla’s pussy, faster and faster, until she leaned in and kissed Camilla forcefully. Camilla’s body clamped and her pussy tried in vain to draw out as much cum from the “cock” in her body. She convulsed and twitched and pulsed as her body was screaming out for more. A little dribble of her cum leaked out and ran down her asshole, creating a small puddle compared to Hinoka’s ocean of cum from earlier. 

Exhausted, Hinoka fell over, leaving a gaping hole in her lover, smiled at Camilla, and fell asleep, the strap-on still on her. Camilla was not too far behind. She threw a blanket overtop of them, kissed Hinoka’s lips once more, and fell asleep in her embrace.

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