Garreg Fuck Monastery

BY : Somburliss
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“Greetings, Professor. Thank you so much for accepting a position here at Garreg Mach Monastery. Though I realize you had little choice, considering I threatened to have you stripped of your belongings and banned from the monastery if you refused.”

Before you stands Lady Rhea, wearing her immaculate archbishop robes. Their fine silk is shaped tightly around her body, emphasizing her impressive bust, and very impressive hips. Really, those things look like they could commit some serious war crimes. Her light green hair is just as pristine as her robe, parted in the center and falling with grace down either shoulder. Her ornate headdress is absolutely beautiful.

Compared to her, you feel underdressed. You’re simply wearing your lightweight mercenary armor. Your shoulder length blue hair is a bit messy, as is typical of a traveling mercenary. And, even though her hips may put yours to shame, you don’t mind saying that your ass is rather nice and cushiony. And, where breasts are concerned, you’re clearly the winner. You haven’t met a woman with boobs as big as your watermelons yet. A fact you’re proud of, despite the trouble it gives you when trying to fit into your armor.

Lady Rhea continues, “Truth be told, seeing you and your father brought before me has been a breath of fresh air. We’re quite lucky, after twenty years, for the return of our skilled and renowned Knight-Captain. I assure you that there’s no history between him and myself, and I certainly won’t be taking out any frustration on you during your stay here.”

…If she says so…

She adds, “It just so happens that we had a professor leave recently, and someone with your proportions is a perfect fit. I mean, proficiencies. The students have been sorely in need of someone to teach them, um… what is it you’re good at again?”

“Swords,” you reply.

“That’s right, swords. Actually, Manuela can also teach swordplay. I could even twist Catherine’s arm into teaching if I really want- *ahem* Regardless, your skillset is valuable, and you were not selected for this position based on physical appearance, nor because I wanted to see you in the scenarios that generally befall our female professors.”

“Okay… It’s strange for you to say that, but you’re the Archbishop, so I suppose I’ll have to believe you.”

A smug smile spreads across her lips. “You’ll begin your lectures starting tomorrow. For reasons that will never be properly explained to you, your room is in the commoner student quarters. Your time teaching here at Garreg Mach will likely involve some unique challenges which you wouldn’t encounter teaching elsewhere. Challenges such as your students using your body as an outlet for their sexual desires. Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if you awoke tomorrow to a couple of ruffians, ready to make use of you whether you like it or not!”

She says something so serious, and yet, she’s laughing with mirth. Is this Lady Rhea’s sense of humor? Not even the other mercenaries were dumb enough to try anything with you, so it’s hard to imagine a bunch of noble brats thinking they could get away with something like that. But, just in case…

“I can handle myself. A couple of horny students are nothing to be concerned about.”

“Excellent answer, Professor. I might have confidence in your ability to overcome them probabl- properly. Get some rest, Professor. You’ll need it.”

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