If You Put a Little Faith in Me...

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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own King of Fighters.

Okay, it seems that after planning oh-so-long, I finally decided to work on this project.
Yup, after having a chat with a good friend of mine, they suggested a great idea for a new story.
That's why, I'm grateful for ichimonjilewds for offering idea for this plot along with approving it!❤

So, yeah, you can say that it is my attempt on more or less regular setting, yet along with mixing with native faith and folklore.

Yup, before we, Lithuanians, were forcibly christianized, our faith was oriented in protecting and respecting nature.
Yup, every living creature, natural element had their own protectors(Gods/Goddesses).

A-anyway, this time, I also tried to use something from SNK vs Capcom (or at least what one of Goddess Athena's special attacks - yup, the one, which she turned anyone into animals)
So, not sure if it is also a good idea...
However, I'm grateful to one person on Twitter for approving the first draft of one scene!

Anyway, without any further ado,


It is the beginning of another day. Even if the sun has barely risen, the life in one local monastery is lively and energetic.

That’s right, who is already working in the garden, who in the kitchen. There is a lot to do before the Morning Prayer. However, neither of the nuns is afraid of the hard work because it is just a part of their routine.

Perhaps, such a lifestyle might be too difficult for some people, including new members who joined the monastery. Of course, no one locks you away, and anyone feels free to leave.

After all, if you are truly faithful, you do not need to live inside the church to feel the Lord’s presence and reach out to Him. Sometimes people forget He does not have one exact location. He is everywhere - inside of each and everyone’s heart.

That’s why, hard work, aiding the vulnerable, and showing the right path, take a lot of time, patience, and understanding. Most importantly, you need a strong will to commit yourself and show the Lord’s love for every living creature through your deeds and words. Or so, they taught one young blonde nun since her early days.

And thus, this is where the story of one nun looking for her right path and true place in her life begins.



It is sunny and bright at midday. Even if all the morning work is done, there is still a whole day ahead.

However, just before preparing lunch, the elderly nun looks around in the kitchen, just in case whenever something is missing.

After closing one of the cupboard doors, she calls the first nun on her sigh ‘‘Goeniko, can you quickly run to the shop?’’.

The blue-eyed maiden objects in a calm and polite tone ‘‘But Sister Annette, I’ve done that last time. Why won’t Sister Marie do it instead?’’.

Meanwhile, the sister who peels the potatoes gets startled by the blonde nun just calling her name. Despite that, she continues her job while listening.

But for now, Annette places her hand on Goeniko’s shoulder and prompts her to go outside.

On their way, she addresses the blonde in a patient tone “You need to understand that every little work is important, and that no one is perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes. That’s why, you should be more forgiving and understanding towards Marie.”.

“She lives here for a half year and she doesn’t even try to improve! All I did is pointing that out. That’s why she has no reason to be upset.” Goeniko replies in a slightly indignant tone.

“Please, carefully think about it during your trip. Perhaps, all what Marie might need is a good example. Besides, you wouldn’t be happy if someone would be harsh on you just because you are still learning. So, anyone can judge without knowing about what that person went through. However, only a few tries to understand and correct one’s way. That does why, instead of being a harsh judge, be brave enough to become a caring mentor. “ The elder nun explains.

In the end, Goeniko ends up listening to another lecture session because someone is too clumsy and not so intelligent. She knows that it’s not worth arguing because how it might be pointless, and due to show respect towards the person who raised her.

After the blonde nun closes her eyes, she nods “Alright, Sister Annette. I understand. Thank you for the advice.”. And thus, she departs for another trip to the town. However, behind that serene smile, she thinks ‘That stupid dimwit is going to have a long, long talk once I return.’.

Some time passes. Goeniko is on her way back to the monastery while carrying a large basket with groceries.

The only thing why the blue-eyed nun is fine running errands like this is because there is beautiful scenery that is not that far from a monastery.

That’s right; there is a river with crystal clear water, which is separated from the outer world by the trees. The ambiance of the rustling leaves and flowing water are so relaxing and calming that it helps to escape the gray routine.

Besides, after closing your eyes and emptying your head from any thoughts, you can slowly feel the part of the Gaia, how every living creature is connected to this world, and how one cannot exist without another.

Therefore, such a calming oasis has become Goeniko’s favorite resting point before continuing her earthly works.

Suddenly, she stops as she hears the loud hissing, growling, and croaking.

‘Just what in the world it could be?’ The blonde wonders. Even the dark cloud gathers and covers the sun.

Yet, instead of moving on and avoiding the potential threat, she gets closer to the direction of that sound. She had to know what was happening in her once-beloved place.

As Goeniko carefully approaches behind one tree, she sticks her head to check who this unholy beast is.

Apparently, on the riverside, the unusually large wounded grass-snake shields its nest with eight still unhatched eggs, and while standing tall, it hisses at its opponents and is ready to strike at any moment.

In front of the grass-snake, the crane stands with widely spread wings, and behind it, the tuxedo cat growls with ruffled fur. Lastly, near the cat, a grass-snake with bite marks observes and waits with its constantly showing up the tongue.

Finally, the large reptile makes the first move - it aims at the crane. Yet, this bird gracefully dodges the attack and jumps into the air. The flapping wings create a strong wind that is powerful enough to knock the eggs off the snake’s grasp and crack them.

Even if the poor grass-snake lost its babies, it prepares to punish its killer. Lastly, the giant reptile opens its mouth and strikes the hovering bird.

This time, the snake bites into the wing. However, as the crane turns its head, it lets out a painful croak and falls to the ground.

Yet, there is no time to celebrate. The smaller grass snake stings the neck of the bigger snake. Lastly, even the cat dashes at its opponent and scratches it.

For sure, a strange nature display makes the blonde feel like it is nothing more than a dream. Yet, she cannot just wait and let these ferocious animals finish the mother who protects her children.

More so, she has the strange feeling of déjà vu that something like this happened in the past. Also, the large grass snake reminds her of someone she knew in the past.

After taking a deep breath, Goeniko breaks the tree branch and rushes toward the wounded snake.

Fortunately, she is on time before the barely standing on legs crane stabs the enormous snake with its beak.

As the blue-eyed nun holds the branch, the bird widely spreads its wings and lowers its neck. It even lets out a low-pitch croaking.

“Someone is cranky, I see. What a ferocious bird are you...” Goeniko remarks as she refuses to show any sign of fear. She continues in a strict tone “I won’t repeat it twice - leave this poor creature alone. Now.”.

When she accidentally points the branch toward the other two animals, the crane jumps and kicks her.

For sure, such a sudden attack startles her, yet Goeniko closes her eyes and shields her face and chest from the sharp nails.

After she opens her eyes, she sees this bird squatting while its wings protect the cat and the smaller snake.

More importantly, through the gaps of feathers, she spots how a tuxedo feline licks the grass-snakes wounds. For sure, such a weird behavior confuses the blue-eyed nun.

In the end, the crane stands up and firstly picks the smaller snake by its beak and throws it on its back, and later on, the cat. After checking that these two won’t fall, the elegant bird takes off while ignoring its wounded and bleeding wing.

Eventually, when the sky becomes clear, the warm sunbeams shine on the battlefield.

‘Why does the crane have to shield them as her own family? And why these different animals to fight each other?’ Goeniko wonders. No matter how long she thinks, she cannot understand them.

Meanwhile, the large snake behind Goeniko’s back silently crawls to gather all the scattered eggs. Lastly, the reptile stares at its dead babies while holding them closely by its tail.

Such a sad scene makes her feel bad for the poor mother snake.

Soon enough, the blonde turns around and squats in front of the mourning grass-snake. Then, she addresses it in a comforting voice “You poor thing... You did everything that’s been in your power to protect those whom you care. But do not blame yourself for that. I’m certain that these children are in the better place.”.

After these words, the grass-snake stares with its constantly showing up tongue while Goeniko leans closer to its children.

“You do not need to be threatened, snake. I do not wish you any harm unless you’ll manage to provoke me. So, let me see your wounds and then give a proper burial for these babies and send them on the new journey. It’s all that I ask for.” The blue-eyed nun adds in a calm and confident tone.

At first, she is prepared that this snake will try to sting her hand if she gets any closer. Despite that, she knows she has to help the grass snake.

Surprisingly, the wounded reptile doesn’t mind such an approach and moves just enough to expose its injuries.

As Goeniko carefully brushes with her palm the scales, she softens her gaze and remarks on spotted wounds ‘‘It must be painful for you… But I’ll need you to endure it for a little longer. Don’t worry, gladly here grows herbs which may help you. So, let me get them for you.’’.

And thus, with these words, the blonde left the grass snake’s side.

After a few minutes, the blue-eyed nun returns with a good handful of needed medical herbs. Yet, as she notices that the grass-snake left the nest, she nearly drops them.

Unfortunately, even Goeniko’s voice cannot stop the reptile nor makes it look back ‘‘Wait! Just because these animals killed your family, you can’t throw away your life for vengeance.’’.

All she left to do is watch how the grass-snake swims towards the direction where the crane is gone until it disappears from the sight.

‘‘Oh dear… what am I going to do with these now?’’ Goeniko tells herself as she stares at the picked herbs.

Once she kneels to pick up these eight unfortunate souls and bury them in the sand, her eyes widen.

Apparently, one egg starts to move. After a while, the tiny albino snake hatches from it. For sure, seeing how a new life sees the world makes the blonde glad and relieved.

As Goeniko carefully takes this little creature into her palm, she remarks in a gentle tone ‘‘Look at you. Despite the tragic fate of your brothers and sisters, it is still a miracle that you are born. Yet, what should I do with you? I just cannot leave you alone. Your mother bravely fought to protect you, and I doubt she’ll return now. More importantly, I don’t know what to offer to you, little one.’’.

Yet, the tiny snake stares at her while still sitting in the eggshell while expecting something to happen.

In the end, the blonde exhales and brings the albino snake close to her chest ‘‘Fine. I’ll take you with me. However, you must promise me you won’t struggle too much. And before that, let me pay the respect for your fallen siblings.’’.



Some time passes. After Goeniko buries seven unborn grass-snakes and places flowers on their grave, she bids a farewell and leaves.

Gladly, the little albino snake seems to be a wise creature because of how it realizes to wrap around the blonde nun’s rosary, which she hides behind her tunic.

After a while, Goeniko returns to the monastery. In the end, she got scolded by Sister Tessa for being late. Yet, the blue-eyed nun refuses to say anything about what happened on the riverside nor the brought the tiny guest.



It is a late evening. Finally, Goeniko can rest in her room after another long day. Meanwhile, the albino snake is already feeling at home.

At the moment, this little fellow is comfortably curled and sleeping on the night drawer after drinking milk from the cup plate.

Of course, the blonde would need to lock her door each time she leaves the room. After all, who knows what the others will do upon noticing the tiny creature? So, being too cautious won’t do any harm.

But for now, Goeniko changes into her long silk night-dress, and before resting, she takes one more look at her new roommate.

The longer she looks at the little albino snake, the more she adores it.

There is something special about this little fellow, and she can sense it. Yet, aside from the snake’s unusual color, she feels like finally reuniting with someone she knew and cherished a long time ago. Yet the cruel fate separated them.

The blonde still cannot understand such inner and unexplained sensations. However, she doesn’t regret saving this little creature from certain doom and is glad that it even trusts her.



Months pass by without noticing. The little snake has grown a lot since being adopted by Goeniko. Nowadays, the grass snake can almost wrap around the blonde’s elbow.

That’s right, usually; the blonde extends her arm toward the albino reptile. Despite being a silent creature, such a fellow shows its affection by its eyes towards the hand which feeds him.

Meanwhile, the blue-eyed nun has already gotten used to being warmly welcomed by someone who is honestly happy being with her.

Even this kind of greeting becomes like a daily ritual when Goeniko returns to her room after a long day.

However, she brings the grass snake outside whenever it is possible. So, before going for groceries, she runs to her room and takes this fellow with her.

Even if the blonde is far away from the albino reptile, she can still sense how it watches over her and protects her from misfortune.



It is another evening. Nothing seemed to stand out during the peaceful time aside from the bright moonlight shining through the window.

After checking on an already sleeping grass snake by the end of her bed, Goeniko prepares to take a long bath before calling it a day.

It took a while for the bathtub to fill. Yet, as soon as the blonde gets inside, she can feel how her stiff body relaxes. And thus, without noticing, Goeniko sinks into such a self-indulging procedure.

Some time passes. After sitting up and about to get the nearest towel, she gets alerted. She could swear that is supposed to be hanged near the bathtub. However, it is missing.

Perhaps it fell. Or so, the blonde convinces herself.

After looking around, she notices that the towel and her night-dress are on the floor. When she grabs the towel, she can feel that something is sitting on it.

Apparently, the albino grass-snake crawled inside Goeniko’s clothes and towel while its tongue sticking out.

‘‘How did you get here? And what are you doing here? Leave!’’ The blue-eyed nun indignantly asks as she covers her breasts with her elbow.

Of course, she doesn’t expect the reptile to answer her question.

To her surprise, the albino snake speaks like a human ‘‘I will leave if you listen to what I have to say.’’.

‘For sure, it is just a weird dream, right? There is no way that snakes can talk even such awfully familiar voice.’ Goeniko wonders as she observes the cold-blooded fellow from above.

‘‘This can’t be happening… What do you want from me?’’ The blonde asks in an unsure tone.

‘‘Lower your other arm, and I’ll tell you.’’ The grass-snake backfires.

‘Since it is just a dream, and I might wake up any moment, I can play along with his made rules.’ Or so, she convinces herself while lowering her arm so that the grass-snake could crawl up.

After the albino reptile wraps around her elbow, she brings her arm to her while covering herself with another.

‘‘Is this what you wanted? Now, tell me, what do you might need from me?’’ Goeniko asks in a slightly nervous tone.

‘‘You do not seem to have any idea who am I, nor your memory is back yet.’’ The grass-snake replies in a calm voice.

‘‘What are you talking about? I lived long enough, and I know myself better than anyone else. So, you won’t trick me, snake.’’ She objects.

At the moment, the blonde could swear that the white grass-snake chuckles at her reply.

‘‘If that’s so? Then, I’m assuming that you don’t want to learn the truth. If you change your mind, I’ll wait for you in the same place where we first met. However, you must come alone, with no one following you.’’ The reptile explains in an amused voice.

‘‘Are you trying to lure me into your traps?’’ The blue-eyed nun asks.

The grass-snake replies before crawling down and leaving the bathroom ‘‘It’s up to you what you choose to believe. I’ll wait for you whenever you decide to show up or not, Goeniko.’’.

Just as Goeniko tries to stop the reptile, it is already gone. For sure, she does not know what just happened. Yet, after slapping her cheeks, she realizes she is fully awake.

Lastly, her curiosity wins, and she does as the albino snake asks her. Perhaps this creature might know something that she is not aware of.



Upon arriving at the destination place, Goeniko looks around. However, there is no sign of the albino snake, only the rustling tree leaves and the platinum moonlight shining down on the river.

Did she get deceived by that reptile? Or so the blonde wonders.

Suddenly, she hears the same familiar calm voice ‘‘So, you finally came. I’m glad that you made the right decision.’’.

The blonde looks around, yet she can’t see where that voice comes from.

The mysterious creature speaks to her ‘‘The human’s bare eye cannot see me. However, if you walk into the middle of the river and stand under the moonlight, you’ll see who I am.’’.

At first, Goeniko doubts whether she should listen to this request. What if the grass-snake wants to drown her? She is simply unsure. Without even realizing it, she holds her rosary and steps back.

But for now, the voice speaks up in a slightly upset tone ‘‘Are you afraid of me? Perhaps it was too early to ask you. Then, we’ll see next time when you are ready to face me, Goeniko.’’.

As the blonde tightly grasps her rosary, she suddenly tears it from her neck and rushes to the shore. Even her gaze and voice filled with the determination ‘‘Wait! Don’t just leave yet.’’.

After a brief pause, she continues ‘‘Never dare to underestimate me. I’ll do as you say.’’.

Even if Goeniko cannot see with whom she speaks, she can perfectly sense that this entity is glad about her decision.

When Goeniko removes her boots and clothes until she is wearing just her blue silk night-dress, she proudly walks towards the middle of the river.

Soon enough, the lukewarm water reaches the blue-eyed nun’s chest, and the full moon shines on her. She addresses the mysterious deity ‘‘I did what you said. So, show yourself.’’.

Suddenly, she feels how someone gently hugs her from behind and speaks to her in a nearly thrilled tone ‘‘It’s been a while, Goeniko.’’.

As she slowly turns back, she stares in awe at seeing who is in front of her.

Apparently, it is a young man with fluffy silver hair and a calm face. Yet, there is a familiar-looking sealing sign across his chest and abs. Once again, the blonde has the strange feeling of déjà vu.

‘‘Why do I feel that I know you for so long even if it is the first time I met you?… Who are you?’’ Goeniko asks in a shaky voice.

As the fluffy silver-haired young man places his hands on her cheeks, he replies with an amorous look on his face ‘‘I see that the part of you hasn’t completely forgotten about me. I’m so glad. I may help you remember your previous life. However, I cannot do it without your consent.’’.

‘‘What do I need to do?’’ The blonde asks with no second thought.

‘‘All I ask you is to have faith in me.’’ The divine deity replies.

Goeniko only cracks a smile ‘‘Why do I feel that I believed in you before without questioning my heart and mind? In that case, it should be an effortless task.’’.

‘‘Fair enough… I need you to close your eyes and leave the rest to me.’’.

After the blonde closes her eyes, she can feel how the divine being places one arm behind her while the other one in her heart area.

As he casts a silent spell and presses his palm against her chest, Goeniko lets out a sudden gasp before losing consciousness.

Suddenly, it rains from the clear sky. As the shiny silver-drops fall on them, the divine entity holds the blue-eyed nun and addresses her ‘‘I promise, when you wake up, our journey will begin. But for now, let the rain clean your soul and mind.’’.

A/N: First of all:

This gorgeous commissioned fanart is done by Rozelius Σd(˘ꇴ˘๑) (https://archiveofourown.org/works/38702787/chapters/96767571 )
So, please, check this artist's Twitter page: https://twitter.com/rozelius
Also, the permission to use this fanart was given by this artist as well.

That's why, if you are reading this note,
Thank You so much, Rozelius for taking my request
and I'm looking forward to work with you in the future!♡^▽^♡

As always - See you next time!~

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