What's Been Left Unsaid

BY : Mina-chan95
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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own Togainu no Chi.

Okay, this is my first time writing for this fandom, so, not sure whenever it is a decent attempt...

However, I always wanted to give it a try, and finally this writing prompt was like a good push.


As always,

May's writing prompt: Character A has a crush for character B for a long time. As character A has been nursing character B, they kept a secret about their feelings. After a few months/years character B asks character A why they never told about it.


Akira - the undefeated champion of the Bl@ster tournament. A lone and aloof fighter who is too perfect. Despite the countless offers to join powerful teams or even become someone’s security dog and live the best of time, he declines all these requests.

For sure, such arrogance and pride were the main reason he kept attracting unwanted attention or trouble. Surprisingly, the gray-haired young man always lands on his feet and is dry.

Meanwhile, even someone who can defend himself from any human threat without a sweat may forget to take care of himself.

One thing is for sure, how many times has such behavior concerned and stressed out his childhood friend? Hell, Keisuke still cannot forget and forgive himself for that one time when Akira had a fever.

If he only knew that it would rain that day…

Meanwhile, Akira doesn’t mind the brunette’s presence and taking care of him. Nor allowing him to live together until he recovered.

However, he cannot understand why Keisuke would feel startled or even avoid facing him for no good reason.

And one particular evening is just one example.

It is already dark outside. The only source that keeps Akira’s not very spacious bedroom is orange light from the naked light bulb.

Meanwhile, the gray-haired young man gets tired from having a warm wet towel on his forehead. So, if no one is around, he has to change it by himself. Too bad that in his current state bowl of water resting on the night drawer is so far from him.

Yet, only sitting up is enough to summon one entity who never seems to leave him alone.

‘‘Is everything alright? Do you need anything?’’ The brunette asks in a concerned tone while standing near the bedside.

‘‘I need to get up.’’ Akira quickly replies as he holds the wet towel in his hand.

However, his attempt to leave his bed is stopped by Keisuke, who nuzzles his chest with his palm.

As soon as the brunette realizes where his palm rests, he instantly with-draws it and apologizes while asking ‘‘Are you thirsty? Hungry? Or do you need to go to the toilet?’’.

Akira only closes his eyes and shakes his head.

Yet, Keisuke still has no clue, and he blindly guesses ‘‘Are you hurt anywhere?’’.

Once again, his sick friend shakes his head ‘‘No. It got warm.’’.

At first, the brunette is dumbfounded and stares like a clueless puppy until he suddenly realizes ‘‘Ah! The towel! Just give me a second, Akira.’’.

After the gray-hair young man handles the towel into Keisuke’s hand, he notices another strange reaction.

The brunette nearly got startled and turns his head away even from indirect hand contact.

Of course, he prepares himself to get scolded. However, as the brunette opens his eyes, he notices the slightly irritated and questioning look on his friend’s face.

Perhaps, once again, Keisuke made himself look like a fool in front of the person whom he admires.

After passing a cold wet towel to Akira, there was a long, awkward silence between them. However, none of them said a word for the rest of the evening.

Another couple of days also weren’t much different, either.

Although, such a weird brunette’s behavior slowly gets on Akira’s nerves.

The gray-haired young man even wonders whether his friend isn’t kept here against his will. Even the way he acts gives off the feeling of forcing himself to take care of Akira.

However, he silently observes and tries to figure out what could happen inside his friend’s head. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he thinks, he cannot understand Keisuke.

Of course, he could ask his friend what is bothering him. Perhaps someone causes him problems, or he is the one who got into trouble.

Yet, knowing Keisuke, he would bend and twist his fingers while trying to make excuses to not talk about it.

On the other hand, Akira is not his babysitter or parent. Neither Keisuke isn’t a child anymore.

Besides, beating the answers out of somebody isn’t something Akira may do. That’s why, if his friend wants to talk about something, he’d do it. Or so Akira convinces himself.

Ironically, when the sick person should rest and focus on getting better, he is taking care of Keisuke. On the brighter side, at least he can be sure that the brunette surely wouldn’t be reckless and cause any problems.

Meanwhile, the light-haired young man did not know about what kind of struggles Keisuke had gone through.

That’s right, it isn’t a simple task to nurse someone on whom you have deep feelings and keep it secret.

What if the brunette would make even a single movement? Even if he would have enough guts to confess his feelings, he was certain that Akira would be disgusted and hate him.

So, his best friend was an entire world and light to him, and he couldn’t imagine his life without his precious Akira.

Besides, Keisuke convinced himself that they were nothing over one-sided feelings and he should live with them and take them to his grave.

Therefore, even being by Akira’s side was more than enough for him and he was grateful for that.

More so, this time, the gray-haired young man trusted him to let him inside his apartment and stay.

Of course, Keisuke doubts himself. Perhaps, it’s wrong to keep his secret from Akira, who nearly entrusted his life, and without realizing showing his vulnerable side.

Deep inside, the brunette wanted to believe that even if his childhood friend wouldn’t feel the same as he, at least he would accept him for what he was and remain a friend.

Despite having these thoughts, he tried to shake them off. After all, it was just a naïve and beautiful idea, which will never come true, right?

That’s why Keisuke bottled up his feelings and thoughts about Akira, even during his recovery. Besides, no one else needs to know about it or care…

However, very little did he know that such a decision would be his poison, which slowly corrupts his mind and body. More so, not only he will end up hurting dozens of innocent people but also the person whom he adored the most.

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