Teaching Rebecca the Ropes

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Forest had been pacing the hall for awhile. He'd be smoking right now but he had kicked the habit years ago. Wesker wanted to see him after hours. Forest hoped that it was nothing serious. Last time somebody got chewed out was Kenneth, and that was in front of everybody. This had to mean more since it was a solo engagement.

He popped open the door as familiar as ever. Only difference was the lack of anybody at their usual positions. Except him.

Albert was at his desk though, in thought, fist pressed against the bottom part of his jaw. He'd seen this face plenty of times. Although he never got the full picture considering his dark sunglasses. Oh shit. Was he about to get fired? Was this the yearly service examination? Had he not passed?

He pulled up a chair, trying to think of the best way to make a case for himself.

"I want you to take a look at this." Wesker swivelled to his left before bending a bit, the desk cubby screeching open, then moved back to position, a folder and photo pressed between his thumb and index finger. He reached over, presenting it. Forest was pensive, but eventually took it.

The photo was a girl in a red headband making a goofy face. Sporting a green sports bra and green shorts with bits of white trim and a simple 'RPD' written between almost nonexistant breasts, she was sitting cross legged, clutching a basketball against her leg. Couldn't have been more than a hundred and ten pounds.


He gulped. "Cute girl. What department?"

"How old do you think she is?"

She looked rather young. Way too young to be a cop or even a clerk. "Shit, I hope she's eighteen." Forest was hoping this wasn't some entrapment shit -- that was just a joke.

"She's not." Damn.

"So what's this about?" Wesker tipped his head, encouraging Forest to start reading. He perused the informal report and gave an eagles scan of the page, his eyes bumping into her educational background, which was RCHS. RCHS meant Raccoon City High School...

Wesker pulled up another folder, unfurling the loop that tied it closed. "She is an applicant for the medical position here. Miss Chambers claims she is eighteen years of age. Born on the 17th of September, 1980-" He threw down another folder. "But according to her high school records, she was born September 17th... 1982."

Forest raised an eyebrow, trying to figure out where he fit in this. Was Wesker looking for his advice? "So she's sixteen. Don't hire her then."

The side of his lip raised then quickly lowered back. "Despite forging her college documents, she passed the testing with flying colors."

"You're not seriously thinking of..." Wesker was not at all perturbed.

"I just needed to inform a senior member of the Bravo Team seeing as she'll be working closely with you. I was thinking maybe someone with your expertise can help guide the young lady. You're dismissed." Forest stood up, almost wanting to fight it. The commanding officer of STARS just took out pen and began scratching down something, ignoring him completely.

Wesker didn't even notice he had taken the photo.


That photo had been his bane for weeks now. It had seen its fair share of use from him, heavily fingerprinted with a few stains. Every detail of her body examined, from her flat stomach to her auburn eyes to even the white piping on the green of her gym shorts. No stone was left unturned. 'Rutherford Jackson'. It was the name of the statue that stood tall above her in the background. He was an old civil war hero. He never even knew that before he had gotten this photo.

When everyone was warming up to her as the new girl, he knew her secret and kept away, further distancing himself and making his madness grow for her. It manifested within him a desire. He imagined her asking him to privately teach her at the range. After, he'd invite her home for dinner. She'd giggle at something he said, then he'd take the lead and make her a woman.

Wesker had to have known about when he had tried to marry his underaged cousin. Why else would he be entrusted with this information? Guess Albert's plan had worked, as he started his own investigation into Miss Chambers, finding something a bit more tangible to lord over a certain someone when the time came. Forest had planned it for awhile. How he was gonna realise his fantasies. Oppurtunity presented itself when Rebecca challenged Jill to a round of basketball, and after a nice long sweaty game with her, they returned to shower. He knew Jill. She was fast, and would be out of there as soon as possible. Leaving the new girl all to himself.

The last question of Wesker's intent faded when Forest drank the rest of his liquid courage and went to wait.


"I'll see you later Jill!" She handwaved to the back of her as she left the showers in a rush. Was she mad she lost by two points? Rebecca figured she'd have to make it up to her somehow. Maybe throw the next game to her. She didn't want her teammates to hate her...

Rebecca smiled. She was a STARS member. This had to have been the coolest thing she'd ever done. Not only would she go down as the youngest ever, but as the first ever dedicated medic of the team. She could make a difference, maybe more so than being a nurse or a doctor. As she beamed about it, Rebecca couldn't help but think about the people in her life, mainly her parents and her family, they still didn't know about this... it was like having a secret identity and being a super hero.

She wasn't entirely alone. Rebecca wore her mothers simple pearl earrings to the ceremony. It made her feel like she was there, even if she wasn't.

Oh well. Guess it's back to the same old boring me...

Rebecca had just grabbed her t-shirt when there was some movement. She turned her head to see what it was.

It was just her naked reflection. She looked at her street clothes then to her uniform with a wry look on her face.


"Freeze dirtbag!" She held the heavy pistol with both hands, pointing the gun directly at herself. Rebecca was wearing the official outfit given to her by Wesker. It was a thin green shirt with the STARS logo embroidered on the left arm, it stood out thanks to her white kevlar vest. Her pants were a thick pair of green cargo pants, held in place by a belt supplied from her own wardrobe. Rebecca's pearl white piercings glinted even here in the weak lighting.

She had no idea how he knew her favorite color was green, but she was glad he did. There was a slight... very slight problem. She turned, bending out a bit, trying to get a good look at her backside in the mirror, she could feel the fabric strain as she did so.

Rebecca took this seriously. Very seriously. Yet she couldn't help but notice that the pants she was given made everything below the belt look... bigger.

As she lamented how people could perceive her size, she heard something scuff against the ground. Turning, there stood a shadowy figure in the door way leading out of the girls change room. Their arms were pressed against the door and the frame, as if he were blocking the way for anybody to get in, or out... Rebecca could see that piece of yellow wood that was used as a door stopper in his hand. If that thing closed, nobody would be able to get in if they didn't have a key.

Then the person stepped in, and Rebecca huffed, holstering her weapon. Forest Speyer. One of her teammates. He never said much to her, despite attempts by her to get friendly with all the STARS members. She figured it had to be the age difference -- at first. That idea went to the chopping block when she got along great with Enrico and Kenneth. Guess he was just kind of quiet by nature.

She asked him what he was doing here. Rebecca was just glad she had changed before he got here. He didn't respond. Forest seemed... off. His eyes were wide. He had a crazy, wild look about him. The door behind him finally closed shut with a clunk as he began shuffling methodically. The lockers acted as a hedge maze, keeping them seperated, but not obscuring the view. They weren't exactly big, even Rebecca had headway with them, but he still wasn't focused on her.

Rebecca could see him begin mumbling, his lips were moving and his head was jittering, but he was too quiet to hear. Rebecca wondered if he was saying anything at all. Then his hand began struggling, pulling against something. Was he reaching for his gun and trying to pull it out? Where his hand went made her curious, and when he stepped out from behind the lockers, she covered her mouth for the ensuing gasp that came from inside her.

As he was fumbling with the inside of his jock, Rebecca's fingers pressed into the base of her nose as she breathed heavily against the cup her hand made. She could smell the leather of the padded gloves she wore. There was an echoey smack as he dropped the piece of wood. The noise made Rebecca "eep" and launch back against the pillared wall with the mirror attached to it.

He smiled with a curl of his lip as he closed the gap between them. Reaching out his hand, he could feel her goosebumps raise without even touching her as he placed his hand on the glass.

"Hey girl. What's up with you?" He leered down, eyeballing every inch.

She didn't respond. Rebecca was more than uncomfortable with him standing so close to her and giving her that salacious look. She hated it, especially with him being right in her face, cause she could smell that foul drunken air he exhumed whenever he said a word. With his arm and body blocking one way, she turned her head opposite to him. "Mr. Speyer, I'd like to go now."

"Why...? Is it cause of your secret?"

Those slurred words made Rebecca freeze before hesitantly turning to look back into his now half lidded eyes. "Wh-what secret?"

He leaned on her left side, nudging her ear slightly before breathing down it. "I know you're not eighteen."

Rebecca shivered at the feeling of both him and the revelation. "You don't have a shred of proof to back that up!" With two fingers, he reached into the front pocket of his shirt, producing a photo of her in a graduation cap and blue academic smock along with several other students, and flipping it before her like the card that would seal her doom. "Where did you get that!?" She tried to reach for it, but he pulled it back.

"Doesn't matter where I got it... what are you gonna do to stop me from telling somebody? Cause I can't imagine you talking your way out of everyone know you're class of '96."

She put her hands together, practically begging. "Please don't let it get out. Being part of STARS is something I've wanted to do my whole life!"

He began examining her again, a formality; as he had already predetermined his request long before he'd gotten here. "On your knees."

Rebecca saw him begin reaching into his underpants again. She wasn't stupid and had an idea of what he wanted.

She shouted out for help. Forest reprimended her quite quickly, snatching her face in a vice grip with his free hand, he puffed out her cheeks before smacking her head against the mirror. "Nobodies gonna hear you bitch. Now get on your fuckin' knees already." He let go and Rebecca did as he asked, but delayed the inevitable as much as possible. Her descent was slow, which clearly irritated him.

He finally got to pry out his massive hardness, nearly hitting that innocent face of hers with just the initial exposure.

Rebecca stared in awe, mouth hanging agape. She was not admiring it, Rebecca was genuinely frightened of it. It was more than half the length of her arm, but way bigger in size. What did he expect her to do with that thing?

Her hand spread cautiously, touching it partially with gloved protection. What shocked her was how she could feel its warmth instantly right through the material. Finally her fingers got a feel for it. Her little hand could barely take hold of Speyer's member. She wouldn't even look at it now, her mind trying to gauge the size with her fist as a size comparison scared her enough to not even want to know. Rebecca's hand danced around it further, doing her best not to claw her well manicured nails into him. For what reason she didn't know. Bastard deserved it.

Speyer loved that look of fear his dick inspired in her, but he knew there was something he'd enjoy even more. "Sick of all your gawkin'. This isn't a museum." His hand creeped along her scalp, before taking a hold at the back of her head, forcing her towards his direction. Rebecca had only seconds before she would be up close and personal with it. She braced herself against his hairy thighs.

Her eyes twinkled in a myraid of ways, ranging from panic to disgust, the cyclops before her all knowing. The questions racked her mind, like "how does it taste?" or "is it really going in my mouth?" -- "really?" She knew she was gonna do it, but the questions still piled up, mainly about the smell. It stunk. HE stunk of an overpowering aroma of alcohol and an unwashed... lower area, no doubt the curly mess of spider legs that rested just above wasn't helping. She had never considered having a preference for this sort of thing, but she had now been scared into preferring them to be clean shaven-

The tip of his penis just pressed against her little lips. Rebecca nearly erupted with a scream from the greasy feeling of the nasty thing, but she held herself sternly under pressure. She pursed them together at first, her only defense; holding her breath as best she could and choosing to breathe through her nose, but soon finding it nauseating to do even that. Her knuckles knocked together just underneath his rod, almost praying, almost wanting to knock him away from her. Why didn't she? She didn't want this.

"What are you waiting for?" He bellowed from above.

Rebecca winced, as a low pitched squeal left her, her hands fluttering as if she had just burned herself. She stopped, calming herself down. Rebecca inhaled once, then slowly let her jaw unhinge, tongue extended forward. Centimeter by centimeter, Rebecca made her way to the beating and heavy looking organ. She measured on the spot. "Aaa... aaah..." Her lips expanding wider and wider "Aaalph-" She allowed the nearly apple sized head to dance upon her tongue. The taste reminded Rebecca of old stale deli meat with extra pinches of salt, and what he had been drinking earlier. Rebecca of course, hated it. She wanted to spit it back out or even bite it, but it had this oddly... hypnotic tilting, as it rested in her open mouth. Making Rebecca almost think of it as like a living creature, just one attached to this jerk.

Forest felt like the weight on his shoulders had been lifted, as he relaxed back, just letting the inexperienced girl do her thing, brushing past his long hair, his palm hitting the back of his neck. "Get ready girlie, because I'm about to start moving."

"No wait please!" She wanted to scream out, but it came out as a muffle over his penis, her tongue depressed down. The thick piece of meat driving forward despite her protests, burying itself deep into her gullet. She kind of looked like she was being forced to swallow a giant piece of salami. She sputtered and spat, her chin drenching with spit in a short amount of time, her mouth barely able to accomodate his head, then the rest of his cock. Her teeth had scraped the skin, but he didn't seem to mind due to the inebriation. In fact, he liked the feeling of them. "Ah yeah, love them baby teeth girl -- but don't worry, we'll have plenty of time practice... just you and me."

He retrieved himself from her mouth, stroking himself slightly above her face. He then it fall, before he began walloping her features. Rebecca scrunched up her eyelids and nose on reflex, which he enjoyed the sight of, as he sliced her features down the middle, with one side of Rebecca's face completely obscured by his prick. He reached for her, his lanky build able to press down on her lower chin, as he forced her mouth again, and slipped himself into the softness of her lips and then into her wet mouth once again, like she were nothing more than his puppet of flesh.

Forest began to speed up, which Rebecca could not handle. His grunting stirred louder and louder from him, sounding like an animal, and this time, Rebecca received rammings to her tonsils that made her want to gag, as wet streaks were forced from her eyes in discomfort. He slipped in and out without care, making Rebecca respond noisily. "GLK-GLK-GLUK." She beat on his thighs to no response from Forest. "ULL-PLUH" Rebecca coughed with a full throated spit, which didn't bother him at all. In fact, it felt like he wanted to do it more to her. Without warning, he shoved it further. Rebecca gulped down on it like it were food, which made things worse, as her throat expanded out with the head of that prick throttling her. Balls against her chin. She was choking, and he was in total control of whether or not she was gonna live. Rebecca thought joining STARS would empower her, but instead, it was worse than any moment in her life. She was nothing - nothing but his cocksleeve.

Balls against her chin, nose in his pubes, it felt like no saliva could escape her lips, as excess drool pooled in her cheeks. Rebecca looked up to him desperately, her puffed out face and her watery doe eyes begging for relief. "Ah shit, I'm gonna cum." Speyer drew forward as he unloaded hot load after load past her gums and deep into her throat. Rebecca's crystal blue eyes shot open as she could feel it slime its way down. She hadn't felt this sick and wanting to vomit since she passed the course. Rebecca knew she wouldn't be able to swallow any of it down. It wasn't just the taste or the weird smell, it was the volume of it. The young girl just couldn't drink too much of anything, let alone that...

Then it tickled the one lone tube it wasn't meant to go down.

His cock was like a cork, and as soon as he removed the blockage, Rebecca let it all spill out.

As she retched up the rest of it, she had hoped he would lighten up, but instead, he grabbed her arm, which was like a twig in his hands which she imagined he could snap as easily. "Look what you did! You're gonna get it worse now than I was goin' to." She struggled but he was way too strong to resist. He pulled her and flipped her against the mirror. She could see herself again. That cocky self confidence she had about being a prospective medic to a respected team like STARS was long gone now, replaced with biting anxiety of a concubine as she could see Forest scanning her body with hungry eyes. Not caring in the slightest that she could see him.

He brought himself closer against her, making sure his python was the first thing she felt. Sliding the back of his hand down her back, he caressed the tight fit of her outfit where it counted most. His greasy lips smeared across her cheek. "Mmmmm, you got a nice looking ass." He snapped it with his hand. Rebecca was greatful it didn't hurt too badly. "Now shake it for me."

She looked back with a bit of shock. "Wh-what?"

He brought down another hand. This time she could feel it. "And get your pants off while doin' it." Forest barely had the wherewithall to get himself off her instead of just doing it himself. He wanted to enjoy her misery after all.

Rebecca turned, eyes closed, still feeling his penetrating gaze all over. Every action she made was under his lust ridden eyes. Even reaching for her belt made her feel disgusted cause he had to be enjoying every second of her mental torture. She pulled. It began whipping from clasp to clasp around her pants. She then dropped it with a hard clunk. Rebecca then clicked open her medical bag and holster, being more careful with that as she placed it down. 'Come on already.' Came his gruff voice.

Rebecca did as commanded, cinching her fingers between the materials and her perspiring skin. She pulled, the first bit of exposed skin goosebumping. Rebecca tried hard to not wiggle her hips, but it was no use, as she bounced from side to side. It wasn't her fault she had a big butt! Rebecca couldn't stop herself from picturing his creepy, leering eyes, snapshotting every frame. She sucked in her lips again, trying her best to focus and not give this pervert the satisfaction of stripping herself... "sexily". Getting it on was a problem for her, but with someone like Forest breathing down her neck, it would be tough getting them off again.

Forest did watch intently. Rebecca was short. Maybe too short for the job -- but that made her heavy looking ass stand out further on those shrimpy legs. Forest jerked himself from half-hard to full mast again as she slipped her pants down to the floor, her cotton white panties riding slightly higher than the rest of her pants, as it all teasingly showed a peaking of her crack, then her full pale moon to him, with a 'fwoomping' noise from the material as she revealed her set of cheeks.

She turned, gloved hands held over private area. Embarrassed as any girl could be in that situation, trying her best to tug down on the front of her green shirt to hide herself from him, but failing miserably, as even with a curled fist, her chest prevented it from going further down like she needed it to. She made her frustration a little more obvious to him than before, looking more concerned than before, but she didn't push her luck, not looking mad or angry. "There... happy?"

Closing the distance between them, Rebecca cowered. "Not as happy as I'm going to make you." His words chilled her, worse than being half naked in a cold gym with a total stranger. His hand dug into her shoulder, making her knees turn inward, as the pain made her feel like she'd do anything he'd ask of her in that moment. Instead, he led her to a bench and sat her down.

Letting her go, Rebecca fell back naturally and slowly, with her blushing red knees shut tight. Laying there, Rebecca was a spritely looking girl, looking almost naively to what was gonna happen next. Skinny to the bone, her ribs visible as she breathed, yet she still had this motherly quality even despite her age, her nipples poking through her shirt. Forest didn't take long before reopening her closed gates, leaving her knees pointed both ways in a v shape. Moving from the ceiling, Rebecca stared her nose down at him, her wrists pressing together on her chest, making a defensive looking heart shape, an innocence to her that Forest ignored.

Speyer admired the way her pink and red apple cheeks rested upon those supple looking legs, but his mouth watered at the perfect peach between both. With closed lips and just the right amount of fuzz, it looked like it had never been touched. Not by man, not by Rebecca. He dove in mouth first, hoovering in those puffy young lips. Almost on instinct, his fingers began brushing the tender opening closer to his hungry maw like it was going to get away, scarfing on it like it was a certain fruit delicacy. She smelled like heaven, and tasted like it too.

He hated dreams, because it was never as good as the real thing.

Rebecca's head shot up, trying to reach for him. "Stop stop stop stop!" She repeated over and over to no avail. Instead, Forest's snake like eyes met hers, and offered no illusion of stopping, before he shut them again, his nose deep in the light brown thatched tuft of her pussy. Rebecca threw her head back, unbelieving the strange sensation of the slippery tongue could feel so good. It was always hard for Rebecca to admit it, but she was in everyway someone could be a virgin. She'd only ever tried to take her own finger, but even that hurt and gave up on the prospect. Now it was all she could think about. Rebecca writhed about to the sound of his slurping, the wooden change room bench painful on her spine as she tried to arch her spine into it. Rebecca's legs tried to close together, but the whole of Forest's head and body prevented that. It felt like she was burning up and Rebecca needed to remove her shirt, which she did. The upward flowing of it and her momentum as she rushed to get the thing off sent her tits flying up towards her face before going back to their perky position again, her youthfulness not allowing them sink in or cave. Rebecca's knees got jittery, jumping up and down on angled feet that propped her up on her toes. Rebecca inhaled sharply, unbelieving she was enjoying what he was doing, now hoping he'd never stop. Her voice moaned, but Rebecca wished for the name of someone she loved, as she could never love someone like this.

Forest then stopped.

"W-w-what are you doing?" She asked, trying to continue playing the victim. He was already standing upwards, a slight bend to lower himself to her laying position. Propping her up by her knees, Rebecca stared over her breasts, seeing him place his erection against her entrance.

Her moist lips felt amazing on his tip, and he could only imagine what it would be like to be inside her. Speyer noted the invitingly pink rosebud she had. Maybe another time. He wanted to ruin the most important thing a young girl like her had:

Her virginity.

"No, wait! Stop! Kyaaaaa!" Her high pitched squeal fell apart in her throat, as her face soured into a cry, unable to stop herself from breaking down. Seeing those pussy lips spreading open to his cock was a pleasure of its own, but feeling her tearing open to him was in its own league. He fell over her, fists planted down at the sides of her head, as it looked like she was trying to escape her own skin. He started his slow pace, delivering stiff but short pumps into her. "Ungh. Ungh. Uuuungff!" Normally he'd already be in her levelling the place, but this was special though and he took his time. Rebecca had probably imagined many ways she'd lose it. Realistically, she'd be talked into doing it on her prom date. One thing was for certain though - he'd be with her for the rest of her life. Even years from now when she gives herself to the weak man she considers the love of her life at the moment, he'll never have this. Not ever. It was all his.

Her whining quieted even further, sounding like a murmur, as it seemed like she was relaxing into his humping.

He wouldn't allow that.

He pulled her along with himself, repositioning on his back with her floating above him, hands held tightly on her hips, her ass facing towards him, his length held underneath her cheeks, pulsating against her puffy pink slit. He lowered her down, and Rebecca felt it like a knife sliding into her. Trying not to fall while also taking it from below was taking a lot out of her. "Huhn - huhn." Her arms triangled, hands behind her head, making her bare pits obvious, which both had a light sheen of sweat.

Forest got into his rhythm, and her voice rose and fell in waves in response to his speedy fucking. "HuHuhUhuHu-" Forest revelled in the feel of her meaty dumper landing into his lap as he brought her down with sheer force. *PLAP PLAP PLAP* Her cheeks became an almost liquid, squishing down and then reforming as they swung together in claps.

"You love this, don't you?" He smacked her bottom, turning her untanned colored ass a shade of pinkish red.

Rebecca yelped, tears streaming down her face. "Eek! Stop it!" She wailed, feeling like she wanted to vomit in that moment, the world spinning, her large chest bouncing with every rise and fall of her body, with both of her funbags rotating and nearly slapping into eachother in the middle, her sharp pink nipples nearly colliding.

"Rebecca, girl, I'm gonna cum." He announced in a groan.

"Don't cum, don't cum!" Rebecca's delirious voice came, her short brown bangs flicking about as she shook her head to no one, as she knew this monster would never listen to her. Squeezing down on her waist, it felt like he could break every bone in her midsection as he stabbed upwards into her, unleashing everything he had -- as if he was attempting to drown her womb. Rebecca had attempted to rip away those compressing fists of his as she hoped to flee off him in time, but it was too late. She could feel him spurt deeply inside her as she took on a expression of grave shock, her fingers now clinging to his knuckles as opposed to trying to taking them away.

They sat, conjoined at the hip, both breathing rapidly, with Rebecca leaned over, her ass pushed out and planted on his stomach, her arched feet turned inward at his sides. Eventually, he let go. Rebecca squinted with a sigh as she left him, taking hold of his base and ripping it like a bad weed from her flower, the empty feeling bothering her at first, but dissipating quickly. With his girth falling onto his stomach, she now stood at his side, searching for that modesty she so coveted as she covered herself with both hands; her left arm an inch off her chest, avoiding her poking nubs, while her right hand felt his hot load spilling out into her clutched grip, grossing her out as it slid down her fingers. "Mr. Speyer... please... can I go home now?" She pleaded.

Forest just smirked, as they had only just started.


She ran with purpose, not greeting her door man or any neighbors as she bolted up her the spiral stairs, wanting the photograph of the memory not to deteriorate in anyway before she could enjoy it.

As Jill stood in her apartment, door at her back finally closed and locked, she didn't even make it to her bed as she reached between her legs and collapsed. Her pussy pulsing, her sex already pouring. Jill's mouth hung agape, as her tongue swirled along her plush lips, as she added more and more fingers, pressing harshly into herself. Jill's vision of Rebecca on her knees for Forest was intoxicating to her. Jill was never a hateful person, but there was still a part of her that absolutely loathed the fact that Rebecca joined the team. If there was anybody that was the STAR of STARS, it was her. SHE was the girl of the team. Everyone treated her special in their own way. She liked when Enrico held doors open for her and called her "ma'am" or when Kenneth called her "little lady". She smiled thinking about nervous Brad, but nearly moaned thinking about Chris and Forest competing for her on the gun range. Forest would usually lose, and while she thought Chris was perfect for her... seeing Forest with Rebecca really-

Jill quivered, making a mess.

She stopped, tired, unsure if she wanted to continue, pulling up her hand that had a strand of her juices still stuck and breaking as she examined it.

Guess Forest really did win her over after all...

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