Little Oreo's Big Rescue Mission

BY : Mina-chan95
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Disclaimer: This story was made for fun and definitely NOT for making profit or money out of it. Trust me, Mina only sees writing as a hobby and her passion. More important, I do NOT own King of Fighters.

Okay, it seems that instead of planned hardcore smut inspired by good tier manga one-shot, which I enjoyed reading on myreadingmanga, this story accidentally become into another Oreo fic (Although, I swear to never work on that...)

*sigh* It can't be helped, I guess...

Perhaps, it was meant to happen.
Besides, it's a nice change of pace by working on not just tooth-rotting fluff.

As always,


Ever since his two cat dads adopted a little kitten named Oreo, life seems to be settled down and peaceful in Yagami’s apartment. As time passes by, he already becomes a dear and irreplaceable family member.

However, as time goes on, the redhead begins to only care about his precious little angel as his protective parent. Perhaps, he won’t be this caring if he had a child. Or so, the brunette continues to observe.

Of course, the Kusanagi’s heir is not mad about his partner’s behavior. Contrary, seeing how Iori pampers Oreo with love and attention also made Kyo happy.

However, the brunette feels like Iori only focuses on raising the little kitten while treating his partner so coldly and harshly. Or so he calls it how Yagami treats him recently.

In recent days, brunette feels frustrated about their almost non-existent sex life.

Hell, no matter what he does, Iori refuses.

At first, Kyo would keep directly asking him, yet the redhead would remind him where the bathroom was.

Then, the brunette tries another tactic. He tries acting like a gentle cat. That’s right, Kyo would try to surprise his partner when he is busy in the study room by snuggling and letting out purring noises.

Finally, he thinks it works because of how Yagami strokes his hair. So, the Kusanagi acts more boldly. He kisses his partner’s neck.

Unfortunately, it ends up with the redhead pushing away Kyo’s face and phrases like: not now, no, or even back off. More importantly, the brunette knows that when Yagami uses a strict tone, he can forget about trying to go any further.

Later on, Kyo convinces himself that maybe Iori is not in the right mood or he is just tired. The Kusanagi’s heir even thinks that such behavior lasts for too long.

One time, he even jokingly said to his partner that he would bookmark an appointment for the intimate massage while whining about how someone’s hands are always too busy and harsh.

Yet, Iori takes this little joke too seriously and as an offense. He decided the brunette must spend two weeks on the couch and keep at least a few meters away from his partner.

Even before the first days of ignoring Kyo, the redhead’s bitter reply was like that drawn line that made the brunette realize he has gone too far.

For some reason, it hurts every time just remembering Iori’s words: “You feel free to do what you want. However, do not involve me in your mess. Just try pulling anything like this ever again and one day you notice the changed locks and your packed stuff outside.”.

Despite that, the Kusanagi’s heir refuses to apologize for something that he prefers as an innocent joke and attempts to sparkle up the dimmed passion.

Besides, the Kusanagi convinces himself that Iori should beg for forgiveness because he accused him of being a selfish and pushy frat boy who does not care about anything but himself.

However, Kyo understands that telling the bitter truth may worsen the current situation. So, he was confident that Iori will get on his knees and beg to be forgiven.

Oh, how wrong he was.

Even a few days are barely endurable for the Kusanagi’s heir. He cannot believe Iori’s silence and ignorance are worse than the redhead losing his temper.

At least, when they get into an actual fight, they acknowledge each other’s existence, and during the heat of the fight, they would make up. However, now it feels like torture to be ignored like this.

Although, Yagami doesn’t mind if Oreo interacts with Kyo, nor when his precious baby gets anywhere near the brunette.

Perhaps Iori doesn’t want to put Oreo under any stress or discomfort just because of two adults acting like this. Or maybe because he thinks the tuxedo kitten has nothing to do with this mess.

On the brighter side, at least Oreo is still on his side. Or so, Kyo comforts himself.

Sometimes during the night, if the little fellow is bored, he will attack anything that may resemble a prey. And the sleeping brunette is no exception.

At first, Kyo seems to be not so happy when he gets waken up by the feeling of how little fangs or nails sink into his fingers. Yet, he would play with Oreo without carrying about scratches or when one of them would fall asleep.

If would fail, the brunette would offer snacks.

Meanwhile, the tuxedo kitten cannot figure out why his cat dads are acting so weird toward each other, and he doesn’t like the tension between his parents.

A week passes. These two keep ignoring each other, and there is no end. Yet, it got worse, and little Oreo is a part of their conflict.

Previously, Iori didn’t mind the tuxedo kitten spending time with Kyo. Yagami always takes care of his precious child and makes sure that nothing terrible happens to him.

Yet, recently, the redhead slowly ignores Oreo’s presence.

Meanwhile, Kyo walks away when he sees his ex-partner, even if he is in the middle of playing with the tuxedo kitten.

The poor little Oreo wonders if his parents do not love him anymore. He even feels upset he has done something wrong.

However, the tuxedo kitten hopes his parents made up and once again pamper him with attention and care. But for now, he needs to wait for the right moment.

Couple more days pass, and it is the end of the second week of ignorance.

It is already late night and Kyo is deeply sleeping on the couch. Nothing seemed to disturb his slumber.

Suddenly, a loud banging noise nearly makes him jump from the couch.

‘‘What a hell?’’ The brunette indignantly asks.

As the Kusanagi carefully listens, he hears nothing.

Before Kyo curls under the warm blanket, he comments in a bored tone ‘‘Maybe Yagami has finally snapped out… Whatever, it’s not my problem.’’. Lastly, he closes his eyes and returns to his sleep.

Meanwhile, before the disaster, Iori turned the night lamp on and was about to leave the bed. More so, he was half-asleep. And thus, this is where he made his fatal mistake.

The redhead wasn’t aware of one of Oreo’s toys lying around and made him slip and scare the poor kitten.

And thus, the redhead ends up lying on the floor and wriggling in pain. Yet, he is madder at himself because he cannot move his aching leg and get up.

While he struggles to crawl to the edge of the bed and groans, he addresses the frightened kitten ‘‘Oreo… Daddy is fine. I just tripped over.’’.

Suddenly, Oreo jumps from the bed and runs towards the door.

Meanwhile, Yagami is confused why the tuxedo kitten keeps trying to reach the doorknob.

After a few attempts, the little Oreo reaches the doorknob, opens it with his weight, and leaves the room while loudly meowing.

In the end, Iori wonders why his precious little angel tried so badly to leave the room. Nevertheless, he feels trapped and useless inside his bedroom. More so, the pain in his leg is unbearable.

Meanwhile, Kyo’s sleep is disturbed again, but this time by Oreo desperately meowing, which gets louder as he heads towards the couch. As the brunette searches for his phone, he speaks up in a sleepy voice ‘‘Oreo, what’s wrong? Are you hungry? It is the middle of the night! Go to sleep or go and bother your dad, okay?’’.

Lastly, the Kusanagi realizes that this sound is like the one from previous times when Oreo got stuck in the study room. Then, he turns on the flashlight in his phone and places it on the nearest surface to lighten the room.

While stretching and sitting up, he notices a loudly meowing kitten who sits on the ground and waits.

‘‘What happened? Do you want me to follow you?’’ Kyo addresses the begging little fellow.

When he lazily gets up and grabs his phone, Oreo stops meowing and leads him to the bedroom. As the Kusanagi’s heir follows the tuxedo kitten, he tells ‘‘Please, tell me that nothing serious happened…’’.

After reaching their bedroom, Kyo unsuspectingly pushes the door ‘‘You better have a good explanation for this, Ya-…’’.

The words stuck inside the brunette’s throat, and he nearly dropped his phone.

“What a hell do you want? Leave!” Iori yells while trying to get up. Unfortunately, his painful leg shuts him up.

As the redhead roughly breathes, he indignantly stares at the Kusanagi.

After Kyo squats in front of his partner, he scolds him “Do not rise your voice when your child is around, pops.”.

“Fuck you...” Yagami backfires.

Yet, the brunette backfires “Not now, okay? There are more important things happening at the moment.”. After a momentary pause, Kyo softens his gaze “Let me see where it hurts.”.

Meanwhile, Oreo silently observes from a distance how one of his dads takes care of the other one. For now, the tuxedo kitten is too scared to get any closer.

After Kyo barely touches Iori’s left shank, he nearly gets kicked into the face by another leg.

A second later, Yagami shouts “Get lost! Can’t you see that you are making this worse?! I can handle it on my own!”.

However, the Kusanagi’s heir scolds him “I told you to calm down! You are scaring Oreo. If it wasn’t for him, I would gladly leave you until your stupid head cools down. However, I cannot do that. Your son loves you and needs you. He was the one who made me follow him and showed me what happened to you. You can hate all you want, but at least this time only, listen to me for the sake of Oreo.”.

As the brunette sighs, he continues in a chill voice “I’ll call the ambulance. ‘Cos who knows if you broke your leg or not.”.

“There is no need for that.” The redhead objects.

Suddenly, Kyo replies in a reckless tone “Then, I’ll take Oreo with me and leave you laying here like a stubborn idiot.”. He calls the tuxedo kitten “Oreo, come here. Come on. Don’t be scared. I’ll give you tons of treats if you listen to me.”.

Surprisingly, the brunette’s tactic works. While the little Oreo approaches, he continues his sweet talk “Good boy~”.

Yet, losing the only sunshine in his life is more painful than any other suffering the redhead has endured. Therefore, if it means that his little Oreo is by his side, he has no other choice than to listen to the Kusanagi.

Finally, Iori swallows his pride and agrees with Kyo “Fine. Do as you want.”.

Surely, this decision secretly makes the brunette happy and relieved. The Kusanagi’s heir even forgets about the grudge against his partner or their fight.

A few minutes pass, and the ambulance arrives at Yagami’s apartment door.

When Kyo briefly explains what happens and asks for the medical staff to go together with Oreo. Even if he had to use his acting skills and convince that little Oreo is Iori’s supportive cat and how the doctors and nurses will thank him later for making the redhead more cooperative.

Surprisingly, the Kusanagi’s heir is the right. When Yagami gets the medical examination, he feels more comfortable and less stressed when his little Oreo is around.

Some time passes. Finally, there are x-ray results. Fortunately, Iori has broken nothing, and he paid off with the sprained ankle.

Of course, the redhead won’t be himself if he hasn’t demanded the medical staff not hospitalize him. Despite that, the doctor and nurses were putting on an ankle splint and explaining what he should do for a faster recovery.

In the end, Kyo apologized to the medical staff for his partner’s caused fuss.

After arriving at their apartment, it still surprised Iori how the brunette insisted on supporting him while carrying Oreo.

That stupid fool even went through the unnecessary effort to put the redhead into the bed so that the sprained ankle would deal with as little stress as possible.

Once Kyo is done, he checks on his partner before leaving the room.

However, he gets stopped by Iori’s voice “Wait. Aren’t you going to sleep here?”.

The Kusanagi only widens his eyes and as he turns to face his partner, asks in a concerned voice “What do you mean? Have you already forgotten about how you told me not to get any near you because of... well, you know, that incident? Are you sure that you are fine by this?”.

“Do as you please. I don’t care. Maybe I gave you too much credit after tonight. Forget what I said earlier.” The redhead complains as he frowns.

However, Kyo doesn’t want to spend another night on the couch or miss his chance to redeem himself.

As the brunette gets closer to the bed, he makes big guilty eyes, hoping that it will soften the redhead’s heart.

After Kyo sits on the floor and rests his arms on the bedside, he stares at Iori ‘‘Then, what should I do to convince you and prove that I learned my lesson?’’.

Yagami can swear that this stupid Kusanagi uses such acting just to getaway.

So, while the redhead doubts Kyo’s motives, he comments in a slightly irritated tone ‘‘You are just trying to get what you want, aren’t you? I’m sure that if I forgive you, you will act the same as before.’’.

Yet the brunette defends himself ‘‘If you still doubt me, I’ll prove that you are wrong. Hell, I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable or against your will. I promise!’’.

In the end, Iori deeply exhales and replies ‘‘I’ll think about that…’’.

Surely, such a decision is more than enough to make Kyo happy. That is why he is determined during the next three weeks to help his partner to recover. Of course, he might not handle this alone. So, he would need to work with the little Oreo to achieve this goal.

Meanwhile, the tuxedo kitten feels relieved that his parents finally stopped fighting. Later on, when his cat-dads asleep, he would jump on the bed and find a comfortable spot.

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